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About Snow Peak

Snow Peak Review

For those that love the outdoors and all they have to offer, treat yourself to a better experience with Snow Peak

This brand was built to bring you the lightest, strongest, and easiest supplies for camping, hiking, and travel. With an extensive range of cookware, clothing, accessories, and more, Snow Peak has it all when it comes to existing alongside the natural world.

With over 30k followers on Facebook and a further 110k followers on their USA Instagram alone, this brand doesn’t struggle to find loyal supporters that keep coming back for more.

This Snow Peak review will consider this history, products, customer testimonials, and more to help you decide if this long-lasting brand is worth the buy.

Overview of Snow Peak

Snow Peak Review

Launched in 1958 by Yukio Yamai, Snow Peak was built on the need for fine and durable climbing products that would work for even the highest mountain. 

The founder created the brand after finding his own equipment unsatisfactory on his trips, leading to the innovation of the durable metalwork the brand is now known for.

Snow Peak wants to bring joy to every outdoor experience by making trips simple, light, and functional no matter how far you hike. 

Always moving forward, this company uses new technologies to expand their product line and keep up to date with the latest in materials and designs built to last.

Snow Peak began in Japan but has since expanded worldwide. While their headquarters still run from Niigata, the company does have a US office for their business as well.

After operating for over 50 years, this company has some concrete highlights to consider before purchase:


  • An expansive range of camping and hiking supplies offered, including clothing, cookware, sleeping arrangements, and more
  • Durable materials and lightweight crafting
  • Designed to save space with multi-use elements
  • Positive Snow Peak reviews from hundreds of customers
  • Over 50 years in the business
  • Financing options available through Klarna
Snow Peak Review

Highlights firmly in place, we’ll move our Snow Peak review onto the products and show off all that’s available for the active camper. 

We are keeping our article limited to the cookware available as that’s their largest market, but this brand also offers clothing, outdoor, and living accessories.

Snow Peak Review

Snow Peak’s most extensive line comes from their cookware and dining accessories. We’ve included their most popular pieces to consider (titanium is big in this business!) so take a glance through these items to get an idea of what this brand has to offer.

Snow Peak Trek 900 Titanium Cookset Review 

Cook up a storm while roughing it with the Trek 900 Titanium Cookset. The Snow Peak 900 pairs perfectly with the Trek 1400, easily stowing within the larger size to save you space on your trip while still providing the options you deserve when it comes to cooking in the wild.

Using the classic Snow Peak titanium build, this cookware easily allows you to make your morning coffee or tea, or cook up a rustic meal for two while camping out. Perfect size for a backpacking adventure, this lightweight piece will add some ease to any outdoor adventure.

Looking for a smaller size? Check out the Snow Peak Trek 700 for easy, on-the-go cookware.

Get the 6.2 oz Trek 900 for $53.

Snow Peak Pack & Carry Fireplace Review

Get your own Snow Peak mini flame going with the Pack & Carry Fireplace. This 12” high fireplace folds perfectly flat, making travel and storage less of a fight than with other models.

Whether you’re looking to cook up dinner or roast some marshmallows, the Snow Peak fire pits are a brand to have in your arsenal. Sold with a carrying kit, this stainless-steel piece makes fires safe and simple to set up wherever you want. 

From hiking trips to backyard bonfires, you can set up and take down this product with ease – or pair it with other cooking accessories to grill some burgers in the back.

This fireplace can be yours for $190.

Snow Peak Home & Camp Burner Review

It wouldn’t be a Snow Peak review for cookware without the cooking element. 

Add a Snow Peak stove to your camping collection with their bestselling Home & Camp Burner model. Sleek in design for a lightweight and easily portable build, this piece works for any outdoor adventure as well as an additional cooking space at home.

Crafted with a slimming foldable design, this burner hides away into a small cylinder, ready at all times to be pulled out to cook up a storm. Able to stand the weight of small and large cookware, this stove will easily hold up a pot of chili to warm those chilly nights. 

Automatic igniters and adjustable temperature make cooking with this $110 piece as simple as your own stove at home.

Snow Peak Gigapower Stove 2.0 Review

Simplify the cooking stove by carrying your heat and your burner all in one with the Snow Peak Gigapower Stove 2.0. Combining form and function, this single unit supports cooking every meal—all you need to remember is the fuel to light it up!

Four folding arms line up for a sturdy top that will support any cookware at an adjustable heat. Quick to reach your ideal cooking temperature, you’ll reduce cooking time and be able to eat under the stars in no time. 

Add a few Snow Peak lanterns to your order to thoroughly enjoy a night of outdoor adventures. Get set for outdoor cooking with this 4.23 oz stove for $50.

Snow Peak Kettle No. 1 Review 

Heat up your morning coffee or tea to kickstart your day with the Snow Peak Kettle No. 1. Quick to heat to a bubbling boil, this lightweight kettle will be added to your camp supplies in no time.

Crafted from stainless steel, this piece is designed to last. Leave behind that metal taste that too often accompanies metal kettles and cups for a fresh taste from a material designed to last. 

Lightweight and small in size, this piece easily stores in your bag or your cupboard, with foldable elements to condense the shape while on the move.

This piece is available for $20.

Snow Peak Wabuki Chopsticks Review 

Just because you’re on the move doesn’t mean you can’t eat in style. The Snow Peak Wabuki Chopsticks are the perfect addition for a luxurious meal under the stars.

Whoever thought chopsticks could get any more convenient for travel? The Snow Peak chopsticks come with wood and stainless-steel parts, packaged in a carry bag.

Designed to travel in halves, the wooden ends seamlessly store inside their metal pieces for storage, but quickly screw together to complete the whole length for dinner time.

Nestle these pieces together for easy care and add them to your collection for $40.

Snow Peak Titanium Curved Flask Review 

Whether you’re in need of some cold water or something a bit stronger, the Snow Peak Titanium Curved Flask is the one for you.

Due to the quality titanium build, Snow Peak flasks are perfect for fitting any liquid and preserving its true taste. No metallic aftertaste or corrosive residue to hold back your good night. Just sip away at your refreshment as you hike the day away.

Each flask comes with a storage case and a funnel to help you travel with ease. Just a few seconds to fill it up and you’re ready to go.

This titanium flask is available for $150.  

Snow Peak Ti-Double 450 Mug Review

Everyone loves their morning drink—whether it’s coffee, tea, or water. What better way to drink it than with the Ti-Double 450 Mug.

Crafted for carrying purposes, the handle divides easily to fold against the shape of the mug itself to save space and awkward packing. 

Mug handles were not meant to travel comfortably. Double-walled design perfects this piece, keeping whatever fills it cool or warm much longer than with standard cups.

Light and strong, this vessel is perfect for any outdoor adventure. Whether you’re looking to save yourself from hotel mugs or you want to camp under the stars in comfort.

Add this to your mug collection for $50.

Snow Peak Titanium Spork Review 

A favorite in this Snow Peak review, the Titanium Spork was designed for every camping extravaganza. Grab all four colors to ensure no one mixes up their utensils and your whole family will be set for dinner every night.

Made from Japanese titanium, this piece is incredibly light and strong, packed with ease for any trip. If you’re buying multiple, they stack together in a slim and simple fit to take up minimal space while packing. 

Forget just camping, Snow Peak sporks are one of the easiest and most loved utensils for kids, simplifying their dinners with a single scoop of the meal.

This piece is available for only $10.

Who is Snow Peak For? 

Snow Peak Review

Snow Peak is a great brand to buy for any camper, hiker, or traveler. Anyone who loves the outdoors and prefers to spend their time under the starlight will love this brand and the quality products they offer.

As many cookware products involve heat, this is a brand geared towards adults more than kids and teenagers. Even the Snow Peak clothes available are made in mainly adult sizes.  

Snow Peak Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Snow Peak Review

In order for this Snow Peak review to provide all the necessary intel on the service and products, we need to direct our attention to customer ratings for a full picture. 

The brand as a whole is well-rated—the Better Business Bureau rated this company an A+ for their quick customer service, lack of complaints, and the number of years in the business.

The brand’s website lists over 1,600 ratings based on verified purchases. Customer testimonials are incredibly positive, thanking the company for their ideal service and products.

Love you guys so much. I’m working on building out my ideal basecamp and I’m stoked to start filling it in with Snow Peak products. I’m more excited at the fact that many of these items will last long enough to be passed to my kids (which I don’t have yet, but yo). Super stoked.

Products are also blessed with 5-star ratings on the brand website, with people appreciating the quality and design of the pieces. 

One Snow Peak review stated, “Used it on our recent trip. It exceeded expectations! Not only was it light, easy to carry and unfold, it also was very functional and sturdy. I’m so glad I got it.

Other product reviews on Amazon are listed at 4-stars and above. Though not all products on Amazon have hundreds or thousands of ratings, customers are quick to compliment them. 

The Snow Peak Titanium Cook Save Pot garners 4.4/5-stars on Amazon based on 54 global ratings.

One such review for this piece commented, “I was looking for a lightweight solution for car camping. This pot was worth the price. It’s very light but sturdy.

Check out these other bestselling Snow Peak products on Amazon:

  • Snow Peak Home & Camp Burner: 4.6/5-stars based 280 ratings
  • Snow Peak Takibi Fire and Grill: 4.8/5-stars based on 95 ratings
  • Snow Peak Packable Cutting Board: 4.4/5-stars based on over 245 ratings
  • Snow Peak Titanium Flask: 4.5/5-stars based on over 50 ratings
  • Snow Peak Spork: 4.8/5-stars based on over 200 ratings
  • Snow Peak Collapsible Coffee Drip: 4.7/5-stars based on over 350 ratings
  • Snow Peak Titanium Mug: 4.5/5-stars based on over 300 ratings

Reviewers are quick to comment on the durable builds, lightweight designs, and portable crafting. 

Some Snow Peak reviews have commented that the cook isn’t even, and handles have a tendency to heat up, but that’s not widely stated across the board. This leads us to think that these comments are likely be defects rather than standard practice. It’s safe to say that this brand is a hit!

Is Snow Peak Worth It?

Snow Peak Review

Wrapping up this Snow Peak review with some final thoughts before FAQS, we can easily say to add this one to your camping gear. The brand has been in business since the 1950s and is known for their designs and quality builds.

Should any issues arise with your products, the lifetime warranty is more than enough guarantee that you’ll be taken care of by customer service and helped through the process of replacing whatever the issue at hand is.

Either way, you’re covered with quality and customer care. This one is an easy recommendation for hikers, campers, and travelers anywhere.

Snow Peak Promotions & Discounts 

Snow Peak Review

Snow Peak offers great discounts through their Last Chance section on their website. When it comes to deals, that’s the place to check out first for solid equipment at a discounted price.

Aside from their sales section, this brand doesn’t widely promote many codes or discounts.

That said, you can sign up for their newsletter to receive the latest information on new products and deals to ensure no discount will go unseen.

Where to Buy Snow Peak

Snow Peak Review

Snow Peak titanium products (amongst others) can be found through their website snowpeak.com. If for some reason shipping through the website doesn’t work, check out partner retailers for their stock. 

This company partners with a variety of local sports stores, so be sure to look into the companies in your location before ordering online:

  • Altitude Sports
  • Valhalla Pure Outfitters
  • Ssense
  • Livestock
  • Blackleaf
  • Country Attire
  • Amazon


Snow Peak Review

Who owns Snow Peak? 

Snow Peak is a family-owned business, started by Yukio Yamai and now owned by his son Tohru.

Where is Snow Peak made? 

Snow Peak is made and run from Japan, with headquarters located in Niigata. An international office in the US has opened since their expansion, but the business and manufacturing are primarily run from Japan.

What is Snow Peak’s Shipping Policy?

Here’s a fun fact for this Snow Peak review, if you’re delivering to a location in New York or Portland, free store pick-up is available, saving you on those exhausting shipping fees. 

Delivery times within the US are dependent on location with the West Coast shipping times typically taking 1-3 business days and while the East Coast times are roughly 6-8 business days.

Snow Peak offers three services for shipping:

  • Ground shipping, free for orders above $200
  • FedEx Expedited
  • USPS shipping

All shipping costs are dependent on location and order size, so make sure to check out those fees before checking out. International shipping fees can include customs and duties taxes that will appear at checkout and be included in your price prior to purchase.

Once an order is submitted, a tracking number will be provided to give updates regarding the package’s ETA and current location.

What is Snow Peak’s Return Policy?

A crucial part of this (or any) Snow Peak review concerns the warranty and return process the company offers. It’s always good to know how the system works should the worst-case scenario take place.

Snow Peak is leaps and bounds ahead of other companies in that they offer a lifetime guarantee for their products. Should any malfunctions or defects pop up 25-years after purchase, you’re still covered to have the item fixed or replaced at no cost.

Should the purchase be fine and you’re just not as sold on the item as you’d believed, you have up to 14 days from purchase to make your return for a full refund. All you need to do for those returns is follow the link to the Return Portal and go through the guided process.

If your return is due to damage or defect, there are a few items you need to include in your communication. Email [email protected] with the following items:

  1. Name and shipping address
  2. Order Number
  3. Items Returning
  4. A brief description of the issue
  5. Photos

Send off the email and customer service will provide instructions on how to proceed. Unfortunately, returns are only accepted for US and Canadian shipments, so all other international locations are on their own when it comes to their purchased products.

How to Contact Snow Peak

Have questions or concerns about any products? Snow Peak makes it incredibly simple to get in touch with them.

The easiest way is through filling out their online contact form, but if you want a more immediate response than waiting for an email check out the contact info below:


  • (503) 461-0781
  • Monday through Friday from 8:30 AM – 5 PM PST


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