Audicus Hearing Aids Review

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Audicus Hearing Aids Review

Hey! Listen!

With those two words alone we just induced a swarm of frustration in readers with horrendous memories of nights wasted toiling in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time’s water temple with their fairy companion Navi shouting in their ear.

That generation is getting older. As they age their listening skills deteriorate, leaving them unable to hear Navi’s sweet coos of advice. 

That’s where Audicus steps in. They strive to deliver stress-free, readily available hearing aids for people who want to listen to all of life’s joys.

The company has over 6k Facebook fans listening to their every word. They’re also FDA certified and have the tangential support of United States President Joe Biden (or so we’ve heard). 

That’s enough about what we’ve heard. What do we have to tell you? Read through our Audicus hearing aids review and you learn about the company’s history, their standards, best-selling products, and more. 

After all that we’re sure you’ll have two ear-fulls of information.

Overview of Audicus

Audicus Hearing Aids Review

Audicus cultivated its business model around the shifting tides of the hearing aid market. More and more hoops rose between customers and getting the care they needed.

As more people look to online hearing aid options, Audicus found where people needed the most help.

So, in 2012, Patrick Freuler founded the company in New York City. Funny, as our Audicus hearing aids review team thinks we’d prefer a pair of earplugs if we lived in the city that never sleeps.

They based their entire approach around convenience and accountability. The team behind Audicus designed their services to be primarily internet-based so that customers could easily test their hearing and discover what types of hearing aids they needed without having to sort through multiple doctors and pieces of paperwork.

The Audicus staff is now filled with master audiologists, worldly technicians, and communicative customer service experts.

They have locations in Chicago, Denver, and New York City, with the last being the location of their headquarters.

Enough gabbing, though. Keep reading our review as we’ll next cover what truly sets the company apart from the competition:


  • Offers a line of affordable hearing aids
  • Generous membership plan 
  • Can purchase directly through their website, which cuts costs
  • A comprehensive online hearing test 
  • Financing options available
  • Overnight and expedited shipping for United States customers
Audicus Hearing Aids Review

Audicus offers tangible products—like their hearing aids and accessories—along with services like hearing tests, repairs, and ways for you to contact recognized audiologists. 

Audicus Hearing Aids Review

You’d be wise to clean the wax out of your ears so you can hear everything we’re about to tell you in this segment of our Audicus hearing aids review. We won’t spoil it, but it’s all the juicy details you’ve been waiting for.

Looks like we just spoiled it. Oh well.

Here’s something you’ll want spoiled though – all of the items we’re about to cover can be customized to your liking. You can add enhanced clarity for $50, select which ear the product will be shaped for, and add the company’s 2-Year Audicus Protection Plan for $12 a month.

Audicus Dia II Review

You can usually trust a product’s quality if a brand resurrects them from the dead, which is exactly what Audicus did with this item.

The Audicus Dia II is apparently so popular with customers that the company recently made them available again. 

You can chalk up their popularity to their inconspicuous behind-the-ear design and selection of three delectable colors; beige, black, and silver. 

These hearing aids should conform to your surroundings by cutting out any penetrating ambiance so that you can hear conversations more clearly. 

They’re best suited for people with moderate levels of hearing loss.

You can get a single-ear Audicus Dia II for $499 or $39 a month through the membership plan.

Audicus Aura Review

Audicus designed this item for those who are repulsed by bulky, overindulgent hearing aids. 

The Audicus Aura is as tiny as possible and go directly into your ear so that not even a government-sanctioned spy plane could detect them. Don’t worry about losing them though as they’re available in a bright red-blue color as well as a more neutral beige.

These buds can also cover the entire spectrum of hearing loss, from mild issues to severe auditory impairments owing to too many concerts. 

The Audicus Aura costs $699 (or $49/monthly with the company’s membership plan) for each ear.

Audicus Clara Review

The only thing the Audicus Clara seems like it can’t do is help you find true love. It’s the company’s most popular product due to its silken yet unobtrusive design, remarkable adaptability, and the fact that it can suit everyone suffering from hearing loss.

This item can help people with the mildest of impairments to those suffering from extreme hearing loss reconnect with the world around them. It actively acclimates to your surroundings so that you can always hear what’s going on around you.

All four colors, black, grey, silver, and beige are available for $699 or $49/month with the Audicus Monthly Membership. Remember, that cost is for each ear, not for a two-pair.

Audicus Wave Review

How has nobody thought of the Audicus Wave before? Its concept is so ingenious, yet so simple, that our Audicus hearing aids review team cannot believe it hasn’t been done before.

This item combines hearing aids and earbuds into one product. 

That means you can connect the Audicus Wave to any Bluetooth-offering device and use it as you would a standard pair of earbuds.

Furthermore, these hearing aids are for all severities of hearing loss. If that wasn’t convenient enough, they’re rechargeable. Plug them in at night while you rest, then pop them into your earholes upon awakening. 

Each ear of the Audicus Wave costs $899, or $59/month via the Audicus Membership Plan, and comes in either beige, black, silver, or grey.

Audicus Spirit Review

The Audicus Spirit is the culmination of every other offering from the brand. It combines every other aspect of the product line into one powerhouse hearing aid.

Bluetooth-connectivity? Covered. Rechargeable batteries? Of course. Four gorgeous, company-consistent colors? You bet.

But this marvelous bit of ingenuity distinguishes itself by granting users a direct contact line to audiologists. You won’t have to trudge any tertiary sources to speak with an Audicus expert. This product can connect you with a single button prompt and click.

This overachiever can be yours for $1,399 per ear, or $89 a month if you purchase an Audicus Monthly Membership plan too.

Who Is Audicus For? 

Audicus Hearing Aids Review

Our Audicus hearing aids review crafters recognize that hearing loss affects more than just the elderly. 

That’s why the company’s primarily online-based model is perfect for people who may not be able to easily access audiologists. 

They’re also for people who cannot afford to pay the financial burden associated with getting a reliable set of hearing aids. Audicus’ payment plans and membership options both work to mitigate the monetary difficulties people face when looking into the hearing aids market.

Audicus Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Audicus Hearing Aids Review

It’d be rude if our Audicus hearing aids review writers didn’t open our ears and listen to what customers have said about the company. Without them, how would you know that you’re not just purchasing knock-off Beats by Dre?

That’s why we consulted what customers on the Audicus website thought about the brand. 

We were smacked in the face by the 4.7/5 stars overall score tallied from over 6,000 customer reviews

Many reviews pointed out how easy Audicus made the process of acquiring hearing aids. Customers could test their hearing, get their results, learn which product was best for them, and hit the check out button with the simplicity of a Dr. Seuss book.

Additionally, as this upcoming 5/5 star review is going to show, people loved the customer service team’s friendliness.

This buyer left a lovely comment on the Audicus website: “Have had my Audicus hearing aids for about a year now. I have been very pleased with them and always receive excellent service from everyone I have spoken with at Audicus. Everyone is pleasant, helpful, and knowledgeable.

Our Audicus hearing aids review writers saw that many people held onto their products for years on end, probably due to the brand’s ease of use. 

Buying from the brand seems like a dream, as many customers wrote feedback along the lines of, “I purchased my Waves from Audicus. Needed to get caught up on supplies. Audicus has been great and I love the Waves and the Bluetooth capabilities.”

Here’s a quick overview of the aggregate scores of Audicus’ best-sellers. We do note that the brand does not list how many customer opinions contributed to each rating.

  • Audicus Dia II: 5/5 stars
  • Audicus Aura: 5/5 stars
  • Audicus Clara: 5/5 stars
  • Audicus Wave: 5/5 stars
  • Audicus Spirit: 5/5 stars

We also peered over at the Audicus’ reception on Consumer Advocate. Over 30 customer reviews earned the company a perfect 5/5 star rating.

Much of the praise was similar to what we saw on the brand’s website. Check out another glowing customer review about the longevity of the brand’s products:

This is my second pair, Clara. The first pair lasted 4 years only because someone stepped on one by mistake when I dropped it on the floor. Great quality for the price. My second pair seems even better than the first and I am very pleased with this pair. Customer service is awesome also.

If we’re talking about longevity then nothing beats this mini-memoir from a customer with over 40 years of hearing aids experience. They said, “I was skeptical and at first I wasn’t having great reception, but after working with them a while I have found them to be great. Less than half the price of other hearing aids I have had and I am 72 and have been wearing hearing aids since I was 29.

Our last destination in our search for customer insight was Consumer Affairs, where Audicus held a 4.3/5 stars score from over 50 customer reviews.

No surprise as to what we read there. More customers fawning over the brand’s ability to deliver affordable products with exemplary customer service. 

We also found this consumer review quite charming and informative: “The best hearing aids I ever owned, the people are great, they are always in touch with me for adjustments and anything I may need like additions I need for my aids, thanks so much for a better life I now enjoy.

We also found some minor grumblings among the reports on Consumer Affairs. Customers weren’t a fan of how they had to ship their Audicus items away for repairs while others complained of certain oddities associated with the products, like strange volume levels. 

However, given how accommodating the company’s customer service team seems to be, they appear to be more than happy to work through any problems consumers face.

We’ll conclude this section of our Audicus hearing aids review by refreshing your memory on what customers admired the most:

  • Durable products
  • Phenomenal customer service
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable pricing

Is Audicus Worth It?

Audicus Hearing Aids Review

Now we’re going to sound like we’re copying what customers loved about Audicus, but it’s hard to disagree with them. 

Our Audicus hearing aids review team fully recommends the brand if you are in the market for hearing aids and are tired of the typically-strenuous process of acquiring a reliable pair. 

Audicus Promotions & Discounts 

Audicus Hearing Aids Review

You won’t need a pair of Audicus Dia II to hear about all the discounts that the company offers.

The brand provides financing options through Affirm and Care Credit to make your hearing aids even more affordable. 

Joining the Audicus membership program only costs $39 a month and brings with it a swath of privileges including personalized hearing aids, insurance, and the ability to replace your hearing aids every 18 months for free.

Where to Buy Audicus

Audicus Hearing Aids Review

There are two location categories where you can buy the brand’s product if our Audicus hearing aids review research is correct (and it very much is).

The first is through the company’s website at

Secondly, you can visit one of the brand’s stores situated in the following locations:

  1. New York City
  2. Chicago
  3. Denver


Audicus Hearing Aids Review

Who owns Audicus?

Audicus founder Patrick Freuler continues to steer the company’s ship nearly a decade after he first took the wheel.

Is Audicus FDA approved?

Unlike most protein supplements and flat tummy teas, Audicus hearing aids are FDA approved, so you can trust that their products should perform their marketed tasks.

Where are Audicus hearing aids made?

As the brand has locations in three US cities (Chicago, Denver, and New York City), our Audicus hearing aids review team assumes that their products are made in the United States.

What is Audicus’ Shipping Policy?

Audicus ships everywhere in Canada and the United States.

US-based customers receive free shipping through USPS First Class Mail but can pay a $60 fee for overnight shipping.

Sadly, Canadian customers don’t enjoy those same liberties. They must pay a $20 shipping fee or $40 for expedited shipping.

What is Audicus’ Return Policy?

You’ll have up to 45 days to return your Audicus hearing aids if you’ve been hearing unusual bumps in the night or if you haven’t been hearing your regular bumps in the night. 

We want to point out that members can return their items at any time. However, items returned more than 45 days after the initial purchase are ineligible for a refund.

And for Pete’s sake, please clean your hearing aids before you return them. Nobody wants to open the Pandora’s box of earwax.

How to Contact Audicus

Who knows why you’d want to speak with someone with Audicus, we respect your privacy, but in the event that you do, our Audicus hearing aids review team was happy to find the most direct paths to speak with a company representative:

Audicus employees are available seven days a week from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm ET.

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