Sheertex Tights Review

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About Sheertex

Sheertex Tights Review

Sheertex is an online apparel specializing in durable sheer tights. The brand has gained prominence in producing ethically made, unbreakable fabric that is used to make their signature pantyhose. 

While their target demographic is women, they do sell tights for men as well. Sheertex has an Instagram following of 84.9K and is featured in top publications such as Buzzfeed, Bustle, and Gizmodo. We wanted to find out if Sheertex tights are as good as they say.

If you’re in the market for a good pair of pantyhose, read further into this Sheertex tights review to see if this company is the right fit for you. I’ll share my research into this brand, from customer reviews, what makes them stand out, their best selling tights, and more. 

Overview of Sheertex

Sheertex Tights Review

Running, ripping, huffing in disbelief that you need to buy another pair: the frustrations pile on. Sheer tights can be one of the most infuriating purchases within your lifetime. Katherine Homuth had enough of disposable, old fashioned hosiery and decided to take action. 

In 2017, Katherine started Sheertex, a cutting edge apparel company that focuses on making tights that last and are environmentally friendly. “Everyone said unbreakable tights would be impossible, but we knew we could make our luck,” the Sheertex founder said.

With the help of her team, Katherine engineered a miracle fabric and took over the largest hosiery in Montreal, Canada. The material is antimicrobial and water resistant, ethically produced in Montreal. Sheertex tights are 10 times stronger than steel, and unbreakable in human hands

Sheertex Tights Review

Sheertex’s fabric is traditionally used in bulletproof vests and ballistic materials. After learning that, Jane from Mr. and Mrs. Smith would’ve donned these pair of tights in her next mission. Sheertex states that their prices reflect the cost of their materials directly, so buyers know where their money is going. 

Before we get started on this Sheertex tights review, let’s go over some initial pros and cons. 


  • Sheertext tights are incredibly durable, containing fabric used in bulletproof vests and ballistic materials
  • Tights are antimicrobial and water resistant
  • Ethically made and environmentally friendly 
  • Body diversity is positively reflected in their models


  • Customers cannot return their items 
Sheertex Tights Review

Sheertex sells tights, biker shorts, masks, and hair accessories. But, their largest category is their tights section. So, what is Sheertex made of? Most of their products are made with their branded propriety knit, which is engineered to endure stress and prevent damage

The brand ensures that their sizes are body inclusive, as they range from XS-3XL. Customers can choose to buy a single pair of tights, or opt for a 2 pack or 3 pack for a discounted price.

This Sheertex tights review will cover a selection of best selling tights and shorts, which could easily become staples in your wardrobe. 

Sheertex Ultra Strong Ultrasheer Tights

It’s logical to think that the thinnest of material will be the easiest to break. However, the Ultra Strong Ultrasheer Tights will leave you in disbelief. Made out of an ultrasheer knit, it will take a decent amount of effort to break them with your hands. 

With tights like these, say goodbye to purchasing inexpensive tights that might make you worry if they start to run during date night or an office meeting. Also, it’s see-through enough to show off any eye-catching tattoos you might have. 

For those who want to show a little bit more skin, these Ultra Strong Ultrasheer Tights can be your new go-to’s for fall. This Sheertex tights review imagines a cute little autumn outfit with a cozy denim sherpa jacket and a long-sleeved skater dress. This pair of durable Sheertex pantyhose costs $99

Sheertex Classic Sheer Tights

The Classic Sheer Tights are unbreakable with human hands, 10 times stronger than steel, light, and protect against sweat and thigh chafing. My last pair of pantyhose began to run as soon as I slipped one leg on. With fabric like this, Sheetex’s original pair of classic tights become a closet essential. 

Made with a more opaque material, these tights do the job in covering your legs from the cold, or if you just want more protection when you’re wearing a skirt or a dress. It’s a bestseller for a reason, as these tights are made for walking, running, jumping, leaping, or any other strenuous activity you could muster. 

This Sheertex tights review discovered that the Classic Sheer Tights are priced at $59, which turns out to be one of the brand’s most affordable pantyhose options.

Sheertex Shaping Sheer Tights

Let’s face it, it’s quite hard to attain the classic hourglass figure when shopping for shapewear. Sometimes these undergarments don’t fit quite right and are uncomfortable. However, Sheertex’s Shaping Sheer Tights are easy to wear, to move around in, and most importantly, help flatter your figure. 

These tights come in nude colors to help you match your skin tone. The Shaping Sheer Tights are still made with extra durable fabric, so there’s no worry about any rips or runs in the future. This Sheertex tights review encourages you to wear these under some fitted pants or a slim fit dress and see what a difference it makes for $69.

Sheertex Semi-Opaque Tights

Sheertex Semi-Opaque Tights are ready for this winter. Though they are the same sheer material of any classic pair of tights, the fabric is slightly thicker than the average tight and are meant to keep you comfortable and warm while commuting to work or walking through the streets in the colder months.

The high rise waistband holds the tights up all day, featuring Sheertex’s signature unbreakable material. This Sheertex review suggests wearing these tights with your favorite plaid skirt and Doc Martens, or pair with a long knit dress and overcoat. The Sheertex Semi-Opaque Tights are $69

Latticed Semi-Opaque Tights

The Sheertex Latticed Semi-Opaque Tights are for those that want to add a little flair and class to their everyday look. The high rise waistband provides comfort and freedom of movement so you can dance the night away, or add a little spice to your everyday work outfit. 

Unbreakable due to the durable fabric, these $79 tights are meant to provide you with a chic look for everyday or special occasions. This Sheertex tights review recommends the Lattice Semi-Opaque Tights with your best pair of heels and a little black dress, or with your favorite pencil skirt and blazer. 

Sheertex Cross My Heart Sheer Tights

Who said tights have to be plain? These adorable Cross My Heart Sheer Tights are patterned in delicate black hearts in a polka-dotted fashion. Made out of the same revolutionary fabric as Sheertex’s other tights, this hosiery is not only functional but fashionable. These love-themed tights come in all black for a more mysterious allure. 

There’s something about these tights that allude to the 1950s, when polka dots on dresses and skirts were all the rage. To style them, wear these Sheertex shears under a cute little pink skirt or dress to show them off. This would be the optimal Valentines or Gal-entines look. The Cross My Heart Sheer Tights cost $79

Silver Lining Half & Half Sheer Tights

Dare to be different with the Silver Lining Half & Half Sheer Tights. These tights give the playful illusion of over the knee socks with a faux knee-high design so you can add another unique layer to your look. 

Pair these flirty tights with a pair of sneakers and your favorite jean shorts, or wear with a pair of booties and a grey skirt for a more chic look. The silver thigh band over the knee adds a little sparkle and detail, while the high waistband keeps your tights in place and the sock illusion secure. 

The Silver Lining Half & Half Sheer Tights cost $79 and are made of the Sheertex signature unbreakable fabric

Sheertex Thigh Highs 

Searching for the classic thigh high tight that won’t roll down can be a tough pursuit. Finding the right size, the right material, and the right length can lead many to give up their search. But, the Thigh Highs from Sheertex could end your search for good.

Made from the same signature, durable material as other Sheertex products, the Thigh Highs come with built in silicone stay-ups around the top of each leg inside the lattice trim to keep your tights up and where they should be. 

Sheertex suggests using their size guide before purchasing the Thigh Highs. We think pairing these tights with thigh high boots and a leggy dress would be so alluring, or you could rock them with a calf-length dress and blazer for a professional look. The Thigh Highs from Sheertex are $49

Sheertex No-Sweat Shortie

Wearing a short skirt or a dress is always a gamble. No one likes running the risk of doing a Marilyn Munroe when an inconvenient gust of wind hits. Luckily, the No-Sweat Shortie keeps your worries low and you protected. 

This pair of lightweight, sheer hosiery shorts are breathable, they flatter your figure, and prevent chafing. These shorts feature no waistband, which on other competing shorts can run the risk of making things bulky. 

These cute Sheertext shorts have silicone strips lining the bottom hem of each leg to ensure that nothing rolls up. Additionally, there is no center seam for a more even, full coverage look. The No-Sweat Shortie is priced at $79

Sheertex 9” Bike Shorts

Biker shorts are one of the trendiest clothing pieces this year. Not only do they look cute with high waisted tops or an oversized jacket, but they prevent any risky butt crack from showing with a normal pair of jean shorts. Whether you’re working out or sporting the athleisure look, the 9” Bike Shorts can be worn for both occasions. 

Are Sheertex comfortable? Yes, and these 9” Bike Shorts are here to prove it! These $59 shorts, made out of the same durable fabric, are naturally cooling, lightweight, anti-microbial, and anti-chafing. They’re also seriously flattering—the high rise shape, with it’s 9” inseam, helps to give you some shape.

Sheertex Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Sheertex Review

Is Sheertex good? Customers seem to think so, according to this Sheertex review. There are hundreds of 4.5 to 5 star reviews on their website. Customers rave about how comfortable the tights are, how durable they seem to be, and how the prices are worth it

“These tights are super worth the money!!!! My legs are pretty thin, and “sheer” tights are often more opaque on me since the material doesn’t stretch out as much. I’m 5’6″ and 105 lb, and the XS is perfect,” one Sheertex tights review on the website says. 

There wasn’t much information on reviewer sites on Trustpilot and the Better Business Bureau. BBB rates them with a B+ with very few customer complaints. Other media outlets, such as Huffington Post and Gizmodo have written articles stating that Sheertex’s ‘invincible’ tights fabric does live up to the name

On the other hand, some customers reported issues with customer service and shipping: “The representative could have offered alternative solutions, such as a discount, or waiving of the shipping fee. Because ultimately, it wasn’t the product I was unhappy with, it was the price. I have a refund now, but it didn’t solve my problem,” says one Sheertex tights review on TrustPilot. 

It’s important to note that negative reviews like this about Sheertex are minimal to scarce. The overwhelming majority of customers enjoy, or absolutely love, their Sheertex tights.

Are Sheertex Tights Worth It?

Sheertex Review

We are so used to buying tights that cost so little, then throwing them away after the inevitable run and rip. If you find yourself wearing tights regularly, This Sheertex tights review will encourage you to give them a try. You might be saving yourself some money by opting to pay more for a pair of tights that will last you a long time

Not only is throwing away useless tights a waste of money, but it isn’t good for the environment, and the clothing industry continues to be one of the worst polluters in the world. Companies like Sheertex are thinking forward, incorporating eco-friendly production practices. Give Sheertex a try and witness for yourself how indestructible their tights are. 

Sheertex Promotions & Discounts 

Sheertex Review

This Sheertex tights review found out that customers can get 10% off their purchase using the Sheertex discount code FALL10. Buyers can also opt to buy a 2 pack or a 3 pack of tights or other hosiery for as much as 15% off

By signing up for the Sheertex newsletter, customers have access to exclusive offers and updates, like access to a special Sheertex promo code or Sheertex coupon. 

Where to Buy Sheertex Tights

Sheertex Review

Sheertex pantyhose and other products are sold on and through their Sheertex Amazon page. 


What sizes does Sheertex have?

This Sheertex tights review discovered that Sheertex offers a multitude of sizing options, ranging from XS-3XL. Below is the sizing chart on all their apparel items. 

What is Sheertex’s Shipping Policy?

This Sheertex tights review found out that the company only ships to Canada, the US, Germany, France, the Netherlands, the UK, and Ireland. Orders are processed from their warehouse in Montreal. 

Sheertex shipping takes 3-5 business days. Customers receive a tracking number as soon as their order has been placed, and Sheertex sends email updates throughout the shipping process.

How do I return Sheertex?

The Sheertex returns policy states that returns cannot be made since they primarily sell intimates, undergarments, and hosiery, meaning orders are final sale. However, Sheertex offers a 30 Day Good Luck Guarantee warranty, which covers damages or defects on all their tights within the first 30 days from the date of arrival. 

How to Contact Sheertex

For inquiries beyond this Sheertex tights review, you can reach out to the company via:

  • Emailing Sheertex customer service: [email protected]
  • Phone number: 1(800) 715 1658
  • Visiting or sending mail to Sheertex headquarters at: 7471 Avenue Leonard- De Vinci Montreal, QC, H2A 2P3 

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Asked by Jamie (11 months ago) Reply

I bought my Sheertex leggings when the plant first opened in Bracebridge ON and I wear them them for hiking, canoeing, rock climbing or just lounging. These footless tights are for sure indestructible. And the bonus is they’re unisex.

Answered by Jeff (7 months ago) Reply

Yes Thankyou for demonstrating
the men to show their unisex. I know which pairs I want.

Not worth the money
Asked by Erika (8 months ago) Reply

I bought a pair of Sheertex hoping to reduce my carbon footprint and I am beyond disappointed. They snagged/tore on the third wear, which is less than I can say for cheaper tights I’ve bought in the past. I am thoroughly disappointed and absolutely do not recommend buying. Save your money and buy some $10 tights from Target. Sheertex don’t live up to their claims.

Not worth the money
Asked by Sofia SC (7 months ago) Reply

I ordered a pair of Sheertex on September 2020. I only wore them about 5 times total, given the pandemic. When I tried them on today (May 2021), I realized they were defective, with on of the fibers dislodged and pulling on the rest of the fabric. I contacted customer support, provided them with pictures, and they said they would be unable to help me given that their warranty is only for 30 days. I believe that tights this expensive should not be defective after 5 uses. I will never purchase from this brand again – for the cost of these tights, I could’ve gotten much better quality leggings elsewhere.

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