9 Best Sofa Brands

Searching For The Best Sofa Brands

Best Sofa Brands

Everyone needs a space to kick back and relax after a long day, so it’s no wonder why we’re checking out the best sofa brands on the market. We’ll all admit that not every sofa is made equally. 

Some look great, but don’t follow up with the feel while others are the most comfortable thing known to humankind but look incredibly sloppy. It shouldn’t be one or the other, and we’re here to show off that both aspects are possible to find from a single piece.

9 Best Sofa Brands

While some names are more well-known in the world of furniture than others, that doesn’t mean the lesser-known brands don’t deserve a moment to shine too. This list will go over our top ten, exposing businesses both big and small. 

It doesn’t matter the size of the company as long as their cushions let us lounge after work for a quick movie or nap. It’s all about form and function with this one. 

#1: IKEA

Best Sofa Brands

There’s really no starting an article about the best sofa brands without mentioning one of the top names in home furnishing – IKEA

This Swedish sensation has found a place in millions of homes worldwide since their initial launch in 1943. While the brand itself is known for their variety and prices, their background isn’t as commonly heard of.

The brand came from young Ingvar Kamprad from Elmtaryd, Agunnaryd (spelling out IKEA, get it?) Despite being now known for furnishing, the company actually took five years after launch to first introduce furniture into their stock. 

The brand was shut out of Sweden due to low prices drawing business from other locations, but Kamprad persevered and soon expanded outside of the original country to cross the world and offer low costs for good quality pieces.

Now, we’ll be the first to admit that this brand may not be top quality compared to some other names, but they top our list for offering an affordable range of sofas (and other furniture) that can be great for starter homes and furnishing on a budget.

Their pieces all look pristine and come in just about every style from modern and contemporary to more traditional designs.

When treated well, IKEA products can last years of solid use. Their lasting quality paired with prices from $250 to $4,075 can make a big difference when staging or furnishing a home. There are options for every price range that not only look great but also feel amazing. It’s a win-win situation.


  • Offers a diverse range of home furniture and décor
  • A spectrum of pricing that’s great for the budget
  • International shipping and locations
  • Responsible material sourcing
  • Widely known name and company

#2: Room & Board

Best Sofa Brands

Modern styles join this list from the other side of the ocean with the American-made Room & Board. This brand first popped up in 1980 from Minnesota and they’ve made waves throughout the nation with their designs ever since. 

Staying close to home with their creations, this business keeps over 90% of manufacturing done at home, working with local artisans and craftspeople to get the job done.

This brand prides themselves on being “trend-proof” in all of their designs. But what does that mean? 

They take a look at modern and contemporary structures and combine those elements with classic detailing and features to create pieces that offer twists on the traditional. This allows for products that not only match the vibe of newer styles but also fit in nicely amongst more timeless décor.

Not only do their styles provide lasting life for pieces, but their materials add onto that element too. Room & Board is all about sustainability, working with not only eco-friendly resources but also high-quality pieces. 

The goal is to produce work that will last years of use to reduce waste and highlight the availability of recycled and reclaimed materials.

Partnering that with hybrid delivery trucks on carefully planned routes that keep traveling time to a minimum, this business dedicates every aspect of their work to better the world around them.

Due to their materials and craftsmanship, these pieces don’t come cheap. In fact, the lowest cost for a sofa from this brand sits at $1,400 and prices extend up to $7,100. This comes down to not only style, but also size, material, and color selected during the process. 

We will say that their variety of options to customize the sofa to the space really do come in handy when trying to piece together that perfect living room.


  • A wide range of sofa styles (amongst other furniture) to choose from
  • Free design services
  • Sustainable materials and production
  • Free returns
  • Supports local craftspeople

#3: Apt2B

Best Sofa Brands

Apt2B or not to be, that is the question. Actually, it’s not much of a question because this brand knows what they bring to the table when it comes to furniture quality and low costs. 

Originally launched to directly compete with a well-known Swedish name in the market, founders Alex Back and Mat Herman started the business in 2010 aiming to provide higher quality pieces for affordable prices.

This California-based company focuses on the realities of life. That means they understand the trials of difficult roommates, small spaces, and messy kids and pets. They’re prepared for all of it. 

With pieces to fit any size of house combined with fabrics designed for high-quality performance, Apt2B wants to help customers find a style to fit a home, not a showroom.

Fitting the feel of a room and family (or solo buyer – no judgment here) is central to Apt2B’s mission. That’s why this brand takes a lot of pride in producing made-to-order sofas

Customers can select their dream configuration, fabric, and leg style, getting a couch geared directly towards their own personal tastes. Why settle for anything less than the couch of your dream?

Of course, quality tends to equal pricing. Due to materials, this brand doesn’t sit quite as low in cost as some Scandinavian counterparts, but they do provide a pretty limited range from $1,250 to $3,850.

That’s considerably low pricing for their higher-end items compared to others on the market, so we can’t really argue against that budget.

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  • Offers an extensive selection of furniture and fabrics
  • Free shipping
  • Customizable seating
  • Up to 10 free fabric swatches
  • 100-day guarantee

#4: Design Within Reach

Best Sofa Brands

We’ve all had that perfect piece just out of our grasp before and it’s not great to watch that dream slip through your fingers. Whether it’s due to cost, delivery, services, or something else, there’s no reason why that ideal furniture should be held up or unavailable. 

That’s why Design Within Reach’s founder Rob Forbes came to the market in 1998 with the goal of providing pieces that are quick to order, receive, and set up.

Aiming to provide products that last a lifetime, this business is all about making memories with their furniture rather than a profit

Setting their expectations along the lines of brands like Eameses and Le Corbusier, Design Within Reach seeks to produce top-tier pieces that hold up against moves, time, and constant use. A good couch should last decades and that’s what this brand hopes to produce.

While this company does manufacture their own line of products, they also work alongside a variety of other top brands to provide a central location for furniture sales.

That means big names like the ones that inspired the creation of this store can be found through the catalog for a dependable order unlike any other. 

Acting as a middleman to ensure quality service and delivery of quality goods, Design Within Reach wants customers’ dreams to come true, no matter what those dreams are.

We will say, working with a number of brand names leaves a huge price gap. Some of the best sofa brands with this business sit as low as $795, but they’ve also got products that reach a price point of over $21k for a single sofa. 

It’s a nice sofa, but still. It’s all about personal budgets and requirements to find the right fit, even if that fit does cost $21k.

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  • Offers an extensive list of name brand furniture
  • 3D Room Planner
  • Limited international shipping
  • Low starting prices
  • Descriptive care instructions for different materials

#5: Article

Best Sofa Brands

Cut the waiting time in half by cutting the contacts. Article built their whole business around direct communication with the manufacturer to reduce waiting times after ordering, delivering on pieces as quickly as possible. 

No more months of waiting to sink into that dream sofa at the end of a long day – instead it’s a shortened span of weeks (usually two) to organize delivery schedules and drop-off times.

The best part about this new method comes from not only the cut in delivery time but also the cut in cost. Reducing the number of people involved in the process means costs can come down, saving customers money without sacrificing payment for the workers. Just this once, everyone wins.

It all sounds great so far, right? That’s why this is one of the best sofa brands on the market after all. However, just because price and service are great doesn’t mean products are. Well, we’re happy to say products follow through with everything else this brand does.

Customer ratings are through the roof from this brand with individuals loving the affordable prices on sofas that not only offer a contemporary and timeless style but also feel great to lounge on at the end of a long day.

We’ve really been talking up prices, so it’s only fair we touch on them quickly to offer up a vague idea as to what costs look like. 

Basic sofas start around the $700 mark, but they head up to $5,360 for their corner sections with storage space. We’ll be honest, considering most sectional prices, that’s not too bad for a leather sofa.


  • Expansive inventory including furniture and décor
  • Design resources provided for helpful tips and tricks
  • Lower costs
  • Quick delivery times
  • Quality materials

#6: Maiden Home

Best Sofa Brands

Maiden Home really puts quality before any other element. Their products are everything as the store’s own founding came from the owner’s frustration of the lack of solid, timeless pieces available on the market. 

Everything was big box or too exclusive for purchase. Serving customers a location for professionally crafted pieces at reasonable prices, Maiden Home joins this list of the best sofa brands for their dedication to the build with every product made.

Everything they have goes into their quality. Starting with their solid wooden frames, this company puts thought into every piece.

From an 8-way hand-tied spring system to microfiber foam cushions to naturally-based fabrics, every step has been carefully considered to create products that not only look great now but also in twenty years after good use.

Another company working directly with the manufacturer, this business also manages to cut costs by reducing the need for warehouses, showrooms, storage, and more. 

Instead, they go directly to the source – the craftspeople designing each piece. This means top-quality work comes to the customer at a reduced cost – nothing gets sacrificed in the process.

While they only offer ten different sofa models, this brand builds to custom design, meaning customers select from 70 fabrics, 8 sizes, and 4 finishes to create their personal product. 

Prices can range depending on the selections made, but the base model prices typically sit between $2,300 to $3,800. After that, the rest of the cost depends on the individual design.


  • A range of models of home furnishing to choose from
  • Custom designs
  • Direct from the manufacturer
  • Comfort guide to direct users depending on their preferences
  • Seasonal Look Books available online

#7: Lovesac

Best Sofa Brands

Joining the crowd in 1998, Lovesac actually didn’t start in standard furniture. In fact, they started with founder Shawn Nelson creating an 8’ wide foam sac in his parents’ basement that went on to become a haven everyone wanted to sink into. 

The first sac had been crafted three years earlier, in 1995, but ’98 saw a business born with the assistance of friend Dave Underwood, leading both men into a whirlwind of unexpected success.

The Lovesac took off in popularity, leading to the creation of their next project – Sactionals. These sectional-inspired couches first appeared in 2006, based around the idea of easily reconfigurable sofas with simple machine-washing instructions. 

Customers can purchase a base, add pieces as they go, rearrange with time, replacing covers for new looks. They’re basically customizable couches that can change with the times (and décor).

Most recently, the company has reconfigured business once again with the introduction of their StealthTech line that incorporates speaker, wireless, and charging into the Sactionals themselves, providing a 4D experience for movie viewings. 

Keep in mind that these can be added or removed, making them yet another element that can be altered with ease. Doesn’t matter the size, shape, or cover chosen, Sactionals keep comfort customizable while doubling down with sustainable efforts by using 100% recycled plastic for upholstery.

As this brand is kind of built as you go, prices depend on what you’re looking to start out.

Those who want to start from scratch can work their way up from single pieces at $1,000 while those who prefer to get the whole piece in one purchase can look at high as the 10-piece set for $11k. It all depends on space and size.

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  • Offers fun and innovative lounge seating
  • Completely customizable
  • Wireless charging integrated options
  • Machine washable covers
  • Free shipping

#8: Burrow

Best Sofa Brands

Another newer name on our list of the best sofa brands, Burrow joined the cause in 2016, hoping to reinvent the furniture market as we know it. 

Feeling as though the industry was stagnant in craftsmanship and customization, founder Stephen Kuhl created a business based around the idea that furniture deserves the ability to grow with us throughout life. Sounds odd, but stay with us here – modular sofas.

For those who don’t know, modular sofas get sold piece by piece, letting customers build the size and shape they desire. 

This means what starts as a simple two-piece can transform into a four-seat sectional at any time. Rearrange pieces, turn things around, and best of all, take things apart to make any move much easier.

All Burrow sofas mimic a contemporary, Scandinavian style, making things simple, minimalist, and timeless in appearance.

This brand is obsessed with hidden features, so be sure to check out designs for special tricks along the way. They don’t just want to provide a stunning form, but also as many functional elements as they can along the way.

What does this all look like for pricing? Well, it depends on the model purchased. A standard loveseat starts around $1,000, but fancier double chaise designs get up into the $4,500 area. It all comes down to size and shape in the end.

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  • An extensive range of seating, bedroom, and office furniture to choose from
  • Free shipping
  • Customizable modular sofas
  • Easy assembly
  • Monthly payment plans available

#9: The Inside

Best Sofa Brands

We seem to really believe that customization makes the best sofa brands as The Inside follows a similar mindset of customer creation.

One of the most recent names on our list, this brand only came to the industry in 2018 with one goal in mind: personalization. Well, and sustainability, but that tends to come second with this business.

How does this brand work? It’s all about those base models. The Inside has a variety of models for all furniture followed by customization listings. 

Each customer then gets the chance to select their choice of fabric and legs to complete the piece as they desire.

Once the orders are in, the information gets sent to the manufacturer where the piece gets made specifically for said customer. It’s all made-to-order to reduce the need for storage and waste, leaving things nice and simple.

Once crafted, pieces tend to ship within a matter of weeks, specifically organized to reduce driving and loitering time for the safest and simplest solution. Upon delivery, all orders get a White Glove Service, meaning professionals come in and deal with the whole thing. 

From room delivery to unpackaging and tossing all additional materials after setting up, the whole situation is dealt with just like that. Can’t argue against those quick results.

So, what cost are we looking at? It really depends on the model. The cheapest base model sits at $1,700, but the most expensive only goes up to $3,000

Of course, some additional costs may apply once fabrics and legs have been selected, but it’s a pretty limited range considering the difference in sizes and styles available.


  • Offers endless options for furniture and décor
  • Customize with over 100 fabrics
  • Style quiz to narrow down selections
  • Sustainable manufacturing
  • Exclusive partnership with heritage brands

#11: Allform

Best Sofa Brands

We’ve got one more model modular company to end our list of the best sofa brands: Allform. As the name somewhat suggests, form really can come in any and all appearances with this one. 

Working with the idea of a couch in a box, this brand comes ready to assemble with pieces easy for travel, moving, and rearranging in any space.

The brand first joined the market from the mind of Adam Tishman in 2020 who wanted to make couch shopping exciting again. The brand is direct-to-consumer, cutting out the middleman and making the process more personalized every step of the way. 

Delivering on quality without sacrificing the modular method, these sofas are all about timeless styles that arrange themselves according to our needs in life.

Aside from their comfort and customization, Allform also dedicates themselves to the environment. 

Utilizing 100% recycled materials for packaging, padding, and metals, they also ensure fabrics are heavy-duty enough to handle the spills and stains of everyday life with pets, kids, or just messy roommates.

All products are thoroughly checked for quality throughout the manufacturing process, with the production meeting their own eco-friendly requirements along the way.

At the time of writing this article on the best sofa brands, the store is having a major sale. That means all models are on for huge discounts so the regular price range from $2,300 to $8,000 has been cut down to costs of $1,900 to $6,500

While this deal won’t last forever, it’s always good to know that a brand does major discounts. Something to keep an eye on!

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  • Wide range of modular sofas and seating
  • Forever frame warranty
  • Sizing from one to eight seats
  • Free shipping
  • 100-day guarantee

How to Shop For The Best Sofa

Best Sofa Brands

When making any large purchase (and considering sofas are both bigger price tags and bigger sizes, we’d say they fit the bill for this one) it’s best not to go in blind. Any price over $100 should probably be considered with more than a few criteria, but it can be difficult to know just where to start. 

That’s why we’ve come up with a quick list of some of the most important pieces to keep in mind when searching for the best sofa brands. They may not be much, but they’ll definitely be helpful in narrowing down the endless selection available.


Brand name doesn’t always equal the best. Sometimes lesser-known names have their time to shine. The only concern regarding those pieces comes in the form of reputation. 

Before buying from anywhere (especially lesser-known names), it’s important to do a bit of a background check into the brand themselves. Not sure where to start? Try checking for the following:

  • Sourcing practices
  • Warranties
  • Delivery services
  • Trial periods
  • Returns

The little things can make big differences in the actual purchase, so some quick research will provide information on whether the brand can be trusted to deliver on all fronts. It doesn’t take long to do a quick check online, but it’ll save time and money in the end.


Size and space always need to be in mind when searching for sofas. Apartments tend to require smaller fits than houses, so the aspect of moving and limited floor space both come into play where it may not be for a homeowner. 

Those who go for a standard sofa may want to look into White Glove services to deliver the furniture directly into the intended room rather than wrestling with size in the elevator.

One thing to highlight here: modular sofas. Those starting out in an apartment may want to look into modular sofas as an investment for the future. Pieces can be added to customize the size to the individual space, making life a bit easier for moving and filling future homes. 

Rather than buy bigger couches in the future, just buy an extension and stick with the well-loved style you started out with.


Resistance and lifespan are key with materials. No one wants a cheap sofa that will bend, break, and tear over time. Common fabrics for coverings tend to be cotton, linen, leather, faux leathers, and wool

Each material has its pros and cons, so consider the home environment and needs. Individuals with pets and kids may want to be searching for more anti-stain options with easy cleaning solutions rather than going for a specific look.

We will say that most “common” materials tend to deliver on comfort, so there’s no worry there. It’s all just about the needs and personal preferences.

Quality and construction 

We’ll be honest, some budget brands serve up better construction and quality than others. 

Take IKEA for example – they’re known for their lower prices and decent construction, but those pieces aren’t made to last decades. Those wanting a quick and cheap solution can easily find one, but it’s the search for top-tier quality that may take some time.

Those looking to furnish their homes for a lasting lifespan may want to check into places known for their solid craftsmanship. Sometimes it’s worth it to pay a bit extra for those additional years.

Color and style 

Most companies tend to go for a contemporary, minimalist, or timeless style these days. If that’s not your vibe, don’t sacrifice personal style – keep searching. Every design is out there these days, but the only hang up may be about the color. 

Some brands are known for more customization options, making customers choose fabrics and legs through the ordering process while others only offer a few selections before checkout.

We’re always fans of personalization, so we’d say ordering up fabric swatches and going the more individual route tends to be the best solution, but it’s definitely not the only option. Sometimes a simple black or brown couch really does get the job done.


Different brands display things in different ways. Many furniture brands will offer up models or showrooms for their pieces, but it’s not a requirement. In fact, many customizable stores or made-to-order locations only offer photographs online. 

Some have seasonal look books to inspire selections and styles, but the best way to handle those options is to check out their trial periods, returns, and warranties before buying.


Ending on the big one – the budget. Don’t let a sofa send you into the red. Go in with a solid plan and range of how much can be spent. While some couches can sit in the hundreds to low thousands, they can also quickly climb depending on style and selection.

A good thing to check into is payment plans. While not all furniture stores offer this as an option, many will offer up some form of monthly payments to make the situation more manageable. 

If it’s an option, take advantage of payment plans to avoid depleting a bank account all at once. If not’s not available, then be cautious and stick to a set budget for the best results.

What Style of Sofa is The Most Popular?  

Best Sofa Brands

Sofa styles seem to come and go in popularity, but there does tend to be a pattern concerning which ones remain near the top. While their specific placements may change over the years, the top five styles tend to be:

  1. Sectional
  2. Sofa-bed
  3. Loveseat
  4. Traditional
  5. Chaise

What makes these styles so popular? A lot of it comes down to space and arrangement. These styles don’t take up the whole room but offer a decent amount of seating room for guests or lounging. 

In the case of sectionals, they offer both! It’s all about the ability to rearrange and relax.

What is The Difference Between a Couch and Sofa? 

Best Sofa Brands

Here’s the deal – we’ll admit to using these terms interchangeably. In fact, most individuals tend to switch between the two words, other than those officially working in the industry. The reality is, they do technically have different definitions.

So, what’s the main separation between terms? Well, the word couch actually has French origins in couche. This was defined as a piece of furniture meant for lying down that has no arms. There it is.

Technically speaking, the majority of people have sofas in their homes, not couches. That said, the terms have seemed to meld over the years. If you want to be technical about it, then sofas are any piece with arms, but we’re not too strict about word use here.

How Can I Modify my Sofa? 

Best Sofa Brands

Have an old sofa that needs a pick-me-up? There’s no shame in wanting to redo the old and well-loved rather than start up something new. In fact, it’s less wasteful to do so.

There are a number of ways one can transform their old sofa into a new design, but we’ve picked just a few of the top tricks to share on the subject. Try these tips to give some new life to an old style:

  • Restuffing the cushions – this can deliver a fresh appearance and make things better for the back
  • Accent pillows – easily replaceable when the mood calls for a chance
  • New legs – quick to swap out and they can really change the style
  • Add tufting or trim – while this process may take more planning and time, it can transform the whole appearance
  • Buy a slipcover – what’s better than buying a new couch? Getting a cover to make it look like a new couch. Much cheaper!
  • Reupholster – somewhat more expensive, but the change in appearance can do a world of good and it’s often cheaper than getting a whole new couch

Some of these tips take more time and money than others, but the fact remains – an old couch can be made to look good as new in a number of ways. Save shopping and spending by just redoing a classic piece that’s already loved.

Final Thoughts

Best Sofa Brands

Wrapping it all up in this review of the best sofa brands, we have to say that it really comes down to needs. Consider space, future use, any hopes and dreams, everything you can before buying. 

As stated earlier, don’t spend big money on a small piece for a cramped apartment if the goal is to own a home in the next few years. Instead, plan ahead with a style that can accompany any moves and growth in life.

Most importantly, don’t be afraid to take time before buying to make sure the right purchase is being made. Rushing never helped anyone, so don’t worry about really stopping to consider what look will work best for the space and overall style. 

Take time, be patient, and above all else, have fun with it.

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