10 Best Sectional Sofas

Finding The Best Sectional Sofas To Buy

Best Sectional Sofas

Whether kicking your feet up to relax, napping after a long day, or hanging happily with some friends, the stunning space offered by the best sectional sofas is unparalleled.

These sofas aren’t just about lounging, they offer looks, comfort, support, and utter style. But just because we all want a sectional sofa doesn’t mean we know how to shop for one.

As with anything more expensive in life, there’s a trick to knowing exactly what to look for when researching the best sectional sofas to buy.

No one should blindly go in and grab the first thing they see on the floor, but instead have some criteria set up before looking in person or online.

10 Best Sectional Sofas

Before diving too deep into what all customers need to keep an eye on while shopping, we’re going to start by going over our top ten choices for the best sectional sofas currently on the market. We’re looking not only at price and appearance, but materials, brand name, and general company highlights to consider.

#1: MUST 

Best Sectional Sofas

Jazz up life and live a little with the unexpected styles of MUST. This brand was born in 2005 to spice up trends with a twist of the unexpected. Featuring unique forms and materials in their pieces, these stores and showrooms are all about bringing the drama to paint a picture of an original space that calls out to each customer.

This brand is well-known for their furniture, offering endless options when it comes to the best sectional sofas, chairs, tables, and beds. In addition to these favorites, they also sport a range of outdoor furniture and accessories, as well as a lighting section that really shines (pun very much intended).

From classic to contemporary, Boho to bold, it’s safe to say that this brand offers a variety when it comes to style. They want something to suit each individual and take the time to really rev up their range in terms of fashion and form.

We will say that while they may not have thousands in terms of ratings, those few dozen customer reviews reported online show nothing but love for the brand and their wide selection. Stunning quality, quick customer service, and prices, while not cheap, are pretty mid-range (think $2,000 – $3,000 range for sofas) when it comes to furniture.

Before moving on, let’s take a minute and breath in some of their scrumptious highlights:


  • Offers a wide range of indoor and outdoor furniture including an expansive selection of sectionals
  • White-Glove Delivery service
  • One year warranty guaranteed with an option to buy into the five-year plan upon checkout
  • Excellent reviews from customers
  • Top-quality materials

#2: Rove Concepts

Best Sectional Sofas

Park your roving seat by Rove Concepts and see all they offer up in terms of furniture and living. This brand wanted to bring focus away from classic culture and amp things up with a modern twist since their founding in 2011. 

Focusing on contemporary styles and fun takes on the traditional, this company looked to separate themselves from the rest via their quality and curated showroom of striking designs.

What really makes Rove Concepts stand out is their dedication to top quality for customers. Rather than working in a dingy factory to turn out furniture at a faster pace, this brand is all about the craft, which is well-noted within their 5-star online reviews.

Each piece is handcrafted by trained artisans in the Rove Concepts workshop. No matter the piece, every product has a number of touchpoints to ensure quality control at every stage and promise that no faults or flaws slip by during the process. 

From the first look at the material to that polished final product, every inch is analyzed and inspected to promise customers the best they can.

In addition to this careful crafting, Rove Concepts’ choice of durable, designable, and sustainable materials makes all the difference. Italian leather, fiberglass shells, marble, and more, this brand doesn’t play around when it comes to what they’re offering.

When it comes to prices, the artisan quality definitely pushes things up to a new bracket. As this article is focused on the best sectional sofas, we need to point out that these pieces are a higher range from $3,500 to $7,500. We will say that members see reduced prices by almost $1,000, but for regular customers, they’ll be looking at a steeper cost.

Other than the price (which we know can be a bit of a turn-off), what else does this brand offer? Let’s look at highlights and find out:


  • Offers an extensive list of contemporary furniture for living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, outdoor, and more
  • Helpful online articles on how to know what to look for when shopping
  • Design look-books to guide customers through the design process
  • Quality material
  • Artisan handmade products
  • Standard and White-Glove shipping available

3. Article

Best Sectional Sofas

When it comes to Article, this brand appeared in 2013 with the sole purpose of reducing customer costs. By cutting out the middleman, Article works directly with the manufacturer and delivers on quality to customers to reduce prices of any intermediary contacts.

Delivering on deals is what this brand was made to do and, considering their sectional prices range from $1,800 to $4,100, we’d say that somewhat holds up that promise. While the prices still get a bit high for some options on the market, the option for a lower cost really does make a difference to those who are shopping with a budget.

But this brand isn’t just about good prices, they also deliver on service. From customer service contacts through to the buying process to offering up articles on design for customer guidance, this brand wants their clients to have support every step of the way from window shopping to that final set-up.

There’s more to this brand than just these core elements. Check out these fantastic features of Article:


  • An expansive listing of home furniture for indoor and outdoor settings
  • Free shipping on orders over $999
  • Free exchanges on products
  • Customer orders available
  • Contactless delivery available
  • Payment plans through Pay Bright

4. Gus*

Best Sectional Sofas

When it comes to Gus*, we have to be honest in saying this brand keeps their secrets closely guarded online. So, we’ll keep it quick with what we do actually know about the brand.

This brand joins the best sectional sofa leagues due to their positively wide selection. From standard sectionals to rounded to U-shaped and more, if there’s a shape that’s being searched for, this brand will most likely have it.

When it comes to materials and manufacturing, this company is dedicated to going green. Whether searching for the plushiest cushion to sink into or a firm seat that will support the back, these couches have been carefully produced to aid both the customer and the environment.

Their range in sectionals correlates to the range in prices (and when we say range, we really mean range). Due to the differing sizes, this brand can go from $1,500 to $9,000 with ease all depending on the sectional, material, and sales prices. Either way, it is good to know that both ends of the spectrum are represented with some great options for either end of the budget.

In addition to the range, Gus* offers so much more:


  • Offers a variety of modern furniture available in a simple fashion
  • Stain-resistant material used on most products
  • Periodic Warehouse sales
  • Showrooms located throughout North America

5. Sundays

Best Sectional Sofas

Timeless tales told around the fire, lazy weekends spent lounging, that’s what Sundays really boils down to. This furniture brand began as the dream of four friends who knew that furniture could easily add to a lifetime of memories. 

Rather than remember that ratty old couch that’s been around since the ‘90s, Sundays offers up premium pieces in a range of pricing to complete the dream-like moments of nostalgia we all live with.

Sustainability is key to this brand’s mission, and it’s always located at the forefront of each design when it comes to looks and materials. Through the use of durable pieces that stand the test of time, the rate of waste reduces, and multi-functionality grows in response. 

Aiming for a timeless appearance in all that they do, their goal is to provide products that will last a lifetime (or at least a few decades of wear).

Depending on the style, color, and material, costs for these best sectional sofas can shoot anywhere from $1,800 to $8,000 in no time. It all depends on the style chosen at checkout.


  • An endless listing of sofas, chairs, bedroom furniture, and accessories
  • Free shipping
  • Complimentary fabric swatches
  • Free assembly
  • Two-year warranty

6. Crate & Barrel

Best Sectional Sofas

One of the bigger franchises on this list of the best sectional sofas, Crate & Barrel joined the world of home furnishing back in 1962 and hasn’t looked back ever since. 

Born from the goal of simplistic, stunning, and practical pieces, this company clearly knows how to do business with their dozens of locations across North America.

While they don’t really have one specialty, their focus on form and function really makes this brand stand out. This company really is about global reach, with their pieces being produced in over 40 countries by artisans and craftsmen dedicated to manufacturing top-tier products. 

Using sustainable materials and responsible forestry to gain many of their materials, this brand is also dedicated to keeping the world a safe and healthy place for the environment and its inhabitants.

When it comes to their product lineup, Crate & Barrel has sectional sofas to spare. Organized by sectional shape, prices really do range when it comes to this brand with some pieces starting at the $2,000 mark and others going as high as $9,000. On the topic of budget, this brand covers a variety, knowing what to offer customers for lows and highs.

Need some more featured factors for this brand? We’ve got you covered.


  • Well-known furniture brand offering products for every area of the home
  • Free design services
  • Trending designs and recipes available
  • White-Glove Delivery
  • Crate and Barrel Credit Card available for payment plans

7. Restoration Hardware

Best Sectional Sofas

Since 1979, Restoration Hardware has made their corner of the market for high-quality pieces that offer the utmost customer satisfaction. We’ll be honest – despite now being known for their furniture, this brand originally began dealing in hardware. Since 1994, they made the switch to a new industry, and they haven’t looked back since.

When it comes to their products and quality, this brand is known to put sustainability first and utilize durable materials that should withstand the test of time. Ranging in sizes and shapes, Restoration Hardware may be one of the best on this list pricewise.

We need to preface here and say that membership ($150 annual fee) may be worth it for this brand as those within the rewards system receive around $500 off the regular price. That said, regular costs aren’t too shabby when it comes to this business. Offering a range from $1,900 to $7,000 depending on style and size, this brand highlights larger sizes for a discounted price compared to others on the market.

Want more evidence as to why this brand works? We’ve got a few highlighted facts.


  • Wide range of home furnishing products
  • Sustainable materials and production
  • Rewards program
  • Credit Card with payment plans available

8. Cozey

Best Sectional Sofas

Cozey may be the newest on this list as it launched in 2019 as the brainchild of a 23-year-old Canadian student. Born from desperation after struggling to move too many couches for friends, this brand formed around the notion of a multi-piece couch that would simplify the moving process.

So, what’s the trick to this brand? Each piece of the sectional or sofa comes in its own box to make moving a breeze. Couches are customizable with customers able to select the layout, number of seats, and arm design. Swap out spaces for a lounging chaise, add an ottoman, or start with a simple design and add individual modules as you require the growth.

Comfort and care come hand in hand with these couches as each cushion is layered with high-density foam to maintain shape and comfort. 

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Select from a number of colors or put in an order for free swatches to determine what will work best in the space. The business may still be growing, but their rating average currently sits at 4.8/5 stars, and it doesn’t appear to be dropping anytime soon.

Before getting too excited, we have to remember to check out prices. The catch here? It all depends on the order. For our best sectional sofas article, we’re looking specifically at those styles, and we have to say that their range from $1,600 to $3,200 is a really great deal. Low prices, easy maneuverability, customization, what else could you ask for?

We have to say there’s still more to learn about the new brand, so we’ve added a few extra notes that are important to know:


  • A limited selection of subtle but stunning couches
  • Free shipping
  • 30-day trial
  • Adaptable based on customer needs
  • Donations made to the homeless with every purchase
  • Individual modules available to customize products

9. EQ3

Best Sectional Sofas

Entering the industry from Winnipeg, Canada, EQ3 joins the league with a focus on design and production. Completing the whole process from under one roof, this business keeps things close together moving from the design process to the final product in a tight-knit community to ensure quality doesn’t get lost along the way.

What products are available? The easier question would be what isn’t available. This brand offers a wide variety of products when it comes to home furnishings for indoor and outdoor design. When it comes to their sectionals, they offer over 80 different styles in both fabric and leather options.

While reviews aren’t quite into the thousands, this brand does still sit well with their customer ratings, featuring a 4.4/5-star rating on their own site. Solid builds, beautiful designs, and simple delivery/assembly make this brand one to watch.

We have to be honest, EQ3 doesn’t have the cheapest prices when it comes to their best sectional sofas. The lowest price on the list sits at $2,000 and prices jump all the way up to $10,700 for their larger leather pieces. This may not be the best budget brand, but they do offer good quality and a wide range in sizes, materials, and costs.

This brand has more to them than just furniture – check out these highlights:


  • Offers a staggering range of furniture and décor for the modern home
  • Customization available
  • White-Glove service 
  • Three warranties to choose from
  • Excellent customer reviews

10. West Elm 

Best Sectional Sofas

They may be last on this list of the best sectional sofas, but they’re far from last in the race when it comes to quality and design. With West Elm, the options really seem to be endless. But what exactly do they offer?

This brand knows how to show off originality and they do so through their exclusive designs done in-house from Brooklyn. Showcasing pieces crafted from artisans all over the world, their large listing of furniture and décor really stand out due to the small-business creation.

Sustainability and support are key to this brand with a large portion of profits being directed into the project of eco-friendly living. Using low-impact materials, small-batch business, and reducing packaging waste, West Elm hopes to make a difference with their durable and lasting designs.

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But let’s be honest, we can only support the brand and its missions so much before buckling to the budget. Prices here are quite a range with perhaps some of the lowest costs on the list

Pieces for sectional sofas begin around $1,000 and there’s a great selection just between the $1,000 to $2,000 mark. Of course, there are pieces that sit as high as $6,500 or more, but it’s a reasonable range considering the quality of material going into each design.

Want to know more? Here are a few of our favorite brand facts:


  • An extensive range of indoor and outdoor home furnishings
  • Credit card payment plans offered
  • Premium White-Glove service available
  • Unlimited flat rate shipping
  • International shipping
  • 60% of sales support sustainability initiative

What Are the Most Durable Materials for Sectional Sofas?  

Best Sectional Sofas

Now that we’ve checked out visual options and costs available, let’s move into more of the details surrounding what should be looked for in each sectional shopping venture. First thing’s first – material.

We’ll be honest there’s a lot to choose from when looking at the material. Plan ahead considering what the sofa will be used for as kids and pets tend to do more damage than a movie night with friends. The best bet is to plan for the worst and take advantage of those additional heavy-duty features.

So, what material should be shopped for? When it comes to natural materials, leather is the way to go. Softening with age, easy to clean, and always a nice and sleek appearance, this one is an easy choice for most.

For those who want to avoid leather, take a look at microfiber options. This synthetic material is tightly woven, simple to clean, and can easily be stain protected. Basically, it’s the leather equivalent for longevity and it comes in a variety of colors and patterns.

What is a Modular Sofa? 

Best Sectional Sofas

It’s always tricky to stay up to date on the latest terms, especially for those who aren’t as interested in the industry. So, what exactly is a modular sofa and how does it differ from a sectional? Well, the answer comes to a bit of an overlap.

Modular sofas, like sectionals, are couches that consist of two or more pieces to complete the design. These pieces are connected for a unified appearance and that’s about where the similarities end.

Sectional sofas typically include loveseat-sized pieces and extend on one or more sides to create that perfect corner fit. 

For modular sofas, these designs use singular chair-sized pieces to construct larger designs that can feature L-shapes, U-shapes, or more depending on the style selected. Many of these are customizable to the customer and the space.

How Much Do Sectional Sofas Generally Cost? 

Best Sectional Sofas

We’ll be honest here, prices really range depending on the style. The simpler L-shape designs tend to be the cheapest on this market with prices rising with each added module or extension.

Cheap sectionals can be found between the $500 to $1,200 range, but decent-quality pieces will be found between $1,500 to $$3,500. For that price range, manufacturers begin to focus more on durability, materials, and design rather than an affordable option.

It all comes down to how much you’re willing to invest into the couch. The more spent, the longer a life it’ll have.

Things to Consider When Buying a Sectional Sofa

Best Sectional Sofas

Before wrapping up this article, we wanted to give a quick section on those top qualities to keep in mind when out in the store. We know it’s impossible to remember every little thing we’ve mentioned, so knowing these top 9 questions/concerns to have in mind before buying will end up saving a lot in time and money.


Let’s be honest, we don’t know every furniture brand on the market, and it would be impossible to do so. With that being said, before buying a piece you’ve got an eye on, do a quick online search. It’s not hard to look up a brand name and it’s always good to know about the reputation of the business.

What do reviews say? Does the design sit as durable as it seems? Is the material known for a lasting lifespan? The quickest search of a brand name could save hundreds (or thousands) of dollars in having to replace a piece when it breaks. Just take a few minutes to verify the name and reputation – it’ll be worth it in the end.


We know that certain materials tend to come cheaper and we’re all for saving money, but it’s not worth sacrificing quality. The best builds are those with solid wood or metal framing and a fabric that can be trusted.

When it comes to fabric, be sure to know what the use will be. As mentioned earlier, kids and pets require more than standard use, so finding a material that’s stain-proof or easy to clean will be a real savior in the end. 

Materials like leather, microfiber, or even some canvases can be the strongest options and for those who go a different way, check into coatings for the sectionals that will offer that additional protection.

Ease of Use

No one wants to think about it when buying furniture, but the ease of use is a big factor to feature here. Being pragmatic here, the couch may one day need to be moved. The question here is will that be able to happen with a few friends or will professionals be needed?

Many furniture companies these days offer set-up in the room for an additional cost, but weight and assembly are huge questions to keep in mind. Should it need to move rooms, houses, or just shift to the side, make sure that the couch chosen won’t break backs in these attempts. Select something simple to carry, assemble, and re-work for any future relocation.


Comfort is key. What else is a couch for other than relaxing after a long day, with friends, family, or just a pet? No matter its use, comfort needs to be in the forefront when shopping as no sectional is truly meant to be solely a showpiece.

We’ll admit that this one is personal. Some people love the cushions they can sink down into while others require a firmer seat for their backs. It’s all about preference here, but make sure to know what the preference is before going in and buying.  


Again, style tends to be a thing of preference. Think about the room the couch will be going in, the décor, colors, and other pieces that will be placed around it. These questions are key to designing the layout of any room.

The biggest thing we’d recommend is knowing your personal style. We’re always fans of going for that timeless look rather than the latest trend. Couches should last a good number of years, not just the latest fad. Be sure to select something you’ll be happy with for years to come.

Size & Space 

Sectionals are a great way to utilize the corner of a room and fit in more seating without sacrificing style or paying those extra costs. They also work in larger spaces with room to fill (but we’d recommend bigger than a small L-shape for those rooms).

We have to say, sectionals that offer additional module options are a great choice when starting with a small space that may one day be upgraded. Choices like Cozey that offer customizable styles that can be added can be a Godsend. No crazy new costs and an easy way to grow the sectional to fit its space.


Say moving day is taking longer than expected, just how easy will it be to store the couch until that new space is accessible? Does the couch break down, fold up, or come apart for smaller storage or will it always sit as-is and take up that same space?

Storage space often slips the mind as we always assume we’ll just be using the couch immediately, but the fact is there are times that storage will be a necessity and it shouldn’t be overlooked.


This one is pretty self-explanatory, but we’ll go into it anyway. When it comes to price, we’re saying have a budget in mind before buying. This should be the goal with any big purchase, but especially in the realm of sectionals that can range from $500 to $10,000.

Obviously, more expensive pieces have more to them than a standard frame and cushions, but that level of spending isn’t always necessary. We’d say a decent sectional can be found in the $1,500 to $2,500 range with a lot of furniture companies. That’s where the designers are focusing more efforts on lasting materials and fabrics with features that prevent stains and spills.

As we said, there tends to be a wide range here. Consider everything you’re looking to gain from that sectional, research options, and go in with a firm budget.

Delivery & Shipping

When it comes to shipping and delivery, some brands offer free shipping on larger pieces like sectionals or discounted rates for purchases over a certain range.

In addition to the delivery cost, White-Glove service is definitely worth checking out. Many furniture companies will offer a range of services from Curb Side to Room Delivery, but White-Glove beats them all with the workers assembling the pieces in the room and removing packaging materials before leaving. This simplifies the whole process and many times it can be done for only $100.

While it’s not available for all businesses, many on the market will offer different levels of delivery service, so be sure to take the time and check them out prior to purchase.

Final Thoughts

Best Sectional Sofas

There’s a lot to consider when buying anything big, so research is key to any purchase. Our recommendation is to test the product first to ensure color, style, and comfort all match up to what’s being hoped for, but when that’s not available, look into the return policy to know the option will be available for online sales. 

Ultimately, it’s a matter of preference but so long as you go in with the price, style, and comfort level in mind, it should be a straightforward process of finding what fits. 

How We Chose the Best Sectional Sofas

Before choosing any brand, we scour the web and all the biggest e-tailers to ensure we know all the available options on the market. We look at customer reviews, star ratings, brand ethos, processes, materials, accessibility, and so much more. We weigh the pros and cons, so you don’t have to, helping you make informed shopping decisions.

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