10 Best Watch Brands For Women

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Shopping For The Best Watch Brands For Women

With the onslaught of iPhones, Samsung Galaxies, and Chromebooks, it may be hard to explain why watches are still relatable to this upcoming generation. Like cursive and basic math, analog clocks are an outdated elementary school lesson, thanks to the convenience of technology. 

I think it’s fair to say that timepieces strictly serve as a fashion accessory. Don’t get me wrong, wearing a watch is a great idea for those who hate being reliant on digital devices—but let’s be honest, Rolexes and Cartiers are made to be flexed. 

Previously, we discussed some popular styles for men, but what are some best watch brands for women? If it’s time to buy a new timepiece, we’re ‘counting’ down 10 of the trendiest companies on the market from Cartier to Movado. Let’s get started! 

10 Best Watch Brands For Women

1. Eclissi

Eclissi blends on-trend jewelry with sleek, stylish watches. The brand’s collection may be simple, but its jewelry is anything but. Within it, you’ll discover classy pearl bracelets, jewelry sets, and pretty-hued necklaces, but its specialty is statement watches. 

With attractive details like textured cuffs, braided bands, and animal-print alternatives, its pieces don’t shy away from the limelight, adding an eye-catching glimmer to your wrist with mineral crystals and contrasting onyx-tones accents. If you’re looking for a watch that blends seamlessly with other jewelry and looks like your favorite bracelet, you’ll find it with Eclissi. 

Its watches start at $49 for simple leather band styles and go up to $135 for multi-strand gemstone designs.


  • Fashion-forward designs & colors
  • Range of strap styles
  • Affordable
  • Made with quality materials
  • Japanese quartz movement

2. Cartier

Best Watch Brands For Women

Considered the cream of the crop when it comes to luxury jewelry, Cartier is king regarding watch-making. The brand debuted in the heat of the 1847 French Revolution and was headed by founder Louis-François Cartier. 

Over the years, he passed ownership to his son Alfred, which is when the brand really took off. Cartier became synonymous with the European elite, as it won the ‘Jeweler of Kings’ title from King Edward VII. 

Let’s focus on its current collection. Cartier is home to hundreds of elegant designs, which are organized by selection. This includes the Ballon Bleu De Cartier, Baignoire, Tortue, and more. Watches vary from movement, strap type, type of material used, and other intricate features. 

Nevertheless, it’s a stunning assemblage of ‘timeless’ pieces that’ll last years to come. With that being said, you should expect to pay around $2,610 to $256,000 for a standard watch. It’s worth noting that some designs require an asking price, so it’s possible that fees extend past the $300,000 mark. 


  • Considered a reputable brand within the watch-making industry 
  • Home to hundreds of elegant designs 
  • Made out of high-quality materials 
  • Movements vary from self-winding, manual, and quartz 
  • Worn by numerous celebrities, including Angelina Jolie and Michelle Obama 

3. Chanel

Best Watch Brands For Women

Chanel exudes a ‘je ne sais quoi’ quality that helps them stand out amongst the competition. When it comes to their watches, I think it’s fair to say that when Coco Chanel advises to take one piece of jewelry off before the door, it doesn’t include her selection of timepieces. This luxury brand is alternatively known for its collection of quilted handbags and tweed suits.

Based in France, Chanel opened its doors in 1910. The company is responsible for revolutionizing the image of the modern-day women. Thus, it stands to reason that they play a pivotal role in fashion history. 

So, why is Chanel considered one of the best watch brands for women? Aside from its iconic logo, their timepieces imbue the same level of elegance and sophistication found in their perfumes, clothes, and handbags. 

It’s the perfect blend between modern-day fashion and vintage silhouettes. Their watches are organized by collection, which includes the J12, Monsieur, and the Electro Capsule selection. Price-wise, customers should expect to pay $5,500 to a whopping $55,000


  • Movements vary from quartz, manual-winding, self-winding mechanical
  • Made out of high-quality materials such as ceramic, calfskin, and diamond 
  • Timeless in silhouette 
  • Made by an acclaimed fashion house 
  • Comes with a downloadable manual 
  • Positive customer reviews 

4. Rolex

Best Watch Brands For Women

Considered a favorite amongst the Hollywood elite, Rolex is the flex purchase to make once you’ve ‘made it.’ The story starts in 1905 in London, England, where at the age of 24—Hans Wilsdorf kickstarted his own watch-making company. 

With the help of Alfred Davis, Rolex began to snowball in success. The brand has issued hundreds of high-quality timepieces over the years, ranging from the Oyster to the Explorer. 

If you consider yourself a watch connoisseur, it’s tempting not to salivate over Rolex’s impressive collection. Timepieces are organized by category, that being DateJust, Oyster Perpetual, Sky-Dweller, Day-Date, Pearl Master, and more. 

Customers can take care knowing that each design is cut with precision and care. Don’t believe us? Rolex’s assembly of materials includes steel, gold, and diamonds. With that in mind, it’s only natural to assume that its prices reflect the brand’s level of craftsmanship. That entails costs well past the 4-digit figure


  • Offers a 5-guarantee on select watches 
  • Considered a reputable brand within the industry 
  • Constructed with high-quality materials 
  • Positive customer reviews 
  • Customers can configure their own model 

5. Breitling

Best Watch Brands For Women

Switzerland is known for producing many high-quality exports: cheese, chocolate, and of course—timepieces. Breitling is definitely the soul-and-pride of Swiss-based watch-making, and its story starts in a humble St. Imier workshop in 1884. 

Founded by Léon Breitling, the company started off making accessories for soldiers, scientists, and industrial workers. Over the years, the brand was considered an exemplary model for premium Swiss watches. 

Breitling watches are definitely sporty in aesthetic. Don’t get me wrong, it still harbors the same amount of elegance and sophistication found in Rolex and Cartier. 

Muscular, intricate, and athletic in silhouette, the brand’s collection is home to hundreds of designs for women. This includes collections like Navitmer, Top Time, and Chronomat. If you’re keen on copping a Breitling watch, prices start from $3,150 to $39,900


  • Offers a 5-year guarantee on select watches 
  • Worn by dozens of celebrities such as Adam Driver and Charlize Theron 
  • Customers can buy separate straps on their website 
  • Home to hundreds of iconic designs 
  • Provides services such as maintenance and polishing 
  • Offers a subscription plan for their watches 

6. Piaget

Best Watch Brands For Women

1874 marked the beginning of the Piaget watch-making dynasty. Located in the picturesque Swiss Jura mountains lies the small, humble village of La Côte-aux-Fées. It was there that founder Georges-Édouard Piaget kickstarted his own accessory business. 

Since its early years, the brand operated on family spirit. Its company motto: “Always do better than necessary” eventually pushed Piaget into the watch-making limelight. 

So, why is Piaget included in our best watch brands for women lineup? For one, they’re home to hundreds of exquisite designs, ranging from its Possession collection and Limelight Gala selection. 

Undisputedly elegant, each style harbors the right amount of class and sophistication one expects of a Swiss brand. They only utilize the materials, that being gold, silver, steel, diamond, emerald, and other precious resources. Regarding price, Piaget watches can retail from $6,250 to $122,122


  • Provides an 8-year warranty on their watches 
  • Home to hundreds of iconic styles
  • Customers can request an aesthetic checkup at one of their boutiques 
  • Offers a downloadable user guide 
  • Issues complimentary shipping on all orders

7. Montblanc

Best Watch Brands For Women

In most cases, luxury is defined by frivolous things. Big expenses can often seem like a well-thought investment, but small accessories are the tell-tale sign you’ve got money to spend. Enter player Montblanc, a German company that produces high-quality accouterments for shakers and movers. 

This European brand has maintained the same level of craftsmanship and expertise since its debut in 1908. Today, they house dozens of premium stationery, headphones, fragrances, and of course—watches. 

If you want to know why Montblanc is featured in our best watch brands for women lineup, you only need a small glimpse of its collection to understand. Organized by movement, their women’s collection is categorized by three looks: Boheme, Star Legacy, and Tradition. 

Chic, simple, and understated, it appears that Montblanc believes that simplicity is the way forward when it comes to watches. For those looking to invest in a timepiece, prices range from $1,770 to $8,900


  • Customers can choose to engrave and emboss their watches 
  • Montblanc devotes itself to ‘haute horlogerie’, which is a watch-making standard that most Swiss brands subscribe to 
  • Provides a 2-year guarantee on select products 
  • Offers Klarna as an alternative payment option 
  • Issues complimentary gift wrapping

8. Tiffany & Co.

Best Watch Brands For Women
Tiffany & Co.

Of course, it’s only natural for us to include Tiffany & Co in our best watch brands for women guide. After all, it did inspire one of the most iconic Hollywood blockbusters in 1961. 

Popularized by Audrey Hepburn, Lady Gaga, and Beyonce, this mega-famous jeweler is heavily associated with the red carpet elite. Despite its undeniable success, most of us are unfamiliar with the brand’s origin story. 

Founded by Charles Lewis Tiffany and John B. Young, the first-ever Tiffany & Co store opened in 1837 in the heart of New York City. The company made a measly $4.98 on its grand opening, which totals around $123 by today’s standards. 

Obviously, the brand has come a long way, as its net worth is estimated to be around 5.5 billion dollars. Tiffany & Co takes pride in multiple historical achievements, including its redesign of the Great Seal of the United States and the first direct mail catalog to ever launch in America. 

Based on Tiffany & Co’s watch collection, it seems that they favor oyster bracelets. For dials, they typically lean towards circular or rectangular silhouettes. Aesthetics-wise, the brand caters to simplistic designs because customers are free to stack and layer with other branded jewelry.  Currently, the company is home to 6 different collections, including Atlas, 1837, and Eternity. 

Looking to cop a Tiffany & Co watch? If so, be ready to fork over $2,000 to $135,000 for a standard timepiece. 


  • Timeless and practical in design
  • Offers care and repair services for its watches 
  • Provides financing 
  • Issues a 24-month warranty for its watches 
  • Implements some sustainable efforts 
  • Some designs are water-resistant 

9. Tag Heuer

Best Watch Brands For Women
Tag Heuer

Considered the birthplace of the oscillating pinion, Tag Heuer is a pioneer of old-school Swiss watch-making. The company was founded in 1860, when owner Edouard Heuer opened up shop in Saint-Imier. Popularized for his silver-made timepieces, Tag Heuer quickly became an exemplary model of expert horology. 

Today, the brand is recognized for its athletic build, as the company’s watches are designed for motor racers. It doesn’t hurt to mention that they’re affiliated with world-renowned organizations, such as Formula E and the Grand Prix. 

Tag Heuer takes pride in its high-quality selection of sports watches. Collections include Connected, Carrera, Aquaracer, Monaco, and more. In terms of its women’s selection, timepieces are organized by movement, color, and strap material. 

Robust and luxurious, it’s not hard to wonder why this brand is favored by athletes and celebrities alike. Prices start at $1,400 and snowball towards $4,800


  • Provides a limited international repair warranty for its watches 
  • Favored by many motor racers and athletes 
  • Made out of high-quality materials such as alligator leather and titanium 
  • Offers financing with Klarna 
  • Comes with complimentary delivery and return 

10. Bulgari

Best Watch Brands For Women

Bulgari is the Bugatti of watches. Polished, exquisite, tasteful for those who afford it, this Italian luxury brand knows how to stay on top of modern-day trends. Its origin story starts in Rome, where expert jeweler Sotirio Bulgari established a generation-long heritage of accessory-making. 

Their designs aren’t for the faint of heart, as compared to the best watch brands for women we covered thus far, Bulgari seems to cater to upbeat contemporary styles. In short, think of glimmering golds and Faberge egg-shaped dials. 

Bulgari takes great pride in its level of craftsmanship and assemblage of high-quality materials. Resources include steel, ceramic, gold, diamonds, emeralds, and other lavish gemstones. 

They’re home to over 7 different collections, which vary in terms of design and movement type. If you’re interested in a model, be prepared to pay around $3,250 to $69,001 for a one-of-a-kind piece. Fortunately, all watches come with a complimentary digital warranty. 


  • All purchase comes with a free digital warranty 
  • Provides complimentary shipping, returns, and exchanges 
  • Offer Klarna as an alternative payment option
  • Some watches are water-resistant 
  • Customers can book an appointment online 

11. Movado

Best Watch Brands For Women

Movado operates on a ‘can’t stop won’t stop’ mentality. It’s definitely on-brand, considering that they’re a watch brand. 

Established in 1881 in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, this jewelry company is regarded as the pinnacle of Swiss horology—and they’ve got the credentials to prove it. They reportedly have “100 patents and 200 international awards” under their belt. Talk about accomplishment, am I right?

They currently offer 17 different collections, such as Museum Classic, the Artist Series, Sapphire, and Strato. Flashy yet subtle, Movado watches are intended for those unkeen of unnecessary bells and whistles. It’s also worth noting that they’re the first to pioneer the single dot watch dial. 

Price-wise, costs range from $395 to a cool $2,495. Compared to the best watch brands for women we’ve featured previously, I think it’s fair to say that Movado is somewhat affordable. 


  • Home to hundreds of unique designs 
  • Offers financing with Affirm 
  • Issues repair services 
  • Provides a 2-year warranty on its watches 
  • Free shipping and returns 
  • Somewhat affordable 

How to Shop for the Best Watch for Women 

Best Watch Brands For Women

As you’ve probably already noticed, watches aren’t affordable. If anything, you treat them like a new phone or a laptop: it’s a hefty investment. With that in mind, it’s absolutely crucial to consider the brand, type, style, and price before committing to checkout. 

There is the added security of free returns and warranties, but let’s face it—nothing’s more tedious than re-packing a disappointing order. 

To be a responsible shopper, you’ll need to consider 7 things. This includes:


All watch brands claim to maintain an exceptional level of quality and craftsmanship. That’s all fine and dandy—but it ultimately does nothing to help them stand out amongst the competition. 

If you’re unsure where to start shopping, it’s important to assess the aesthetic and ‘type of repertoire’ you’re after. For instance, Tag Heuer is known for producing sports-designed watches, while Tiffany & Co is recognized for its elegant and refined silhouettes. 


Like any type of jewelry, watches are organized by design. There are dozens of different styles to choose from, including automatic, dive, solar-powered, chronograph, and many more. They differ in terms of convenience, the amount of features it offers, and how it operates. 


Do you prefer simplistic silhouettes or intricate designs? Before you settle on a specific style, it’s vital to consider your overall aesthetic. This helps to guarantee continued use. We suggest sticking to minimalist timepieces, as fast-fashion trends usually have a lifespan of only a couple of years.  


Watches are designed to be practical and fashionable. Naturally, a well-made timepiece should offer an even blend of the two. In addition, customers should also assess their overall lifestyle. 

Compasses, heart-rate monitoring, and millisecond timers may seem unnecessary to the casual dresser. On the other hand, these features are highly recommended for athletes and outdoor enthusiasts. 

Water Resistance 

Nothing’s more deflating than damaging your $5,000 timepiece. If you consider yourself a beach bud or a professional swimmer, it’s probably best to invest in a water-resistant watch. It’s worth noting that some designs vary in terms of durability and resilience against liquids. 

Additional Features 

It’s no longer a matter of just telling the time. Watches are made to be super convenient. Some designs come with glow-in-the-dark technology, heart rate monitoring, and even an added GPS. If you hate being reliant on your phone, we recommend splurging on a decked-out timepiece. 


As you’ve probably already noticed in our best watch brands for women review, timepieces are not affordable. Prices can range from $395 to a whopping $256,000. Obviously, it’s crucial to assess your personal budget before settling on a design. Fortunately, most of the companies we covered provide financing and warranties as an added safety net. 

What Is the Most Popular Women’s Watch?  

Best Watch Brands For Women

I think it’s fair to say that every company listed in our best watch brands for women list is popular. But, if we were to single out one contender, we’ve got to give it to Cartier. Based on multiple top 10s online, this luxury label manages to claim a spot every time. 

I know, they’re considered the most expensive brand from our review, but you can take care knowing that they won’t go out of trend anytime soon. 

If you’re willing to commit to Cartier, we recommend designs such as the Tank Must Watch and the Ballon Bleu De Cartier timepiece. Don’t worry; they’re well below the $256,000 price tag. 

What Is Considered a Luxury Watch? 

Best Watch Brands For Women

A luxury timepiece is made out of high-quality materials, abides by strict watch-making regulations, and is designed by a reputable company. You can take care knowing that each contender in our best watch brands for women guide is credible and legitimate. 

Expert horologists, such as those who work for Chanel and Cartier, take great pride in their level of craftsmanship. It’s worth noting that a credible brand usually offers an insightful ‘about us’ page that details its company history and how they manufacture its products.

What Is a Classic Watch? 

Best Watch Brands For Women

Classic watches don’t provide the pomp and circumstance of trendy designs. Instead, they imbue a sense of old-school sophistication and class. There are three different types of traditional movements: quartz, mechanical, and automatic. They differ in terms of operation and style. 

We highly recommend that you opt for a classic watch to help guarantee continued use. Disposable fashion was so last season, and that extends to accessories as well. 

How Many Watches Should a Woman Own? 

Best Watch Brands For Women

Luxury watches don’t come cheap. With that in mind, it’s reasonable for you to own one or two timepieces in your collection. 

Honestly, wearers can probably make do with a single, high-quality Cartier or Rolex. They’re known to be quite sturdy and durable for years on end, so you don’t have to worry about buying a new set. 

If you consider yourself an outdoor enthusiast, it’s probably best to own a watch reserved for hiking and mountaineering, and one for indoor use. Timepieces vary in terms of lifestyle, as some are suited for more extreme weather conditions.  

Final Thoughts

Best Watch Brands For Women

It’s easy to fantasize about the 2.0 version of yourself. Adorned with an expensive Cartier watch, most associate luxurious purchases with higher levels of confidence. With that being said, it’s increasingly nerve-wracking to commit to checkout. 

Watches are not affordable, especially those sold by Rolex and Chanel. Despite the exorbitant prices, you can at least rest easy knowing their investments. Plus, you’ve got the safety net of financing, free returns, and warranties. 

Here’s to hoping that you settled on one company in our best watch brands for women guide. If not, you can at least consider yourself an amateur timepiece connoisseur.

How We Chose The Best Watch Brands For Men

Before choosing any brand, we scour the web and all the biggest e-tailers to ensure we know all the available options on the market. We look at customer reviews, star ratings, brand ethos, processes, materials, accessibility, and so much more. We weigh the pros and cons, so you don’t have to, helping you make informed shopping decisions.

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