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Waitrose Garden Review

With warm weather, comes a strong desire to spend most of the day lounging or puttering around outdoors. There are few things better than bathing in the sun and breathing in the fresh air. Bonus points if your area is surrounded by plants and wildlife. 

Waitrose Garden sells everything you need to design the backyard of your dreams. From garden furniture to pots and flowers, the brand supplies you with all the essentials to build your natural oasis

Looking for some delicious food inspiration to serve for your summer dinner party? You can join the Waitrose Garden community on Instagram, along with 555k followers for a feed full of feasts. The brand has also been seen in magazines such as Real Homes and Country Living

Whether your outdoor area is vast and luscious or small and quaint, my Waitrose Garden review will come in handy. I’ll rake through the brand’s history, bestsellers, customer reviews, and more so you can see if this brand has what you’re looking for. 

Overview of Waitrose Garden

Waitrose Garden Review

Waitrose Garden has a deep history dating back all the way to 1904. Before Waitrose Garden was known for its selection of plants, wildlife, and furniture, the brand was a single shop in Acton, Ontario, Canada that sold food. 

Wallace Wyndham Waite, Arthur Rose, and David Taylor opened this small shop of varied grocery produce on High Street. Soon after its opening, it gained massive success. In 1908, Taylor left the business, and Waite and Rose renamed the business Waitrose Ltd., combining their last names.

The brand’s success continued over the years. Many customers enjoyed the global selection of food that they sold which differed from the typical grocery store. By 1937, Waitrose had 10 shops and 160 staff and decided to join the John Lewis Partnership to grow their brand into something bigger. 

Fast-forward to today and Waitrose is a globally-recognized brand. The brand still offers groceries but it also branched out to include floral services, outdoor furniture, and accessories. All of these can conveniently be ordered online. No need to even step foot in a shop. 

Before I scope out some of the brand’s top sellers, my Waitrose Garden review will point out some key features: 


Waitrose Garden Review
  • Wide selection of plants, seeds, outdoor furniture, and accessories 
  • Affordable prices
  • Several deals and discounts 
  • Based in the UK
  • Transparent community and sustainability initiatives
  • Partnered with the Crocus Nursery 
  • Named Day delivery service available 

As I mentioned, Waitrose Garden offers countless products to decorate and furnish your yard. As well, the brand has a floral department that carries tons of plants including perennials, herbs, vegetables, and trees. Aside from all that, you can pick up international food and beverages from their grocery department.

In the next section of this Waitrose Garden review, I’ll focus on the brand’s best garden and outdoor products. Whether you’re an all-star gardener or a total newbie, I promise you that the brand has an ample selection of garden products for every planter’s skill level. 

Waitrose Garden Products Review

Growing your own food and maintaining a garden can be very fulfilling. Not to mention it’s an extremely sustainable way of living. 

You’ll find a wide variety of indoor and outdoor plants, gardening gear, and outdoor furniture from Waitrose Garden to make your outdoor space as lovely as possible. Up ahead, I’ll showcase the brand’s most popular products, starting with Waitrose flowers. 

Waitrose Garden Linaria Purpurea ‘Canon Went’

Waitrose Garden Review
Waitrose Garden Linaria Purpurea ‘Canon Went’

Plants make a wonderful and natural decoration. Whether you want to go for a minimal and fresh look or something feminine and soft, there are plants for every style! If you want a wave of pretty pink flowers in an area of your yard, I have the perfect flower to do the job. 

The Linaria Purpurea ‘Canon Went’ is a seashell pink perennial that blossoms from May to September. Like Sheryl Crow, this flower wants to soak up the sun and prefers sitting in areas where this is possible. 

Once planted, these flowers grow 0.9m high and 0.3m wide. Not only will they add a dash of elegance to your yard but they’re good for the bees too. 

For $4, you can purchase approximately 150 seeds of the Linaria Purpurea ‘Canon Went’

Waitrose Garden Wisteria Sinensis

Waitrose Garden Review
Waitrose Garden Wisteria Sinensis

Obsessed with Taylor Swift’s folklore album? Do you also want to watch wisteria grow over your bare feet while living out your best cottage country life? 

Sure, garden plants are great but there is something magical about the Chinese wisteria. This fast-growing lilac plant blooms for only a small fraction of the year, from May to June. 

The Wisteria Sinensis makes for a stunning addition to cover the exterior walls of your house. They grow up to 9m high and 3m wide. Your home will look like a fairy’s cavern with these bluish-violet plants surrounding it. 

These flowers aren’t just visually pleasing but they also have a fragrant smell. If you’re a sensory person, you’ll love the effect of these gorgeous flowers.  

You can get the Wisteria Sinensis for $43

Waitrose Garden Vibes Fold Round Deep Blue Pot Cover

Waitrose Garden Review
Waitrose Garden Vibes Fold Round Deep Blue Pot Cover

Every person needs a home and every plant needs a pot. To further add to your decor, why not browse the selection of Waitrose garden pots? 

The Fold Round Deep Blue Pot Cover is made from recycled plastics from the brand Elho. This eco-friendly pot was also made using wind energy

It comes with a ribbed design and is available in many sizes and colors. Since there are no drainage holes, this pot is ideal for indoor plants. An aloe vera plant or pilea plant would feel very comfy in this pot (yes, plants have feelings). 

From $7 to $15, the Fold Round Deep Blue Pot Cover can have a place in your space.

Waitrose Garden Aluminum Grow Pots And Trays – Set Of 3

Waitrose Garden Review
Waitrose Garden Aluminum Grow Pots And Trays – Set Of 3

Don’t have the outdoor space for a full-on veggie garden? You can start small by creating a windowsill herb garden that requires very little surface space. 

Designed with and sleek and minimal exterior, the Aluminum Grow Pots and Trays – Set Of 3 will look ultra-modern in your kitchen window. Made from rust-proof lightweight aluminum, you don’t have to worry about your pots fading over time.

The pots come with a drainage hole and matching saucer to help your baby herbs survive and thrive. If you’re not into growing herbs, you can also pick up some small flowering plants, low-maintenance succulents, or cacti to add an air of freshness to your home. You can check out Waitrose Garden plants for inspiration.

The Aluminum Grow Pots and Trays – Set Of 3 retail for $18.

Waitrose Garden Bramblecrest 6 Seat Rattan Complete Dining Set

Waitrose Garden Review
Waitrose Garden Bramblecrest 6 Seat Rattan Complete Dining Set

Eating dinner hits different when you’re dining outside on a warm summer evening with friends and family. If you have the room in your yard to set up an outdoor dining area, I’d encourage you to do so.

The Bramblecrest 6 Seat Rattan Complete Dining Set comes with everything you need to enjoy an outdoor meal cooly and comfortably. This set comes with 6 weather-resistant rattan chairs and a glass tabletop. The chair cushions are made from recycled plastic bottles as a sustainable alternative to brand-new materials. 

You don’t need to worry about the sun blinding you as this set also includes a large UV50+ umbrella with a sturdy 15kg base. Every piece of Waitrose Garden furniture in this set is safe to leave out in any weather. However, the brand suggests bringing the chair cushions inside over winter.

Already thinking about which wine you want to serve at your next dinner party? You can get the Bramblecrest 6 Seat Rattan Complete Dining Set for $2,432. I would also like to point out that this set comes with a three-year warranty included in the price, with one year for the umbrella and base.

Waitrose Garden Bramblecrest Modular Sofa Set

Waitrose Garden Review
Waitrose Garden Bramblecrest Modular Sofa Set

Whether you’re hosting an afternoon tea or coffee with a friend or need more seating to host a large gathering, the Bramblecrest Modular Sofa Set is your guy. 

This versatile sofa set comes with an adjustable table so you can raise or lower it depending on the purpose you want it to serve. The table is classified as tree-free, made from recyclable, high-impact polystyrene. 

Made from all-weather rattan, this set can be left out all year without enduring damage. Even the cushions are season-proof.

For $2,432, the Bramblecrest Modular Sofa Set can be taken home with you. This set comes with a three-year warranty included in its cost. 

Who Is Waitrose Garden For? 

Waitrose Garden Review

Waitrose Garden has a huge selection of indoor and outdoor plants, furniture, and accessories. Writing this Waitrose Garden review, I believe the brand is for anyone who possesses a green thumb or likes spending the majority of their time outside. Perhaps, proud plant parents? 

In particular, people who live in rural areas or who own a lot of property will benefit the most from the number of outdoor supplies this brand carries. I could see middle-aged folks, baby boomers, and retired people enjoy shopping at Waitrose Garden. 

Waitrose Garden Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Waitrose Garden Review

Ready to dig into a new hobby or maybe even a lifelong journey? Before you adopt all of the plants, I recommend sticking with this Waitrose Garden review. I’ll take a look at what customers of the brand have to say. First, here’s how the brand is rated on a few websites:

  • 3.2/5 stars from 9 reviews
  • Trustpilot: 1.9/5 stars over 155 reviews

The reviews I found on Trustpilot were mixed. People were genuinely thrilled about their new plants or they weren’t. I’ll go over the complaints a bit later in this section. First, let’s focus on the positive.

One 5-star reviewer wrote: “Brilliant service. I ordered Red Hot Poker ‘Grandiflora’ and it arrived quickly, was superbly packed, and was a very healthy plant. The planting instructions provided with it were excellent. The price was less than I paid for an extremely inferior product and service from another well-known internet Garden Centre. I would definitely buy there again.”

Another 5-star reviewer commented on the online service and delivery: “The website is excellent, I love the fact that you know your item is in stock, you can filter on delivery lead time and best of all no part deliveries!! The plants were extremely well packaged, they hadn’t budged. Everything looked healthy and the plants are off to a flying start in my garden.”

In terms of cost, I noticed many customer reviewers were quite pleased with the brand’s affordability compared to the brand’s competitors: “Reasonable prices – a wee bit lower than others. Always sent by courier, and left at my very safe top floor flat if I’m not in. Excellent healthy plants sent within a short time. Good telephone setup for ordering etc. Superb.”

I was also quite curious about the brand’s beloved Leckford Estate, where many Waitrose products are sourced and produced. On Google, the Leckford Estate averages 4.8/5 stars from 151 reviews. 

A reviewer said: “Absolutely beautiful, would highly recommend it. If you are a garden lover and you go at the right time, a visit to the water gardens is a must. Also, if you have green fingers or just fancy having something good to eat and drink; make a visit to the farm shop where you will find an amazing nursery shop as well as the fantastic clematis and budhila collection.”

Every rose has its thorn and unfortunately so does Waitrose Garden. Common complaints involved delayed delivery and a poor return policy. Some people also said the plants they received were unhealthy, while others reported the complete opposite. However, it is unusual for the brand to deliver low-quality products. 

Is Waitrose Garden Worth It?

Waitrose Garden Review

For the most part, plants are an extremely accessible and affordable way to decorate your outdoor space and spend your time. There is something very rewarding about watching your garden grow. Waitrose Garden makes plant-buying even more accessible with its massive amount of deals and discounts. Even the brand’s furniture is reasonably priced. 

I love how many of the brand’s outdoor furniture and accessories are made from recycled materials such as plastic water bottles. Not only do they put the environment at the top of their priorities but they also care for their community. Waitrose Garden supports its employees and farmers and donates to Give A Little Love, a charity that helps families in need. 

Waitrose Garden Promotions & Discounts 

Waitrose Garden Review

Buckle up because I found several offers from the brand. There is a Waitrose Garden promo code for almost everything the brand offers.  Here are some of their current promotions: 

  • 30% off hydrangeas
  • 30% off roses
  • 20% off summer colors
  • 20% off indoor jungle plants
  • Buy 2 get 1 free on vegetable plants
  • Up to 30% off of multibuy items
  • 15% off hanging baskets
  • 15% off obelisks and arches

Where to Buy Waitrose Garden

Waitrose Garden Review

You can order Waitrose Garden plants or furniture directly through the brand’s site. 


Waitrose Garden Review

Who owns Waitrose Garden?

Waitrose Garden is a British company owned by John Lewis Partnership. The brand’s head offices are located in Bracknell and Victoria, England. 

Do you deliver overseas?

No, unfortunately, the brand does not deliver overseas. Waitrose Garden cannot ship to areas such as the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland, Isle of Man, Scottish Highlands & Islands, or channel islands. 

For an additional $12, the brand can deliver to the Isle of Wight. If you’re curious whether your address can be shipped to, Waitrose Garden has a feature on their site where you can type in your area code and see if the brand delivers to your location. 

Do you offer a gift wrapping service?

Looking to surprise a special someone with a new flower or plant? Fortunately, Waitrose Garden offers a gift wrapping service for an extra elegant touch. Make sure the item you buy has a gift wrapping symbol which you’ll see at checkout. For each item you want to be wrapped, a $7 fee applies. 

Here are your color choices: 

  1. Blue/brown 
  2. Gold/red 
  3. Beige/green 
  4. Pink/beige 

How to Contact Waitrose Garden

Waitrose Garden Review

Dreaming of a fairy garden in your backyard? If I missed anything in this Waitrose Garden review, feel free to get in touch with the brand via: 

  • Email: [email protected] 
  • Phone: 01344 578 800
  • Mail: Customer Services, Garden by Waitrose & Partners, Nursery Court, London Road, Windlesham, Surrey, GU20 6LQ

The brand’s customer service team is available to chat Monday to Friday between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm.

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