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10 Best Baby Clothes Brands

Looking For The Best Baby Clothes Brands

Best Baby Clothes Brands

If you’ve got a little one in your life, chances are you know the difficulty that comes with clothes shopping. Children need garments that are versatile, resilient, and long-lasting. Plus, they should be functional and comfortable, as well as crafted from safe materials. 

And if they’re cute and trendy? That doesn’t hurt either. Now, we mentioned that shopping is challenging—so how are you supposed to find brands that tick all these boxes without spending hours searching for them? 

10 Best Baby Clothes Brands

Fortunately, we’re here to lend a helping hand with our top picks of the best baby clothes brands. Below, we’ll outline everything you need to know about each company, and then we’ll delve into the top things to consider to help you come to a decision.

#1: Oliver & Rain

Best Baby Clothes Brands

Oliver & Rain is actually a baby itself, brought to life in 2018 by its parent company Kanopy Brands. Kanopy Brands is committed to bringing “high quality products, thoughtful designs and meaningful brands to market.” 

The story of Oliver & Rain began with a similarly clear mission in mind:​ “to leave this world a better place for our children.” The brand intends to achieve this goal by creating clothing from eco-friendly materials, making it a good choice for both the safety of children and the environment. 

The brand’s focus on sustainability and ethical manufacturing is quite transparent. Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Oliver & Rain has partnered with Sree Santhosh Garments (SSG), which is a green manufacturing company based in India.

Established in 1986, SSG uses wind farms, solar energy, recycled salt and water, safe and organic materials, and more, to lessen its environmental impact. Oliver & Rain also uses recycled (and recyclable) packaging, as well as biodegradable hangers. 

The brand sells a selection of clothing for little ones ages 0-24 months, with a variety of options for boys and girls, as well as a vast gender neutral collection.

The styles are minimalist and neutral, though there are plenty of fun patterns and colors to choose from as well. All of this means that there’s lots of room for creativity in mixing and matching.

Acting as an affordable option for new and seasoned parents, Oliver & Rain prices range from about $18–$40.

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  • Variety of girls, boys, and gender neutral baby clothing 
  • Also supplies necessities such as swaddles, bibs, and socks
  • Perfect for babies aged 0-24 months
  • Prints and color palette inspired by nature
  • Commitment to sustainable practices
  • 100% organic products
  • Rewards program available 
  • Free shipping on orders over $100

#2: MiniOlie

Best Baby Clothes Brands

MiniOlie was founded on a mission to create “a wide selection of the trendiest baby and toddler clothing geared toward having a fun and memorable childhood, all on one convenient site.”

While it’s safe to say that the brand is successful in reaching its mission statement, the origins of its story are quite mysterious as there is little available online about the founders.

The brand carries clothing for children from 0 months to 6 years. It carries items that are unique and boldly patterned or colored, with plenty of different options for different styles—from vintage and athleisure to minimalist. 

You’ll find anything from retro color blocked matching sets to cute, simple, and cozy sherpa designs. This way, there’s something for everyone. (Literally, in the sense that matching sets can be bought for the whole family.)

MiniOlie prices range from about $10–$60, though there are also snowsuits available for a little over $100


  • Wide array of quirky baby and children’s clothes 
  • Also sells accessories like quilts and blankets 
  • Ideal for kids aged 0 months to 6 years
  • Plenty of gender neutral options also available 
  • Frequent and ongoing sales
  • Lots of subsections to help filter your search
  • Carries matching sets for the family 

#3: Gap

Best Baby Clothes Brands

A crowd favorite for adult clothing, you’ll be happy to hear that Gap has pieces for the whole fam. Headquartered in San Francisco, California, and available worldwide, Gap was founded by Donald Fisher and Doris F. Fisher in 1969.

The duo initially sought to create a pair of jeans that offered a comfortable fit for everyone, but now has a vast collection of casual and comfortable clothing.

Best known for its inclusive styles, it only makes sense that the brand would carry a wide variety of clothing options in a variety of different sizes and styles.

There are pieces for little ones from 0 months to 5 years, as well as a children’s section, teen section, and adult section. This way, you’ll be able to shop for everyone at once, in one place, with plenty of great deals!

On top of all that, the company also has clear sustainability efforts. The brand focuses on empowering female workers, creating equal opportunities in the workplace, protecting the environment, and responsibly sourcing materials.

Gap baby clothing ranges from about $10–$70, though many of the higher priced items are full sets.


  • Extensive collection of clothing for the whole family
  • Carries sizes for 0 months to 5 years+ 
  • Trendy and versatile styles
  • Clear sustainability efforts
  • Plenty of coupons available regularly
  • High-quality, machine washable fabrics
  • Free shipping on orders over $50

#4: Old Navy

Best Baby Clothes Brands

If the deals and styles at Gap caught your attention, you’ll love what Old Navy has to offer. Founded in 1994, this offspring has a similar goal to its parent company: “to ensure the world runs right by creating a better tomorrow for future generations” on the basis of “inclusivity, opportunity and sustainability.”

Similarly to Gap, Old Navy has options for everyone in the family, with clothes for babies and toddlers ages 0–6, as well as kids, teens, and adults. Another bonus? You can shop the two brands at the exact same time online. 

Old Navy is best known for its cool and spunky patterns that add plenty of life and energy to any look. That being said, it also carries plenty of wardrobe staples and essentials to create a well rounded ensemble. 

Speaking of what it’s known for, the brand also has a super affordable price range, with options from $5–$65, with higher priced items being complete outfits.


  • Wide collection of affordable clothing in a range of different styles with versatile designs 
  • Commitment to sustainability and inclusivity 
  • Great for children aged 0–6 years and up
  • Gender neutral collection available 
  • Options for the whole family
  • Easy to shop Old Navy and parent/sister brands at the same time
  • Free shipping on orders over $50

#5: LouLou Lollipop

Best Baby Clothes Brands

Run and founded by twins and moms, ​​​​Eleanor and Angel, LouLou Lollipop items are “designed with wonder and joy for modern little ones and new parents.”

With the knowledge that parents often seek items that are aesthetically pleasing while being educational and feeding the curiosity of their children, the duo launched the brand in Vancouver, Canada, around 2015.

It all started with a couple of stylish teethers that were also durable and completely safe, three things that are at the core of the brand’s values. The name ‘Lollipop’ was actually created with the chewable nature of the teethers in mind.

On top of that, the brand is committed to sustainability, choosing biodegradable fabrics such as Tencel lyocell to lessen its environmental impact. The fabrics are also made using the smallest amount of chemicals, energy, and water, to limit waste and keep kids safe. 

Today, the collection consists of timeless and functional designs that are also minimalist and fall in line with a range of different decor styles.

Shoppers will find anything from apparel to bath time necessities to feeding essentials, all in a variety of colors and patterns that are fun and simple.

With a vast collection of vintage patterns, minimalist designs, and a neutral color palette, LouLou Lollipop clothing prices range from $14–$65.


  • Huge variety of baby clothing in trendy and neutral designs, as well as essentials like swaddles, blankets, teethers, and bibs
  • Durable and functional designs
  • Safe and machine washable fabrics
  • Commitment to sustainability 
  • Widely available at stores such as Nordstrom and Crate and Barrel
  • Free shipping on orders over $50

#6: Hanna Andersson

Best Baby Clothes Brands

It’s important to find clothing that lets children express themselves. With that in mind, Hanna Andersson was founded in 1983 by Gun Denhart, a Swedish woman living in the US.

Andersson focused on the three pillars of Scandinavian design: stunning yet functional designs, a commitment to sustainability, and products that truly make people happier.

Little ones often tend to grow frustrated as they get older, preferring to dress themselves even though they struggle with finicky buttons and smaller head holes. Fortunately, Hanna Andersson makes it easier by providing minimalist, practical designs.

Another key thing to consider? The brand is committed to sustainability, using only organic materials and fair-trade practices. Plus, the fabrics are designed to be resilient, allowing the items to be handed down for years to come. 

Today, the brand is best known for its collection of classic silhouettes that pair seamlessly with a range of trending fun colors and patterns. Shoppers can even opt for seasonal attire for the perfect photo op or enjoy wearing matching sets for the whole family during the holidays. 

While Hanna Andersson has clothing for ages 0–14, the baby clothing ranges in price from $12–$63.


  • Vast collection of baby and children’s clothing and accessories 
  • Bold, fun patterns and colors with timeless silhouettes
  • Made for children 0–14 years old
  • Seasonal and matching sets available
  • Sustainably made with organic materials
  • Comfortable and sturdy fabrics
  • Plenty of coupons available 

#7: Carter’s

Best Baby Clothes Brands

On a mission to “celebrate childhood by supporting babies, children, and families with thoughtful designs, quality materials and construction, and convenient shopping options,” Carter’s was founded in 1865 by William Carter.

Today, the brand is located in Atlanta, Georgia, though shoppers worldwide can purchase the apparel. It is even known as one of the largest baby clothing brands in the US, having earned the label of ‘fan favorite.’ 

Carter’s collection consists of classic patterns, primary colors, and traditional silhouettes, while featuring unique and innovative details that provide ease of use. There are gendered and gender neutral options for everyone between preemie babies and kids up to 14 years old.

On top of that, the brand is committed to sustainability and ethical production. It is transparent about its manufacturing policies. All that being said, the brand’s prices range from $5–$90, with snowsuits earning a spot on the higher end of the spectrum.


  • Wide variety of children’s clothing with fun patterns 
  • For preemie babies to children 14 years old
  • Innovative designs and a timeless aesthetic 
  • Durable and safe materials 
  • Committed to ethical production methods
  • Easy to shop sister brands like OshKosh at the same time
  • Plenty of coupon codes and discounts
  • Free shipping on orders over $50

#8: Goumi

Best Baby Clothes Brands

Goumi was founded in 2010, after new mom Lili Yeo recognized a common problem among parents.

Essentially, she found herself resorting to rubber bands to secure mittens and socks to her baby, hoping to protect them while struggling with products that wouldn’t stay on. And why not create something to solve that problem?

The brand actually got its start on Shark Tank. It quickly became known for its innovative designs and collection of baby mittens and socks crafted from organic and sustainable cotton and bamboo fabrics that actually stayed put.

Located in Portland, Oregon and manufactured in China, Goumi pieces are available worldwide. It now carries more than boots and mittens, with a variety of baby, kids, and women’s maternity clothing.

Shoppers will also find nursery items such as blankets and even cribs, as well as accessories such as beanies and bonnets.

With a minimalist and timeless design, these pieces are crafted to last. For ages 0 to 5, Goumi prices range from $10–$50.


  • Collection of baby, kids, and women’s maternity clothing
  • Nursery decor and newborn necessities also offered 
  • Neutral and timeless designs with an earthy color palette
  • Great for kids aged 0–5 years old 
  • Organic, sustainable, and safe fabrics such as cotton and bamboo used
  • Rewards program for members 
  • Free shipping on orders over $125

#9: Primary

Best Baby Clothes Brands

Gendered clothing, boring logos and slogans belong in the past, don’t they? Primary agrees, rewriting the narrative of pink and blue with a collection of pieces that is designed for all kids—as well as providing fun patterns that are visually appealing and express each little one’s personality. 

The brand was co-founded by moms and friends Christina Carbonell and Galyn Bernard. The duo had previously met at work and were on the hunt for pieces that were timeless and functional, never being based around trends.

So, they decided to create it themselves in 2015, with a focus on inclusivity and simplicity. The collection is completely gender neutral and products are designed for babies and children aged 0 through 14.

Additionally, the company focuses on fabrics that are super soft and sustainable, with most pieces being crafted from 100% cotton. On top of that, the products are designed to last forever, featuring timeless designs with a rainbow color palette that allows kids to express themselves.

Primary has also partnered with Baby2Baby, promising to donate one million dollars of clothing by the end of the year. The prices range between $10–$35.


  • Wide variety of baby and children’s clothing featuring fun designs and prints
  • Gender neutral collection 
  • Bold colors and kid friendly patterns
  • Perfect for kids between 0–14 years old 
  • Committed to sustainability efforts 
  • Soft and durable fabrics

#10: Kickee Pants

Best Baby Clothes Brands

Kickee Pants was the brainchild of Aerin Nicole, who sought to create clothing that “encouraged the whimsical nature of children and honored them by putting first their comfort, safety and interests.”

Things actually began when Nicole was on bed rest with her second child and realized that something was missing from the world of children’s clothing: pieces that were designed with their joy and imagination in mind. 

Her son kept her up all night by kicking at her belly, so she nicknamed him Kickee Pants. She then launched the brand in 2007 under the same name as an ode to the small yet beautiful moments shared between parents and their children.

Today, the brand carries a range of clothing for kids aged 0–16, with a variety of options for day and sleepwear, along with bedding and accessories. But it doesn’t stop there! The brand focuses on pieces for the whole family, with options for moms and dads, and even pets. 

With most clothes being made from a super soft and sustainable bamboo fabric, shoppers will find bold designs, unique patterns, and plenty of color, all with a focus on capturing the joy and essence of childhood. 

Though Kickee Pants carries pieces for the whole fam jam, prices for baby clothes range from $10 for simple tops and bottoms up to $100 for matching sets with parents.


  • Impressive selection of clothing and accessories for the whole family
  • Sustainable, soft, and safe bamboo fabric
  • One-of-a-kind prints and designs that are bold and express joy
  • Trendy patterns and timeless color palettes
  • Seasonal wear available
  • Plenty of subcategories to make shopping easy

What Best Baby Clothes Brands Are Trending? 

Best Baby Clothes Brands

While all the companies in our list of the best baby clothes brands are trending, there are a select few that stand out when it comes to popularity and trendiness. 

If you’ve got IG, chances are you’ve seen some well dressed babies—especially if they’re decked out in LouLou Lollipop.

This brand carries a wide range of items in artsy patterns and a stunning warm toned color palette, as well as the silicone bibs and dinnerware so many parents have been using for their little ones.

Another brand in the hot spot? Carter’s, which carries everyday pieces as well as seasonal styles for the perfect photo ops. Plus, the prices are pretty hard to beat! Goumi also offers a blend of both, with minimal patterns and colors, as well as seasonal wear.

What Kinds of Baby Clothes Are Trending? 

Best Baby Clothes Brands

When it comes to the trending styles, our list of the best baby clothes brands have it all. From plenty of patterns to minimalist color palettes to texture, there’s definitely something for everyone. 

Simple patterns have always been a crowd favorite, whether you’re looking for polka dots, vintage shapes, or animal prints. On the other hand, neutral shades are always an easy call and never go out of style. Plus, they’re gender neutral, meaning they can easily be reused in the future.

Many of us have adopted capsule wardrobes in recent years, which usually involves sticking to some sort of color scheme (and this also makes shopping a lot easier).

And why not do the same for your baby, opting for warm or cool palettes with a variety of tones that are great for mixing and matching?

Which of the Best Baby Clothes Brands Are Best for Newborns? 

Best Baby Clothes Brands

While all the companies in our list of the best baby clothes brands carry pieces for newborns, there are a few options that stick out. Here’s the key details we kept in mind:

  1. Sustainability
  2. Fabrics
  3. Affordability

Both Old Navy and Gap stick out as providing excellent options for newborn clothing as they are well established and have clear sustainability efforts.

Plus, the fabrics are super soft and often 100% cotton, making them safe for babies. On top of that, little ones grow fast and the affordability makes the pieces an appealing option.

Shopping the Best Baby Clothes Brands: What to Consider 

Best Baby Clothes Brands

Now that we have shared our list of the best baby clothes brands, it only makes sense to help you narrow down your choices (if you don’t end up giving them all a try). Below, we’ll share our breakdown of everything you ought to consider when making a purchase for new baby clothes.


First things first: it’s always crucial to consider the ethos and reputation of the brand you’re shopping from, and whether or not they are in line with your values.

They should follow sustainable and ethical sourcing and manufacturing practices. Additionally, it helps to have an established customer base to back up the quality of products.

Fortunately, all the companies in our list of the best baby clothes brands outline clear ethical guidelines and sustainability goals, so shoppers can feel good about their purchases.


When you’re shopping for your tot, it’s necessary to find items that are high quality. They should be crafted from safe, durable, and ultra-soft fabrics that have functional designs to work well for any child. 

This goes hand in hand with a lot of other things to consider, like the brand as a whole, as well as the safety, functionality, and practicality of each piece.


A baby’s comfort is crucial–whether they’re sleeping, playing, or being changed. Fabrics should be breathable and lightweight for the warmer months, while still being soft and moisture wicking during the cooler parts of the year. 

There should also be no zippers against the skin or itchy fabrics, so it’s important to consider a company (like the options in our list of the best baby clothes brands) that outlines its efforts to make a piece super comfy.


The number one thing to consider when shopping for your babies is their safety. Organic materials like cotton and linen are always a good bet, but it’s important to check for labels like ‘non-toxic’ and that are Oeko-Tex certified. 

On top of that, fabrics should never be constricting or a hazard, which is why you won’t find many hoodies with drawstrings or detachable ribbons. Fortunately, our list of the best baby clothes brands is committed to keeping kids protected. 


When it comes to practicality, we’re not saying that you should never dress your child in white. But a white outfit that’s hand washable only? Maybe not. So, pieces that are made from durable and easy-to-wash materials are definitely ideal. 

It’s also important to opt for a brand that carries pieces that are in line with your lifestyle, whether you need plenty of winter options or more summery items. The same goes for gender neutral designs, if you’re looking to re-use the items for future family additions. 


Functionality goes hand in hand with practicality, but there are a few extra things to consider. For babies and toddlers, getting dressed and undressed is no easy feat—so clothing pieces always need to be easy to take on and off with plenty of buttons or hidden zippers.

Fitted cuffs with built in socks and mittens, hidden snaps, and tops that can easily be pulled down all make things easier for parents while keeping kids comfy. What more is there to ask for?

Length of Wear

Of course, we all know that babies are fast growers. Many of the pieces from the best baby clothes brands fall under a three month gap, such as 0-3 months, 3-6 months, and so on.

This way, your little one should fit into the item for a tad longer than usual, as it will start out on the looser side of things and become more fitted as they grow. 

Speaking of length of wear, gender neutral options are a great choice when it comes to ‘recycling’ baby clothes. This way, you’ll get to use the items for much longer by using them for each baby you have, or donating it to a friend or someone in need!


The final thing to keep in mind is your budget. Our list of the best baby clothes brands consisted of a variety of different price ranges, meaning there’s a great option for everyone no matter what you’re looking to spend.

What Baby Clothes Brands Are High-End? 

Best Baby Clothes Brands

Brands usually earn the label of ‘high-end’ when they conform to specific standards of quality, manufacturing, and sustainability efforts, as well as a higher price range.

With that in mind, it’s easy to say that plenty of the best baby clothes brands on our list could fall into this category, though they are more mid-range in terms of pricing. 

That being said, if we were to label one or two brands as high-end, Gap, Carter’s, and LouLou Lollipop come to mind as they fall on the higher end of the spectrum in terms of pricing.

But, it’s important to keep in mind that they also have clear goals in terms of sustainability and offer high-quality products that are designed to last a long time. 

What Are The Characteristics of Baby Garments? 

Best Baby Clothes Brands

Comfort, ease of mobility, and ease of access are three things that are synonymous with good baby clothing. They ought to be super soft, gentle, and safe on the baby’s skin, while featuring functional designs that allow them to move around and make changing easier. 

On top of that, stylish and trendy details—whether they lie in color or print—are a nice perk and definitely sway shoppers one way or the other. It helps if the designs are in line with their personal style, which is why some brands carry a collection of different options or stick to a specific niche.

Another thing worth noting is that brands should use breathable, safe fabrics that are moisture wicking. Also, eco-friendly and organic materials have become more popular as parents search for items that are good for their kids and the planet.

Final Thoughts

Best Baby Clothes Brands

When shopping for clothes for your little ones, there is a lot to consider in terms of happiness and safety. It only makes sense to opt for items that are easy to use, bring a smile to your face (and your child’s), and keep them comfy and happy as they grow and explore the world. 

We hope that our list of the best baby clothes brands has helped you narrow down the broad selection that has flooded the market! These companies have clearly made a commitment to providing the best of the best. 

All the options on our list feature well-rounded collections that are born from sustainability and crafted using safe materials, making it easy to try something out that is in line with your expectations and requirements.

How We Chose the Best Baby Clothes Brands

Before choosing any brand, we scour the web and all the biggest e-tailers to ensure we know all the available options on the market. We look at customer reviews, star ratings, brand ethos, processes, materials, accessibility, and so much more. We weigh the pros and cons, so you don’t have to, helping you make informed shopping decisions.

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