Bassett Furniture Review

About Bassett Furniture

Bassett Furniture Review

Bassett Furniture is a high-end American home furnishings company specializing in real wood furniture such as benches, bed frames, and tables. 

My Bassett Furniture review will introduce you to this family-owned legacy brand, who’ve been making lasting, highly customizable furniture for over a century. 

With roots in the lumber industry of Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains, Bassett Furniture continues to produce many of their products in the United States. They still maintain a manufacturing center in Bassett, Virginia (a town founded by their ancestors) and an upholstery factory in Newton, North Carolina, where American artisans work on their product lines. 

Bassett Furniture uses solid woods such as oak in many of their products, as well as Asian hardwoods, birch, and elm. They also prioritize sourcing their wood locally when possible, and participate in initiatives that lessen their environmental impact, like tree-planting, and have extensive recycling practices in their factories.

This brand carries classic styles that never go out of fashion. In addition to their traditional wooden sets like chairs, headboards, and dressers, they also carry a variety of home decor products such as rugs, cushions, and lamps. 

Their classic approach doesn’t mean they compromise on design. Bassett Furniture carries pieces that suit a variety of tastes, whether you’re looking for clean modern lines, lived-in vintage finishings, or a fresh, coastal look. Bassett is also known for giving customers the option to customize their furniture

You can consult with their designers and get made-to-order options that let you choose finishes, details, and fabrications. Or, you can personalize their wide range of existing pieces like sofas and chairs, with fabrics of your choice in a wide range of finishes and colors.

In this Bassett Furniture review, I’ll look at this long-standing company’s best-selling products, what customers are saying about them, and explore their sales and discounts, so you can decide if  their stylish, well-made pieces are right for your home and budget!

Overview of Bassett Furniture

Bassett Furniture Review

Bassett Furniture has over 100 years of experience making high-quality wood furniture for American families. Founded in 1902 by brothers J.D. Bassett and C.C. Bassett, the company was born out of the family’s sawmill business and America’s growing interest in home furniture. 

In the early 20th century, the Bassett brothers started out by selling raw lumber to the burgeoning furniture manufacturing industry, and eventually began making their own products from their own Appalachian oak as they watched demand grow. 

Soon, they were supplying stores across America with a wide range of oak furnishings made at their own Virginia factory, such as washstands, bed frames, and their signature dresser – the first piece Bassett Furniture ever designed and manufactured. 

As the years passed, Bassett Furniture expanded their product line to include other home furnishing essentials such as lamps, rugs, cushions, mirrors, and artwork. They also founded their own brick-and-mortar retail locations, and launched an official website for online shopping and customer service. 

With so many years in the industry, Bassett Furniture has become a well-known American furniture store, which remains owned by the Bassett family and still manufactures many of their products in their home state of Virginia. 

Keep reading as our Bassett Furniture review takes a look at the highlights of purchasing from this classic brand!


  • Long history of making quality wooden home furnishings
  • Produces many products domestically
  • Products meet the country’s highest safety standards
  • White Glove Delivery Service includes professional assembly
  • Offers a huge variety of fabric, finishing, and color options so you can customize your furnishings
  • Implements sustainable and ethical business practices

Bassett Furniture Review

Up ahead in this Bassett Furniture review I will now take a closer look at Bassett Furniture’s best-selling living room furnishings! 

Whether you’re looking forward to cozy nights on the couch or just finding a cute new cocktail table, you’ll want to keep reading.

Bassett Furniture Alexander Roll Arm Sofa Review

This sofa is both classic and comfy. The Alexander Roll Arm Sofa has soft “sock-styled” arms you can comfortably lean against, and high back cushions which are loose for a relaxed look and easy cleaning

This sofa has short, dark legs made of real walnut, which stands out against the fabric. Plus, this customizable couch is available in over 100 fabric options! 

Bassett Furniture allows you to pick from their extensive line of fabric textures, which are all intended to be durable and comfortable. Once you’ve chosen a fabric finish, you can choose from their wide range of colors, which include black, red, green, white and many shades of blue and gray.

The Alexander Roll Arm Sofa measures 85” wide and 39” high. You can make yourself at home on this sofa for $1,699, on sale from $2,269

Bassett Furniture Thiago Table Lamp Review

If you want a lamp that stands out rather than blending in, take a look at the Bassett Furniture Thiago Lamp. The Thiago Table Lamp has a unique, ornate design. 

Like many of Bassett Furniture’s products, this lamp catches your eye with its carved wooden features. This lamp has a pale wood base with a beautiful, wavy stem rising from a square base. 

The lamp comes with a simple white lampshade that picks up on the highlights in the wood.

It’s understated enough to compliment many rooms, but the interesting shape definitely suits people who value style as much as function when it comes to lighting! 

Weighing in at 11 lbs and 36” high, the Thiago Table Lamp is $219 and this purchase qualifies for free shipping.

Bassett Furniture Lewiston Wood Top Round Cocktail Table Review

Love the traditional aesthetic of a wooden round table? Take a look at the Lewiston Wood Top Round Cocktail Table by Bassett Furniture. 

Made in Vietnam from elm and Asian hardwoods, this rich, dark brown table looks like it came straight out of another century! It has a smooth, round table top and tapered legs which connect to a storage shelf beneath. 

This table gives you the opportunity to have a practical, durable place to put your cups and snacks while still giving you the opportunity to create a beautiful display on the lower shelf

Bassett Furniture suggests mixing and matching this piece with other glass-top tables to blend old and new and create visual interest in a room

The Lewiston Wood Top Round Cocktail Table is 20” high and 36” wide, and weighs a sturdy 54 lbs. It’s available for $499.

Bassett Bedroom Furniture Review

Join us as our Bassett Bedroom Furniture review looks at this brand’s bedroom best-sellers! 

If you’re ready to commit to a new bed frame or want to add a new side table to your bedtime routine, Bassett’s Bedroom Furniture collection has an option for you.

Bassett Furniture Shoreline Queen Panel Bed Review

This impressive bed frame really is fit for a queen! Made from Asian hardwoods with birch wood veneers, The Shoreline Queen Panel Bed is statement-making and cozy at the same time. 

The high headboard will be a punchy focal point in your bedroom. With a slightly distressed, light wood look, this paneled bed frame evokes a coastal theme – welcoming, relaxed luxury. 

This bed’s wooden square and rectangle panels and engraved details can give your space a traditional cottage or even upscale resort vibe, depending on your room’s design. 

This beautiful bed frame comes in two finishes: sea salt and ocean gray. You can also buy The Shoreline Queen Panel Bed in a variety of sizes:

  1. Twin for $799
  2. Full for $899
  3. Queen for $999
  4. King for $1,299
  5. Cal-King for $1,299

Bassett Furniture Abingdon Oak Panel Headboard Queen Review

The Abingdon Oak Panel Headboard is a sleek and simple wooden headboard that will jazz up your bedroom design. 

This headboard is made of solid Appalachian white oak and is part of the brand’s BenchMade collection, meaning it is made-to-order and crafted by artisans in the US. 

The tall headboard has rectangular panels which give it a minimalist, masculine feel. It weighs 70 lbs. Since this is a BenchMade product, it comes in a wide range of colors to help personalize your space. It’s available in the following finishes, which range in tone from white to deep brown:

  • Stormy gray
  • Summerfield
  • Espresso
  • Charleston
  • Cumberland
  • Briar
  • Vintage white
  • Brandy

Originally priced at $2,609, you can now buy the Abingdon Oak Panel Headboard in a Queen size for $1,949 or for a King sized bed for $2,049 (on sale from $2,739).

Bassett Furniture Shoreline Bedside Table Review

The Shoreline Bedside Table gives you some necessary storage space for your bedroom essentials with a dose of beachside style. 

It has one large top drawer with a black circular knob, and an open storage area underneath. This bedside table stands up on stylish, tapered legs and has some subtle engraved paneling. 

It’s available in sea salt or ocean gray finishes. Like all Bassett Furniture products, it is made from high quality wood products: Asian hardwoods and birch veneers.

This cute side table pairs well with the Shoreline Bed Frame and other furniture from the Shoreline collection, and can give a coastal, cottage, or even farmhouse look to your space. 

You can buy the Shoreline Bedside Table for $699.

Bassett Furniture Dresser Review

Let’s go back to the product that started it all – the Bassett Furniture Dresser!

My Bassett Furniture review will cover this company’s dresser best-sellers: The Shoreline Dresser and the Shoreline Chest.

Bassett Furniture Shoreline Dresser Review

This generously sized dresser will stylishly house your whole wardrobe. The Shoreline Dresser has a total of six drawers. Two of these are long, rectangular drawers at the top of the dresser, with two small black knobs on each. 

The other four drawers are larger bottom drawers for heavier clothing items. These pull-out drawers have old-fashioned ring handles. 

The Shoreline Dresser is designed for people looking to bring a peaceful waterfront living feel to their homes. The subtle, vintage distressing on the finish makes this dresser look like it would fit right in in a seaside village. 

Like the rest of this unique, popular collection, the Shoreline Dresser is available in sea salt and ocean gray. You can purchase the Shoreline Dresser for $1,299

Bassett Furniture Shoreline Chest Review

The Shoreline Chest has the same stylish looks as the Shoreline Dresser, but is a more convenient choice for a smaller space. This tall chest reaches 51” high, so you can take up height rather than precious floor space in your room.

This chest has five drawers. The top drawers are designed to hold small items and have round black knobs, while the larger bottom drawers have the traditional ring handles. 

The Shoreline Chest stands up on delicate tapered legs and has a slightly distressed finish. It is available in colors sea salt and ocean gray.

Bring beachside cool to your home with the Shoreline Chest for $1,299.

Who Is Bassett Furniture For? 

Bassett Furniture Review

Bassett Furniture is made for people who love the traditional aesthetic of real wood furnishings and want to invest in lasting, high-quality wooden furniture, with extensive options to put together custom pieces. 

Using solid woods and hardwoods, Bassett Furniture creates classic product lines for people of all styles and preferences. Their products highlight wood’s natural beauty in a variety of finishes. They’ve also tailored their fabrics and finishes to compliment their woods. 

Customers who take an interest in what their furniture is made out of, and who it is made by, will appreciate Bassett Furniture’s transparent approach to manufacturing. People who support made-in-America companies will especially love that some of Bassett Furniture’s products are still made in the US by American artisans

The brand also takes action to minimize their impact on our planet and produce their pieces ethically. They are involved in recycling and tree-planting initiatives, and have a transparent set of standards for dealing with vendors and contractors that ensures Bassett only works with companies who have good working conditions and fair wages.  

Families concerned about cheaply made furniture will also be happy to know that Bassett Furniture’s products meet all of California’s safety standards, which are the strictest in the US.

Bassett Furniture also caters to families who want to customize their furnishings in different fabrics, finishes, and sizes. Most furniture stores have a limited selection of colors and sizes, but Bassett Furniture has set itself apart by offering a wide range of both to suit a wide range of design aesthetics. 

For example, Bassett Furniture carries a range of fabric colors which you can select from to personalize your choice of sofa or armchair. They also offer their BenchMade line, made-to-order furnishings that allow customers to choose from endless finishes, shapes, and details to design their own beds, dining sets, and living room pieces.

Ultimately, Bassett Furniture is perfect for people who do not want to compromise on quality or style when furnishing their home.

Bassett Furniture Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Bassett Furniture Review

The brand does not have verified reviews on their official website, so I started our closer look at what real customers are saying about their products by checking out the many Bassett Furniture reviews on 

During my research for this Bassett Furniture review, I found that customers comment on their long-lasting durability, with some people sending updates years after they purchased their furniture. One woman shares in her Bassett Furniture review: “I bought a bedroom set which still looks like new 12 years later.”

Another customer appreciated this company’s attentive customer service and the fact that they have many price and color options. She shares in her Bassett Furniture review: Each sales associate that assisted me was helpful, accommodated my special requests, offered design advice to suit my style, color preferences and budget.” 

Another customer complimented this brand in their Bassett Furniture review, writing that they sell, Outstanding American made furniture, fit and finish are their hallmark.”

Some appreciate the ability to customize their products so specifically, like the person whose Bassett Furniture review says, “We were looking for a specific size, height of arms, and fabric. They were able to fabricate just what we ordered, and 20 years later is still in great condition.”

According to, some customers had experiences of slow customer service responses to issues with defective products, warranties, and delivery problems. Others were frustrated with products that they thought should have lasted longer, seeing things like some fabric pilling after a period of use. 

However, this was not the common experience of most customers. Generally, most shoppers providing feedback at ConsumerAffairs are pleased with their purchases. 

This company also has some reviews on, where customers express their thanks to Bassett Furniture sales staff. One satisfied shopper shares, “I was very happy with the service I received. Great store and staff. The designer was very helpful.”

Bassett Furniture also has a favorable review from, whose Home Fashion writer visited a Bassett Furniture store to test out their couches. She found many favorite pieces and especially loved their customizability

She shared in her Bassett Furniture review: “Bassett Furniture really does deliver high-quality furniture, and when it comes to their sofa selection, there really isn’t anything you should stay away from! No matter your style, you can find something that works for you that’s going to last for years to come.”

To summarize this section of my Bassett Furniture review, I found that most customers approve of the brand. Though some would have preferred speedier replies and more flexible return and warranty policies, shoppers generally reported fantastic customer service and especially loved the customization process.

Ultimately, many Bassett Furniture customers are very pleased with their purchases and have shared positive experiences of relying on their beloved home furnishings for years.

Is Bassett Furniture Worth It?

Bassett Furniture Review

Bassett Furniture has long been an industry leader in American furniture. They have been creating durable and beautiful wooden pieces since 1902! Their store has successfully kept up with the times, and offers a wide selection of product lines at their brick-and-mortar stores and their online shop, too. 

You can find pieces in a variety of styles. With their BenchMade options and customizable finishes, you can trust Bassett Furniture to provide you with pieces that are reliable and compliment your space and tastes.

Bassett Furniture wants customers to get real use out of their beautiful pieces and treats their furniture as an investment. They use great craftsmanship, high-quality materials, and durable fabrications, to deliver visual appeal without sacrificing longevity and comfort.

Bassett Furniture makes the buying process easy, but also understands that half the battle of furnishing your home is getting your new products safely inside and assembled. That’s why they offer a White Glove Delivery Service to help make your experience a lot more convenient.

Overall, the company has generally satisfied customers and has a solid reputation in the industry. They are transparent about their materials and manufacturing process, and are proud to retain an artisan presence within the US. 

To conclude this Bassett Furniture review, I can recommend this company’s products to families looking to invest in well-made furniture they can live their lives in.

Bassett Furniture Promotions & Discounts 

Bassett Furniture Review

Bassett Furniture has a dedicated Sale section on their website. Currently, Bassett is running their Winter Design event, where select living and dining furniture is 25% off, and select rugs are 35% off. 

You can also enter your email to receive communications from Bassett to get a discount code for your first purchase. 

Where to Buy Bassett Furniture

Bassett Furniture Review

You can purchase Bassett Furniture items through their retail stores in the US, or through their official website


Bassett Furniture Review

Who owns Bassett Furniture?

At the time of this Bassett Furniture review, John Bassett III owns Bassett Furniture.

Does Bassett Furniture ship internationally?

No, Bassett Furniture does not ship internationally. 

What is Bassett Furniture’s Shipping Policy?

Bassett Furniture will ship to addresses within the US. Delivery fees depend on your exact location, and the cost of your purchase. 

You can enter your zip code into Bassett’s Delivery Pricing finder to find out the precise amount. 

What is Bassett Furniture’s Return Policy?

Custom furnishings, other furniture, sale, and clearance items cannot be returned. 

However, orders of custom furniture can be canceled within 24 hours of being placed. 

Orders of non-custom furniture and rugs can be canceled, as well. If the item has shipped from the distribution center, a 15% restocking fee will be deducted from your return. 

Non-furniture items can be returned within 30 days of making your purchase, with receipts. 

How to Contact Bassett Furniture

You can contact Bassett Furniture by:

  • Phone: 1-833-498-6383
  • Web: Fill out the customer service Contact Form on their site
  • Mail: Bassett Furniture, 3525 Fairystone Park Hwy. PO Box 626, Bassett, Virginia, 24055

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