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Deep Sentinel Review

Thanks to the rise in home security systems, the number of burglaries and home invasions per year is decreasing. Unfortunately, in 2021, that number still totaled over 2.5 million in the US alone.

The good news is that while technology increases, advancements in home security do too. Just look at Deep Sentinel’s smart systems that pair AI with human intervention

With a response rate of 30 seconds flat from detection to alert local authorities, Deep Sentinel has gained some seriously impressed fans. The company has been featured by CNET, Fast Company, and Forbes to name a few, and has a social community of over 21k

Is it the perfect fit for your home or business? Read my Deep Sentinel review to find out. I’ll walk you through the inner workings of the company and its home security systems to make your decision crystal clear.

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Overview Of Deep Sentinel

Deep Sentinel Review

Deep Sentinel was founded in 2016 by David Selinger. After Selinger’s neighbor was held at gunpoint despite her home having a security system, he vowed to make one that was safer, faster, and provided next-level protection. 

Deep Sentinel’s systems combine powerful cameras, AI technology, and live human guards that virtually stand watch over your home 24/7.

A more advanced option than self-monitored security systems, this one takes the responsibility of responding to an intruder out of your hands by either scaring them off through two-way audio or alerting the police if necessary.

Unlike other security systems that offer similar features, because Deep Sentinel uses LiveSentinel which provides verified threats to the police, your alert is more likely to be taken seriously

Based in Pleasanton, California, the brand has received a lot of attention from investors, including Jeff Bezos, the owner of Amazon. While that fact is telling of how tech-forward and efficient their service really is, there is so much more to learn throughout my Deep Sentinel review. So let’s get started. The highlights are up next.


Deep Sentinel Review
  • Advanced home security system
  • Blends AI, human intervention, & next-gen cameras
  • For home & business
  • 24/7 live monitoring
  • Responds to invasions & burglaries in 30 seconds
  • Wireless & PoE camera options
  • Surveillance starts at $100 per month
  • Custom packages available

Ready to get started? Coming up, I’ll walk you through their security systems for residential and businesses before telling you exactly what you can expect when using them. 

Deep Sentinel Review

Did you know Deep Sentinel responds to robbery attempts, break-ins (by door or window), auto theft, assaults, package theft, and suspicious behavior in seconds?

Whether you own a business or want to keep your most prized possessions safe at home, they offer two different security systems to give you peace of mind. Ahead, I’ll introduce you to both.

Deep Sentinel Wireless DS2 System Review

Deep Sentinel Review
Deep Sentinel Wireless DS2 System

With Quad HD compatibility, the Deep Sentinel Wireless DS2 System gives you a crystal clear image of what’s going on in and around your home or business. With an LED floodlight for better night vision, this wireless system is built to stop break-ins, theft, and crime.

Featuring two-way 104dB audio with a built-in speaker and mic, you’ll get a 140° view of your environment and 24/7 Live Guard surveillance. Worried about your camera working in extreme heat, snow, or rain? It’s weatherproof and made to withstand extreme conditions up to 122°F and -4°F. 

The Wireless DS2 System uses a responsive AI tool to detect threats and has a 64 GB hard drive plus four months of cloud storage. Supporting up to 6 wireless cameras, this option is better for small businesses and residences. 

With this option, you’ll get your preferred model of wireless camera, a Smart Hub, and one year of Live Guard Service. 

Deep Sentinel PoE System Review

Deep Sentinel Review
Deep Sentinel PoE System

Unlike Deep Sentinel’s wireless cameras, the PoE System needs to be installed by a professional. The package includes your choice of dome or bullet PoE cameras, including a PoE hub and one year of Live Guard service. 

This top-tier system provides you with 160 ft of superior color night vision, 2K or Ultra 4K/8MP video resolution with 89-112° viewing range, two-way audio for guard engagement, and the peace of mind that only live guards can bring. 

Equipped with incredibly fast processing and AI, you’ll receive instant security alerts on the app. Supporting up to 20 PoE cameras, this is an excellent option for larger homes and businesses. 

Already have a camera? No problem. The Deep Sentinel PoE is compatible with select third-party devices.

How Does Deep Sentinel Work?

Deep Sentinel Review

Deep Sentinel responds to security threats in 30-60 seconds depending on what they are. Here’s a rundown of what will happen in the first 30 seconds of threat detection:

  1. Potential intruders may be scared away by your Deep Sentinel yard sign.
  2. If they choose to go through with their invasion, your Deep Sentinel camera will detect motion and will begin to record.
  3. Artificial intelligence assesses the situation and determines if it is indeed a threat, and if it is the bright red LED ring will start spinning.
  4. Deep Sentinel guards are engaged, access the video feed, and assess the situation. 
  5. Guards will use your camera’s two-way 104dB audio or built-in siren to let the intruder know someone is watching.
  6. Guards call you and local law enforcement.

Deep Sentinel knows that theft and harm can happen quickly, and in situations like these, time is of the essence.

How Much Does Deep Sentinel Cost?

Deep Sentinel Review

How much you spend on Deep Sentinel greatly depends on your security needs, but no matter how many cameras you buy, the base surveillance cost is $100/month. I’ll run you through the service’s basic pricing for its camera kits below:

  • Front Door 1-Cam Kit: $399
  • 6-Camera Kit: $1,149
  • Customized Kit: price varies

Deep Sentinel also offers add-ons to up-level your security. They include:

  • Additional Camera: $200
  • Extra Standard Battery: $29
  • Solar Panel: $39
  • WiFi Range Extender: $30

Who Is Deep Sentinel For? 

Deep Sentinel Review

Deep Sentinel offers residential and business security systems to protect your most valuable assets. Whether you want to keep your family safe, prevent theft, or keep away unwanted visitors, their live monitoring cameras are a reliable choice.

Deep Sentinel Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Deep Sentinel Review

Want to know if this security system really works? Then you’re going to enjoy this section of my Deep Sentinel review.

There is a ton of in-depth feedback for this brand online, and I’ve included a handful of ratings and comments to help you better understand what its security system is like to install and use. Let’s start with a short list of ratings from around the web:

  • 7.9/10
  • SafeHome: 7.9/10
  • PCMag: 4/5 
  • NerdTechy: 8.9/10

Diving into the Deep Sentinel review on Safe Home, I learned that, not only are the brand’s cameras easy to install, but they do precisely what they claim to: “Deep Sentinel is a breath of fresh technology. The system actually has human guards monitoring its cameras at all times…You simply won’t see this from any other [home security system].”

Of the installation, the Deep Sentinel review on Safe Home continued: “Overall, the quick-and-easy install is impressive. That’s the beauty of wireless systems: you can get up and running in a matter of minutes. Deep Sentinel definitely has DIY dialed-in.”

Easy installation is super important no matter what you’re buying, so it’s good to know their cameras can be set up in no time. 

The next Deep Sentinel review we’ll check out comes from PCMag. Here’s what they had to say about its security system overall:

“It’s one of the most unique outdoor security camera systems we’ve tested in that it uses professionally trained live guards to take action…If you spend a good deal of time away from home and want to be sure your property and family are protected, this is an excellent first line of defense against intruders.”

The folks at PCMag nominated the company as its Editor’s Choice for smart outdoor security systems. How about regular folks who don’t work for online publications? To find out what they think of the service, I hit up Amazon.

On Google, Deep Sentinel has a 4.8/5 star score out of 136 reviews. Customers said they love the peace of real guards watching their homes. One Deep Sentinel review on Google read: “Deep Sentinel is a great, perhaps the best, home security system on the market today. Not only do we feel safer when we are at home, we also feel safe when we are away on vacation.” 

The benefits of choosing Deep Sentinel over other brands are clear, and it appears that folks feel a higher sense of security because of their systems.

Deep Sentinel vs. Ring

Deep Sentinel Review

You’ve read what customers think about Deep Sentinel, but you might be wondering why you should choose it over other popular brands like Ring. First things first, while Ring Virtual Guard is a good service, it doesn’t use AI like Deep Sentinel does, meaning you will be notified any time your camera is triggered. That can cause a lot of stress for no reason.

Secondly, Ring is mostly monitored by you. That means that if you see something suspicious, you will need to call the police unless you choose reactive system monitoring through a third party. This increases what you pay. Other differences between the companies include the following:

  • While Ring plans to offer professional monitoring through its Virtual Guard service in the future, it doesn’t right now.
  • Deep Sentinel offers 24/7 service and owns its own monitoring centers. Ring doesn’t, though they do offer them through third-party services.
  • You can install Deep Sentinel’s wireless cameras yourself, whereas most of Ring’s require a professional.

Ring is certainly still a fantastic company and its easy-to-use camera and app certainly have helped prevent break-ins and theft. But in comparison to Deep Sentinel’s quick response and 24/7 monitoring, it comes up short.

Is Deep Sentinel Legit?

Deep Sentinel Review

Deep Sentinel is indeed legit. The much-talked-about brand has received praise from numerous notable news sources like CNET and FastCompany. On top of that, they have some awesome feedback. 

Is Deep Sentinel Worth It?

Deep Sentinel Review

Is the peace of protecting you and your loved ones worth it? Of course, and throughout my Deep Sentinel review, you’ve come to learn the major differences this company’s spectrum systems make.

In fact, it’s the only security system in the US that uses live guards. That game-changer means that you can travel without worry, sleep without fear, and go about your life without having to constantly check on your home. Deep Sentinel’s services aren’t cheap, but they’re worth it.

Deep Sentinel Promotions & Discounts 

At the time of writing my Deep Sentinel review, I didn’t come across any promotions or discounts. However, the brand does offer payment plans through affirm. 

Where To Buy Deep Sentinel

Deep Sentinel Review

The whole process starts by phone, email, or filling out a contact form. To learn more about the company, you can head over to

You can also check out the contact section down below for all the ways you can connect with Deep Sentinel.


Deep Sentinel Review

Who owns Deep Sentinel?

Deep Sentinel is owned by David Salinger and Winston Chen. Jeff Bezos is also a major investor.

What is Deep Sentinel’s privacy policy?

Deep Sentinel is in the security business, so they take privacy very seriously. While their LifeSentinel guards review video streams, you will be alerted every time a guard views your video and the name of the guard who’s viewing it. 

There are many reasons why a guard will view your video stream, including to determine if there was suspicious behavior. Software engineers may access your data to help resolve issues as well.

Everyone who has access to this data must sign a non-disclosure and non-retention agreement which states they cannot keep, talk, or distribute anything in relation to your videos without your consent.

What is Deep Sentinel’s refund policy?

Deep Sentinel will refund your order in 30 days as long as it meets a few qualifications. I’ve rounded up everything you need to know about the policy below:

  1. You have 30 days from the shipment date to return your items.
  2. All items must be inside their original packaging and in like-new condition.
  3. Return shipping fees are your responsibility.

To start the process, call or email the company to get an RMA number. Once they give you one, package your items securely and send them back to the provided address.

Returns can take up to 30 days to process and once your refund has been approved, your subscription fees and the cost of the hardware will be refunded.

How To Contact Deep Sentinel

You’ve reached the end of my Deep Sentinel review, but what’s next? To get a free security consultation call 1(833) 692-3560 or email [email protected].

For general questions about their services, call 1(833)983-6006 or email [email protected].

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