10 Best Hunting Clothes Brands 

Everybody knows what not to wear when you’re hunting; fur boots, a gas mask, and anything bright. What’s more difficult is knowing exactly what to wear, as well as which brands you can trust for hunting gear.

Today, I’ll be looking at some of the best hunting clothes brands and highlighting a bit about what makes each of them distinct, whether it’s their history, their innovations, or their product catalog.

The 10 Best Hunting Clothes Brands

#1: Sitka

Best Hunting Clothes Brands 

If you have even a passing interest in the world of hunting clothes then you already know about Sitka. 

Their layered garments are big deals and highly coveted by hunters everywhere. The company is also famous for their inventive use of GORE-TEX in their clothes to improve their waterproofing and overall durability.

It’s funny that I describe Sitka as standing atop the hunting clothes mountain because that’s where their story literally began. 

The company’s founders were atop a freezing cold peak, desperately trying to hunt game, but suffered from underwhelming equipment. It was then that they realized that they weren’t alone. 

I’m not saying that Bigfoot snuck up on them, but that their loneliness was a metaphor for how customers felt when they hunted using less-than-stellar apparel. Thus, they set out to make clothing that could withstand any and all elements.

That’s why many of their items contain materials like the aforementioned GORE-TEX alongside others like PrimaLoft and Polygiene.

 Sitka develops all their items to be tough and dependable regardless of whether they’re made for big game, whitetail, waterfowl, or turkey hunting.


  • One of the most popular hunting clothes brands means their items are easy to find 
  • Gracious warranty and return policy
  • Contributes grants to pro-environmental causes

#2: Kuiu

Best Hunting Clothes Brands 

Jason Hairston founded Kuiu in 2011 as a way for customers to reliably purchase his designs.

Kuiu cut out the middle man and used a direct-to-consumer model that reduced costs, helped the brand develop deeper ties with their fanbase, and gain more intel to improve their products.

Their humble beginnings and close relationship with their customers helped Kuiu become one of the best hunting clothes brands of the past decade.

They became so beloved and regarded by people across the United States that they gained the approval of larger brands that wanted to support their vision.

The Main Post Partners, a California-based firm, invested $50m in Kuiu in 2017, allowing Hairston’s company to expand even more.

They used the investment to improve their testing policies in weather conditions like winter tundra, monsoons, and nighttime eclipses.

Kuiu is especially noted for their high-quality camouflage. Their designs use dense materials like Quixdown, 3DEFX+, and DOT AIR for flexible, reliable, and inconspicuous apparel.


  • Began as a small company, then expanded by building customer rapport
  • Kuiu Inner Circle membership provides bonuses and exclusive perks
  • Benefits and discounts for military members and first responders

#3: Filson 

Best Hunting Clothes Brands 

Let’s turn the clocks back to 1897, the year the electric bicycle was invented and Amelia Earheart was born. 

Dwarfing both of those facts was Filson’s establishment. The Seattle-based company started by making clothes for pioneers and explorers during the Yukon Gold Rush, and only grew from there.

Nowadays you may feel like you’ve struck gold and feel quite a rush when you look through Filson’s wardrobe. They’ve recently adopted a larger lifestyle focus but still manufacture plenty of outwear items, vests, pants, and garments for fishers and hunters.

Filson’s catalog is more casual than some of the other best hunting clothing brands. That’s not a bad thing since there are few companies that make pieces that can fit in at a bar and in the wilderness as Filson’s. 

So they’re a brand to look into if you want a more fashionable type of hunting apparel.


  • Versatile and modern looks
  • Free shipping on all US orders over $75
  • Free returns on all purchases

#4: Kryptek

Best Hunting Clothes Brands 

If the first thing that popped into your head when you read this brand’s name was something about cryptocurrency then I’m sorry to disappoint you. Maybe I can make it up to you by explaining why Kryptek is one of the best hunting clothes brands.

Thankfully, their distinguishing features are instantly apparent. Kryptek’s clothes have a quality that most other brands couldn’t dream of matching.

The American brand uses military-grade technology to make military-worthy gear that doesn’t cost as much as a US fighter jet.

Kryptek was created by military veterans who realized that most hunting clothes lacked the durability of military wear. Their experience in their field gave them the insight necessary to apply combat-wear technology to hunting apparel. 

It’s how they were able to introduce micro and macro-level camouflage designs and Kryptek Cool Touch fabrics (among other innovations) to consumer-level goods. They’re a great brand if you want hunting clothes that exude durability.


  • The company was founded by military veterans
  • Unique camouflage technology gives a three-dimensional camo appearance
  • Many retail locations in Washington 

#5: Orvis 

Best Hunting Clothes Brands 

Orvis is a company that predates many modern hunting technologies like GPS, red dot sight, and online shopping. They’re actually the oldest active made-to-order business in the United States, which is a sign of Orvis’ commitment to customer satisfaction.

They began all the way back in 1856 in Manchester, Vermont by making fishing equipment. Fishing has remained part of their product repertoire alongside hunting goods for men, women, and children, and a fully developed line of canine items.

Activism is deeply embedded into Orvis’ DNA. They’ve donated to wildlife conversation organizations since the late 1800s. Orvis sends 5% of their annual income to environmental projects like the Atlantic Salmon Federation, Nature Conservancy, and the Ruffled Grouse Society.

You’ll find traditional rough-and-tough hunting gear standing shoulder to shoulder with relaxed trousers, sweaters, and polos in Orvis’ catalog, meaning they have an item for nearly every occasion.


  • Some of their proceeds are redistributed towards conservation efforts
  • Free shipping on all orders if you use the code FREESHIP
  • New subscribers of their email newsletter can receive a 15% discount

#6: First Lite 

Best Hunting Clothes Brands 

The next entry in my list of the best hunting clothes brands is this Idaho-based company. First Lite was entirely the product of their environment. 

Founders Kenton Carruth and Scott Robinson both got their feet wet in the winter sports industry and wanted to find a way to combine winter technology with Idaho’s hunting potential.

They found that merino wool kept them warm at night, cool during the day, and didn’t leave them steaming with sweat the next day. The material’s versatility formed the backbone of First Lite’s mantra; to develop hunting clothes for any situation.

Interestingly, the desire to create versatile products allowed them to develop specific lines of clothes. First Lite has sets dedicated to some of these types of game:

  1. Southern turkey
  2. Northern turkey
  3. Spring bear
  4. Archery elk
  5. Western big game

First Line develops simple garments for every layer. They make everything from boxer briefs to jackets, and every piece should last you through most seasons.


  • Use materials like merino wool
  • Free shipping on orders over $199
  • Can ship internationally

#7: Drake 

Best Hunting Clothes Brands 

You have no idea how many puns I want to make about this company, but I’m turning a new leaf here at Honest Brand Reviews. Therefore, Drake Waterfowl is safe, unlike the game you might be hunting if you wear one of their items.

As you can probably guess from their name, Drake Waterfowl planted their flag in the industry for their duck-hunting equipment

However, focusing just on that would undermine the quality of their other collections. The brand also produces high-quality fishing, collegiate, non-typical, and casual apparel.

These apparel lines aren’t copied and pasted from one another either. Drake Waterfowl spends plenty of resources testing their products in the field. They tinker with each item’s construction to improve them for their intended purpose.

That’s why some of their lines, like the Drake Waterfowl Endurance Series, are made with flexibility but a bit more weight than other lines. 

The style of game determines their functionality, and Drake Waterfowl take great care in tailoring their products to customer needs.


  • One of the best hunting clothes brands for duck hunting
  • Items are intelligently designed for their specific purposes
  • You can earn free shipping on orders over $75 if you sign up for the brand’s email newsletter 

#8: King’s Camo 

Best Hunting Clothes Brands 

Here’s a screwback of an origin story for one of the best hunting clothes brands. King’s Camo originally started in 1995 as a manufacturer of graphic tees for King’s Calendars. 

They started developing camo shirts in 2000 and launched their tentpole King’s Desert Shadow Camo two years later.

The design marked a shift in this company’s goals, and they pivoted hard towards making more hunting gear. 

However, their focus still remains on innovating their camouflage. King’s Camo digs deeper into how a pattern can affect one’s performance on the hunt. You won’t find a company that puts more thought into camouflage patterns than these guys.

Seeing as that’s the case, their materials may not be as tough as some of the other best hunting clothes brands, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing given that King’s Camo still uses quality materials and isn’t cutting any corners. 

Their defined vision caters to people who want to achieve supreme stealth.


  • They focus on optimizing camouflage patterns and textures
  • Agreeable prices
  • Free shipping on US orders that total more than $150 

#9: Banded 

Best Hunting Clothes Brands 

Banded is a company that can make ducks quiver in their boots. They’re one of the best hunting clothes brands for waterfowl because many of their items are designed for warmer weather when fowl are more abundant. Banded’s products are uniformly lightweight and agile.

Their items are pretty stupendous when you consider the technology behind them. They utilize a GoSystem technical layering scheme where each of their products is divided into one of three categories:

  • Shield layer
  • Mid-layer
  • Core layer

Each one serves a specific purpose but provides a versatile cover when combined. You can layer them atop one another without overheating or weighing yourself down

Banded’s line of casual clothing is robust. They have athleisure pieces (and everyone could use more athleisure clothing in my opinion), sweaters, pullovers, trousers, and hats. 


  • Lightweight and flexible waterfowl apparel
  • A diverse collection of casual pieces
  • VIP membership comes with exclusive perks

#10: Mossy Oak Camo 

Best Hunting Clothes Brands 

The final company I’ll highlight in my list of the best hunting clothes brands is one that came from the humblest of beginnings. 

Mossy Oak Camo was founder Toxey Haas’ way of commemorating the leaves, earth, and branches scattered across his West Point, Mississippi stomping grounds. He worked alongside a company in 1986 to develop a fabric that would mimic those textures.

The design helped hunters blend into their surroundings more effectively, and Mossy Oak Camo slowly gained a strong foothold within the industry. 

They’ve continued to reiterate and improve their designs too, launching new lines like the Mossy Oak Camo Obsession, the Mossy Oak Camo Elements Auga, and the Mossy Oak Camo Shadow Grass Blades.

As you can probably assume, this brand provides a huge array of camouflage patterns and textures.

Their assortment of subdivisions allows them to cover most types of game in most environments, making them a proverbial one-stop-shop for hunting apparel. 


  • A diverse collection of camouflage
  • Strong fanbase community that spurs each other to engage in environmental conservation
  • Official partner of organizations like the DU, NWTF, and NRA

How to Shop For The Best Hunting Clothes 

Best Hunting Clothes Brands 

By now, you’re aware of what the best hunting clothes brands are, but you still might not know how to choose the best hunting apparel for you.

Luckily, I’ve cooked up a quick checklist that you can run through to help guide your decision.


Branding matters for a few reasons. Some brands can only ship to specific locations, some are more prosocial in environmental concerns, and some dedicate more time to customer satisfaction

All of these can affect which of the best hunting clothes brands is the best for you without even seeing their product gallery.

Materials and Sustainability 

The materials matter in hunting because they can influence a piece’s functionality. Comfort only matters so much if your pieces restrict your movement or don’t protect you against poor weather conditions.


An item’s durability refers to how well it can withstand the elements and the physical activity required in hunting. You don’t always need the heaviest-duty apparel, but you definitely want something that can get the job done.

Camouflage Abilities 

Nobody ever wants to stick out like a sore thumb, especially when it comes to hunting. Some of the best hunting clothes brands that I listed made their names with their camouflage abilities, which speaks to how important good camo is in hunting.


Size partially plays into camouflage and functionality, as a piece that’s too small can restrict movement while one that’s too large can be cumbersome. 

Additional Features  

Do you need an item that has additional protection? How about a jacket with plenty of storage for accessories? These are all extra features that can determine whether a piece is right for you.


The best way to look at a product’s price is that it’s the sum of all the previous factors I just listed. You know that a cheap hunting jacket is going to be lacking in at least one regard, so it’s worth your time and effort to buy one that earns its price tag.


Best Hunting Clothes Brands 

What to wear to stay warm while hunting?  

The best way to stay warm while you hunt is by layering up. You should build your layers like this:

  • A base layer of merino wool
  • A mid-layer that insulates while wicking away moisture, ex. Fleece
  • A top layer that protects against the wind and rain

What is the best color to wear while hunting? 

This depends on what game you’re hunting and where you’re hunting. Neutral and earthy colors are the smartest ones to wear as you’ll want to blend into your environment.

Can you hunt in jeans? 

The problem with hunting in jeans is not the material – in fact, denim is a great fabric for hunting because it’s so durable – but the color. If you do hunt in jeans then opt for neutral tones rather than blue jeans.

What camo is best for deer hunting? 

You’re going to want to choose a green camouflage when you go deer hunting. Prime deer season is when many plants are at their most vibrant, so you’ll want to fit into the flora.

Final Thoughts

Best Hunting Clothes Brands 

The best hunting clothes brands all serve similar purposes – to help you become the best hunter possible – in their own unique ways. I hope that my list has helped you decide which company most closely aligns with what you’re looking for in a piece of hunting apparel.

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