10 Best Ceiling Fan Brands

Searching For The Best Ceiling Fan Brands

There’s little quite as soothing as the slow and steady turn of a ceiling fan during the night to keep us cool. 

Low, calming, and providing the perfect amount of white noise, ceiling fans tend to be the underappreciated hero on those warm summer nights. That’s why I’m taking a moment to stop and really consider some of the best ceiling fan brands on the market.

Despite how much I’d love to say any ceiling fan is a good option, the fact is some brands tend to be better than others. Whether for design, speeds, selections, or more, there’s a lot to think about before making the purchase. 

I’m here to help with the big decision, breaking down the best ceiling fan brands and following up with information on how to narrow down the decision before making the final purchase.

By the end of this article, we’ll all know that much more about the world of ceiling fans, and we’ll be better for it. Or we’ll just know a lot of info about the world of ceiling fans – who doesn’t love some random trivia?

The 10 Best Ceiling Fan Brands

#1: Honeywell 

Best Ceiling Fan Brands

 Big in the world of innovation and creation, Honeywell launches this list of the best ceiling fan brands for their creativity and technology. 

Known for their work in the worlds of aerospace and technology, it’s no surprise to hear that this company can bring such performance to household installations and appliances.

Valuing integrity, community, diversity, and more, this business is all about the people that they serve. As a result, their products offer accessibility in prices, motions, features, and everything else customers could want. 

Producing reversible blades in their ceiling fan collection, these products span $90 to $330 for a variety of sizes, shapes, blades, and controls. There’s something for every environment.


  • Wide range of products including heating, cooling, security, and home products
  • Constant sales
  • Quality materials

#2: Hunter Fan Company  

Best Ceiling Fan Brands

Second in the running of this list of the best ceiling fan brands is Hunter Fan Company

As the name suggests, this brand centers most of their attention around fans – specifically ceiling fans – making them an excellent choice for those in search of a steady and reliable company

In business for over 100 years, it’s hard not to trust a brand that’s dedicated their whole business to a single element.

Featuring three key categories of smart fans, weather max fans, and sure speed fans, there’s something for every individual with this brand, all stemming from the first Hunter Original that’s still available on the market. 

Due to this brand centering business around fans, their price range is much higher, reaching from $90 to $1,700 for their 270+ models.


  • An expansive collection of ceiling fans
  • Wide range in pricing
  • Over 100 years in business

#3: Westinghouse 

Best Ceiling Fan Brands

While I know that I said the last mention on this list was all about fans, I have to acknowledge they were also about history. 

Westinghouse leaves the past behind them and focuses solely on the product – quality lighting and ceiling fans with easy installation.

Not featuring any company history other than a backstock of their old catalogs, this business puts all attention on their current products to cut right to the chase.

Featuring a selection of modern and traditional ceiling fans, this brand seems to encompass the industry in their stock. 

Offering 135 different models that range in size, shape, and style, this brand wants to bring variety to each home to match the décor and find the best fit. Unfortunately, this brand doesn’t list their prices online, so I wasn’t able to compare the costs.


  • Selection of modern and traditional ceiling fans
  • Over 135 models
  • Installation-focused brand

#4: Craftmade Fans  

Best Ceiling Fans Brands

Embrace the true craft behind design and manufacturing with the beauty of Craftmade Fans

Bringing knowledge and training to each product on the market, this 1985 company has made their name stand out from the rest, becoming one of the top ceiling fan suppliers in the US

Putting their best foot forward in all they do, this company keeps competition in check through quality and pricing.

Using top-quality materials to craft each piece of their ceiling fans, this brand stands by their products, trusting their work with each turn of the fan blade. 

The prices aren’t accessible through the brand site as they don’t directly sell their own products, however, a bit of research has shown that the costs start around $90 – I’m just not sure how high they go.


  • An expansive listing of lighting and ceiling fans
  • Competitive pricing
  • Accessible through local hardware stores

#5: Monte Carlo 

Best Ceiling Fan Brands

There’s nothing quite like the class of Monte Carlo to solidify a look in the home. 

Promising customers a range of styles from modern and contemporary to traditional and classic, there’s something to accent every room, providing not only light and looks, but also a cooling breeze when those blades are put in motion. 

Offering customers the option to purchase a collection, individuals can find discount prices in numbers that will fill multiple rooms with a standardized and uniform style.

Due to this brand’s dedication to style and substance, they sell a wide range of models with an even wider range of pricing. 

That means they’ve got items from $50 to $2,000 depending on the style, materials, and amount being purchased. Not bad considering their selection of smart, Energy Star, outdoor, and damp-rated fans.


  • Wide range of ceiling fans for all occasions
  • A truly extreme range of pricing
  • ENERGY STAR and Smart tech options

#6: Matthews Fans 

Best Ceiling Fan Brands

I’m bringing this best ceiling fans brands review to a place of innovation and quality (I’m not saying the previous names don’t also align with these values) with Matthews Fans

This brand is all about customer service and quality with their wide selection of models available. Highlighting their efficiency as a top-selling point of pride, Matthews Fans let their work speak for them rather than relying on a heavy history.

As for the fans themselves, there’s a lot to discuss here. Amongst standard ceiling fan blades, this business really bumps things up with their Gerbar collection featuring electric fans on blades of their own to really get the air flowing. 

It may sound confusing, but the concept is actually quite creative to really pump out that fresh, moving air. This brand does start a bit higher than others with a mark of around $150 going up to $2,655.


  • Focused inventory of select ceiling fan and lighting models
  • Innovative styles and approaches to ceiling fans
  • Accessible through a number of local retailers

#7: Minka-Aire Fans

Best Ceiling Fan Brands

I’ll be honest, despite listing this under the name of Minka-Aire Fans, the brand Minka typically puts their attention into decorative lighting rather than fan installations. 

With that in mind, we all know that sometimes decorative lighting and ceiling fans can go hand in hand, and Minka uses their creativity and innovation to produce stunning pieces in a wide range of styles.

From modern and industrial styles to artistic, contemporary fashions, this business takes the work seriously and has put in the effort to put their name amongst others in the list of the best ceiling fan brands. 

Offering fans with lights, remote controls, speed selections, and more, this brand has a bit of everything in their stock of over 100 models. Despite starting around the $140 mark, this brand actually stays pretty low with their highest prices hitting under $600.


  • High-class lighting and ceiling fans
  • Spectrum of styles
  • Low and competitive pricing

#8: Quorum Fans 

Best Ceiling Fan Brands

Quorum Fans brings the world of indoor cooling to a whole new level with their wide selection of fans in general. 

I know that this is a review on the best ceiling fan brands in the market, but I have to note that anyone searching for indoor, portable, outdoor, or wall fans can also find an expansive collection. 

In fact, this brand even goes into buying motors and blades separately for those who really want to control the final product.

Depending on the product, prices have quite a range. Motors alone are available for $15 with blades sold separately, but the lowest whole ceiling fan starts at around $100

As for the highest cost, that goes to the Windmill ceiling fan for $1,275 – it may be a higher cost, but I’ll easily admit that it’s a really cool look.


  • Extremely wide selection of fans
  • Breaks purchases into more distinct pieces such as motors and blades as well as complete items
  • Unique styles

#9: Kichler Fans 

Best Ceiling Fan Brands

Bring the family together around stunning installations with Kichler Fans. Since 1938, this brand has worked to prove themselves in a world of constant motion and innovation. 

Focusing on the community aspect of their business, this now global company put all their attention on the world of lighting and fans. 

Wanting to cover the best of both worlds, this dedicated brand puts out style guides and selections to help guide customers through the endless inventory available.

Working with top-quality materials to assure customers of a lasting product, this brand plays around with traditional styles. Offering classic fans, modern mixes, and even chandelier/ceiling fan mash-ups (fandeliers), there’s a lot to discover in the stacks with this brand. 

Prices do start a bit higher around $170 and head all the way up to $1,555, but some of these styles are more than worth the additional cost.


  • Innovative fan and lighting brand
  • Fun new styles and creations
  • Wide range of pricing

#10: Modern Forms

Best Ceiling Fan Brands

I’m ending this list of the best ceiling fan brands with a big one – Modern Forms. This brand is all about the latest styles, technology, and class. 

That means combining innovative approaches with LEDs, sensors, silents motors, and more to create forward-thinking products that really bring a space that much closer to the future due to their minimalist designs.

Crafting products that are built to last, this brand takes their process and material seriously to provide efficient and user-friendly pieces that will last years of solid use. 

Due to the focus on technology, these pieces are all higher-end and a bit more luxurious. That means prices start around $200 and move towards the $1,000 mark.


  • Advanced technology for lighting and fans
  • App-directed motions
  • Endless features including sensors, LEDs, and silent motors

How to Shop For The Best Ceiling Fans 

Best Ceiling Fan Brands

I’ve summed up the best ceiling fan brands currently on the market, but my work doesn’t end there.

It takes a lot to determine exactly what product to buy, so I’ve narrowed down some criteria and considerations to keep in mind when shopping. 

It’s better to go in with specific requirements in mind than flounder in the aisle, searching endlessly for some direction.


I won’t lie – there are a lot of ceiling fan brands in the market right now and it’s hard to separate some of them by reputation alone. 

A bit of research can help direct attention towards brands that are popular with the public for quality and material, but that’s not all to consider here.

With brands comes features. When shopping for a ceiling fan, start thinking about what exactly each brand is bringing to the table and what they can provide that others can’t. 

Some businesses are all about classic styles while others slip into technological innovation. Match designs and details with personal lifestyles for the best results.


Alongside specialties, you want to take a minute to consider the setting in which each ceiling fan will be placed. 

I’ll be the first to admit that not every room needs a ceiling fan, but for those who do want multiple rooms covered, consider looking into brands that offer collective groupings of the same/similar style for a better price.

In addition to the quantity, also think about the room itself. Some fans are designed for specific spaces such as:

  • Indoor fans
  • Outdoor fans
  • Dry rating
  • Damp rating
  • Low profile

And those are just a few examples of the variety available. Consider the climate and area before buying – outdoor vs indoor fans serve different purposes and as a result feature different designs. Bottom line – setting matters.

Energy Savings 

Not always considered for purchases, I’d argue that energy saving may be one of the most important elements to keep in mind when buying. 

The most well-known options for these tend to be ENERGY STAR-approved models. These fans not only save up to 40% energy, but they also save money on that energy bill.

Save money and the environment without sacrificing the look and feel of a good ceiling fan. It’s all in reach.


Looks always matter in the world of installations and décor – that’s why I had to feature this. Ceiling fans come in a variety of appearances from traditional to modern to even chandelier mixes. Basically, there’s something to fit every style. 

Those who don’t want to make a big scene can even choose from low-profile ceiling fans for something that easily blends into the surroundings but still gets the job done.


Function is a big one for ceiling fans as they can offer more features than just cooling and airflow. The biggest thing to look for is a size that will offer enough movement in the expected space. After that things get fun with these kinds of options to consider:

  • LED lights
  • Silent motors
  • Speed selection
  • App control
  • Remote control

There are so many features and functions available in the world of ceiling fans – it’s impossible not to explore them all. More functions equal higher prices, but sometimes that’s worth it for a piece that will do more and last longer.


I’d recommend checking the warranty on any purchase made. Whether searching for a new ceiling fan or a new stove, it’s worth checking into the return process and the listed warranty by the brand to ensure coverage in the case of anything going wrong. 

We don’t want to expect the worst, but it’s always good to plan for it just in case.

Ease of Installation 

Probably the part many people forget – these things have to be installed. Don’t be too afraid of the process as most follow a standard procedure:

1. Turn off the power

2. Mount the junction

3. Mount the bracket

4. Set the down rod

5. Wire the fan

6. Attach the blades and bulb

I’ll admit that I’m simplifying it a bit. It does take time and power tools to get the job done, but it can be easier than we believe it to be. 

It’s always a good practice to take a look at installation instructions prior to purchase as, while most will follow the standard build procedure, some take it a step towards easier or harder (and no one wants to do more work).


As with anything in life, I feel like the price should always be kept in mind. Basic ceiling fans tend to go for around the $100 mark, but anything lasting usually sits closer to $250-$300

Check into materials and function, and plan ahead to know what’s needed in the space. From there, establish a budget and stick to it.

I’d recommend not going for the cheapest on the market, but spending a bit more for a lasting product to be proud of and confident with.

Which Type of Fan Gives More Air?  

Best Ceiling Fan Brands

While the main job of a ceiling fan is to move the air and increase flow in a space, I have to admit that some do the job better than others. 

Select styles offered by the best ceiling fan brands lean towards more aesthetic options than functional ones, but I’m here to establish what’s pushing air around the most.

The best type of fan tends to be a flush-mount ceiling fan. Models will note whether they’re high flow on the packaging, so keep an eye out. 

A good trick to know is that the wider and longer the blade is the more air it’s pushing around the room. Those who don’t want a piece that’s flush-mount can still get some great movement with thicker blades working away.

Which Ceiling Fans Is Better 3 Blade or 4 Blade? 

Best Ceiling Fan Brands

I’ve established which type is best, but that doesn’t always translate to blade quantity.

The number of blades selected often comes down to an aesthetic choice made to fit the space of the room – I understand that looks can be a big deal, but that doesn’t always translate to making pieces the best at pushing around the air.

The ideal ceiling fan has three wide blades to really increase airflow. Fans with four or five blades will do well at moving the air, but each blade increases the size and weight of the piece which translates to more power, noise, and slight limitations on performance. 

Considering it’s hanging from a ceiling 24/7, weight is always something to keep in mind.

Final Thoughts

Best Ceiling Fan Brands

Wrapping up this article on the best ceiling fan brands, I’d say that the key to going into any purchase is preparation.

Understand the space the fan is going into and how the setting changes requirements. From there, think about what functions are expected, any additional preferred features, and the energy output of each option.

It may seem like a lot to keep in mind, but start with space and style and the selections will narrow as you go. Take it one step at a time and things will start spinning in no time. 

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