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Lights, camera, action – zoom into this one with a steady focus as we discuss the beauty of Victure Cameras. From trail cams to security to baby monitors to classic point-and-shoots, this brand offers a bit of everything for the casual camera fan. Monitor and capture any image with ease and double up with a world of possibility through the featured app.

Popular for their security and trail cams, this brand has made an appearance in both Business Insider and Avira, noting the variety of features that each camera comes loaded with. 

While they don’t have much of an online presence through social media, they’ve become well associated with Amazon, supported heavily by the online platform.

For this Victure Camera review, we want to look beyond the lens to study not only the products but pricing, ratings, policies, and more. We’re exposing the brand to get a clear image of what this brand is really all about.

Overview of Victure Camera

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Working with a name that stems from Victory and Future, this brand is all about delivering the best options and possibilities to their customers at all times. 

Ridding buyers of the stress of monitoring homes, children, and private locations, Victure Camera really just wants to offer easy solutions to protect spaces without a second thought.

Empowering individuals through control over their own security, this brand wants to be the backbone to creating a safer environment for better times. 

Focused on the family, this company has an expansive selection from home monitoring systems to MP3s to webcams and more to provide families with every lens they’ll need throughout the day. Whether indoors or outdoors, there’s a camera to do the job.

Constantly pushing themselves with innovation, Victure stays up to date on all products to use the latest technology available. Valuing hard work, unity, and dedication, they encourage creativity and growth in their workers to continue the advancement of techniques and products to deliver first-class pieces to the public.

Customers are first in all that this brand produces, with service and satisfaction of the utmost importance. 

Luckily, most customers from this brand seem to come out with great experiences, but more on that later. First, we want to go over just a few of this company’s highlights in this Victure Camera review:


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  • Offers a wide range of visual and audio equipment for indoor and outdoor use
  • Affordable prices
  • App-based control
  • Comes with a notification system in place (can be turned off)
  • Free shipping
  • International shipping available

Victure Security Camera Review

We all love knowing that our possessions and loved ones are secure. That’s why these favored Victure security cameras are a window into the world we want to protect at all costs. 

Simple to step up and maintain, it only takes seconds for a location to find more comfort in knowing that things are being monitored at all times.

Victure PC650 Security Camera Review

Maintain a clear view of what’s going on in the house at all times with the Victure PC650 Security Camera.

We all get nervous leaving our homes, especially if there are pets roaming around the halls. Sometimes we love that extra security, whether for babysitting, elderly parents, or just checking the home when on vacation. 

Victure offers an easy solution with an app-based camera that includes motion detection and night-vision for a complete view of the space at any time of day. 

Even better – when the babysitter is struggling to calm the child, this camera’s two-way audio allows parents to talk directly to the child to soothe them or offer any suggestions to the sitter.

This beast of a lens captures all the action around the house at a moment’s notice. Controlled by the app, this Victure Security Camera allows for 355-degree horizontal movement to scan the space with 100-degree vertical movement to really add range. 

Connecting to wi-fi in seconds, it’s easy to set up and operate from anywhere with a solid connection.

At the time of writing this Victure Camera review, this piece is available for $38.

Victure PC660T Outdoor Camera Review

Sometimes we trust what’s going on inside, but need an extra eye on the exterior of a space. Businesses and homes can ease stress with the simple installation of the Victure PC660T Outdoor Camera.

Range of motion is everything for this camera. Not only does it have 360-degree by 100-degree motion, but it’s also trained to track any movement it detects. 

That means anyone stepping on the property within range will be captured on camera for that added security. Place it near the front door and it doubles up as two-way audio kicks in to allow interaction with visitors whenever the homeowners aren’t in.

Notifications are sent to the phone via the app as soon as motion has been detected for quick response times. All video captured is saved to a micro SD card stored safely inside the camera. 

Even if someone were to snatch the card, all video evidence would remain as it gets sent to the phone and can only be accessed with the original account. That means no erasing the evidence – it’s all stocked and ready to share.

Currently, this piece is available for $53 (regular price: $60).

Victure Trail Camera Review

Tackle the trails by leaving minimal impact on the location. It doesn’t hurt to want to admire the beauty of the natural world, but sometimes we need to take a step back in order to do that. 

Working with these popular trail cameras can provide all of the best views with none of the stress and body pains that come with posting up in one spot and waiting.

Grab clear photos from the comfort of home and admire the natural world working away at its own pace.

Victure Victure HC100 Trail Camera Review 

Walk away from the weather without sacrificing the views once the Victure HC100 Trail Camera has been installed.

Delivering on quality and an easy user interface, this Victure trail camera is all about capturing the action from afar. Taking both photos and videos while safely strapped to any surface, this camera works at all times of the day. 

Its waterproof design allows it to work securely in any environment with a night-vision element to keep those photos clicking even during the darkest storm.

Working with a trigger speed of 0.4 seconds, this camera promises to capture every movement. From interval recording to time-lapse, buyers can set just about any mode they desire to keep that natural beauty shared through the screen. 

Find that function to fit the need and just relax to the stunning scenery of an undisturbed natural world.

Stock up and start snapping for $50.

Victure Victure HC200 Trail Camera Review

Take the time to truly capture the moment with the Victure HC200 Trail Camera.

This sporty steal understands the true mission – minimal interference, maximum view. Strapping easily to trees, bushes, or any other surface outdoors for easy attachment, the camera requires only installation before getting the job done. 

Activated by both motion and thermal sensors, this lens is set to focus on the action, capturing crisp photos and videos day or night (since the night vision for this cameria is out of the park).

The key to this one comes from the lack of light. While many trail cameras work with bright infrared technology, this product keeps the glow nice and low so as to not attract or scare away any wildlife. Camo pattern keeps it blending with surroundings and a waterproof cover ensures it handles any wet winds with utter grace.

Watch the beauty of nature for $53.

Victure Action Camera Review

Cameras tend to be for more than leaving behind to do the work alone. Sometimes we want to take that shot ourselves, and that’s when we turn to the Action Camera

These best-sellers stand by in any environment to help capture that moment we all wish to remember. That’s the beauty of photography after all.

Victure Victure AC940 4K 60FPS Action Camera Review

Sometimes we all just need a camera ready to live on the go, so we turn away from trails and head towards the Victure AC940 4K 60FPS Action Camera.

Honestly, a lot of the specs are in the name alone, but we’ll break down just what they mean. The 4K is definitely a highlight for this Victure action camera as it promises a crisp and clean image every time. Whether shooting normally or playing around with the loop, time-lapse, slo-mo, and fast motion settings, this camera offers easy selection and management for any skill level.

Shooting 60FPS allows for quality video, but let’s not forget the photo capabilities of this one. Work with automatic settings or manage them all manually by setting ISO and EV to whatever you feel best suits the shot. 

The multi-modes don’t just exist for video, but photos have their own set of fun features to play around with for group shots to nature. Capture anything on the go with the waterproof casing that’ll handle any height, whether falling from the sky or diving into the deep.

Start snapping with this Victure camera for $118.

Victure Victure AC700 Action Camera Review 

Set yourself up for any situation with the Victure AC700 Action Camera.

Great for indoor and outdoor life, this camera is ready to do it all. Featuring an external mic for that crisp sound recording we all yearn for, this one works great for meetings, vlogs, and on-the-move video diaries. 

Of course, it works just as well in the great outdoors to capture the rush of waterfalls and the calls of birds from the trees. Doesn’t matter what’s being recorded, that 4K video will come shining through, supported by the dual-mic system for clear audio.

This camera is really made for movement. Perfect to mount on helmets for that first-person experience or diving up to 40m deep to appreciate the wonder of the sea, this easily transportable piece knows how to take advantage and get the best out of any location. 

In fact, it even comes with helmet and bike mounts to match the adventurer energy. Simple to use with top quality as a result, there’s no wonder this one stands tall amongst other travel cameras.

At the time of writing this Victure Camera review, this product is listed at $52.

Who Is Victure Camera For? 

Victure Camera Review 10

Anyone who wants to keep an eye out and capture the best moments will benefit from this brand. While their central focus seems to be monitoring devices (security cams, baby monitors, trail cams), they do offer a wide range of motion capture products. Their action cams alone are great for hitting the waves, biking paths, and more.

The core features of these cameras (small sizing, good quality) seem to work for any environment. From family vacations to landscape shots, it’s easy to pack any of these away to get glorious results that will last a lifetime. It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to secure a location or a memory, Victure has options to help.

Victure Camera Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Victure Camera Review 11

This Victure Camera review is all about honesty, so we needed to search online to get a general sense of what this company provides customers. Immediate reaction? Pretty good. Customers seem to love the ease of these products and the quality that they deliver.

According to Best Views Reviews, which sits this brand at 9.8/10 based on over 4,920 ratings, Victure offers customers the best of the best in terms of quality and ability. Working with a camera that has “355 degree horizontal 100 degree vertical broad view,” this piece “enables you to monitor from all angles”. 

With keen motion detection, cameras immediately alert users when movement triggers the camera, letting individuals know the minute something happens. We have to say, that’s a pretty handy feature to have.

These security cameras also offer a “good two-way audio functionality” to allow users to speak and respond to those in the same space as the camera. Whether it’s a delivery, a neighbor, or someone who shouldn’t be hanging around, users can easily communicate through the device, making it easy to keep in touch even from a distance.

While they don’t necessarily have many reviews to their name, Review Meta’s 4.1/5 stars based on over 57k ratings do have numbers to back up how well this brand has worked for customers. 

Pulling numbers from Amazon, eBay, Google Reviews, and more, this platform compiles it all into a single location to deliver the facts. And the facts here say that customers enjoy this brand and their products.

This camera does everything the big buck cameras do, and you don’t have to install them outside. They work just as well from a windowsill. I can view my home from anywhere, and with the SD card it records the whole day.

The real reviews come from product pages and we’re happy to report that Walmart came in strong with the item reviews. Looking at quality, features, and ease of installation, this brand comes out on top for their camera selection from this retailer.

Their best-selling product, the Victure WiFi Security Camera, currently has 4.9/5 stars based on over 375 ratings alone. This camera made its name from the crisp and clean image produced through every use.

One Victure Camera review highlighted the quality, noting, “amazing little camera!! Great quality! As for pictures the quality is great, and you can add or remove the timestamp if you’d like. You can turn on or off notifications as well.

Other customers are quick to focus on the price. While the quality comes in strong with those 4K images and great audio, the price still remains relatively low considering the market.

“I can’t believe we had spent so much money on baby monitors that were so expensive but broke half the time. They’re app is awesome too! So convenient to check the camera on the app instead of carrying around a monitor!

This brand seems to make their name in affordable, high-quality pieces that deliver in every way. And this security camera isn’t alone in that venture. Check out these other well-rated Victure products from Walmart:

  • Victure NK200 Security Camera Outdoor: 4.9/5 stars based on over 220 ratings
  • Victure HC400 Infrared Trail Camera: 4.8/5 stars based on over 65 ratings
  • Victure Baby Monitor: 4.8/5 stars based on over 285 ratings
  • Victure PC750 Outdoor Surveillance Camera: 4.9/5 stars based on over 220 ratings

We’ve focused a lot on the cameras themselves, but the fact is, there’s another element to be considered – the app. This camera comes with an easy and user-friendly app that allows monitoring from any location. 

From trail and security cams to baby monitors, this aspect can make a huge difference in the homeowner’s daily routine. Many reviewers on Facebook (3.2/5 stars based on over 60 ratings) have commented on these features and their applications.

Customers are quick to emphasize that the purchase of any monitoring camera includes an “easy to use app which sends notifications to my phone with any movement.” 

While there have been some issues in the past with hackers accessing feeds, the brand has since upped security to combat these attempts, promising a closed feed between the account owner and their streams. All that’s left is a solid connection between an easy app and a top-quality image.

Is Victure Camera Worth It?

Victure Camera Review 12

We’re going to conclude this Victure Camera review by easily recommending this brand as one worth looking into. Their quality alone makes them worthy of a glance, but add in the low prices and we’re close to being sold. 

Truly, it comes down to the wide selection they offer and the friendly user interface available with each product.

Whether looking at cameras or monitors, they take minutes to set up and each product comes with a lengthy list of features to play around with. Easy to figure out and simple to master, these products take no time to install and put to use for good quality images and lasting audio. We’re not saying everyone needs to own them, but for the price, they’re a great option on the market.

Victure Camera Promotions & Discounts 

Victure Camera Review 13

At the time of writing this Victure Camera review, we found two running promotions to save a bit of money. The current discounts are as follows:

  • 15% off orders over $100 with code VC15
  • 10% off for subscribing to the newsletter

Where to Buy Victure Camera

Victure Camera Review 14

Not a fan of buying from the brand site at That’s fine because there are other options out there. While the brand site offers the widest range of products, other items can be found at the following locations:

  • Walmart
  • Amazon


Victure Camera Review 15

Who owns Victure Camera?

Despite all of the research done for this Victure Camera review, we were unable to find the owners or founders of this brand. Not a lot of personal information for the brand exists online, who prefer to remain business-focused.

Does Victure Camera ship internationally?

Yes and no. This brand has a total of 8 countries they deliver to, but each location has their own brand site to order from. International shipments can’t be done from different country sites.

What is Victure Camera’s Shipping Policy?

Full steam ahead into the shipping section of this Victure Camera review. We’re happy to report that this brand tries to keep things in top shape with quick timing and services. We’ll try to do the same in this review by sticking with the key points:

  • Standard shipping takes 3 to 10 business days
  • Limited international shipping does exist from the other country sites (shipping is available to the UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Canada, or Japan)
  • Tracking becomes available after the packages ship
  • Import duties and taxes will be applied according to individual country requirements
  • Delivery times may differ depending on distribution delays

They may not offer a lot of in-depth info, but this brand does provide all of the key information we’d need to make a shipment. What more can we really ask?

What is Victure Camera’s Return Policy?

Don’t worry about that perfect image. If something doesn’t quite sit right in the purchase, then send it back within 30 days for a full refund. Before really getting into the nitty-gritty of returns, we do want to note that not every item is accessible for a return. The top accepted reasons for returns tend to revolve around defaults and incorrect deliveries.

We will say, don’t let it stop you from making a return if the products for refund don’t fit into those categories. All returns must be “judged” first anyway. Customers will be informed early on whether a return is a viable option or not.

To submit a return for consideration (and eventual refund), it only takes a few steps:

  1. Email customer service as soon as possible
  2. Include the order number, details, and reason for return (give all the details for the best result)
  3. Package the item with the new shipping address (supplied by customer service)
  4. Ship it out for a refund

Customers stay informed throughout the process – from receiving the package to the final refund processing. We know it’s not always fun to have to pay shipping fees for a return, but sometimes it’s worth it to receive that money back in the original account.

We do want to suggest attaching a picture in the initial email as it will speed along the process if any defaults or damages are concerned. Give it around a week or so after processing and that refund will be making its way home.

How to Contact Victure Camera

Victure Camera Review 16

Not quite sure how to snap that perfect shot? Or have any other perfectly reasonable questions that popped up during the reading of this Victure Camera review? 

No worries – this brand has an active customer service that’s more than happy to respond to any inquiries from Monday to Friday 9:30 am to 6:30 pm or on Saturday from 10 am to 4 pm (the time zone isn’t actually listed online – sorry). There are two easy ways to get in touch:

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