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We’re entering a new era of remote work. Constant online meetings and video calls come with the territory, and you might be tired of seeing your grainy image on a screen next to some coworkers with better cameras. So, the startup company Opal launched the Opal C1 camera to solve your low-def woes. 

The new high-quality camera is making noise among tech lovers and publications. They’ve been mentioned by IGN, The Verge, Forbes, and more. With advanced materials, a fast lens, and other perks, it’s no secret that they’re an up-and-coming brand. 

Are you looking to elevate your webcam game? My Opal Camera review can help you out. Join me as I take a look at the company’s history, their camera’s functions, tester reviews, and more so you can decide if it’s worth buying. 

Overview of Opal Camera

Veeraj Chugh and Stefan Sohlstrom knew that there were problems with camera quality. They started talking about webcams in the summer of 2020 while working at Uber. Like many others, they were subject to virtual meetings and pixelated image quality during the onset of the pandemic. 

According to Protocol, the two co-founders discovered that many webcam companies didn’t have reasons to create high-quality webcams. There was no real demand until the pandemic hit. So, Chugh and Sohlstrom quit their jobs and entrusted Kenny Sweet with designing the Opal webcam. 

The San Francisco-based company launched in late 2021 with a mission to “build the best camera they possibly could.” They included many adjustable features in intricate hardware, but they hope it’ll be user-friendly enough to mount and fire up with no problem.   

Now that you know a bit more about the brand, my Opal Camera review will go through highlights:


  • The company offers a DSLR-quality webcam with adjustable settings and its own software
  • Made for people who attend a lot of virtual meetings
  • Currently beta-testing
  • Featured in The Verge, Forbes, IGN, and more
  • Early customers can receive the Opal software for free when signing up

Your daily Zoom calls just got a little bit more exciting. This webcam is sleek, small, and easily attached to your MacBook. So, keep reading this Opal Camera review to learn about specs, functions, and more.

Unfortunately, Opal is currently invite-only and not currently available for public purchase, but if you are interested you can sign up for their waitlist.

Opal Camera Review

The Opal C1 Camera is called “the first professional webcam” with near DSLR quality. It features a fast lens that’s perfect for low-light environments, and the glass brings in more than two times more light than other webcams. So, you’re in luck if you have any late afternoon meetings coming up. 

The camera also uses a 7.8mm, 4K Sony sensor, increasing the vibrancy of all colors. The resolution will help you look and feel your best while pitching a new idea or listening to some end-of-quarter notes. It also has a recyclable chrome aluminum body explicitly designed for the company, adding an amazing polished look. 

While being seen is great, you also need to be heard. So of course, you’ll also need a microphone. The usual built-in MacBook microphones are promising but might pick up shuffling noises or your roommate’s footsteps.

This Opal Camera review found that it is equipped with MicMesh™, a technology that focuses on your voice. In other words, background noises fade away to let you flourish in your next meeting.

I also have to mention that to use this camera, you will need the Opal app. This includes more image settings and access to features that keep you looking clean and professional. It even provides FaceLock for an even more professional look. Unfortunately, it’s only available on Mac OS but will work with Windows in late 2022. 

The Opal Camera C1 will cost $300 at launch. The Opalsoft app for Mac also costs $4 per month but is free for early customers. You can sign up to reserve your new Opal C1 on the company’s website.     

Opal Camera Design 

As mentioned above, the Opal C1 Camera is designed with a chrome and aluminum body. It has a matte finish with a slight shimmer in the light, adding to its minimalistic charm. It’s also small, measuring 1.49” in height and 3.07” in width. It also weighs about 99g, so it’s definitely small but mighty.

The camera comes with a mount, which adds a bit more height. You can choose between black and white depending on your preference and what fits best with your office setup.

Opal Camera Performance In Different Lightings 

Due to its fast lens and advanced specs, the Opal Camera performs well in any lighting scenario. In addition, its companion app features many settings, including brightness, exposure, and saturation, to easily adjust the live image to your environment.

But, you might not need the additional settings. During this Opal Camera review I discovered that automatic features will adjust accordingly. According to The Verge, any backlight will be just fine by the Opal Camera

Who Is Opal Camera For? 

Opal Camera is for anyone who wants a higher quality webcam for meetings, video calls, or other online social events.

It adds a professional look to your calls and will definitely make an impression on whoever’s on the other end. It’s also great for anyone who doesn’t want to splurge on a DSLR camera to get better image quality online. 

What Do You Get With The Opal Camera? 

The Opal C1 Camera comes with a few extra components, including a camera mount, USB-C cable, and a lens cover. Early buyers also receive the Opalsoft app for free instead of paying $4 per month. 

Opal Camera Software Functionalities

As I mentioned, the Opal Camera comes with its own app. This allows you to make image corrections and make yourself look good. Other features include FaceLock, Gestures, and Bokeh. FaceLock automatically enhances your image with brightness, contrast, and white balance adjustments. 

The Gesture feature takes your call to another level. You can pinch to zoom in on your face and hold up a peace sign to turn off the camera. This gives you total control of your camera without even touching your mouse. And, of course, the Bokeh effect blurs the background and gives your image a cinematic look.

Opal Camera Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Of course, I can’t finish this Opal Camera review without looking at what customers say about it. Unfortunately, since the camera is still in its early stages, there aren’t any general customer ratings online. But, there are a couple of articles on The Verge and Minimal Goods that review the brand’s webcam. 

The Minimal Goods review noted that its favorite thing about the C1 is its “stark, minimalist design.” In addition, they found the hardware design “refreshing” and different from the usual glossy finish tech companies typically go for. They also found the Opal sharper than other alternatives, stating: “the colors seem more realistic to my eye.”

Overall, the article finishes with the author looking forward to the company’s future. While doing my research for this Opal Camera review I also found that The Verge reviewed the Opal C1 and noted that it rivals DSLR video quality. They thought it performed well out of the box and had a good design. 

They stated: “The C1’s automatic settings excel at making me look far better in multiple lighting scenarios than any webcam I’ve tried so far,” and also said that the camera delivers on “being a convincing stand-in for a DSLR.”

They found the setup and use simple, and there aren’t many extra components to worry about. But, they both concluded that the C1 is pricier than most. At the end of the day, it looks like anyone who receives the camera appreciates the high-quality and overall design.

Is Opal Camera Legit?

Opal Camera is legit. While they’re still beta-testing their webcam, the people who’ve received it are happy with the functions and design. Unfortunately, there aren’t many ratings regarding shipping or customer service, but overall, it doesn’t look like future customers will have to worry about any issues with that.  

Is Opal Camera Worth It?

This new era of remote work has prompted people to change their tech setups depending on their needs. Opal offers a professional-looking webcam that’ll impress you and anyone on the receiving end of your calls. 

Based on this Opal Camera review, I think the camera is worth checking out if you have the means. It’s innovative, minimalistic, and will benefit anyone who doesn’t want to invest in a DSLR. The webcam also boasts beautiful features and vibrant colors that anyone will love. 

Opal Camera Promotions & Discounts 

Of course, we know you can’t resist a good deal. Unfortunately, since Opal is still in the testing stages, we couldn’t find any promotions offered by the brand. But, you can stay tuned to their website for any exclusives. 

Where to Buy Opal Camera

Are you itching to get a new webcam after reading this Opal Camera review? You can reserve your own Opal C1 at


Who owns Opal Camera?

Veeraj Chugh is Opal Camera’s current CEO. 

Does Opal Camera work on Windows?

Opal Camera works in tandem with its app, which is currently only compatible with Mac OS. The company is planning on making the camera Windows-friendly in late 2022.

Does Opal Camera ship internationally?

Unfortunately, since you can only receive the Opal Camera by invite, there’s no information about shipping at this time. 

What is Opal Camera’s Shipping Policy?

As we said above, Opal Camera’s shipping policy isn’t publicly available when writing this article. But, you can sign up to reserve your Opal C1, and once it’s ready, it’s safe to assume that shipping costs are calculated at checkout. 

What is Opal Camera’s Return Policy?

Since the company only offers the Opal C1 through invites, the return policy is not available on the website. There’s no concrete answer about when the official launch is set for. Still, it’s safe to assume this information will become available later this year. 

How to Contact Opal Camera

If you have any questions after reading this Opal Camera review, you can contact the team via email at [email protected]

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