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Best The Futon Shop Products Review 

What’s the worst part about buying a new mattress? The off-gassing. You have chemical flame retardants and synthetic materials to thank for that.

Fortunately, The Futon Shop does things differently, offering nontoxic, chemical-free alternatives for both futons and regular beds. Coming up in this post, you’ll read all about the 5 best The Futon Shop products.

They’re a mix of everything this conscious brand has to offer. Made from natural, virgin wool and GOTS-certified cotton, all of them are sustainable and crafted with you and your family’s health needs in mind.

The Futon Shop Products Review

Founded by Suzanne Diamond in 1976, her own need to go chemical free is precisely why this responsible brand was created. Ready to get started? Let’s dive right into this The Futon Shop review.

Pure Comfort Natural Cotton Mattress

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of cotton against your skin, but it also does wonders for temperature regulation too. The Pure Comfort Natural Cotton Mattress has 733 micro coils and is stuffed with a blend of virgin wool and USDA-certified organic cotton. 

Providing both comfort and support, this tufted futon mattress boasts anti-microbial properties and is even dust mite resistant. See how it can transform your sleep for $718 (down from $2,052).

Tranquility 2 Hypoallergenic Mattress

It’s all in the name with the Tranquility 2 Hypoallergenic Mattress. With 8” of cushion and 722 individual pocket coils, this virgin wool mattress is an all-American beauty. Ideal for those with lower back pain, it can help to support your hips and shoulders for a night of pain-free sleep. 

Need more convincing that this mattress is for you? It has a 10-15 year life expectancy and a 0% chance of off-gassing. You can get it on sale right now for $809 (down from $2,313).

3” Wool Mattress Topper

They say that wool provides comfort like nothing else, and I think the 3” Wool Mattress Topper is a great pick for those with chilly winters. Since wool is a very warm fabric, you can expect this topper to keep you snuggly in the cold. 

Enjoy the peace that comes with responsible and toxic-free materials, and sleep easy with this cover for $410 (down from $622).

Solid Organic Cotton Twill Futon Cover

The feeling of a futon cover is equally as important as the comfort the actual cushion provides. That’s why I couldn’t leave the Solid Organic Cotton Twill Futon Cover off this list of the 5 best The Futon Shop products. 

With 7oz of weight, this GOTS-certified organic cotton cover is a neutral color so it works well with any kind of cushion you already have. Handmade in San Francisco, you can buy it for $137 (down from $275).

Cornerstone Wood Amish Flat Arm Shaker Futon Frame

Made from solid maple wood collected from responsibly-managed forests, the Cornerstone Wood Amish Flat Arm Shaker Futon Frame is crafted by the Amish for a traditionally beautiful look. 

Using wood that was hand selected carefully with the future of the forest in mind, I love how purposefully this piece has been created. Finished with linseed oil, you can get it in full or queen size for $837 (down from $930).

Who Is The Futon Shop For? 

Best The Futon Shop Products Review 

The Futon Shop makes sustainable, non-toxic, chemical-free futon mattresses, frames, and sofas. With greater versatility than a mattress, I think this brand is the perfect option for those with small spaces that also value their health and the environment.

The Futon Shop Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Best The Futon Shop Products Review 

You’ve met the 5 best The Futon Shop products, but the thing about mattresses is, that you don’t know what they’re really like until you sleep on them. Though the brand’s Comfort Exchange has you covered in terms of finding your perfect fit, I think it’d still be worthwhile to consult customers for their feedback.

To find out what these products are really like, my first stop was Here’s a list of the ratings for some of the brand’s bestsellers:

  • Pure Comfort Natural Cotton Mattress: 5/5 stars from 116 reviews
  • Tranquility 2 Hypoallergenic Mattress: 5/5 stars from 20 reviews
  • EcoSupport Pure Latex Futon Mattress: 5/5 stars from 21 reviews

One shopper had this to say about the Pure Comfort Natural Cotton Mattress: “Super comfortable, it’s firm to support everywhere and soft enough for good circulation at all pressure points. Has ever so slight bounce, good for turning over for side sleeping and super giving for stomach sleeping too! Sleeps cool! Great sleep!

Cotton has a reputation for helping you sleep cool, so if you’re a hot sleeper, this type is recommended over the brand’s wool models. You probably noticed the 5/5 stars score too, which seems to be the standard for most products on the brand’s site. To see if other websites have the same kind of feedback, I headed over to Amazon.

There, I checked out the Deluxe Organic Cotton Couch Futon Mattress—which (not so coincidentally) had 5/5 stars—though I should note just two shoppers rated it. Let’s take a look at why one thought it deserves a flawless score.

…they upgraded a great futon to a spectacular futon and I am so grateful for their respect for the consumer and their quest for exceptional quality. I have never slept this well. The futon is made with quality materials. It molds to the body while still being firm. Can I say it’s like a cloud? It is dreamy.

‘Dreamy’ is definitely the word you want to see mentioned with beds, but it’s also nice to read that this mattress is made from quality materials. Swiftly moving on to see what folks had to say about the 3” Wool Mattress Topper, I headed over to Wayfair and saw that it was awarded 4.1/5 stars by 21 customers. Here’s what one satisfied buyer wrote:

This thing is great! It is very soft, comfortable, and luxurious feeling. I have had it for years. I keep it in a mattress cover and it is pristine. You would be a fool to not choose wool.” 

‘Luxurious’ is a word I never thought I’d see in reference to a futon, but that’s exactly what most folks have to say about the 5 best The Futon Shop products. To top it off, I saw that the brand has an A+ score for customer service on the Better Business Bureau’s website. All in all, it checks out from every angle.

Is The Futon Shop Worth It?

Best The Futon Shop Products Review 

Futons have a reputation for being lumpy and hard. At least, that’s what I’ve known them to be like. But this brand’s mattresses kind of blew my mind. 

I really enjoy The Futon Shop’s whole concept and from what I’ve read in customer reviews for the 5 best The Futon Shop products, they’re really great quality, well made, and safe for the whole family. In other words, I definitely think they’re worth checking out. 


Best The Futon Shop Products Review 

Who owns The Futon Shop?

Suzanne Diamond founded The Futon Shop in 1976 after committing to a chemical-free lifestyle. Since mattresses are heavily loaded with chemicals, she decided to open a shop with natural, non-toxic options. All the brand’s products are manufactured in San Francisco.

Where can I buy The Futon Shop?

Ready to make the switch? You can buy the 5 best The Futon Shop products from, Wayfair, or Amazon. 

What is The Futon Shop’s shipping policy?

The Futon Shop ships to you directly from its warehouse in San Francisco. All shipping fees will be listed at check out, and in some cases, the brand even offers free delivery. 

Here’s a quick run-through of its shipping policy:

  • You can expect to receive shipping details in 1-2 business days
  • Delivery can take up to three weeks
  • Smaller parcels (like pillows) take about 1-2 weeks to arrive
  • Expedited shipping is available for most locations in the contiguous US

What is The Futon Shop’s return policy?

The Futon Shop offers a 30day comfort exchange that allows you to try out your futon for the given amount of time and trade it in for a different model should you not like what you get. This doesn’t apply to all of the 5 best The Futon Shop products, just the mattresses. 

I’ll walk you through the details of the return policy:

  1. You must sleep on your new futon for a minimum of 15-25 nights
  2. Only certain mattresses qualify (those valued at $459+)
  3. Exchange for the same size mattress only (of greater or lesser value)

If you can’t ship the mattress back, you can donate it and provide proof. Once you do, you’ll receive a credit for 50% of what you spent to use on another mattress. 

Not interested in the Comfort Exchange? You can return any other item within three days of delivery. Be sure you have the original packaging. Once returned, your refund will be issued via credit with a 20% restocking fee subtracted from the total. This credit is usable for six months only. 

Send all return items to this address: 2150 Cesar Chavez St San Francisco, CA. 94124. Then email your tracking number and shipment details to [email protected].

How To Contact The Futon Shop

Best The Futon Shop Products Review 

Do you still have questions about The Futon Shop products?

If so, you can get in touch with the brand’s team by calling 1-800-44-FUTON or by emailing [email protected]. The Futon Shop’s contact hours are 10:00 am – 7:00 pm PST, daily.

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