9 Best Pantyhose

Finding the Best Pantyhose

Best Pantyhose Brands

Pantyhose have been a closet essential for years. The memories traverse through time; from when you were only a tot in your very first dress to those angsty teenage years of distressed denim skirts and torn black tights…These days, you might even find yourself heading out for an elegant dinner with the in-laws on a cooler winter evening. 

And while it once may have been a fashion statement, there’s truly nothing more frustrating than a wide run streaming all the way up your leg. We’ve all heard of the nail polish hacks and quick fixes, but should we constantly have to be acting as seamstresses for these staple pieces? And don’t get me started on repurchases.

9 Best Pantyhose

Luckily, the best pantyhose are out there, and we’re here to help you find them. In saying that, there are plenty of options out there that may have caught your eye. There’s so many little things that go into picking out a long lasting pair, and we’ll get into that. But first, let’s look at some of the best pantyhose brands.

1. Sheertex  

Best Pantyhose Brands

In 2017, Katherine Homuth decided she would no longer put up with the wasteful world of single use pantyhose and set out on the journey of Sheertex. Operating out of a large factory in Montréal, Canada, Homuth and her team created a fabric as durable as that of bulletproof vests and stronger than steel: Sheertex™ Knit technology. 

Sheertex is committed to limiting waste and costs, focusing on using high quality materials and a direct-to-consumer business model that follows ethical standards. Today, the brand is known for its strength tested selection of hosiery that is super stretchy and resilient. 

The customer reviews back up the brand’s mission, highlighting how comfortable and strong the tights are. Shoppers also love the inclusive size range and representation on the website, recounting that the cost is worth everything the brand stands for. 

Since these tights are designed to last forever, they come with an investment of $65–$218, though the pricier options tend to come in duos. 


  • Extremely resilient fabric
  • Antimicrobial, water resistant, and cooling
  • Represents diverse bodies on the website
  • Ethical and environmentally friendly practices
  • Inclusive size range: XS–3XL
  • Plenty of promo codes available

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2. Spanx 

Best Pantyhose Brands

If you’ve heard of shapewear, chances are you’ve heard of Spanx. The story began back in 1998 when Sara Blakely cut the control top off of her pantyhose for a smooth look in her new white jeans. In 2000, she began manufacturing her own version of shaping pantyhose, and things took off rapidly from there. 

Today, Spanx is based in Georgia, though the tights are manufactured in countries across the globe and sold worldwide through popular retailers such as Target and Bloomingdale’s. The brand is also committed to giving women a voice and empowering them to feel and look good.

Like we mentioned, Spanx is most well known for its control top and compression hosiery. Customers everywhere love the comfort and fit that allows for a smoother and slimmer silhouette. They’re thin enough to wear under all different types of clothing without being seen while having that classic pantyhose look.

Spanx tights start at only $15, with their most expensive pair being an affordable $42.


  • Wide selection of shapewear, clothing, and activewear, as well as pantyhose
  • Control top leggings
  • Affordable pricing
  • Neutral color options
  • Lots of coupons available

3. Commando

Best Pantyhose Brands

Going commando isn’t always the best idea, but you can definitely feel that comfortable breeze in a pair of Commando pantyhose. Committed to creating “luxurious, long-lasting, well-fitting garments that make your wardrobe work harder for you,” Kerry O’Brien founded the brand in 2005.

Most warehouses are located in the US and fit-tested on ‘real’ bodies to ensure a comfortable and well-fitting shape. There is a wide selection of materials, from microfibre to faux leather.

Almost all of the fabrics are Oeko Tex and REACH Certified, meaning you can feel safe putting it against your skin, while also knowing that they were ethically sourced and made with the environment in mind. 

Today, the brand is known for its innovative designs for women’s intimates, with options that fit well and look great. Customers think so too, as the designs fit snugly and flatter their figure. Plus, the materials are super soft and durable, and there are options for classic pantyhose as well as stylish designs.

Commando’s price range lands around $42–$53.


  • Committed to ethical and environmentally friendly practices
  • Mostly US-made products 
  • Innovative designs
  • Sustainably sourced fabrics
  • Tested on ‘real’ bodies
  • Long lasting and resilient  

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4. Bootights 

Best Pantyhose Brands

Bootights was founded by Shelby Mason in 2009. The idea was sparked after she had an embarrassing moment with airport security—when she removed her boots, Mason had to show off the socks she had layered over her tights to protect her feet. 

On a mission to “provide hosiery that truly merges comfort and style,” the brand carries a selection of high-quality pantyhose with comfortable, moisture wicking socks built in. Essentially, this is designed to replace the need for extra socks when it comes to avoiding blisters. A good pair of tights shouldn’t need an added layer of protection!

The brand’s ‘tightology’ offers a more comfortable fit and shaping as well as durability, so they’re designed to last. Bootights is known for its selection of hosiery and has shoppers all over the US talking. 

Shoppers describe the styles as sophisticated and fashionable, while adding the comfort of socks without looking frumpy or feeling too warm. The tights are quite strong as well, being resistant to pulls and tears. Plus, the socks offer comfort and support for a blister-free zone in every pair of shoes.

Prices are quite affordable for these durable and comfortable tights, ranging from $26–$42.


  • Moisture wicking material
  • Comfortable and stylish
  • Arch support and cushioning
  • Flat toe seam
  • Sleek and minimal look
  • Neutral color palette

5. Skims

Best Pantyhose Brands

Kim K is famous for a lot of things, but her brand Skims has garnered significant attention. And for good reason. Of course, the whole Kardashian clan is known for their sought-after hourglass figures, and we might assume that high quality shapewear plays a part in creating slim, smooth silhouettes.

Luckily, Miss Kardashian let us in on her little secret by releasing Skims in 2018, a brand dedicated to “setting new standards by providing solutions for every body.” The shapewear is designed to hug and accentuate curves, while simultaneously offering a comfortable and stretchy fit (something unheard of when it comes to compression wear). 

Based in Culver City, California, Skims’ products are available all over the globe. The brand is most known for its collection of slimming bodysuits, as well as booty enhancing and lifting bottoms. You’ll find both in the hosiery section, in sheer nude options crafted from stretchy polyamide and elastane.

According to customers, Skims are more than just your average pair of pantyhose. The materials are super durable and stretchy, with a fitted waistband and a figure hugging shape that enhances all your best assets. 

Skims offers a selection of tights designed to help wearers love their bodies and feel good in every outfit, retailing for $42–$78.


  • Wide selection of shapewear 
  • Control top pantyhose
  • Durable and stretchy
  • Mostly sheer options
  • Inclusive size range: XXS–6X
  • Different shades of nude
  • Figure hugging and curve enhancing
  • Affordable prices

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6. Stems

Best Pantyhose Brands

Stems ‘stems’ from the idea that we dress ourselves feet first. Essentially, when you wake up every morning, you slide on your slippers and get to it. And putting on socks before ripped jeans is a must. And you can’t put on your dress without first slipping on a pair of pantyhose!

The brand was founded by Rochelle Sara Gan and Nandita Sekhar who were “inspired by legs and the journeys they carry you on.” The rest of the Stems’s origins are quite a mystery, with little information about when it was founded and what exactly kicked the idea into gear.

Today, the pieces are made in Italy and include a selection of socks and tights; the same items the brand is most well known for. They’re also crafted from polyamide, which is super soft and durable. The waistband has a good bounce back and the top of the leggings also feature shaping tummy control and a butt lift.

Customer reviews commend the thick and comfortable waistband that is reminiscent of a traditional pair of leggings. The fun patterns also get five stars, and the fabric is tight fitting yet stretchy for perfect pantyhose performance.

Stems’ price range is definitely on the more affordable end considering they are crafted from high-quality materials in Italy, ranging from only $33–$38.


  • Range of socks and tights 
  • Made in Italy
  • Sizes S-XXL
  • Polyamide material 
  • Sheer and opaque options
  • Cool patterns available like fishnet and polka dot
  • Soft and durable
  • Shaping and curve hugging

7. Wolford

Best Pantyhose Brands

Wolford was founded by Reinhold Wolff and Walter Palmers in Austria in 1950. The duo focused on creating a selection of comfortable hosiery as the first pair of pantyhose had been released only a few years prior. Things took off quite quickly as the fad entered the scene, but the brand has remained committed to providing the highest quality options throughout the years.

The brand is famous for its selection of women’s undergarments, but plenty of shoppers discovered the brand through Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, who were consistently spotted wearing cool bodysuits and stylish basics from Wolford.

The range of materials is wide, though they are all high quality, durable, and soft fabrics. Options like nylon and elastane are ideal for the warmer weather, while cool climates benefit from silks, Merino wools, and cashmeres.

Customers note the brand’s eye for detail as it implements small things that make the tights better. This includes shadow toe reinforcements, a super stretchy fit, non constricting waistbands, and a wide selection of options for different events.

With a luxurious and vast selection of options, Wolford pantyhose retail between $20–$450.


  • Wide selection of women’s undergarments
  • Neutral and bold color options
  • Fun and flirty patterns like leopard and fishnet
  • 5 to 250 denier
  • Options with none or strong shaping
  • Carries sizes XS–XL
  • High quality fabrics like nylon, elastane, and Merino wool

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8. Silks 

Best Pantyhose Brands

Owned by Gildan and founded in 1956, Silks has years of experience in creating a large collection of women’s hosiery. Other than that, the origins of the brand aren’t readily available on the internet.

Today, the brand is most known for its elegant and sophisticated styles. You’ll find essentials like sheer, neutral tights, as well trendier options and comfortable shapewear. The options can easily be dressed up or down for fancier and casual events. 

Customer reviews focus on the wide range of styles, as well as comfortable spandex materials and shaping fits. Plus, the manufacturing and craftsmanship are high quality, with no runs or tears evident after multiple wears. 

While Silks offers a wide selection on its websites, the items can only be purchased from select retailers in Canada, such as Hudson’s Bay, Amazon, and Costco. 


  • Wide selection of hosiery
  • Plenty of fabrics to choose from, with sheer and opaque options
  • Elegant and sophisticated styles
  • Classic and shaping pantyhose
  • Trendy releases each season

9. Heist 

Best Pantyhose Brands

Heist was founded in 2015 by Toby Darbyshire, who wanted to create tights that fit better than the underwear options currently available on the market. It all started with 196 pairs of tights tested on 67 different women to create a signature style and fit.

The brand has also set clear goals for sustainability and ethical standards. They’ve launched recycled fabric options and limited recyclable packaging, along with implementing fair wages for employees. 

Today, the brand offers a wide range of women’s underwear and hosiery that is designed to be comfortable, well fitting, stylish, and durable. The fabrics are high performance and shaping, though they are designed to fit properly, not tightly. 

Heist is best known for its tights, which are crafted from a durable polyamide and elastane yarn with two different waistband options designed to hug your curves without creating rolls. Customers praise the great selection of shades and a silky smooth finish that feels like a second skin. 

Heist offers an affordable assortment of options, starting at $30 for the most basic pairs and reaching $43 for more trendy, patterned options.


  • Designed for a wide range of bodies and sizes
  • Committed to sustainable sourcing and ethical manufacturing
  • Seamless waistbands in two height options
  • No gussets to avoid sagging
  • 5k spiral yarn for the perfect fit
  • Neutral and bold color options
  • Fun patterns like diamond and shimmer

How to Choose the Best Pantyhose: Things to Consider

Best Pantyhose Brands

There are a lot of things that the best pantyhose should be. To name a few, we’d say they ought to be comfortable, look good, and last a long time. Honestly, the rest of it boils down to preference. 

Some people prefer different materials and thickness, while others like sheerer options that double as shapewear. But versatility is always a must so you can wear your tights anywhere you go. 

So how can you be sure to choose the right pair? There are a few key things to consider that will help you find the right fit. Let’s take a look at the most important ones down below!


The first thing that may affect your decision is the brand you choose. We outlined our top picks for the best pantyhose brands to help you narrow it down, but it’s important to consider what shoppers are saying. Our favorite brands all have great reputations, but the one you choose in the end should have beliefs that are in line with yours.

If you care most about shapewear and neutral colors, then it’s best to go with a brand that is most known for those attributes. If you want to add a pop of color to your wardrobe, then you may want to opt for another collection. 


Is there anything worse than heading out for a romantic dinner, only to look down and realize you’ve got a huge tear in your pantyhose? Suddenly your elegant look is a little more grunge despite the fact that you’re at a five star restaurant. 

Maybe there is one worse thing: you slip on that last decent pair in your wardrobe, only to catch the material on your pinky toe. Regardless, the tights you invest in should be tear and snag resistant to avoid those frustrating moments.

They should also be a thickness that works best in your climate and fits comfortably all day long. Nobody wants to have chilly knees or constantly be pulling up their tights! So the best pantyhose are those that have qualities that work best for you, but also hold up so you don’t need to keep replacing them.


To put it simply, denier is what makes tights either more on the sheer end of the spectrum or more opaque. The fibers of different materials and fabrics have different thicknesses, and denier is the measurement of how thick those strands are. 

Most tights are between 40d–80d (d meaning denier). The sheerer the tight you’re looking for, the smaller the number should be. That being said, lower denier tights tend to be more prone to tears and snags, so it’s important to opt for a more durable material. 

Control Top

Pantyhose are great for more than adding an elegant touch to your outfit or an extra layer in the cooler weather. Many also come with built in shapewear that smooths out areas like your tummy, hips, and thighs. This can provide an extra boost of confidence when you’re in bodycon dresses, as it creates a smoother silhouette. 

But, there’s a fine line between finding that perfect, fitted look, and feeling like you’re trapped and may as well be wearing stiff denim. It’s best to find a pair that are the right size for you to avoid that constricted feeling. It’s important to experience slight and comfortable compression. 


The best pantyhose are those that are versatile, and there’s really nothing quite like a classic sheer black pair. They can be worn almost anywhere and under anything, adding a simple and modest touch to every ensemble. 

But sometimes you want a fun pattern or cool color, as well as something a little more opaque. These options are a great way to brighten up and completely change different outfits, easily swapping out to create a different overall vibe. 


As the cool air starts creeping in beneath office doors and Jack Frost starts nipping at your nose, it’s time to swap your summer tights for something a little warmer. But that doesn’t mean you need to stop wearing all your cute dresses and skirts! 

There are plenty of fleece-lined options to keep you nice and toasty, no matter which outfit you choose to wear. Because of this, the tights may be a little more opaque, so this could be the best time to try out some new colors or patterns!

This is also ideal for layering beneath your trousers on especially cool days, since they’re thin enough that you won’t have to worry about extra bulk, while still keeping you warm all day long. 

Of course, it’s important to have breathable options for summer as well, and most sheer tights are good at keeping your temperature regulated. The lower the denier, the less dense the fabric, and the cooler you should feel.  

What’s The Best Material For Pantyhose?  

Best Pantyhose Brands

The best pantyhose are made with a material that is stretchy and strong that also feels smooth and comfortable. Not too much to ask, right? You may have experienced waistbands that won’t stay up or tights that seem to stretch out over time and bag out at the knees, but that likely has a lot to do with the material.

With those requirements in mind, nylon is usually the best bet for pantyhose. It is quite a strong and stretchy fabric, and it’s wrinkle resistant so it always looks clean and simple. Plus, it can be pretty thin, which creates that beautiful sheer finish and feels as soft as silk.

When combined with spandex, nylon is a little more elastic and durable, which should help create a tighter fit. This combo is often found in shapewear pantyhose, but it also helps the waistband to stay in place and stops it from stretching out or becoming misshapen.

Wools and cashmeres are safe bets for cooler climates. Both are still quite elastic and have a luxury feel, while holding in heat to keep you nice and toasty. They are also super soft, so you’ll be comfortable and cozy.

Polyamide fabrics are another great option since they are durable and resistant to wear and tear. It isn’t as breathable as nylon but it’s not as thick as wool or cashmere, so it may be the best choice for fall and spring. It is moisture wicking and dries quickly, so there’s no need to sweat!

How Can You Prevent Runs in Pantyhose? 

Best Pantyhose Brands

The first step in helping your pantyhose last longer is to put them on gently. Wayward piggies are usually the cause of tears and runs, so it helps to bunch the leg up to the foot of the pantyhose so you can point your toes directly into the little pocket and then carefully pull the rest of the fabric up your leg.

While the best pantyhose should be durable, there are a few tips and tricks that could help them withstand even the toughest snags. It helps to air dry them after washing on cool since heat can affect the elasticity of the nylon. A light coating of hairspray can also add a nice protective seal!

How to Make Pantyhose Fit Optimally? 

Best Pantyhose Brands

The best fit always starts with the right size. Since a loose waistband is a common problem, sizing down may be your best bet, especially since the material should be nice and stretchy. Some tights are also made for different heights, so it can help to find petite or tall options depending on your size.

If you find that they have shrunk after washing, you can simply gently stretch the fabric out while they are still wet. Be sure to focus this around the leg area so that the waistband doesn’t stretch out too much!

Final Thoughts

Best Pantyhose Brands

So, long story short, it’s time to stop settling when it comes to tights. You don’t need to repurchase them often or constantly stress about runs and tears ruining your outfit. And you can try out a pair that doesn’t feel too hot or too cold. 

Also, you should be able to find pantyhose that checks all your boxes with the right denier, compression, fit, and style, so you can feel great and look great too. Hopefully our Best Pantyhose article inspires you to seek out one that’s perfect for you! 

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