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About 8000Kicks

8000Kicks Review

8000Kicks is an eco-friendly shoe brand that designs 100% hemp footwear. Their men’s and women’s shoes are made using ethical practices. 8000Kicks has gained media attention for their natural shoes, with features in Now Future, HypeBeast and Design Bloom

This 8000Kicks review will give you insight into the brand, their hemp-based footwear, customer reviews, and more, to help you decide if their shoes are worth the buy. 

Overview of 8000Kicks

8000Kicks Review

It’s a pressing issue to deal with climate change and take care of our environment in 2020. Companies are looking to shrink their ecological footprint and minimize the damage on a global scale. In 2018, 8000Kicks founder Bernardo Duque Carreira started brainstorming the perfect shoe, one that is functional and sustainable.

If we can’t show everyone we can make better products with natural materials, then how are we supposed to change things? How are we supposed to make this planet better?” Bernardo wondered. It was this thinking that started Bernardo and his team on a 6 month journey to find the best hemp in the world. 

The material in question is a variety of Cannabis sativa plant species, and is known to be a key ingredient in textiles, rope, paper and biofuel. The brand sources their material from east to west, buying hemp from France, Romania and China, with factories in China and Portugal. 

At their launch in 2018, the footwear company went by the name DopeKicks and introduced their first shoe: Explorer. The following year, a Kickstarter campaign helped fund the first waterproof hemp shoes. The brand changed its name to 8000Kicks in 2020 and is currently headquartered in Mountain View, California. 

8000Kicks Hemp Technology

8000Kicks Review

So what makes hemp revolutionary in the footwear industry? The material used in 8000Kicks’ shoes are durable, vegan, and eco friendly. Hemp is actually considered the ‘sober’ cousin of cannabis, so no, you can’t use these shoes to get high, but you will definitely look dope in them.

8000Kicks shares the entire process of developing their hemp. After harvesting, the hemp fibers are separated from the bark, which is called the retting process. The fibers are then carded into strands, in which the separated bast fibers are cleaned to remove impurities. Next, the material is either pulped to produce paper, matted to make fleece, or  transformed by steam explosion to make raw hemp into weavable fiber. The hemp is then spun into yarn and woven into textile.

Before we expand on the fascinating technology of hemp shoes, here’s a sum up of this 8000Kicks review: 


  • Environmentally friendly shoes for men and women 
  • 100% vegan 
  • Clean, modern designs
  • Durable and flexible
  • Waterproof
  • Free shipping to the UK and the United States for orders above $100 


  • Limited style selection

We’ll kick off this 8000Kicks review with the shoe that started it all, now in its 2.0 form. So far, 8000Kicks only sells this one model for men and women.   

8000Kicks Explorer V2 Sneakers

Don’t mistake the 8000sKicks Explorer V2 Sneakers with ordinary footwear you’d find at your local store. The sleek and modern design looks familiar, but these sneaks go beyond style. They’re durable and functional in ways that regular sneakers can’t compete with. 

The 8000Kicks Explorer V2 Sneakers are built to be flexible, water repellent, and dustproof. The company added a proprietary coating layer that protects the shoe from unwanted stains, liquids or dust particles. With a design like this, your kicks will still look brand new without the fuss of having to clean them. 

What I especially hate about buying new shoes is knowing that the ‘newness’ won’t last very long. When sneakers are only built to look good, they can’t go through rough terrains and definitely can’t be worn in water. The 8000Kicks Explorer V2 Sneakers are the exact opposite. You can go from running errands to hiking a mountain and crossing a river in these.

The 8000Kicks Explorer V2 Sneakers have a unique outsole made out of recycled algal blooms. For those reading this 8000Kicks review who aren’t marine biologists: algal blooms are a rapid increase of algae in marine environments, and are known to be especially harmful to wildlife surrounding the area. Climate change has brought on this massive proliferation of algae, which thrives in warmer temperatures. In non-scientific terms, algal blooms are ruining the ocean’s vibes. 

In the creation of their sneakers, 8000Kicks sought to address this issue by teaming up with Bloom Foam, a brand that’s working to reverse the effects of water pollution. Bloom Foam works with a host of natural resources to create sustainable materials. The 8000Kicks ft Bloom Foam team up developed a “super light algae bottom with increased durability while sponsoring the removal of harmful algae.”

If you thought we were finished with the features of the Explorer V2 Sneakers, think again. These 8000Kicks shoes are also antimicrobial and antibacterial, preventing any fungal bacteria from forming in your shoes and feet. No smelly feet at the gym in these kicks. Athlete’s foot? Not a chance.

8000Kicks’ material, known as hempcrete, is a new high performance material with temperature regulating properties. It’s currently being used for eco-friendly home insulation. It may feel strange to think of this material in a pair of shoes, but it’s all about how the hempcrete is used. You won’t break a sweat In 8000Kicks shoes, since the hempcrete makes them breathable, temperature controlled, and lightweight

The 8000Kicks Explorer V2 Sneakers are available in 3 color combinations. Customers can choose from beige and green; black and white; or a full black look. Each shoe comes with a white or black outsole, which does a great job in contrasting the different colors for an athletic meets streetwear look. The company logo is featured on the shoe tongue and a Cannabis leaf is stamped on the bottom of the outsol, as a reminder that these will forever be the ‘environmentally friendly weed shoes’ you bought. 

The 8000Kicks Explorer V2 Sneakers, offered for men and women, are priced at $129. This is quite a bargain for all this sneaker has to offer in terms of sustainability and durability aspects alone. Compared to today’s trendiest sneakers on the market, how often can people say that their shoes work against water pollution, are vegan, and made out of hemp? This 8000Kicks review can say with certainty that these shoes are one of a kind

8000Kicks Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

8000Kicks Explorer V2 Sneakers

This 8000Kicks review found a ton of praise for this company. On the official website, customers note how comfortable the shoes are and how pleased they are overall. “I bought a pair of these dope sneakers for my mom and it is the only pair she wears right now. Super comfortable for her flat feet,” One reviewer said. 

On Trustpilot, 8000Kicks receives a 4.7/5 star rating out of 40 reviews. Most customers note excellent customer service, a feel-good response to the company’s environmentally friendly message, and how durable and sturdy the shoes are.The shoes are amazing, not only because they’ve done an excellent job with the materials and the design, but they’re comfortable and soooo good for the environment too. They’re worth the price and even more.” One Trustpilot 8000Kicks review said.

The only issue that this 8000Kicks review came across is about sizing. A few customers noted that some shoes they ordered did not fit and had to be exchanged. Some buyers said that the shoes run a little small. Fortunately, the customer service team at 8000Kicks were quick to remedy their issues by sending them a better size.

Are 8000Kicks Shoes Worth It?

8000Kicks Explorer V2 Sneakers

Based on what I’ve found through my research, this 8000Kicks review highly recommends the shoes. Sneakers should be comfortable, flexible and last you a long time. I never thought that hemp would be so durable. If you find yourself grabbing for a pair of sneakers instead of the other shoes in your closet, the 8000sKicks Explorer V2 Sneakers can easily be your go-tos. 

These are shoes you can feel good about wearing. From sourcing to manufacturing, the processes are environmentally friendly. It’s nice to see that companies like 8000Kicks prioritize saving the environment. We’ve only got one earth. This brand also sheds a positive light on how versatile Cannabis is—when you’re not smoking it, the hemp plant offers a durable alternative to regular textile.

Since the company is relatively new, this 8000Kicks review is excited to see any new shoe designs that they may come up with. Stay tuned! 

8000Kicks Promotions & Discounts 

8000Kicks Explorer V2 Sneakers

This 8000Kicks review found that customers can sign up to get access to special promotions. Keep checking their website and social media for a 8000Kicks promo code.

Where to Buy 8000Kicks Shoes

8000Kicks Explorer V2 Sneakers

Buyers can purchase 8000Kicks shoes solely (pun intended) at


8000Kicks Explorer V2 Sneakers

Can you go through airport security with 8000Kicks shoes?

8000Kicks hemp material is 100% legal worldwide. The fabric used has no psychoactive components, which means you can’t use the shoe as a drug. If you had the crazy idea to smoke the shoes, don’t bother. You can’t get high off of them anyway.

How do you clean 8000Kicks shoes?

8000Kicks does not recommend machine washing because it might remove some of the coating that protects the shoes from water, dirt, and other impurities. Clean the shoes with warm water and soap, applying gentle scrubbing. The coating might disappear or reduce its effect over time, but the shoes will retain their waterproofing due to the super waterproof membrane applied.

What sizes does 8000Kicks have? 

8000Kicks only has a limited range of shoe sizes for both men and women. However, since the company is still new, they might add more sizes in the future. this 8000sKicks shoes review provides you with their current size chart: 

8000Kicks shoes are standard width, and they don’t currently offer wider sizes. The footwear has the same size structure as Nike, Adidas, and New Balance. You can test one of their shoes in a local store and order the exact same size with 8000Kicks.

What is 8000Kicks’ Shipping Policy?

For international orders from the UK and the United States, delivery takes up to 5-10 days for customers in the US and Canada. For European customers, it takes 7-14 days. In other parts of the world, buyers can expect to wait 14 days

This 8000Kicks shoe review found out that they do provide free shipping to the US and UK on orders above $100. They have also reduced shipping costs for customers in Europe. 

What is 8000Kicks’ Return Policy?

Customers can return or exchange their items within 30 days of delivery. Footwear must be unworn, and in its original packaging. All returns require return authorization from 8000Kicks customer service (see the How to Contact section of this 8000Kicks review). 

Do 8000Kicks shoes have a warranty?

This 8000Kicks review found out that the company does not offer a warranty. If customers do find faults in their shoes, they can contact the customer service team to deal with any issues. 

How to Contact 8000Kicks

If you have questions beyond this 8000Kicks review, you can contact their team through:

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