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Smart Furniture Review

Nowadays, we shop for everything online—but it wasn’t always that way. At the dawn of the tech-savvy age, brands like Smart Furniture were among the first to use the web to their advantage, selling goods directly to consumers.

At a time when most people were still figuring out how to send an email or use a browser, Smart Furniture was already there selling home goods across America.

Since its launch, the company has become a trusted retailer in the e-commerce world. With a small but mighty following of 30k across its social media pages, the site carries pieces from brands like Herman Miller, BDI, Blu Dot, and Humanscale.

When we invest in furniture, we want something that is high-quality, durable, and timeless. To determine if this brand can provide that perfect bed, desk, or sofa, give this Smart Furniture review a read.

In it, we’ll dive deep into product offerings, customer ratings, promotions, FAQs, and more to help you determine if this brand is worth the investment.

Overview of Smart Furniture

Smart Furniture Review

Launched in 1998, Smart Furniture is based in Chattanooga, TN. In the ‘90s, company founder and chairman Stephen Culp knew that the internet would bring about a new sort of business frontier. Of course, he was right.

As one of the first of its kind, the company brought a new shopping experience to customers, launching furniture into the digital age: Although web purchasing was still in its infancy, and buying furniture online was a thought that most people had never considered before, we launched one of the very first online, direct to consumer web stores.”

With the mantra “design on demand,” Smart Furniture initially only sold shelves and shelving units. As the years progressed and more Americans became comfortable shopping online, the company expanded its line to include desks, chairs, and pretty much every home product you can think of.

Whether you’re looking for a Smart Furniture stressless chair, a modular sectional, or a practical storage solution, the company has a dedicated team ready to help you out—you can even call them on the phone like it’s still the ‘90s. The brand doesn’t outsource either, so you’ll be guaranteed to talk to a real person working for the brand in the US.

Before jumping into specific product reviews, this Smart Furniture review will weigh several pros and cons of this e-commerce brand, including:


  • Vast product selection with thousands of items
  • Carries products from dozens of brands
  • Exceptional customer service
  • Free shipping on most items
  • Assembly options available
  • 5 Year Protection Plan on purchases


  • Some products are not immediately available
  • Only ships within the US (excluding Alaska and Hawaii)
Smart Furniture Review

When buying furniture, we want to invest in pieces that will stay in style for years to come. With that in mind, this Smart Furniture review will dive into several of the company’s most popular products, from ergonomic office chairs to statement pieces that look more like artwork.

Look—furniture can get expensive. To help, the brand offers customers the option of paying in interest-free installments with PayPal.

Smart Furniture Office Chairs Review

In 2021, a lot of us are working from home. There are some perks to this, one being that you can invest in your own office chair—no more sitting in an uncomfortable, worn-out chair (who knows how many people have used it before you!). Offering hundreds of designs, from the Smart Furniture Steelcase Amia Chair to the Leap Chair, WFH just got a lot more comfortable.

Up next, this Smart Furniture review will only cover a select few of the company’s best-sellers, starting with the futuristic-looking Embody Chair.

Smart Furniture Embody Chair Review

Looking straight out of the year 3000, the Smart Furniture Embody Chair is for the businessman (or woman!) who likes to impress. Not only impressive in appearance, this office essential also offers four layers of support for an ergonomic experience.

Designed by Herman Miller, this chair is guaranteed to not only be stylish but also comfortable for use throughout your workday. In fact, the design’s narrow backrest even allows your arms and shoulders to move around freely without feeling restricted.

The Embody Chair is height adjustable and even offers customizable armrests. The back of the chair is 42”-45” tall and the width is 29.5”. Even if your desk is in a tight spot, this chair should fit into it with no problem.

Offered in several colors, customers who like the classics can opt for black, but those who like a pop of vibrancy might choose medley citrus. Neither one your vibe? Don’t worry, there are 27 shades to choose from.

The frame finish is also available in black or white, and the base finish comes in graphite, titanium, and aluminum. Though the price fluctuates depending on color choice, the basic carbon-colored chair with both graphite finishes retails for $1,695.

Smart Furniture Mirra 2 Chair Review

Described as flexible, simple, and personalized, the Smart Furniture Herman Miller Mirra 2 Chair is on this list for a reason. In fact, Wired recently named it one of the six best high-end desk chairs currently on the market.

As the second incarnation of this design, the revamped back and tilt mechanisms allow you to lean back comfortably, while the new seat design is better temperature controlled, allowing you to sit comfortably for longer.

This chair stands 38”-43” tall and 27” wide. Customers can choose between five seat colors and two frame shades, but the customization doesn’t stop there. Here’s what you can add to the Mirra 2 Chair:

  • Adjustable armrests
  • Adjustable lumbar support
  • Custom wheels for carpet or hardwood flooring
  • Angled seat and tilt limiter

Like most of the company’s products, the price fluctuates slightly based on color and finish choice, as well as which additions you choose. The basic graphite-colored and finished chair sells for $865.

Smart Furniture Generation Chair Review

This chair is different from your standard office seat. The Smart Furniture Knoll Generation Chair is ergonomic and designed to move with the person sitting. The criss-cross backing supports the user and comfortably adapts to three sitting positions: front-facing, back-facing, or side-saddle.

This is perfect for the ever-uncomfortable office employee who needs to shift around continually during the day. The Generation Chair is height adjustable and stands anywhere from 39.25” to 44.5” tall, while the width is 27.3”.

Customers can choose from four different colors and two different base frames (light and dark).

This Smart Furniture review knows that this chair is going to be an instant hit with any fidgety, move-about employee, whether they work in an office or at home. Make your workspace work for you—get the Generation Chair for $768, from $904.

Smart Furniture Sayl Office Chair Review

The Smart Furniture Sayl chair is another not-so-ordinary product. The Y-Tower back design “provides the connection points for the suspension back” and “mirrors the curvature of the spine.” In other words, it provides the ultimate back support.

The Sayl Office Chair tilts back to a full recline and offers exceptional lumbar support to anyone who needs to stay seated for a long time. The armrests on this chair are also adjustable for a personalized, comfortable seat. The back height stands 15.5”-20” tall and the chair as a whole is 24.5” wide.

This ergonomic seat comes in six different colors, such as crepe fog (light grey) or crepe cherry (vibrant red). The frame base and Y-Tower can also be customized in black or fog/studio white.

Prices fluctuate depending on your choices. The Sayl Office Chair with a black finish retails for $595, while the fog/studio white version costs $745. If you want something more traditional, check out the Smart Furniture Herman Miller Celle Chairs.

Smart Furniture Series 1 Chair Review

If you’re searching for a modern-looking desk chair at an affordable price, check out the Smart Furniture Series 1 Chair. Its slim design is perfect for smaller home office spaces, while its bolstering adapts to your unique shape for ultimate comfort.

Designed to be lightweight, the Smart Furniture Steelcase Series 1 Chair includes “integrated liveback technology with adjustable lumbar support.” In less technical terms, this chair mimics your spine throughout the day to support your lower back.

This chair also comes with 4D adjustable arms that can move in height, width, depth, and pivot direction. It stands 23.75” tall and 27” wide.

Available in nine seat colors and two frame shades, get the Series 1 Chair for $449.

Smart Furniture Aeron Chair Review

The Smart Furniture Aeron Chair provides the ultimate personalized experience. Rather than be one-size-fits-all like most office seats, this one comes in three different sizes:

  • A-Small: Recommended for users 4’10”-5’9” tall and 90-150 lb
  • B-Medium: Recommended for users 5’2” to 6’6” tall and 130-325 lb
  • C-Large: Recommended for users 5’3” to 6’6” tall and 180-350 lb

Created again by Herman Miller, this chair uses elastomeric suspension for even pressure distribution and pellicle material to allow airflow and temperature control within the actual seating of the chair. It is also reclinable and comes equipped with height-adjustable armrests.

Available in several frame and base colors, all sizes of the Aeron Chair chair begin at $1,120.

Smart Furniture Mirra 2 Chair, Triflex Back Review

The Smart Furniture Mirra 2 Chair, Triflex Back is for the office worker that craves some extra support. Whether you tilt, roll, or twist, this seat comfortably moves with you so you can focus on the task at hand.

The chair’s butterfly back is supportive and flexible, while the redesigned seat allows for better airflow and temperature control. This design is also equipped with a smoother tilt mechanism, meaning you can recline fully and effortlessly—it shifts with you and adjusts with every movement you make.

The Mirra 2 Chair stands 38.25”-42.75” tall and is 27” wide. It is also available in five different colors, ranging from eye-catching turquoise to deep black. Get it for $845$905.

Smart Furniture Washington Skeleton Chair Review

Perhaps the most unconventional of the designs featured in this review is the Washington Skeleton Chair by Knoll. Looking more like a sculpture than a chair, this is definitely a conversation piece.

The Smart Furniture skeleton chair is bound to attract attention. Made from aluminum, copper, nickel, and nylon, it is sleek, fun, and trendy. Perfect for an ultra-modern patio, choose from six finish colors, ranging from white to black with some fun metallics thrown in.

At 32.5” tall and 18” wide, this outdoor chair ranges from $723-$1463 (from $851-$1,751), depending on your color preference.

Smart Furniture Airia Desk Review

The final furniture item included in this Smart Furniture review is the Airia Desk. Trendy, sleek, and different from your typical work desk, this product is incredibly well-thought out. Using cleverly designed storage mechanisms and visual cues, this desk attempts to keep you focused on your work. 

According to the Herman Miller website, the brand that designed this desk, the product includes “a white laminate inset on the desk’s surface [that] delineates workspace, while a slightly elevated secondary surface provides a place for books, office tools, and refreshments. Three removable covers with cutouts store and route cords and cables.” 

The Smart Furniture Airia Desk is perfect for tight, small spaces, as it is only 30.5” tall, 56” wide, and 30” deep. It is also only available in the single color with dark wood and a white laminate desk top. This desk retails for $3,370.

Who Is Smart Furniture For?

Smart Furniture Review

Smart Furniture is not designed with a single type of customer in mind. Regardless of age, sex, gender, or ethnic background, the company’s products are suitable for use by everyone. It is worth noting that certain products might not be accessible to individuals with certain physical disabilities, so product information should always be read in full before making a purchase.

Comparison: Smart Furniture vs. Humanscale

Smart Furniture Review

The online furniture industry has exploded in the past decade, so you may be wondering how Smart Furniture compares to its competitors. To find out, we’re putting the brand head-to-head with Humanscale, another e-commerce retailer.

There are several differences between the two companies, including:

  • Product selection
  • Price
  • Material usage
  • Design

In terms of products available, Humanscale specializes in ergonomic office furniture and accessories. While Smart Furniture offers those items too, you’ll find a broader range of furniture, including items for every room of your house—even your patio!

But, perhaps the most important difference is that Smart Furniture sells products from numerous other brands—including Humanscale! Meanwhile, Humanscale manufactures and designs its own. The competitor’s commitment to innovate the workspace with furniture that promotes a healthier and more active life likely plays into why its products are more expensive.

Let’s take a look at a similar product from both companies.

The Smarter Office Whisper Height Adjustable Pneumatic Desk:

  • Desk that adjusts from sit-height to stand-height (27.5″-44.5”)
  • Lever-activated air cylinder
  • Two width options
  • One color option
  • 44.5″ H x 48″ W x 29.5″ D
  • Starts at $827 (from $974)

Humanscale Float:

  • Desk that adjusts from sit-height to stand-height
  • Counterbalance or electric crank
  • Multiple sizes
  • Four color options
  • Meant to fit with the brand’s desk accessories
  • Starts at $2079

At less than half the price, Smart Furniture’s option is certainly more affordable. But, Humanscale’s desk comes with a lot more customization options. This seems to be the overall trend with both lines.

Want to learn more? Then check out our full Humanscale Chair Review.

Smart Furniture Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Smart Furniture Review

While the brand’s products certainly look stunning, ergonomic, and to be of good value, this Smart Furniture review needed to see what real customers had to say. Below, you’ll find testimonials from the company’s site, ResellerReviews, and the Better Business Bureau.

Here’s a peek at how some of its top products score on the brand’s website:

  • Embody Chair: 4.6/5 stars from 223 ratings
  • Sayl Chair: 4.7/5 stars from 127 ratings
  • Aeron Chair: 5/5 stars from 64 ratings
  • Series 1 Chair: 4.8/5 stars from 20 ratings

We chose to dive deeper into the Sayl Chair because of its unique design. Customers report that it looks stunning, provides support, and is a great value for the cost. One user described the seat as a “miracle of engineering.” They continued:

I purchased this chair because it’s so hard to find chairs that actually fit a smaller person and have narrow-enough horizontally moving armrests, and it fit me perfectly, but after sitting in it for a while, I’m amazed at how supportive the back is.

Meanwhile, another Smart Furniture review confirmed that it is easy to assemble: “Easy to set up out of the box (2 parts – just plop the upper combined seat & arm component onto the lower wheeled assembly!). It feels well-built and sturdy and is relatively silent in operation…

To see how well these ratings hold up, we turned to ResellerRatings. Here, Smart Furniture earned an astounding 4.99/5-star score from 63 customers. The brand’s shipping standards, customer service team, and value all received a perfect rating!

One shopper unfortunately received the wrong color of the product they ordered. But, they were impressed with how the company handled the situation—mistakes happen! Here’s what that customer had to say:

Replacement pieces were shipped to me and a technician was found locally to pickup my chair and the replacements were done in their shop. My chair was returned the next day in beautiful condition along with the original wood bases. When I inquired as to how to return the extra bases, Allison responded that I was welcome to either keep them, or she would arrange a pick up… I am donating them to a local charity and everyone has benefited from my experience.

Meanwhile, another user had only positive things to say about its customer service team:

Outstanding customer service. We purchased 7 items for our office, including chairs, filing cabinets, & a bench. One item did not work for us and the return was shockingly easy. Another item was mistakenly marked free shipping on a web page and they actually honored it. Each rep was pleasant and helpful.

Next, we looked at Smart Furniture’s BBB profile to learn more about how well it responds to customer grievances. With an A+ rating (unaccredited) and no customer complaints, we were pleased by what we found.

Most customers seem to love their Smart Furniture purchases, as well as their interactions with the brand. Innovative, well-engineered, and designed to last, this company’s products come highly recommended.

Is Smart Furniture Worth It?

Smart Furniture Review

According to this Smart Furniture review, the company’s products are absolutely worth it. High quality, well made, and stylish, each item is designed to last for years to come—and even come with long warranties should anything happen to them.

We also found numerous customer testimonials that attest to the company’s customer service team—noting that they are kind, knowledgeable, and ready to answer any questions or rectify concerns.

Weighing Smart Furniture’s vast product selection, fantastic policies, long warranties, and helpful team, we definitely think you should check out its site for your homeware needs.

Smart Furniture Promotions & Discounts

Smart Furniture Review

Smart Furniture offers a Sale section on its website where you’ll find over 1000 products at discounted rates. Make sure to sign up for the brand’s e-newsletter to be alerted of new discounts and sales!

Where to Buy Smart Furniture

Smart Furniture Review

This company is a retailer that curates and sells products from other brands. Technically, you’ll be able to find those products elsewhere, but to take advantage of the company’s policies and excellent customer service team, you’ll want to shop through SmartFurniture.com.


Smart Furniture Review

What is Smart Furniture’s Shipping Policy?

Smart Furniture offers free ground shipping on most US orders that total $39 or more. Products from certain brands will have a shipping charge, and a full list can be found on its Shipping and Delivery page.

The company offers alternative shipping options, including a furniture assembly service. Costs for these options, as well as an estimated delivery time, will be calculated at checkout.

At this time, Smart Furniture only ships to the US, excluding Alaska and Hawaii.

What is Smart Furniture’s Return Policy?

Did you change your mind? Smart Furniture offers a 45-day no-hassle return policy. If you are not satisfied with your order, the company will accept returns for new items with the original packaging within that time period—even on customized pieces.

Once you contact the brand to initiate the process, it’ll send you a prepaid shipping label. This Smart Furniture review recommends giving the extensive return page a read before placing your order, as there are some specific fees and policies—such as an 18% restocking fee on orders over $1,500.

How to Contact Smart Furniture

If you have any questions for the brand after reading this Smart Furniture review, you can contact its team via:

  • Phone: (800) 260-8420
  • Contact Us page on its website

The company’s phone lines are open between 8:00 am and 6:00 pm EST, Monday through Friday.

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