KORAL Activewear Review

About KORAL Activewear

KORAL Activewear Review

With supremely slick designs and ultra-cool fabrics and colors, KORAL blends athleisure with the modern world of fashion. Its pieces are cut for the female form and created with thoughtful details.

The brand’s dreamy collection of apparel is designed to make women feel good, whether that’s by light compression or through shimmery, eye-catching fabrics. A breath of fresh air in a market of similar-looking styles, KORAL has caught the attention of those looking to do things differently, including 424k Instagram followers and publications like People, Shape, and Forbes.

Looking for fashion-forward activewear? You may have come to the right place. To be sure, take a peek at this KORAL activewear review. We’ll cover all the need-to-knows about the brand and its popular collection, fill you in on customer feedback, and even give you the low down on promotions. Let’s dive in.

Overview of KORAL Activewear

KORAL Activewear Review

KORAL wouldn’t be what it is today without visionary Ilana Kugel. The brand’s founder and creative director, Kugel is a woman with an eye for fashion and a heart for comfort.

Her activewear line is a reflection of the two, outfitted with shiny finishes and liquid looks you don’t see off the runway very often. The collection is created to move with you from the gym to whatever else you have planned that day—its ever-popular leggings a showpiece that you wouldn’t imagine could actually help with performance.

There’s certainly a fresh feeling to KORAL’s line, one that puts imaginative spins on your favorite patterns, and makes the clunky sports bra look somehow effortlessly chic. The brand’s mantra, “in a world where you can be anything, be unstoppable,” reflects Kugel’s determination to create a brand after graduating top of her class in Fashion Design. 

Based in LA, the brand takes inspiration from the fashion scene mixed with the need to always be on the go. This KORAL activewear review will get into its collection soon, but before we do, here’s a summary of the highlights to give you an idea of what’s in-store.


  • Wide range of styles, colors, patterns
  • Offers a maternity section
  • Range of sizes XS-XL
  • Killer sale section
  • Offers promotions & discounts
  • Ships internationally
KORAL Activewear Review

When you first land on the brand’s website, you’ll be met with sleek fabrics, including loads of the liquid leather look and a burst of shiny copper. After browsing through its tops, bottoms, swimwear, and maternity collections, we discovered a vast array of colors and prints but also a strong thread of black to keep the classics.

Coming up, this KORAL activewear review will take you through a range of leggings, masks, and jackets—an inclusive selection that blends the brand’s on-trend designs with dreamy fabrics and smart details.

Afraid of burning up your bank account? KORAL has partnered with klarna to bring you a payment plan of four interest-free installments.

KORAL Leggings Review

The KORAL Leggings collection is one for the books. It’s bursting with shimmery colors, peek-a-boo designs, and modern takes on classic prints (shiny iris leopard print, anyone?).

This KORAL activewear review will feature the brand’s best-selling styles. Ahead, you’ll meet two bold colors from its Lustrous line, including a sleek rouge pair and a reinvented classic black style.

KORAL Lustrous Max High Rise Legging Shimmer Review

When we first saw the KORAL Lustrous Max High Rise Legging Shimmer, the first thing that came to mind was mermaids. They have a sexy look and scale-like pattern in an aquatic green shade that adds just a hint of texture to this shimmery look.

This pair is part of the Lustrous collection, so you’ll get four-way stretch and compression. Taking them outside? Both you and the legging will stay safe, thanks to the UV 50+ protection and fade-resistant technology.

Pop on a pair any time you need to add a little extra shine to your life. Get the Max High Rise Legging Shimmer for $115.

KORAL Lustrous Max High Rise Legging Camo Shimmer Review

If you’re looking to stun, you might have found the right leggings. Part of the brand’s most popular collection, the KORAL Lustrous Max High Rise Legging Camo Shimmers give off a smooth shine like liquid mercury, except they’re actually built for performance.

These leggings provide a four-way stretch for movement and medium compression for comfort. Worried these pretty babies will fade in the wash? They’re fade resistant and even have a UV protection of 50+.

With all of the must-have details like a high waistband and hidden pocket, these figure-loving leggings pair well with neutrals. Throw on some aviators, a white tank, and grab a pair for $115.

KORAL Aden Infinity Legging Rouge Review

These leggings immediately caught our attention. Made from Xtra Life Lycra and Lycra Sport fabric, the KORAL Aden Infinity Legging Rouges have a shiny, sleek look like your favorite pair of red leather pants.

Of course, unlike real leather pants, you’ll actually be able to move in these. They’re designed to give you a bit of compression and move with you as you work out or move about town.

A high-waisted black band with the KORAL logo completes the look, matching well with a simple black bra to keep the attention on your legs. Add the Aden Infinity Legging Rouges to your workout wardrobe for $88.

KORAL Fiona Seamless Legging Black Review

When you’re sick of the same old black but love the way it makes your body looks, consider a simple switch in fabrics. The KORAL Fiona Seamless Legging Black pants are made from polyamide and spandex, a blend that gives them light compression and a sleek look.

These leggings are completely seamless too, meaning they look as if they were made for your legs. Pulling them on reveals a mesh that starts at your back ankle and winds up around to your front thigh.

Simple but stunning, you can get this pair for $98.

KORAL Face Mask Review

If we can’t go out without a mask, we may as well wear one that looks good. The KORAL Face Mask collection is filled with fashion-forward designs that dabble in alluring fabrics, textures, and patterns to help elevate your outfit no matter where you’re going.

Ahead, this KORAL activewear review will introduce you to the brand’s top-selling styles, one to be worn around the ears, the other, your neck.

KORAL Netz Face Mask Review

A classic ear-loop design, the Netz Face Mask is a trendy (and makeup-friendly) black that translates well from the gym to the bar. It’s made from a polyamide and spandex blend to create a unique look that’s accentuated by the moody purple color this mask also comes in.

Though the KORAL Netz Face Mask isn’t medical grade, it does have antimicrobial properties, is fast drying, and offers UV protection. It’s also on sale right now for $10, normally $20.

KORAL Turtleneck Infinity Mask Review

In the winter of 2020, we realized how wonderful wearing a mask outside could be. Keeping your lips and nose warm in chilly weather, the KORAL Turtleneck Infinity Mask is ideal for active days outside.

It’s made from a dual-layered polyamide and Lycra blend that gives it a slick leather look, but also features antimicrobial properties, fast-drying tech, and UV protection. Paired well with other liquid leather looks, this breathable mask is on sale right now for $14, normally $35.

KORAL Jackets Review

A jacket completes a look and gives outfits a little extra volume. KORAL Jackets come in sizes XS-XL and include a fun variety of textures and patterns with a strong dose of camo, cheetah, and sexy mesh.

Just below, this KORAL activewear review will feature the brand’s best-selling picks, which are actually super different but equally as alluring. Let’s take a look.

KORAL Sphere Netz Anorak Rouge Review

We love the proportions and versatility of the KORAL Sphere Netz Anorak Rouge jacket. Part of the Netz collection, this pullover can be worn with its relaxed fix for a more sporty look, but tighten the waist cord any time you want to give your look a little more flair.

The fabric is a polyamide-spandex mix, which creates this super cool, almost netted-leather look that’s very unique to KORAL. Pair this rouge, silver, and black jacket with simple black leggings to really help it shine. Grab it up for $198.

KORAL Lucid Sweatshirt Black Review

The KORAL Lucid Sweatshirt Black top is for those who are going places. The perfect pull-on for that after gym sweat-sesh, this sweatshirt features an all-black design with a high neck to keep out the chill.

The neck is one detail we love about this pick. Higher in the back than it is in the front, you’ll get all of the warmth with none of the irritation that turtlenecks can bring. So smart.

Made from French Terry, the sweatshirt has an oversized fit and long sleeves for supreme comfort. Pull it on over a strappy sports bra and patterned tights to spice things up. Keep things classy in the Lucid Sweatshirt for $135.

Who Is KORAL Activewear For?

KORAL Activewear Review

KORAL activewear is designed to flatter the female figure, made with special features to help you feel your best as soon as you pull a piece on and to help you perform better in the gym. These details include such things as a flattering high waistband to keep things nice and secure, as well as four-way stretch and (mostly) medium compression.

With a fashionable look, we want to say that this brand has a more youthful feel about it, but we could easily see older folk rocking the copper Lustrous Leggings with a black crew neck and comfortable walking shoes—it’s a matter of personal style.

Even though it’s energetic and young, the line is approachable. It ensures that people like us whose wardrobes are void of color consider switching up our classic blacks for something a little more shimmery.

KORAL Activewear Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

KORAL Activewear Review

We love discovering new brands, but it’s hard to tell what a piece of clothing will look and feel like in person. Sure, it looks great on the model, but what about in real life on bodies that aren’t a size 2?

In this section of our KORAL activewear review, we’ve combed the web for helpful feedback from those who have bought from the brand and put its apparel to the test. While searching for reviews, we came to realize that its leggings are its most popular items, and as long-time legging fans, it’s not hard to see why.

To check in on what sets its leggings apart from the crowd, we looked in on the KORAL Women’s Lustrous Legging on Amazon to see why it deserved its high rating of 4/5 stars from 68 shoppers.

Scrolling down to the comments, we found a lot of mentions of wonderful material and a good-quality design. One review read: “These leggings are a perfect example of you get what you pay for…the quality is top notch and so worth it…the fabric is much thicker than I expected and seems like it is very durable and resistant to pilling.

The difference that the right material can make with leggings is like night and day. Offering more compression, opaque security, and just a general good feeling, it’s usually worth investing in a decent pair. On top of feeling good, the KORAL Lustrous Legging looks amazing too—we can’t get enough of the colors and metallic liquid look!

Our next KORAL activewear review comes from a blog called Schimiggy. Revealing all the juicy details about the Mystic Capri Leggings, the site awarded them an overall score of 8.4/10 which is made up of ratings in the following categories:

  • Quality: 8.5/10
  • Performance: 8.5/10
  • Sizing: 7.5/10
  • Support: 8.5/10
  • Comfortability: 9/10

The review mentioned an amazing fit and quality fabric, confessing they live in these leggings and love how easily their grey color matches with everything. It read, “I love my Mystic leggings and wear them ALL THE TIME. I cannot stress how amazing my KORAL crop leggings perform, look and feel.

Feeling satisfied with the quality of the brand’s leggings, we went out in search of KORAL activewear reviews for other kinds of items, but there seems to be an overwhelming response for the Lustrous design and not many for anything else. So for the sake of variety, we decided to check out one last review for the Lustrous Legging on

It read: “I’ve never tried this brand, but it’s a new favorite. What I love about these leggings is that they smooth over my cellulite under my butt. So many workout pants these days are so thin that they show every nook and cranny that I want to hide. These workout pants suck in everything that I want them too.

This KORAL activewear review brings up an important point and that’s probably why the brand’s leggings are as popular as they are. If you’ve ever pulled on a pair of leggings, then you know the struggle. We love that this brand’s pairs are designed with the female body in mind, as well as the needs of the average woman.

Overall, we’ve come across some highly positive reviews for the brand’s apparel, and can’t wait to pull on a pair of Lustrous Leggings ourselves.

Is KORAL Activewear Worth It?

KORAL Activewear Review

If you think that all activewear brands are built the same, please reconsider. There are a few things that set a quality company apart from others—namely fabric, design, and aesthetics.

We already had the feeling that KORAL activewear was a cut above the rest, but hearing from customers really sealed the deal. With an amazing-looking collection of figure-flattering styles, from what we’ve read, we think it’s priced fairly, especially since it stands out from the muted designs of its competitors.

 KORAL Activewear Promotions & Discounts

KORAL Activewear Review

We adore a sale section, but you’d be surprised at the number of clothing brands that don’t have one. To our delight, not only does KORAL have a sale section, but it’s filled with some of the same crave-worthy styles its current collection has, just in different colors. Major score. 

We also came across a few special promotions. Check it out:

  • 35% off sitewide Black Friday sale with promo code GIFTEARLY
  • Sign up for KORAL’s newsletter for a 25% off discount code

Where to Buy KORAL Activewear

KORAL Activewear Review

As you just read, the brand has some pretty stellar deals available on its site. To take advantage of those, you’re going to want to run straight to

In our browsing, we also found that the company has a large collection available on Amazon, and you can find select items in department stores like Bloomingdales too.


KORAL Activewear Review

Who owns KORAL Activewear?

From what we can see, it looks like KORAL’s founder and creative director, Ilana Kugel, is the brand’s owner as well. With fashion in her blood, creating the line was an obvious choice in an age where athleisure reigns supreme.

Does KORAL Activewear ship internationally?

Thankfully, yes. KORAL ships to a few different countries around the world, with flat rates that vary between $30-$50.

What is KORAL Activewear’s Shipping Policy?

For US orders: Once you place your order online with KORAL, its team will get to work processing it. This can take about 2-3 days, and then your parcel is shipped out via USPS.

Shipping rates vary depending on how much you order. For example, orders over $150 are shipped for free. If your order is under that amount, here are your options:

  • Ground: 5-7 business days $7
  • FedEx 2-Day: 2-3 business days – 0-3lbs $24, 3.1-100 lbs $58
  • Overnight: Next business day – 0-3lbs $29, 3.1-100 lbs $64

What is KORAL Activewear’s Return Policy?

KORAL’s return policy extends out to 30 days from the day your order arrives at your door. For your return to be accepted, it must meet a few conditions:

  • It cannot have been worn
  • You can’t have washed it
  • It must have all tags attached (including hang tags)
  • You need to have the original proof of purchase

For International customers or US shoppers with orders under $150, all you need to do is package your items back up and send them to this address: KORAL ACTIVEWEAR, ATTN:  Returns Department, 5124 Pacific Blvd, Vernon, CA 90058, USA

If you live in the US and your order totals over $150, KORAL will send you a prepaid shipping label. The return process will go something like this:

  1. Send an email to [email protected] with your order number, proof of purchase, and return request
  2. A customer care agent will send you a prepaid shipping label
  3. You’ll package up your items and stick the label to the outside of your box
  4. Drop the package off at FedEx
  5. KORAL will receive your return, inspect it, and let you know if you qualify for a return

How to Contact KORAL Activewear

Have questions not covered in this KORAL activewear review? You can get in touch with the brand Monday through Friday, from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm via:

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