Enso Rings Review

About Enso Rings

Enso Rings Review

Enso Rings are a ring-producing company that offers an alternative to hard metal rings.

Their silicone rings are comfortable, safe, and fun. They have over 233k followers on Instagram as well as a successful history with both Kickstarter and Shark’s Tank.

In this Enso Rings review, I’ll look at what you can expect from these products so that you can decide whether they’re worth your time and money.

Overview Of Enso Rings

Enso Rings Review

Enso Rings came to the minds of two friends, Brighton Jones and Aaron Dalley, who had suffered finger injuries during their rock climbing days. 

Their hard metal rings lead to ring avulsion injuries and thus they looked for alternatives. Their proposed solution was silicone, a solution that they took to Shark Tank after a successful Kickstarter campaign.

As you can hopefully assume, Enso Rings took off after that. They accepted an offer from one of the Sharks and soon customers flocked to them. They later earned larger partnerships with Disney to create rings based on the mouse’s large media properties.

So is it safe to believe that silicone rings are the way of the future? That’s what this Enso Rings review will look to answer.

Before we start looking at some of the brand’s rings, let’s glance at some of their most notable features.


Enso Rings Review
  • Offers a variety of safe and stylish silicone rings
  • Over 90,000 5/5-star reviews from buyers
  • Most rings are made in the USA
  • Flat shipping fee on all US orders over $60
  • Financing payment plans are offered through Sezzle
  • All rings come with a lifetime warranty

The rings available through this brand greatly outnumber those I’ll cover in this Enso Rings review.

They majorly produce silicone rings and bracelets that vary in regard to their style, color pattern, and other properties.

Enso Silicone Rings Review

Although the Enso Disney rings and Enso Star Wars rings (which I’ll get to in a little bit) are currently driving fans wild, they’re not the products that helped Enso Rings become such a sought-after company.

Those would be their standard rings, two of which I’ll highlight in this section of my Enso Rings review.

Enso Rings Elements Classic Silicone Ring Rose Gold Review

This item and the next one featured in this Enso Rings review share a few vital properties, so I’ll summarize them here.

Whether you purchase the Enso Rings Elements Classic Silicone Ring Rose Gold or the Black Pearl variant, you can expect these features:

  1. A mixture of silicon and other high-end materials
  2. Unparalleled comfort and flexibility from the silicone
  3. Easy on your skin thanks to open airways
  4. Made with Anti Revulsion Ring Technology

You can purchase one of these Enso silicone rings in your preferred size and thickness for $40. You can further personalize it by engraving it, which will cost you an extra $10.

Enso Rings Elements Classic Silicone Ring Black Pearl Review 

As I just mentioned, the difference between the Enso Rings Elements Classic Silicone Ring Black Pearl and the Rose Gold color is its color. This black variant gives off a more masculine vibe while retaining what makes the former ring stand out. 

Of course, the Enso Rings Elements Classic Silicone Ring Black Pearl is made in the United States. It’s a great way to dip your toes into the jewelry pond if you don’t have a proverbial lifejacket yet. 

You can buy it for $40 and add an engraving for another $10.

Enso Star Wars Rings Review

It’s becoming harder to show your devotion to Star Wars with the onslaught of merchandise that came after the release of the latest trilogy. 

However, the ring I’m going to cover in this Enso Rings review may be the perfect way for you to celebrate one of the most spectacular film series of all time in a unique way.

Enso Rings Star Wars™ Silicone Ring Trench Run Review

The Enso Rings Star Wars™ Silicone Ring Trench Run details one of the most climactic moments in the entire film saga – the Death Star trench run that took place at the end of Episode IV: A New Hope

And when I say detail I mean it quite literally as the level of care put into this ring’s design is astounding.

Of course, that’s to be expected when the team behind it crafts their rings by hand. It shows how passionate they are about their rings, which translates to helping you show how passionate you are about Star Wars.

You can grab the Enso Rings Star Wars™ Silicone Ring Trench Run for $50.

Enso Disney Rings Review

I’ll round out my Enso Rings review by looking at some of the rings they offer as per their partnership with Disney.

Enso Rings 6 Ring Disney Princess Collection Review 

The Enso Rings 6 Ring Disney Princess Collection packages some of the most timeless princesses in Disney’s canon. It includes:

  • A Moana ring from Moana
  • A Belle ring from Beauty and the Beast
  • A Cinderella ring from Cinderella
  • A Mulan ring from Mulan
  • A Jasmine ring from Aladdin 
  • An Ariel ring from The Little Mermaid

All of these rings come in the standard width and are available in most ring sizes. The entire package costs $200.

Who Are Enso Rings For? 

Enso Rings Review

The products in this Enso Rings review are great for people who want rings that suit their active lifestyle or who are allergic to metal.

Enso Rings Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Enso Rings Review

I’ve assembled the aggregate customer scores from all the rings featured in this Enso Rings review and put those scores into a list. 

Here’s the overall breakdown of customer reception from the brand’s website:

  • Enso Rings Star Wars™ Silicone Ring Trench Run: 4.9/5 stars based on more than 45 ratings
  • Enso Rings 6 Ring Disney Princess Collection: 4.5/5 stars based on more than 250 ratings
  • Enso Rings Elements Classic Silicone Ring Rose Gold: 4.4/5 stars based on more than 4,000 ratings
  • Enso Rings Elements Classic Silicone Ring Black Pearl: 4.4/5 stars based on more than 4,000 ratings

I also looked at what customers said on TrustPilot and SiteJabber to see what was up over there. The positive Enso Rings reviews on those websites often heralded the durability and versatility of the rings. Here’s one buyer’s feedback that explains that point: 

A great everyday substitute for my gold wedding ring, the silicon is safer and more practical for gym work or manual labour…The rings have proved tough so far but are also cheap enough to replace.

That wasn’t the only Enso Rings review that harped on that point. This is another customer testimonial that praised their comfortability: “I love these rings, they are super comfortable to wear. As someone with metal allergies these rings are perfect.

And while there were some complaints about customer service, I also read a few Enso Ring reviews that praised the brand’s ability to remedy customer problems, as this testimonial points out: 

I bought my husband’s wedding band through Enso over a year ago and when it broke recently they swiftly responded, fulfilled the lifetime guarantee without any fuss and shipped it to us internationally at no extra charge.

Are Enso Rings Legit?

Enso Rings Review

As I said, there were some negative pieces of feedback about how Enso Rings responded to customer complaints, but there were also many other testimonials about good customer service, so much so that I can safely say that Enso Rings are legit.

Are Enso Rings Worth It?

Enso Rings Review

To keep things brief, for their price and durability, I think that Enso Rings are definitely worth it.

Enso Rings Promotions & Discounts 

Enso Rings Review

You don’t need Enso Rings coupons to save money when you’re shopping with this brand.

All of the products in the clearance section on their website are available for up to 50% off of their asking price, meaning you can buy rings like the Enso Rings Loch Ness for as little as $20.

If you want a ring that’s not in the clearance section, then consider signing up for the brand’s email newsletter to earn a discount. Once you sign up Enso Rings will send you a coupon code that’ll subtract 10% from your overall fee on your first purchase.

Where To Buy Enso Rings

Enso Rings Review

You can buy Enso Rings on their website at or through online retailers like Amazon.


Enso Rings Review

Who owns Enso Rings?

Brighton Jones and Aaron Dalley own Enso Rings.

Does Enso Rings ship internationally?

Enso Rings can ship internationally but they cannot ship their Disney and Star Wars rings to locations outside of Canada or the United States.

What is Enso Rings’s Shipping Policy?

US shipping usually takes 5 to 7 business days.

What is Enso Rings’s Return Policy?

You can return or exchange most Enso Rings up to 30 days after you receive them.

How To Contact Enso Rings

Enso Rings Review

You can contact Enso Rings’ customer service team by calling  (385) 334-4269.

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