11 Best Engagement Ring Brands

Searching For The Best Engagement Ring Brands

10 Best Engagement Ring Brands

Engagement rings are timeless. There is still no greater gesture of love and dedication — at least, not one that looks quite as flashy on your hand. 

Even though today’s rings are not as traditional as they used to be, an engagement ring is still symbolic of an important promise. Whether it be a solitaire, princess, emerald, or any other style, it’s an important piece of jewelry that someone will wear for decades to come. 

That means there’s also a lot of pressure in choosing the right one. Remember when Aiden (and Miranda) tried to surprise Carrie with a traditional pear-shaped solitaire on a gold band in Sex and the City? A beautiful ring, but all wrong for the wearer.

Thankfully, there is a ring out there for every fiancée. But once you’ve figured out what you want, how do you know if you’re making a good investment? 

How can you be sure that the ring you are buying is high quality, made to last, and guaranteed to remain timeless? 

While other important factors like size and style preference are things you’ll have to ask your partner, this article will function as your go-to resource for the other elements of ring shopping, introducing you to the 10 best engagement ring brands. 

The Tradition of Engagement Rings

10 Best Engagement Ring Brands

Though we can’t say for certain when the tradition of giving engagement rings first started, according to the American Gem Society, anthropologists believe the tradition “originated from a Roman custom in which wives wore rings attached to small keys, indicating their husbands’ ownership.” 

Thankfully, our ideas about marriage (and accessories) left Roman times behind, and the engagement ring eventually became a romantic gesture symbolizing a promise to a partner. In fact, it was the Victorians who popularized the ornate, glam engagement ring styles, mixing diamonds, gemstones, and precious metals, that buyers still look for today. 

Engagement rings as we know them really came into play in 1947, when international diamond corporation De Beers launched their iconic “A diamond is forever” slogan. The American Gem Society writes that since then, “A diamond’s purity and sparkle have now become symbols of the depth of two people’s commitment to each other in practically all corners of the world.”

Diamonds may be the gold standard, but how many of us know how to buy one? How do you know if a ring is high quality? What is an appropriate price range? How do you know if the diamonds and stones are ethically sourced? Fret no more. This list of the top engagement rings is here to help. 

11 Best Engagement Ring Brands

The engagement ring market is intensely saturated. With seemingly endless jewelers, ring styles, and price ranges, it can seem a herculean feat to even know where to start looking for that special someone. So to help, this article will discuss 11 of the best engagement ring brands, based on reputation, reviews, selection, and how they do business. 

#1: Clean Origin Engagement Rings

At the top of our list of the Best Engagement Ring Brands, and it’s one that does all of its diamond growing from inside a lab. Clean Origin is an ethical brand that specializes in flawless, luxury diamonds

Founded by third-generation diamond merchant Alex Weindling, former Signet, Sterling, and Zales CEO Tetty Birman, and Ryan Bonificino, the former CMO of Alex and Ani. Basically, it’s safe to say that Clean Origin has a powerhouse team behind it. 

Launched in 2017, the group’s mission was to “improve the diamond shopping experience” by selling direct-to-consumer online and offering jaw-dropping gems with price tags that don’t come with the pain and tragedy of traditional diamond mining.

What You Get

You’ll find engagement, wedding, and occasion jewelry in Clean Origin’s sparkling collection, with the option to create your own ring by selecting the cut, carat, color, and clarity of the stone. The brand’s engagement collection is drop-dead gorgeous, with glistening stones set in a variety of precious metals including 14k or 18k white, yellow, or rose gold and platinum. 

Offering classic, vintage, solitary, pave, halo, and three-stone designs, Clean Origin’s selection bursts with a mix of traditional and modern styles. Solitaire stones in dazzling cuts sparkle in the light while three-stone designs quickly evoke a gasp. 

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Highly concerned with giving you affordable, truly pristine diamonds, the brand puts you in control of the carat and clarity of the stones you choose, as well as the metal they’re set in. You’ll have a lot of flexibility when it comes to price. 

Delivery & Cost

Its least expensive stone starts at $184 (before adding anything else to your ring) while its most expensive is just under $9k. You’ll find solitaire diamond engagement rings ranging from $678$2,692 at its online store, as well as vintage beauties for $1,600-$4,300.

Clean Origin ships to the US, UK, Australia, and Canada. In true, luxury form, the company ships all of its diamonds for free via FedEx Priority and should arrive in 2-3 days from the time you place your order online. 

To help you feel more comfortable with buying diamonds alone, while it’s being shipped, your ring is insured for its full value and the delivery will require a signature. 

#2: Brilliant Earth Engagement Rings

When buying diamonds, other gemstones, and precious metals, it is important to know that what you are buying has been ethically sourced. “Blood” or “conflict” diamonds, or gems whose sale is based on unethical and brutal sourcing and business practices of any kind, are unfortunately still used and readily available on the market. 

At Brilliant Earth Engagement Rings, you can rest easy knowing that the jewels on your soon-to-be fiancé’s hand are ethically sourced, meaning these are some of the best engagement rings available. 

Founded in 2005, the company uses only Beyond Conflict Free Diamonds. These diamonds are properly sourced, traded and derived from environmentally responsible origins. They go above and beyond the common parameters of “Conflict Free” diamonds, and even offer lab created diamonds, and offer recycled gold. 

After all, “luxury with a conscience” is the brand’s motto, meaning the company’s jewelry is both ethical and fashionable. 

What You Get:

When you buy a Brilliant Earth Engagement Rings piece, you are also buying peace of mind. 

With this brand, you do not need to compromise between quality and conscience. Your purchase supports humane sourcing practices, and you get access to rings created by award-winning designers, or the opportunity to go custom. That’s why this company is a must-include on any list of the best engagement ring brands. 

With exceptional customer service, the Brilliant Engagement Rings team works with you in-person or digitally to teach you about your purchase and to explore their showroom, finding the perfect piece of jewelry for your needs. 

The brand offers engagement rings, wedding rings, and diamond and gemstone-based jewelry beyond the wedding industry. All ages, gender expressions, and personal styles can find a ring to suit their tastes at Brilliant Earth. 

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This company offers a myriad of choices and styles — even allowing you to create and design your own engagement ring from scratch. Brilliant Earth offers different band styles, gems, and settings, and non-gem options, so you’ll never feel limited in your options.

For the more indecisive, they even have a list of their most popular engagement ring styles on their website, currently featuring several twisted vine-style rings and various diamond cuts. The rings in this list range from $490 to $2,890 (setting only)

At Brilliant Earth Engagement Rings, there is sure to be a style and design to suit every future fiancée — and if not, working with the team’s master artists and jewelers will allow you to customize your own. 

Delivery & Cost:

Depending on style, diamond cut, and type of stone, engagement rings can range dramatically in price. However, for a simple Brilliant Earth Engagement Ring piece, the company has several affordable options like the Four-Prong Comfort Fit Engagement Ring for $490 (setting only). 

Then, there are very lavish designs like the Tacori Petite Crescent Bloom Diamond Engagement Ring which retails starting at $5,150 (diamond-studded setting only). 

Adding the stone is then an additional cost, which depends on type, carat, and colour. The cheapest stones — round shaped, 0.3 carat, and a “very good” cut — start at about $360. From there, prices increase to as high as $500 for 0.25 carat round diamond in a “super ideal” cut. 

Brilliant Earth Engagement Rings also offers free shipping to the US, Canada, UK, and Australia. They even have free return shipping for the aforementioned countries, should you not be satisfied with your product. Delivery time is subject to the arrival location, but can be tracked using FedEx.

#3: Vrai and Oro Engagement Rings

Vrai is a sleek, modern, and trendy engagement ring jeweler. In fact, even Leonardo DiCaprio, who is a vocal activist for ethical diamond production, has endorsed this company’s operations, saying “I’m proud to invest in Diamond Foundry Inc. – sustainably growing diamonds in America without the human and environmental toll of mining.

Crafted in a carbon-neutral diamond lab in San Francisco, all Vrai jewelry stones are made, not mined. This means of course that all Vrai stones are ethically sourced. Intensely cool, conscientious, and beautiful, Vrai is easily one of the best engagement ring brands out there on the market. 

The company creates engagement rings and other fine, lab-made diamond jewelry that “inspires beauty, optimism and possibility through the human lens of innovation, the power of continually moving forward and embracing change, and in the beauty of evolution,” according to the company’s website. 

All Vrai designs are guaranteed to be timeless and look to highlight each piece’s diamond, first and foremost. 

What You Get:

Stunning and masterfully designed, at Vrai you can either buy an existing engagement ring design or create your own. Regardless, every piece will be made to last, both in terms of style and quality. Whether you want a three stone, cathedral, or the ever-popular halo style ring, Vrai has something to suit all diverse tastes. 

On the company’s website, they also feature a list of their most popular engagement ring styles, ranging from the extravagant Three Stone design, which starts at $2,400, to more simple, artistic creations like the Signature Diamond, which starts retailing at $1,080.

Vrai also carries fine jewelry to celebrate other occasions, including weddings, anniversaries, graduations, and other important moments. 

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Vrai has something for everyone, with engagement rings in several different settings, styles, cuts, and sizes. The brand accommodates tastes ranging from traditional to more avant garde, and has choices for all ages and gender expressions. The brand even has a unisex line of jewlery (featuring rings, necklaces, earrings, and more) for those wanting a more neutral, elegant feel. 

Delivery & Cost:

Vrai, one of the best engagement ring brands, carries a myriad of ring styles at very different price points. More affordable options like The Signature ring, in a solitaire style and rose setting, retail starting at $830. Other more extravagant engagement rings like The Three Stone ring, in platinum with a pavé band, have a starting price of $2,500

All Vrai made-to-order jewelry items are handcrafted and shipped within about two weeks of placing an order. In-stock purchases and loose diamonds, however, will be shipped in approximately two business days. The company ships internationally, and a full list of available locations can be found here

For a refund, orders placed within the last 30 days can be returned, but they must be unworn, unused, and in original condition. It is also worth noting that Vrai offers a two-year warranty on all jewellery pieces, should there be any manufacturing defects. 

#4: Ross-Simons Engagement Rings

Ross-Simons is one of the most popular engagement ring jewelers on the market right now, and not without reason. Since 1952, the company has been one of the best engagement ring brands because of their dedication to beautiful, high-quality jewelry. 

With a selection of hand-selected artisan designs from around the world, the company’s mission is to “to find fabulous selections and bring you life’s luxuries at great prices,” according to their website.

What You Get:

Though Ross-Simons sells jewelry of all kinds, the company’s engagement ring selection is the real show-stopper. With over 400 diverse engagement ring styles, there really is something for everyone. 

Ross-Simons’s enagegement ring collection is massive. They range from minimalist to extravagant, and from artificial stones to fully encrusted. More affordable styles are available for under $100, like the 2.00 ct. t.w. CZ Three-Stone Ring in Sterling Silver, a cubic zirconia ring that Ross-Simons calls “fabulous and budget-friendly,” for $95 (now on sale for $49).

The company also carries very high end styles like the luxe 5.02 ct. t.w. Diamond Ring in 18kt White Gold diamond engagement ring for $47,995 (now on clearance for $34,995). More mid-range, classic engagement ring designs are also available, like the .50 Carat Diamond Solitaire Ring in 14kt Yellow Gold, which is currently available for $895 (compared to the original $1,795 price tag). 

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All Ross-Simons engagement rings also come in a sleek, elegant presentation box. Regardless of your budget, desired style, or partner’s preference, this company is going to have an offering for every future fiancée.

Delivery & Cost:

The price range of Ross-Simons engagement rings is massive. From lower-end cubic zirconia rings available for a few hundred dollars, to giant, glamorous diamond rings costing upward of $30,000, there is something for every budget

Several specific items on the Ross-Simons’ website have free shipping included in their sale, and the brand ships internationally. Most products from this company will arrive between 5-7 business days. 

The company’s return policy however, is assessed on a situation by situation basis. Should you want to return your Ross-Simons engagement ring, it is best to contact the company through their website here.  

#5: Blue Nile Engagement Rings

Blue Nile is a jeweler in a lane of their own. Founded in 1999, the company disrupted the jewelry industry with their online-only business model and extreme dedication to customer service from non-commissioned diamond and jewelry experts

As a company, Blue Nile only offers handmade engagement rings and ethically sourced diamonds. Their ever-dedicated customer service team is friendly, welcoming, and happy to educate potential buyers on their brand practices, mission, and product selection.

What You Get:

Blue Nile sells engagement rings, loose diamonds, and other fine jewelry. Customers can either design their own personalized engagement ring or choose from their existing selection of high quality, stunning, handcrafted designs. 

With hundreds of existing styles available, Blue Nile is another jeweler with something for everyone. This includes items like the Classic Simple Solitaire Engagement Ring, which retails for $240 (setting only), to more lavish designs like the Three-Stone Trapezoid Sidestone Diamond Engagement Ring, which starts at $14,990 (setting only).

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The price of the actual diamonds for each ring vary depending on type and quality, though they too range in cost from hundreds of dollars, to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Every Blue Nile engagement ring also includes a free appraisal of your purchase. All of the company’s diamonds are Conflict Free Diamonds. 

The company also features several customer reviews on each of their products, allowing potential buyers to get a clear idea of what previous shoppers thought of their ring design and quality. As always, it’s best to read reviews and feedback whenever it’s available to make the most informed purchasing decisions possible. 

Delivery & Cost:

Blue Nile carries a number of engagement rings to suit all budget needs. From simple, classic designs costing hundreds of dollars, to more high end, show stopping rings retailing in the thousands of dollars price range, there is a style to suit every preference. A full range of Blue Nile’s engagement rings can be viewed here. 

They also offer the opportunity price match on similar diamonds from their competitors, and have a program to upgrade your ring in the future. 

All Blue Nile engagement rings come with a lifetime guarantee and free, secure shipping. This means that no matter what, your purchase will be high quality, well made, and to your personal standards. The company also offers free returns, should the ring not arrive as you expected. 

#6: Gabriel & Co.  Engagement Ring

Led by brother duo Jack and Dominick Gabriel, Gabriel and Co. is a fine jewelry company focused on the intersection between “impeccable artistry and technology,” according to their company website. 

Formed in 1989, the brother’s followed the guidance and wisdom of their father, a master jeweler, to start this business and provide exceptional, high-quality jewelry for all special occasions. 

What You Get:

Gabriel and Co. sells a wide variety of engagement rings, wedding rings, and other fine jewelry pieces. They have several different engagement ring lines in particular, including: Classic, contemporary, vintage inspired, nova, kaslique, and blush styles. 

The company pledges to use only ethically earth-mined diamonds and gemstones in their pieces. All material used in their rings, be it stones or precious metals, is conflict-free and fairly sourced. This is an important factor in deciding where to buy your engagement ring, and another reason for the inclusion of Gabriel and Co. on this list of best engagement ring brands. 

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All Gabriel and Co. engagement rings vary in style, and therefore in price. Items like the intricate Vintage Inspired 14K White Gold Round Halo Diamond Engagement Ring retail for $815 (setting only). Other pieces like the glamorous 14K White Gold Round 3 Stone Diamond Engagement Ring sell for a much higher $15,190 (setting only). 

The actual diamonds for purchase vary in cost depending on size, style, and carat. Each engagement ring setting can be highly personalized in this way by selecting the exact diamond to suit your needs and partner’s style. 

Delivery & Cost:

Like all jewelers, the price of a Gabriel and Co. engagement ring varies drastically depending on the style of the ring and carat of the diamond. However, the company’s dedicated customer service team works to help you and your partner find a ring that will suit all of your budget needs, be that in the hundreds or in the thousands of dollars.  

Gabriel and Co.’s shipping practices are very standard. The company ships internationally, but additional charges and duty fees may apply. Delivery times are not guaranteed. 

As for returns, the company will gladly accept any pieces you are dissatisfied with, so long as the return is placed and processed within 30 days of your initial order and the jewelry is unworn. They also have a lifetime guarantee and a one-year wear and tear warranty on selected styles.

#7: James Allen Engagement Ring

Anyone currently in the market for an engagement ring is likely already familiar with the brand James Allen. With brick and mortar stores in Washington, D.C. and New York City, and the company’s online shop, James Allen is dedicated to finding the perfect engagement ring for you and your partner. 

All diamonds sold by James Allen are conflict-free and ethically sourced. This company also has exceptional customer service, with a team of non-commissioned certified gemologists available 24/7 on the company’s website, through live chat, video, and phone call. 

Customers can select from the brand’s existing made-to-order selections or customize their own ring based on their own vision. 

What You Get:

James Allen is a must-include company in any list of best engagement ring brands. Regardless of what you and your partner are looking for, this company is guaranteed to have something to suit everyone’s tastes.

The fine, handcrafted, quality engagement rings from James Allen are sure to impress and stun any future fiancée. The brand offers a variety of styles within their engagement ring lines, including: Solitaire, pavé, channel-set, side stone, tension, vintage, halo, and three stone rings. They also offer four different metal types: Rose gold, white gold, yellow gold, and platinum. 

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If you aren’t customizing your own engagement ring, the company has several diverse offerings including the budget-friendly 0.25 Carat H-SI2 Marquise Cut Diamond Presentation Solitaire (Six Prong), which is a classic, simple solitaire-style ring that sells for $760.

If your partner likes simplicity, but wants to splash out on carats, the same ring also sits at the top of the James Allen range. The stunning 5.19 Carat H-VVS2 Excellent Cut Round Diamond Presentation Solitaire (Six Prong) retails for an equally stunning $191,931. 

Most engagement rings also come with the option to include a personalized inscription on the inside of the band. We love this traditional detail that’s usually reserved for wedding bands — why not include a short, loving message on the inside of the engagement ring to make your partner swoon? 

Delivery & Cost:

The cost of James Allen engagement rings varies, of course, depending on the style, cut, and carat of the ring. The company does however offer several financing options, including the opportunity for a $0 down payment. At James Allen, you are sure to find the perfect ring to propose to your significant other regardless of budget. 

James Allen also offers free worldwide shipping and insurance on your shipment, regardless of order price. Should you want to return your engagement ring however, you will have to reach out directly to the company’s customer service team, as refund and returns are negotiated on a case by case basis. 

#8: Angara Engagement Rings

Originally a family business, Angara is a Los Angeles fine jeweler delivering gemstones and gemstone jewelry with a focus on unique stones and customization. Angara is an ancient Sanskrit word meaning “the fire within,” an homage to the Earth that creates all of the materials in Angara’s products. 

Since its launch in 2005, Angara has received ample press attention for their high-quality jewelry, namely their engagement rings. Though the smaller company is often not top-of-mind when consumers think of fine jewelry companies, Angara is in a league of its own when it comes to creative, artistic jewelry, earning it a place on this list of best engagement ring brands. 

What You Get:

If your partner is looking for a modern, unconventional engagement ring, Angara is sure to have just the right fit. 

While Angara has diamonds, they have so, so much more. The company has a massive range of authentic, high-calibre fine gemstones available for sale, including,but not limited to, fire opals, sapphires, and moonstones. They also have colored diamonds in black, blue and coffee.  

All Angara gemstones are certified authentic and ethically sourced. Whatever stone you choose, your conscience can rest easy. 

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The company’s engagement rings vary significantly in price depending on stone type, quality, style, cut, and carat. The brand has several fun, budget-friendly options like the quirky Bar-Set Solitaire Round Garnet Bypass Ring, an original-looking ring with bypassing ends that starts at $309. 

For the fiancée who wants a little more drama on their finger, other designs are available, like the glamorous Round GIA Certified Ceylon Sapphire Split Shank Ring, a pavé-set ring with an incredible Sri Lanken sapphire, starting at $33,009 (though this ring is currently on sale for $30,193). Regardless of your needs, Angara is going to have a unique, distinctive engagement ring perfect for your fiancée. 

Delivery & Cost:

All Angara gems vary in price, depending on style, stone, and carat. The company’s dedicated online customer service team however, is exceptional, and ready to assist you in finding the perfect ring to meet all your needs. 

As for shipping, Angara ships internationally. Arrival dates are subject to the receiving country’s location. Shipping is free, plus customers receive a money-back guarantee and a one-time free ring resizing appointment, should you need it. 

#9: Super Jeweler Engagement Rings

With Super Jeweler, the company name says it all. Particularly for those looking for budget-friendly engagement ring options, this company is a sure-fire solution for finding just the piece to suit you and your partner’s style and financial needs. 

Even though it’s our most wallet-conscious choice, Super Jeweler doesn’t compromise on their ethics. Like the rest of the companies on our list of the best engagement ring brands, Super Jeweler only buys diamonds from ethical, conflict-free suppliers

Since 1999, Super Jeweler has been “offering amazing jewelry at the absolute lowest prices. We scour the globe looking for the best deals on diamonds, gemstones and fashion jewelry,” according to the company’s website. 

With offices in the US, India, Sri Lanka, and China, Super Jeweler employs talented diamond buyers and craftspeople with years of industry experience, to bring their shoppers the best gems. 

What You Get:

Super Jeweler offers an incredibly diverse range of engagement rings. On the company’s website, buyers can search designs based on popularity, style, shape, size, and other thoughtful categories like alternative metals. The company also offers regular discounts and promotions on their website, ensuring that your purchase really is the best deal possible. 

Within their impressive range of rings, Super Jeweler has several styles for sale, including the affordable 1/4 Carat Moissanite Pave Wedding Band In Sterling Silver, which many shoppers prefer as an engagement ring because of its stone-studded band, and is normally available for $418 but is currently on sale for $276

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That said, not all rings for sale at this company are so deeply discounted. The retailer also sells astronomical rings like the 3 Carat Emerald Cut Diamond Solitaire Ring In 14K Rose Gold, which normally sells for $96,313, but is on sale for $82,554

If you are unsure of what kind of engagement ring you would like to purchase, Super Jeweler also has a list of their most popular styles available on their website. This list features diverse styles in varying cuts, colours, and gemstone and metal types. 

They even have a section dedicated to “cheap” rings, which features both their sales and budget-friendly options.  

Delivery & Cost:

Super Jeweler carries engagement rings suitable for any couple looking for a beautiful ring. The company is especially popular among customers looking for budget-friendly options, with their approachable attitude toward fine jewelry, wide price range, and numerous financing options (which vary depending on the ring in question).

The Super Jeweler shipping policy is very standard. The company offers free shipping worldwide, though a full list of shipping options and fees is listed here. 

Customers can also rest assured knowing that the company offers a money-back guarantee, so should you not be satisfied with your order, they will accept returns for full refund or exchange

#10: Barkev Engagement Rings

Barkev is a big name in the fine jewelry industry, but the brand is especially known for their unique engagement ring options. Based in Los Angeles, this company has a wide selection of stunning, eye-catching engagement and wedding ring designs available for sale. 

The company aims to create one of a kind designs that are going to garner the wearer compliments for the rest of their life. Barkev also only purchases ethically sourced gemstones and material.

What You Get:

Barkev has a beautiful collection of engagement rings that are “as pure as your love,” according to the company website. With a huge range of styles available for purchase, from traditional pear-shaped diamonds, to sapphire engagement rings, to pink morganite solitaires, there is sure to be something for even the pickiest of future fiancés. 

Barkev even has a go-to guide for purchasing the best engagement ring on their website. The company’s selection of diamond engagement rings in particular is especially diverse, ranging from more affordable to more luxurious ring styles. 

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Barkev allows you to place diamonds as large as 10+ carats into a custom ring, with prices reaching over $170,000. They’ve even had pieces like an especially glamorous pink diamond ring (now sold and no longer online) that required calling the company directly to learn the price.

Other ring styles, like the modest Art Deco Pear Shaped Diamond Ring sit on the lower end of the price spectrum, retailing for $915 (setting only). Though all of the Barkev engagement rings are undeniably stunning, if you are looking for a more budget-friendly retailer, this may not be the brand for you. 

Barkev also has a try before you buy option, where mockups of certain rings can be sent to you before purchase, so you can ensure you’re getting something you’ll love to wear for years to come.

Delivery & Cost:

The engagement rings available in Barkev’s lines range from the low thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars, depending of course on style, gemstone type, carat, and several other factors. There are a few styles in the hundreds, though, particularly in colored or non-diamond gems

In terms of shipping, though Barkev does ship internationally, they only offer free shipping and 30-day returns to US customers. American customers will receive their orders within 2 – 3 weeks of purchasing. International shipping varies from country to country.

#11: Brian Gavin Engagement Rings

Finally, the last company on this list of best engagement ring brands is Brian Gavin. Originating in South Africa, this company is the go-to retailer for Hearts and Arrows diamonds – diamonds cut to reflect either a heart or arrow shape.

The brand originally garnered acclaim for being the first to offer this “super ideal cut” of diamonds. Anyone who is anyone in the fine jewelry industry is bound to be familiar with Gavin’s name, and knows that it is synonymous with quality, luxury, and craftsmanship.

Brian Gavin has always carried diamonds that are a “cut above” other retailers, according to their company website. Best known for their engagement and wedding rings, Brian Gravin has earned a reputation for great jewelry with strong design. Anything purchased from this company is bound to be of the highest quality, and made to last and stay stylish for decades to come. 

What You Get:

The company offers both made-to-order and custom-designed engagement rings. They also offer a wide variety of styles and cuts, including halo, pavé, and side stone designs. You can also search the Brian Gavin website by specific designers, including but not limited to: Gavin himself, Frieder Lauer, and Jeff Cooper. 

The actual cost of Brian Gavin engagement rings varies drastically based on cut, gemstone, and type. Whether it be the $605 (setting only) Madison ring with its artful, metalcraft look, or the high glam $2,700 Athena engagement ring, there is bound to be a ring to suit every partner’s tastes. 

When adding stones and diamonds to settings, the price will also vary based on the quality and type of gemstone. However, the in-store and online customer service teams at Brian Gavin are dedicated to assisting you in finding exactly the ring suitable to your budget and aesthetic. 

Delivery & Cost:

The cost of a Brian Gavin engagement ring, like all fine jewelry, is subject to the ring’s quality, cut, and carat. Most of the rings available for sale by this company will cost upward of $1,000, but their quality and workmanship is undeniable. 

Brian Gavin also ships worldwide, though your purchase may be subject to country-specific duty fees and tariffs. All shipments are also insured, guaranteeing your item will arrive safely. It must be noted that all items from Brain Gavin are final sale and cannot be returned. 

What Are The Most Common Precious Metals Used For Engagement Rings?

10 Best Engagement Ring Brands

There are several kinds of precious metals used in engagement rings, some of the most popular being platinum, white gold, and yellow gold. This list of best engagement ring brands will briefly review the pros and cons of several of these fine metals. 

When using platinum in the setting of an engagement ring, there are several pros and cons, including: 


  • More durable and temperature-resistant than gold 
  • Easily maintains the lustre of a precious metal


  • More costly than other metal types. 
  • May scratch easily

The advantages and disadvantages of using white gold in the setting of your engagement ring are as follows: 


  • Less expensive than platinum 
  • Wider selections of white gold rings available in the market 


  • A less durable, softer metal 
  • The ring may turn yellow over time 

Finally, there are several pros and cons to using rose gold, namely: 


  • Chic, stylish, and trendy 
  • More durable than yellow or white gold 


  • May cause allergies in sensitive individuals 
  • Not as widely available and sometimes priced at a premium 

What Are The Top Engagement Ring Trends for 2021?

10 Best Engagement Ring Brands

Engagement rings, like any other commodity, have fashion trends that go in and out of style regularly. In 2021, one of the most popular trends is the use of emeralds instead of diamonds as the ring’s feature stone. This detail is fun, chic, and different for any fiancée seeking an original design. 

Personal details within the designs of engagement rings are also incredibly trendy in 2021. Whether it be a special design or specific engraving, that sentimental touch is really in fashion right now — not to mention romantic and thoughtful.

According to, there are a few other trends jewelers have seen this year:

  • band-style rings (like Super Jeweler’s pave wedding band)
  • heirloom and vintage-inspired rings
  • horizontal “East West” diamonds (like Vrai’s Signature ring)
  • Virtual shopping

How to Choose The Best Engagement Ring

10 Best Engagement Ring Brands

There are manyimportant factors to consider when buying an engagement ring, including: 

  1. Materials – What is your ring made of? What kind of gem are you buying and how was it sourced?
  2. Size – Does the store carry your ring size? How wide is your pick and how big is the stone? How does it look on your hand?
  3. Weight – How heavy is your ring? Is it wearable?  
  4. Price – What is your budget, and what is going into the cost of your ring? Are you paying for things you don’t need? Does the store you’re looking at have sales or any hidden costs?
  5. Warranty – Is your ring covered for damage, or is there any other time-based warranty?
  6. Quality – Are you getting good value for your money? Is this ring something you really want to wear for a long time, and will it last?
  7. Reviews – What are other ring buyers, websites, and Bridal media saying?
  8. Customer Service – What is the company’s attitude toward customer service? Are they approachable and helpful?
  9. Carat – Similar to weight, how big is your diamond?
  10. Cut – How carefully has your diamond been shaped to reflect the light?
  11. Color – How clear (or not clear!) is your diamond?
  12. Clarity – Does your diamond have any blemishes or imperfections inside?

It’s especially important to be a self-aware and informed consumer before purchasing an engagement ring — especially when it is a piece of jewelry your significant other will hopefully be wearing for the rest of their life. 

All of the aforementioned factors should be closely assessed when considering a purchase. Most jewelers have fabulous customer service teams willing to support and educate you throughout the shopping process — but be sure to do your own research, too. An informed purchase is always the best purchase.

How We Chose the Best Engagement Ring Brands 

Before choosing any brand, we scour the web and all the biggest e-tailers to ensure we know all the available options on the market. We look at customer reviews, star ratings, brand ethos, processes, materials, accessibility, and so much more. We weigh the pros and cons, so you don’t have to, helping you make informed shopping decisions.

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