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About Vrai and Oro Jewelry

Vrai and Oro Review

Vrai and Oro is a jewelry company known for its attractively simple and modern designs, offering various cuts and styles of necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and engagement rings.

The company has gained considerable publicity and acclaim for its mission to use only sustainably sourced diamonds. With over 204K followers on Instagram, Vrai and Oro have been profiled in numerous media outlets, including Insider, Glossy, and New York Magazine.

Given that the brand has also been favorited by such celebrities as Reese Witherspoon, Hailee Steinfeld, and Nina Dobrev, they must be good, right? Well, this Vrai and Oro jewelry review will hopefully answer that for you. We’ll take an in-depth look at their products, customer ratings, promotions, and more to help you decide if they’re worth checking out. 

Overview of Vrai and Oro

Vrai and Oro Review

Realizing that there was a lack of affordable high-quality jewelry on the market, Vrai and Oro founders Vanessa Stofenmacher and Chelsea Nicholson decided to fill that gap with their own e-commerce brand. 

The company launched in Los Angeles in 2014, with a mission to use exclusively ethically and sustainably sourced gems involving no mining and no carbon footprint.

Vrai and Oro has continued to make waves in the jewelry industry for both their eco-centric approach and their handcrafted designs. The brand has even been supported by famed actor Leonardo DiCaprio for their ethical environmental practices. 

Before we get into this Vrai and Oro review, let’s go over some initial pros and cons about the brand:


  • Wide assortment of jewelry designs and pieces, including earrings, necklaces, and rings 
  • All gemstones are sustainably sourced by being grown in a zero-emission, US-based foundry
  • More affordable compared to luxury jewelry brands 
  • Customers can book an appointment with a diamond expert on the company website 
  • Offers Klarna financing as an alternative payment option 


  • Limited customer reviews outside of the brand website 
Vrai and Oro Review

Diamonds are still a girl’s best friend, and with a jewelry line that ranges from fancy engagement rings to dainty necklaces, studded earrings, and glitzy bracelets, Vrai and Oro surely has something that will tickle your fancy. 

Don’t worry if this is your first gem-shopping rodeo, this Vrai and Oro review will go over a list of the brand’s bestsellers to help you get started. Plus, many of the pieces offered here can be purchased with Klarna payment plans.

Vrai and Oro Jewelry Review

Looking to pop the question? Vrai and Oro has a great selection of engagement rings that may earn a glistening tear from your special someone. Let’s take a look at three of their bestsellers in this category. 

Vrai and Oro Signature Bezel Review 

With its sleek and modern silhouette, the Signature Bezel is a shining example of classically simple jewelry at its best. Designed to sit low and close to the finger to settle securely next to your wedding band, this style features a dainty 0.18ctw white diamond surrounded by a delicate gold rim.

Customers can select the shape of their diamond from 10 possible options:

  1. Round
  2. Oval
  3. Emerald
  4. Marquise
  5. Cushion
  6. Pear
  7. Trillion
  8. Asscher
  9. Princess
  10. Radiant

Other customizable features of this Vrai and Oro small diamond ring include the band design and metal. You can choose from platinum, yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold. If you’re looking for a minimalistic style that’ll still dazzle, you can get the Signature Bezel on a plain platinum band for $1,055

Vrai and Oro Cathedral Review

For those who aren’t a fan of infinity rings or bedazzled designs, The Cathedral engagement band offers a more classical style. The graceful and elegant silhouette curves upwards and is crowned by a raised 0.28ctw diamond held in place by minute clasps. With its smooth lines, you can’t ask for a more traditional design than this. 

In a plain and platinum setting, The Cathedral goes for $1,200; the price varies depending on your choice of metal type and band design. You can also customize this piece to create a Vrai and Oro Trillium Cut Engagement Ring. 

Vrai and Oro Tiny Ring Review 

For those whose taste definitely doesn’t run to those flashy multi-gemstone rings, the Vrai & Oro Tiny Ring is the pinnacle of minimalistic jewelry. This design showcases a prong-set .02 carat diamond atop a thin metal band that comes in either 14k yellow or white gold. 

Ranging in size from 2 to 11 and priced at a reasonable $195, the Tiny Ring is a very cost-effective option for an engagement ring. If you’re not purchasing it with that walk to the altar in mind, add a finishing touch by pairing it with Vrai and Oro small diamond earrings. 

Vrai and Oro Necklaces Review

Sometimes you need a touch of glam to complete your outfit. Fortunately, Vrai and Oro has a glittering variety of necklace designs to add that last touch of sparkle to your look. Below, this Vrai and Oro review gives you its take on some of the brand’s top styles. 

Vrai and Oro Silk Box Chain Review

Looking for a gold chain without that ’90s-era tackiness? Made from 14k yellow or white gold, the Vrai and Oro Silk Box Chain necklace has a dainty silhouette and is cut to give you a gentle gleam from every angle. 

This necklace also allows you to add a complementary pendant for an extra touch of glamour—we recommend matching it with an attachable locket and presenting it as a gift. This Vrai and Oro box chain comes in two different size ranges, and the price varies according to length: 

  • 16” to 18”: $255 
  • 18” to 20”: $265 

Vrai and Oro Cuban Link Chain Review

We all have our simple, pretty accessory staples and this is one could be a new addition to your collection.

The Cuban Link Chain Necklace features small links of 14k yellow gold or white gold to create a simple, elegant look that can be paired with a charm or diamond. This Vrai and Oro review recommends to stack it with another gold choker for some added dimension. 

The Cuban Link Chain Necklace is a standard 16” to 18” length and comes at the price of $377

Vrai and Oro Vrai Bezel Necklace Review

The Vrai Bezel Necklace pulls as a center of attention. Precisely spaced on a 14k yellow or white gold chain, a single tiny round brilliant diamond offers a subtle but eye-catching surprise. Like all Vrai and Oro stones, each of the 1/10ctw gemstones is sustainably sourced. 

Available in round, horizontal marquis, trillion, and square cuts for the diamond, this Vrai and Oro diamond station necklace comes in 16” to 18” for $415

Vrai and Oro Earrings Review 

A jewelry ensemble for work, special occasions, and every day is best shown when you have a power necklace, bracelet, ring, and earring combo. Adding a pair of hoops, studs, or drop earrings to your Vrai and Oro collection is an easy way to have your powerhouse look perfect. 

This Vrai and Oro review will now show you some of the brand’s best-selling earrings in varying metals and colors for personalization.

Vrai and Oro Huggie Hoop Review

Nothing is more classic than the standard hoop earring. Vrai and Oro’s version showcases these jewelry-box essentials in a comfortable fit with a hinge closure that makes them easy to take on and off. You can get these Huggie Hoops in either the subtle 10mm size, or you can add some drama by going for the 15mm option.

Made from 14k gold in your choice of rose, yellow, or white, the Huggie Hoops has a price range that varies by both size and quantity:

  • 10mm single: $95 
  • 10mm pair: $190 
  • 15mm single: $140 
  • 15mm pair: $280 

Vrai and Oro VRAI Solitaire Drop Ear Jacket Review 

Anyone up for some solitaire? The VRAI Solitaire Drop Ear Jacket adds that little oomph to your normal stud earrings. Simply slip it on the back of your favorite pair of studs to add a round, oval, emerald, pear, or trillion cut diamond to your look. 

Coming in 14k yellow or white gold, this piece is meant to be versatile and personalized whether you are rocking an everyday look or you need a little twinkle for a special night. You also have the option of adding a little or a lot of twinkle with ½ ct or 1ct options

The VRAI Solitaire Drop Ear Jacket comes in two price options: 

  • Single: $861
  • Pair: $1,722

Vrai and Oro Cuban Link Bracelet Review 

Adapting their Cuban Link Necklace for your wrist, Vrai and Oro designed the Cuban Link Bracelet as a unisex piece for everyday and any occasion use. Featuring intertwined gold loops and a lobster clasp, this 14k gold beauty would look amazing with some matching earrings in the same simple yet elegant style. 

You can choose either yellow or white gold for this Vrai and Oro bracelet, and one of four sizes between 6” and 8”. The price of this Vrai and Oro gold bracelet varies depending on length; check out our breakdown below:

  • 6”: $175
  • 6½” and 7”: $200 
  • 8”: $215 

Vrai and Oro Ring Sizer Review

Sometimes you can’t rely on size charts. That’s why Vrai and Oro offers their Ring Sizer to help make things easier for their customers. This simple Vrai home try-on with its zip-tie design takes the guesswork out of ring sizing by quickly and accurately measuring ring sizes between 1 and 13.  

This nifty $5 tool comes with an instruction card to help you judge your perfect fit. The Vrai and Oro ring sizer has a standard thickness of 4.5mm, so keep that in mind if you’re looking for bands that are thinner or thicker. 

Vrai and Oro Jewelry Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Vrai and Oro Review

After doing some digging, this Vrai and Oro review discovered that the company’s website is the only place where you can find substantial customer feedback about the brand. Because of this, we may not be able to paint a full picture of the brand’s credibility, but we will still include samples of the few external reviews we found. 

On the Vrai and Oro website, the brand gets an average rating of 4.8/5 stars based on a total of 4,896 reviews. Customers especially love the simple designs, since they go easily with a variety of outfits. 

One reviewer on the site wrote, “The necklace is even more gorgeous in person than in the pictures! I love it so much, I wear it every day! VRAI was the most reasonably priced of all of the companies I researched and the quality is excellent. Highly recommended.” 

That said, some of the reviews we found in other places don’t have such a rosy view of the brand. While most of the commenters agree that the prices are reasonable there are some rave reviews for the company’s customer service team, some customers experienced unhelpful advice when it came to buying their pieces. 

On a Reddit thread, one commenter told the story of their negative experience. “The customer service on Vrai is completely HORRIBLE though. They refuse to talk to you on the phone if you have questions. They only do chat and email. When I bought my ring there were times I just wanted to talk to a human about my questions before dropping $7,000—but nope, no exceptions.” 

Other reviewers have been critical of the quality of the products and the company’s refusals to replace or provide refunds for damaged merchandise. On US Reviews, one commenter said that: 

VRAI jewelry looks amazing, for about a month, then it falls apart, the quality is TERRIBLE!! My engagement ring was fantastic, but within a month, the diamond fell out—from a bezel setting! They refuse to do anything about it.”     

Is Vrai and Oro Worth It?

Vrai and Oro Review

If you’re looking for modern, trendy, minimalist jewelry at an affordable price, this Vrai and Oro review can recommend this brand. 

The prices are quite reasonable, especially for engagement rings: it’s easy to spend $4k to $7k on a diamond band, but most of the Vrai and Oro models fall within a $1k to $1,700 range. It’s also a plus to know that their diamonds are grown rather than mined, which makes them both ethically and sustainably sourced

That said, we suggest that you keep a healthy amount of skepticism due to the lack of external customer reviews, and the negative experiences we found in the few we were able to find. We don’t know much about how they truly operate in terms of shipping or customer service lines. 

But overall, if you’re looking for trendy jewelry that won’t break the bank, Vrai and Oro may be worth looking into. 

Vrai and Oro Promotions & Discounts 

Vrai and Oro Review

This Vrai and Oro review found out that the company has a Refer-a-Friend program, but they haven’t released many details on this. We also haven’t found any promotions, sales, or discount codes on their website so far. 

Where to Buy Vrai and Oro 

Vrai and Oro Review

You can purchase Vrai and Oro jewelry only at the company’s website,


Vrai and Oro Review

Where is Vrai jewelry located?

The Vrai and Oro headquarters is located in Los Angeles, California. A profile of the company and its co-founder Vanessa Stofenmacher on noted that the stylish design of the brand’s head office matched nicely with that of their merchandise: “the all-white office oozes minimalist vibes and is a true reflection of the brand.”

Does Vrai use real diamonds? 

According to their website, Vrai uses lab-grown diamonds that are created through a combination of “proprietary technology with the zero-emission power of the Columbia River.” This is to ensure that they minimize their carbon footprint.  

What is Vrai and Oro’s Shipping Policy?

This Vrai and Oro review found out that all of their designs are made to order. Products are crafted and shipped within 2 weeks of purchase, and the company offers complimentary US standard delivery for all orders

The brand uses USPS Priority Mail for their Ring Sizers. Customers can also opt for 2-day or overnight delivery options at the checkout.

Vrai and Oro offers international shipping to several select countries. Customers will receive a tracking number via a confirmation email so that they can check the progress of their packages. You can find out more about their shipping policy and consult the full list of delivery locations by visiting their website. 

What is Vrai and Oro’s Return Policy?

Customers have 30 days to return their jewelry for a full refund. Items must be like new and unworn in order to be considered eligible. US orders of in-stock jewelry under $700 can be sent back using their return portal; anything above this amount must be dealt with by a customer service representative. 

This Vrai and Oro review found out that engraved items can be returned, but that the personalization fee is non-refundable

In terms of the Vrai and Oro warranty, the company guarantees that their jewelry is free of manufacturing defects for two years from purchase. In the event that there are any damages, customers can return items for repairs. 

How to Contact Vrai and Oro

For any questions beyond the scope of this Vrai and Oro review, you can contact the company through:

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