House Plant Shop Review

About House Plant Shop

House Plant Shop Review

The need to beautify our homes grew immensely when the pandemic hit since we were forced to spend so much time there. One of the best home decor items is live plants and, with the House Plant Shop online nursery, you can order the plants that are best suited to your home and your lifestyle

The House Plant Shop has almost 30k Facebook followers and 25k on Instagram. They are featured as having the best plants and as one of the best online places to buy plants by such media as the New York Post, Forbes, SF Gate, Cosmopolitan, and Good Housekeeping, to name a few.

My House Plant Shop review will check out the brand’s products, promotions, and customer testimonials to see if the brand’s offerings are a good fit for you.

Overview of House Plant Shop

House Plant Shop Review

The idea of the House Plant Shop was born of a shared desire for quality plants. In a picturesque coming-of-age story, childhood friends Andy Burde and Tristan Schmitt became roommates and found a gap in the market of online plant purchasing. 

They were looking to add some greenery to their home but couldn’t find anywhere online that offered what they were looking for. In 2014, the pair founded the House Plant Shop but didn’t launch the webshop until 2017.

Although their website mentions a group of friends, I could only find the two names as owners of the company. Between 2014 and 2017, the company researched greenhouses in California and Florida as potential sources. They also created sustainable and protective packaging as well as partnerships with FedEx and UPS for shipping. 

Starting in their backyard and garage, the House Plant Shop now occupies a large greenhouse and warehouse in Southern California and is based in Tustin, California.

Before I steer this House Plant Shop review into a look at some of their fabulous foliage, let’s take a peek at what’s special about this innovative web nursery:


House Plant Shop Review
  • Offers a variety of healthy, green plants for any indoor space
  • The plants selected have an affinity for indoor growth
  • Grown in the US
  • Free shipping anywhere in the US
  • Financing available through Sezzle

House Plant Shop Subscription Review

The House Plant Shop offers more than 11 monthly subscriptions and two quarterly ones. With the monthly subscription, you receive one themed plant delivered each month, with free shipping. 

You can make every month a special one for you or as a gift with a House Plant Shop Subscription. Prices vary depending on the theme chosen.

House Plant Shop Review

With literally hundreds of plant types to choose from, the House Plant Shop offers an extensive variety of plants, proven to thrive in indoor conditions. 

They all come in the brand’s custom packaging and ship in the US for free. You can pay for heat packs if there is a concern about freezing temperatures. Moving forward, this House Plant Shop checks out a few of their best-selling plants so you can see what all the fuss is about.

House Plant Shop Monstera ‘Split-Leaf’ Review

As one of the most popular foliage houseplants globally, it is no surprise that the Monstera ‘Split-Leaf’ is one of the House Plant Shop’s best-sellers. 

Originally from the rainforests of the Amazon, this plant is a type of ivy, with its above-ground cord-like roots growing into the canopy. If you have the space and something for it to climb, you can let it grow freely.

What makes the Monstera ‘Split Leaf’ so popular are its leaves. When young, they have glossy, leathery heart-shaped leaves. When they mature, their large leaves get deep clefts, while maintaining their sheen. 

This plant comes from the Florida greenhouses in 4” or 6” pots. Tame this monstera in your house for $20 (4’) or $40 (6”).

House Plant Shop Philodendron ‘Prince of Orange’ Review

For a bright burst of color, the Philodendron ‘Prince of Orange’ is a great addition to any indoor space. As new leaves come in they are a bright yellow. 

They then turn orange, eventually maturing into a deep green color. With a lot of sunlight, good soil drainage, and humidity (or misting), these plants should continuously entertain you with new leaves.

These colorful plants grow up-right with a sturdy stem like a tree. They come from the Florida greenhouses in 4” pots. Brighten up your life with this colorful beauty for $23

House Plant Shop Rhaphidophora ‘Mini Monstera’ Review 

Similar in appearance to, yet much smaller than the Monstera, the Rhaphidophora ‘Mini Monstera’ from House Plant Shop currently comes solely in a 6” pot. The main benefit of this plant, besides the lively, small, shiny, perforated leaves, is that it grows quickly and lushly.

Although an ivy, growing it in vines can weaken the plant. The best way to grow it is with a trellis or moss pole to climb. You’ll find rhapsody in your indoor garden with the Rhaphidophora ‘Mini Monstera’ for $40.

Who Is House Plant Shop For? 

House Plant Shop Review

The House Plant Shop is for anyone in the US interested in indoor plants, whether for themselves or for gifting. Going to a local bargain nursery is faster than buying through the House Plant Shop, but the quality and variety don’t compare.

This online nursery has plants for beginners and for those with very green thumbs. They have flora for small and large spaces as well as for sunny or low-light rooms. You can choose a subscription box with a theme and enjoy welcoming a new leafy friend every month.

House Plant Shop Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

House Plant Shop Review

Okay, let’s take a look a what customers are saying in their House Plant Shop reviews to see if this brand truly delivers on their promises. 

Let’s start with the online shopping experience as it is quite different from visiting a nursery. The House Plant Shop was created specifically for online shopping and they have succeeded in making it an enjoyable experience.

Check out these House Plant Shop reviews on Amazon. The Monstera ‘Swiss Cheese’  received 4 reviews for a grand total of 5/5 stars. One reviewer, in particular, loved their experience and is sure to become a repeat customer. They wrote:

“Arrived in excellent condition. Beautiful. This has been my best experience shopping for plants online. Excellent packaging kept the plants warm on their trip to freezing cold central New York, I plan to purchase more plants from them.”

When shipping live plants, the packaging is of utmost importance. No plant enthusiast enjoys opening a package with dead or damaged flora. House Plant Shop reviews on Facebook gave the brand 4.9/5 stars from nearly 3,800 opinions, all showing the excitement that comes with opening your package when delivery is done properly and the plants are high-quality.

One customer wrote: I could not be more pleased with my new plant babies!!! This is my third delivery!  Each time plants arrived in perfect condition and perfectly healthy!!! I will be ordering all my plants from you in future as I build my collection!!! ❤️”

Plant babies? Given the love we dole out to our plants, I suppose that it may be an appropriate term. And speaking of collections, this is a great shop to start or augment your indoor plant paradise. The following two testimonials from their website took advantage of the subscription boxes to get started:

“I love plants and really want to start a collection this year. My biggest issue is that I own 7 dogs and a cat. Well this box is perfect because they offer pet friendly boxes… The plant arrived well packages and safe and looks great.”

“I think the price is super fair and about on par with what I would pay at my cheap local nursery that I often buy from too. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to treat themselves to a new plant and doesn’t need it right now. I’ll probably sign up for another option and gift a few boxes for upcoming birthdays because it’s an awesome gift.”

Plants from the House Plant Shop make great gifts, especially as the price is competitive with cheaper nurseries. By staying online, they don’t have the overhead of traditional nurseries and can pass that saving on to you. This House Plant Shop review from a customer on Macy’s website went in with no expectations but was pleasantly surprised:

“Impressed One bored day I came across live plants on Macy’ Intrigue and curious I decided to take a chance and order this pet friendly plant combo with no expectations. Shipping was fast and the quality and size was exceptional for the price. Leaves are shiny and healthy.”

Before wrapping this section up, let’s take a look at the ranking by customers of the plants mentioned in this article:

  • House Plant Shop Monstera ‘Split-Leaf’ – 72 reviews – 5/5 stars
  • House Plant Shop Philodendron ‘Prince of Orange’ – 29 reviews – 4.9/5 stars
  • House Plant Shop Rhaphidophora ‘Mini Monstera’ – 77 reviews – 4.9/5 stars

Is House Plant Shop Legit?

House Plant Shop Review

The only red flags that I found during this House Plant Shop review was a few complaints on Trustpilot and the Better Business Bureau. These few naysayers appear to be complaining about delivery times or refund times. Most of these happened around the same time, with the company apologizing that they were unexpectedly busy.

With a 30-day refund/replacement for plants damaged while shipping and tons of happy customers, the House Plant Shop is quite legit.

Is House Plant Shop Worth It?

House Plant Shop Review

To conclude this House Plant Shop review, this online nursery is absolutely worth it. To start, the cost isn’t higher than cheap local nurseries. Since they cover the shipping fees, it makes more sense to order online, if you don’t need the plants immediately. Secondly, from the customer reviews, the caliber of their plants is very high.

With subscription boxes, you can grow your collection of plants monthly, choosing a theme of the types that will best suit your home, like air, water, cacti, etc.

With lovely and protective packaging, the House Plant Shop’s flora makes great gifts. They are the best place to turn your home into a serene, relaxing, green space or just liven up a room.

House Plant Shop Promotions & Discounts 

House Plant Shop Review

Although I didn’t find a House Plant Shop coupon, the company offer quite a few ways to save a bit of cash on their website:

  • Check out their weekly drops
  • Free shipping nationwide
  • Bundles are available
  • Subscribe and save
  • Financing options are offered through Sezzle
  • A neat sale section available on their website

Where to Buy House Plant Shop

House Plant Shop Review

The best place to buy products from the House Plant Shop is on their website at, since they offer free shipping and promotional offers to save you money. You can find them online on Amazon, Cratejoy, and Macy’s as well.


House Plant Shop Review

Who owns House Plant Shop?

Friends and Co-founders, Andy Burde and Tristan Schmitt, own the House Plant Shop to this day. 

Does House Plant Shop ship internationally?

Unfortunately, the brand only ships to the continental US.

What is House Plant Shop’s Shipping Policy?

The House Plant Shop ships to all 50 states of the US for free. If you require faster service, you can pay for Express shipping for $5 and up, depending on where you are located. 

The company partners with FedEx and USPS and use their own custom recyclable packaging. They may take 2-5 business days to process and send out your order.

Packing is done at their Southern Californian warehouse and your order is guaranteed to arrive alive and undamaged. The House Plant Shop replaces plants that were damaged in transit. You should purchase heat packs if you live where it gets colder than 50 degrees Fahrenheit, though. 

What is House Plant Shop’s Return Policy?

The House Plant Shop’s return policy is a generous 30 days from delivery. That is to say, if the plants arrive damaged, they replace or refund them. They do not do returns on live plants, only refunds or replacements. Shipping back live plants causes more harm to salvageable plants. 

Depending on the damage and whether the plant can be saved, you may receive a full refund or a partial one. Refunds go back to your original method of payment. If you have a damaged plant, here’s what to do:

  1. Take a photo of the damage
  2. Email the photo to [email protected] 
  3. After the replacement/refund is confirmed, trim the damage from the plant
  4. Give your plant some love

How to Contact House Plant Shop

House Plant Shop Review

If you have any questions not answered by this House Plant Shop review, you can contact the brand by:

  • Phone: 888-341-2843
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Snail Mail: 1952 Ren Circle, Unit A Tustin CA 92780

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