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BattlBox Review

Looking to learn survival skills, but don’t know where to begin? Check out BattlBox

This brand will give you equipment designed for emergencies in the wild on a monthly basis. As seen on their Netflix original series Southern Survival, the products are tried and true—even by the crew themselves! 

From situations like being trapped in a car underwater to overcoming the aftermath of a hurricane, you’ll see how the products can be used in real survival situations. 

With over 260k likes on Facebook and 62k followers on Instagram, the brand is definitely well-known and popular. But do they live up to the hype? How do you know if their products are actually useful in emergencies? 

Don’t worry, this BattlBox review will take you through all you need to know about the company, products, and customer comments to see if this subscription service is for you. 

Overview of BattlBox

BattlBox Review

Built by Daniel Dabbs, the brand has come a long way from its very first subscription box in a short amount of time. After John Roman and Patrick Kelley joined Daniel in his vision, the trio agreed all the sleepless nights and late meetings were worth it. 

In an interview with Kristen LaFrance, John said Patrick approached him in 2015 with Daniel’s idea. With John’s sales expertise, the brand quickly grew from 70 subscribers to 2,000 new customers every month.  

It turns out a lot of people wanted survival products, and subscription boxes like BattlBox didn’t exist at the time. With this in mind, the brand expanded to include different types of boxes, such as: Basic, Advanced, Pro, and Pro Plus, while selling additional products too. 

If you know exactly what you want, you can take a look in their shop instead of signing up for a subscription box. But don’t worry, this company is beginner-friendly. Their website even includes blog articles written by a team of professionals so you can learn more technical skills. 

But before we get into the nitty-gritty details about the products, this BattlBox review will take a look at the pros and cons of the brand. 


  • You can choose between getting a subscription or buying individual products
  • The accompanying Southern Survival show demonstrates how you can use the products
  • Excellent account flexibility 
  • Monthly giveaway contests 
  • Certain items can be shipped for free 
  • You can collect BattlBucks and redeem them for exclusive items 


  • Relatively expensive costs, especially for the higher tier subscription services
  • You might not use everything in the boxes 
  • Fixed ordering and shipping times. Check the website to view the next shipment cutoff 
  • No international shipping except to Canada 
  • No refunds on subscription services and products if you don’t like it 
  • Shipping and handling fees are not included 
BattlBox Review

Though the brand has many different products and categories, this BattlBox review will focus on two main types: individual items and subscriptions. While the BattlBox Mystery Box is the star of their show, they also have popular side acts you should definitely take a look at. 

But since there are so many to choose from, we’ll only be spotlighting a few. Don’t worry, we’ll give you the rundown on the specs and pricing so you can make the ultimate decision about what you need to survive in the wild.

BattlBox Review

If you’re looking for specific survival gear, BattlBox has you covered. From the BattlBox Skallywag Tactical to the GERBER GhostStrike, their uniquely named products are sure to keep you protected in the wild. But this section would only be good for you if you already know what you want. 

Without further ado, let’s dive into their main features: the Settler’s Wrench, GTFO Wrist Strap, Vipertek VTS-989 Stun Gun, Olight Baldr Pro, and the ARMA 100 Bean Bag Gun Kit

BattlBox Shawn With The Wild Settler’s Wrench Review

For survivalists, campers, and hikers alike, you’ll definitely find a great use for this product. The BattlBox Settler’s Wrench is easy to carry and designed for whatever use you need. 

With a tapered auger head and dual-purpose handle crafted from thick-walled stainless steel, this 6-inch tool can help you make anything from traps to chairs. 

Unfortunately, at the time of this BattlBox review, the product is sold out since it was on sale for $60 from its usual price of $75, but you can sign up to get a notification as soon as it’s available again. 

BattlBox GTFO Wrist Strap Review

Worried about getting stuck in a risky situation? Then this BattlBox GTFO Wrist Strap has you covered. With elastic straps and a tungsten striker bead, you can easily break through tempered glass and get out of dangerous scenarios. 

All you need to do is remove the wrist strap, pull back on the striker bead using your thumb and index finger and release. The glass should shatter and you can escape your dicey situation. 

This $20 product also has the Advanced Handcuff Key to open handcuffs, useful in tight circumstances. 

BattlBox ViperTek VTS-989 Stun Gun Review

Need a small but powerful protector within arm’s reach? Check out the BattlBox ViperTek VTS-989 Stun Gun. At only 6.5 x 2 x 1 inches, it is super convenient and discreet but powerful enough to penetrate through thick clothing. 

With snatch prevention, the assailant wouldn’t be able to get the device from you without suffering a high voltage shock. Along with a handy LED flashlight, it is super safe and powerful, all for $24

Unfortunately, due to state restrictions, this product cannot ship to Hawaii, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island. It also cannot ship to Chicago, Annapolis, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Crawford County, and Baltimore County. 

BattlBox Olight Baldr Pro Review

If you’re looking for a high quality and decked out lighting tool, shine a beam on the BattlBox Olight Baldr Pro. With incredible features like the green laser sight, white LED, and Glock rail, the max output of 1350 lumens will definitely light up your outdoor adventure. 

The BattlBox Baldr Pro has an intense center beam, but it can also be set to 300 lumens if you need a constant light. Don’t worry about accidentally dropping or breaking this tool because it’s made of aluminium alloy, so it’s super strong and durable. 

You can get this bad boy for $150.  

BattlBox ARMA 100 Bean Bag Gun Kit Review

The final product in this section is the BattlBox Bean Bag Gun. This bad boy packs a major punch, knocking down objects up to 20 feet away with reusable bean bags. The product is also worry free, as it is trusted by law enforcement and approved by Civilian BATF. 

The ARMA 100 Bean Bag Gun Kit is the most effective non-lethal device, legal in all fifty states without needing a license or background check. Better yet, it has a safety and its stiff design prevents children from easily using the product. 

While this kit is expensive at $200, it is sold out at the time of this BattlBox review. You’ll need to sign up to be notified of its next availability. 

BattlBox Subscription Review

Now this BattlBox review will get into what you’ve been waiting for—the subscription boxes. This was the brand’s first selling point, and it is still the star of the show. We will look at all four types: the basic box, advanced, pro, and pro plus. 

BattlBox Basic Review

The Basic Box is perfect for beginners. If you have nothing on hand and you’re looking to get started, this should have everything you would need. In each box, you will get manuals, emergency supplies, outdoor gear, and survival tools, to name a few. 

Better yet, you’ll get a new box each month according to the different missions. For example, for Mission 75, the Basic Box included $59 worth of items, such as a Bungee Trek rope lock tie-down tool, emergency fishing and trapping kit, and a package of Peak refuel chicken pesto pasta

You can also buy these products separately, but you should be getting new items each time. For $30 a month, you’ll definitely be getting your money’s worth. But like all their subscription boxes, you’ll need to pay for shipping and handling. 

BattlBox Advanced Review

If you are looking for more, check out the Advanced Box. With everything from the Basic Box plus more high value items, like camping and hiking equipment, bushcraft, and EDC gear, you’ll really start building your survival arsenal. 

In past missions, the box included $110 worth of products which you can buy for only $60 a month. Mission 73 had the Smith and Wesson Extreme Ops Folder knife and Mission 69 had a Lord & Field wool blanket, so who knows what you will find? Again, shipping and handling is not included. 

BattlBox Pro Review

If you want to upgrade to another level, the Pro box might be right up your alley. This box will have everything from the previous two tiers with even more items like sleeping bags, watches, and even tents. 

With this box, you wouldn’t really need to bring your own tools when venturing into the wild. But if you’re a pro, you probably already know exactly what you’re doing. 

In past missions, like Mission 67, the box was valued at $250, even including a Solo Stove Lite, truly covering all your possible needs. But this box is definitely more expensive, costing $110 per month, and you’d need to pay for shipping and handling fees. 

BattlBox Pro Plus Review

Finally, we hit the highest level—the BattlBox Pro Plus. This behemoth of a box will include everything from basic to pro, with leading brand items like TOPS, Kershaw, Spyderco, and Gerber. Meant for those who want to conquer the wild, this box will have all you need but for the most expensive price of $160 per month. 

But when each box is valued at around $360, like the box for Mission 67, it’ll be worth it. This box included the Revo Knives Ness CF (Carbon Fiber) First Release, which costs $110 alone. Most recently, Mission 77 had the Tops Knives Poker, valued at $120

This BattlBox review finds that the Pro Plus Box is definitely more expensive but you’ll be getting top of the line products too. As mentioned before, shipping and handling are not included. 

BattlBox Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

BattlBox Review

After taking a scan across different review sites and individual blogs, this BattlBox review finds that customers have a lot of great things to say about the brand. While there are criticisms, most customers are pleased with their purchases. 

Matthew Russo on Gear Disciple subscribed to the brand to write a review, but after receiving his first box, he was hooked and decided to continue his subscription. Russo wrote: “It’s a unique concept with beautiful execution, and the excitement of each month is well worth it. Whether for yourself or as a gift, I wholly recommend BattlBox.” 

With a 4.6 rating from 1726 reviews on Trustpilot, the majority indicates that the brand is excellent. From easy sign up processes to useful products and exciting arrivals, customers are happy with their subscriptions. 

Joseph Setters wrote: “The ordering process was straightforward and I have always gotten my box on time!” 

Customers also typically find the relatively more expensive costs to be worth it. 

Ricardo Cruz wrote: “I love all the different things you get in the box. The price is a little high but you get your money’s worth. I would like to see more fishing and hunting and also camping items in the boxes but overall I absolutely love BattlBox.” 

Zac Conaway agrees: “BattlBox is brilliant! Their gear is always useful and comes in handy in a lot of different situations. It also is high quality and durable gear.”

Is BattlBox Worth It?

BattlBox Review

At the end of the day, if you’re looking to start a survival kit, this is the brand for you. With instructional pamphlets, videos, and beginner-friendly tools in their Basic package, this company should give you what you need to start your trek into the woods. But if you already know what you want, it would be a better call to just buy what you need from their shop. 

A downside is that you would need to pay for shipping and handling fees yourself, and these costs can really rack up, making a trip to your local hardware store worth the time and money. But the huge number of happy customers is proof that this brand is doing something right. So, at the end of the day, this BattlBox review finds that the brand is worth it

BattlBox Promotions & Discounts 

BattlBox Review

At the time of this BattlBox review, there are no promotions or discounts. 

Where to Buy BattlBox

BattlBox Review

You should buy products straight from their website, especially if you’re interested in their subscription boxes. 


BattlBox Review

Who owns BattlBox? 

The CEO of BattlBox is John Roman, with Patrick Kelley serving as the COO. 

Where is BattlBox located? 

BattlBox’s warehouse headquarters is located in Milledgeville, GA and their operations office is in Statesboro, GA. 

When was BattlBox founded?

Founded in 2015, the brand is relatively new, but still going strong today. 

Who is BattlBox for? 

BattlBox is perfect for anyone looking to venture into the outdoors, or just to have some handy survival tools on hand. Who knows what situations you can find yourself in? If you want to be better prepared, BattlBox definitely has the products for you. 

While some items may seem confusing to operate at first, the brand has their original Netflix series and additional blog posts to guide you along. Having the products is one thing but you also need to learn how to use them properly. 

BattlBox is on the pricier side, so if you are looking to invest in some survival supplies, this is the place you should go. If you’re on a tighter budget, you might have to look elsewhere for the time being. Also, make sure you’re checking the product availability for your area, especially for items like stun guns which could be restricted. 

What comes in a BattlBox? 

In your subscription, you should find an assortment of survival gear and wilderness tools. While it really depends on which subscription you buy, you’ll always get the tiers below it too. For example, buying a Pro Box will give you products from both basic and advanced tiers too. 

At the very least, you should get useful devices for survival in the woods. At the highest level, you’ll get tools to dominate the woods. Regardless of which package you choose, rest assured the tools will be useful. If you’re still not sure, you can check out the array of unboxing videos right on their website. 

What is BattlBox’s Shipping Policy?

Unfortunately you will need to pay for all shipping and handling fees depending on your location. There is no price estimate listed on their website, but BattlBox does ship to all states in the US and Canada. 

All boxes should be delivered by the 15th, when your monthly payment is processed, via USPS Priority Mail, USPS First Class Mail, UPS Ground, and UPS SurePost. 

What is BattlBox’s Return Policy?

No returns or refunds are accepted on subscription boxes. But if you have a damaged or broken item, you can contact customer service via email to receive a replacement or something of similar value. Just act fast, this has to be completed within 15 days of your receipt. 

How to Contact BattlBox

If you have general questions, you can email [email protected]

If you have shipping concerns, email [email protected]

For suggestions, email [email protected]
You can also fill out their online email form here, or contact them via their live chat. There is no available phone number at the moment.

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