15 Top QVC Jewelry Brands

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Searching For The Top QVC Jewelry Brands

Top Jewelry Brands

No matter if it’s a birthday, a holiday, or if the occasion is simply making it through a Monday, you’re going to want to bookmark these top jewelry brands.

With a balance of show-stopping designs and worth-it prices, the next time you feel like something sparkly, you’ll know exactly where to get it.

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Top Jewelry Brands

We know. There’s a ton of jewelry out there. So how do you go about choosing the top jewelry brands? It’s a decision that comes down to style, variety, materials, and price. 

Since tastes vary, as do budgets, you’ll discover an array of the top jewelry brands of the moment ahead. Some have been around for 75+ years and specialize in classy pearls while others are just getting their start and bring a modern, budget-friendly edge to elegant styles. 

Packed with emotion, meaning, and no shortage of shine, for our top 15 picks, jewelry isn’t just a “thing,” it’s a way of expression, attitude, and life.

15 Top QVC Jewelry Brands

1. Diamonique

Top Jewelry Brands

Enjoy the look of high-quality diamonds without the same high prices. Diamonique has been kicking around for 35 years, known for its jewelry that’s big on shine. You’ll find a huge selection of classic styles within the collection of 14k yellow gold, rose gold, and platinum-plated sterling silver pieces. 

The secret to Diamonique’s affordable selection? Simulated diamonds, also known as diamonique. Comb through the brand’s treasure trove of classy diamonique-decorated jewelry like sophisticated, sparkly hoops and dainty tennis necklaces. 

With sterling silver at the core of all of its designs, you’ll enjoy quality everyday pieces that rival luxury brands for a fraction of the price. Its jewelry ranges from $25 for pave post earrings to $1,700 for a 9.00 carat diamond tennis necklace. 


  • 1,600+ items
  • Looks and feels like real diamonds
  • Up to 9.00 carats
  • Wide range of earrings, necklaces, rings, and more
  • Affordable prices
  • 14k gold or platinum plated sterling silver
  • Lifetime warranty

2. Affinity Diamonds

Top Jewelry Brands

Looking for something truly glamorous? Affinity Diamond’s is QVC’s signature diamond jewelry collection flush with glittering styles. With a selection of impactful engagement rings, pave chains, and delicate huggie hoops, if you’re a fan of real diamonds, and lots of them, don’t miss out on Affinity. 

The brand packs close to 1,000 diamond-clad pieces into its collection, including all of your favorites like tennis necklaces, statement rings, and classic studs made with 14k yellow gold or platinum-plated sterling silver. Prices start at $48 for rose gold-plated diamond studs and head up to $11,000 for 9.00 carat diamond 14k white gold hoops. 


  • Range of solid and gold-plated styles
  • Real diamonds
  • 1-9 carats
  • Range of affordable & luxury prices
  • Wide collection of almost 1,000 pieces

3. American West

Top Jewelry Brands

A collection that’s rich with spirit, American West jewelry takes an earthy approach to jewelry, infusing cultural influences into its designs. The collection includes over 400 necklaces, earrings, rings, and more for women, with a small selection for men as well.

Though you won’t find a drop of diamonds in the brand’s collection, you will find colorful gemstones that speak volumes. The entire line is full of color and unique style, ideal for those who like to tell a story with what they wear. 

Expect no shortage of artsy details throughout the line of sterling silver pieces. The collection ranges from $29 for Silver Stamped Beaded Earrings to $1,499 for the Sterling Silver Green Turquoise Squash Blossom necklace.


  • Men & women’s designs
  • Culturally-inspired
  • Midwest style jewelry 
  • Crafted in the USA
  • Affordable prices
  • Collection of 400 pieces

4. JAI

Top Jewelry Brands

JAI, meaning “heart” in Thai and “goodness” in Hindi, is a jewelry collection inspired by the artisans’ passion for giving and sharing.

JAI jewelry is a statement from the heart and is meant to reflect this spirit of generosity in a stunning collection created especially for QVC.

Join jewelry stylist and JAI Creative Director Scott Grimes as he brings his passion for exploring and traveling to exotic destinations to share the diverse influences that inspire the JAI collection.

Find exquisitely-crafted designs in sterling silver with oxidation and in combinations of 14K gold, leather and colorful gemstones, plus intricate detailing, textures, finishes and motifs unique to southeast Asia, India and other faraway places.

The spirit of adventure and discovery await you today and every day with beautiful JAI Jewelry. [Pron: “Jay”]

JAI’s collection includes a mix of metals including 14k gold and sterling silver, along with gleaming accents like amethyst and pearls. A bracelet and necklace-heavy line, you’ll also find earrings, rings, and pendants here too. Sterling silver studs start at $77 while the sterling and 14k hammered cuff is $1,499.


  • Meaningful jewelry
  • Precious metals & gemstones
  • Collection of 370 pieces
  • Some men’s jewelry
  • Asian-influence
  • Mid-range prices

5. Italian Gold

Top Jewelry Brands

Romantic bauble bracelets, solid 14k gold chainsItalian Gold pours on the charm with its selection of fine gold jewelry. With yellow, white, and rose gold pieces, you’ll discover an array of necklaces, bracelets, and earrings within the line, as well as a few pendants, rings, watches, and men’s designs. 

Rich with texture and movement, Italian Gold is a great pick if you can’t get enough high-quality gold jewelry in your life. The collection is all about drama, so expect statement earrings and edgy designs throughout its line of classic jewelry and an assortment of chains.

Prices start at $51 for 14k gold studs and range up to $8,700 for a 14k white gold box chain. 


  • Collection of 500+ pieces
  • Men & women’s designs
  • 14K yellow, white, and rose gold
  • Classic & edgy designs

6. Honora

Top Jewelry Brands

For Honora, pearls don’t have to be stuffy and reserved for the elite. Its collection of classic earrings, necklaces, rings, and more is simple and fun. Playing with color, adding charms, and transforming pearls into an approachable, daily essential, the brand’s line is sweet, charming, and feminine. 

Using freshwater and cultured pearls for its entire collection, Honora makes pearl jewelry for everyone and any occasion. Over 75 years old, this long-standing brand encourages you to #findyourluster in life.

From simple, single pearl earrings to beaded cuffs and sophisticated drop pendant necklaces, Honora’s prices start at $42 and go up to $695.


  • Pearl jewelry only
  • Range of rings, necklaces, and earrings
  • Collection of 60+ pieces
  • Colorful, edgy options
  • Approachable pearl jewelry

7. My Saint My Hero

Top Jewelry Brands

Bring some meaning into what you wear with My Saint My Hero jewelry. A celebration of faith and spirit, the brand’s signature bracelet design features goldtone and silvertone medallions fitted on bracelets handwoven by women in Medjugorje, Bosnia. 

You’ll also find medallion necklaces within the line, along with styles for kids, and pieces meant for big moments like confirmation and communion. The majority of the collection is unisex, though there are some men’s specific styles as well. 

An affordable line, My Saint My Hero uses simulated pearls, gemstones, and some sterling silver throughout. Prices start at $25 for woven gratitude bracelets and head up to $62 for a pendant-decorated necklace.


  • Collection of 40+ pieces
  • Handwoven bracelets
  • Faith-driven designs
  • For special occasions & everyday life
  • Affordable

8. Imperial Silver

Top Jewelry Brands

A collection of jewelry made in sterling silver, Imperial Silver is big on creative styles for any and every occasion. The line offers earrings, rings, necklaces, and bracelets only with a total of 72 pieces ready to make an impact. 

Crafted from hundreds of solid links, each lovingly cut and faceted for an extra touch of eye-catching glimmer, Imperial Silver jewelry has pieces for every occasion in your life from everyday classics to heirloom-quality pieces to pass down through generations.

Gemstone fitted rings, attractive Marquis bracelets, and opulent designs are rich within Imperial Silver’s collection which has a whole royalty-like look to it as you might have seen back in the 1800s. Opulent and full of alluring textures, large links, and statement jewels, its designs start at $30 and end at $499.


  • Collection of 72 pieces
  • Earrings, necklaces, bracelets & rings
  • Regal look
  • Sterling silver
  • Mid-range prices


Top Jewelry Brands

Graceful…with an edge. That’s the first impression we got from Judith’s jewelry line that’s filled with intriguingly unique styles, precious stones, and 14k gold.

Made by jewelry designer Judith Ripka, the collection includes a range of precious metals, gold-plated styles, and sterling silver jewelry. Her specialty is rings, and you’ll have over 350+ to peruse if adorning your fingers is something you love to do.

Judith offers a ton of regal-looking earrings and necklaces too within a wide selection of almost 1,000 pieces. Blending modern design with romantic Victorian style, the line is a great pick for those who want their jewelry to start a conversation. Prices range from $61 to $3,773.


  • Romantic designs
  • Anything but plain
  • Wide selection of 1,000 pieces
  • Affordable price range
  • Sterling silver & 14k gold
  • Gemstones, diamonique, & diamonds

10. Valencia Key

Top Jewelry Brands

Encouraging you to radiate your light, Valencia Key jewelry is designed by Lia Valencia Key. Her collection features stainless steel designs with flecks of glistening crystals and no shortage of modern style — or motivation. 

With many adjustable rings and cuffs within the line, it makes the perfect gift and grows with kids into adulthood. Embossed with spirited words like “believe,” “peace,” and “love,” Valencia Key makes rings, bracelets, earrings, and necklaces. Rings start at $44, while necklaces go up to $159.


  • Adjustable jewelry
  • Stainless steel & crystals
  • Embossed words
  • Collection of 30+ pieces
  • Budget-friendly

11. Silver Style

Top Jewelry Brands

It’s all in the details for Silver Style jewelry. With a modern line packed with alluring styles, you’ll find pieces like flower dangle drop earrings and diamond-cut bands within the line. The name of the game is, of course, sterling silver, but prices range with weight, and some of its chains reach up to 56 grams.

You’ll find both classic styles and creative textures within the collection which includes mostly necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. Silver Style offers rings and men’s designs too. Great layering pieces, expect styles big on texture and fine details. Prices start at $21 for a simple ear cuff and go up to $456 for chunky chains.


  • Sterling silver
  • Very textural 
  • 150+ collection
  • Women’s & men’s style
  • Great range of chains
  • Affordable

12. Peter Thomas Roth

Top Jewelry Brands

Thought he only made skincare? Turns out Peter Thomas Roth has a knack for jewelry too. His collection is all about drama, using the contrasts of twisted sterling silver to create darkness, then layering on 18k gold

With large, colorful stones, pearls, and wrapped gold, Peter Thomas Roth jewelry takes on a vine-like look, with gemstone flowers budding from creeping tendrils. It’s a creative blend of the industrial and natural worlds that echoes some of David Yurman’s more recent collections. Indulge in rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings for $62-$850.


  • Sterling silver & 18k gold
  • Range of gemstones like onyx & crystal
  • Artistic pieces
  • Collection of 70+ pieces
  • Mostly women’s designs

13. Ecclissi

Top Jewelry Brands

Love the look of both jewelry and watches? Ecclissi’s on-trend selection of stylish watches merges the look of fashionable jewelry with the convenience of telling the time. Using Japanese quartz movement for many of its designs, the collection is small but packed with glamorous luxury looks. 

You’ll discover details like braided watch brands, animal prints, and textured cuffs within the line, along with glittering mineral crystals and onyx tones. With styles for both men and women, Elcissi watches start at $49 for simple leather band styles and go up to $135 for multi-strand gemstone designs.


  • Fashion-forward designs & colors
  • Range of strap styles
  • Affordable
  • Made with quality materials
  • Japanese quartz movement

14. Kirks Folly

Top Jewelry Brands

Not one for classic jewelry? You’ll find enlightening styles within the Kirks Folly collection. Using a mix of materials including enamel, leather, and goldtone metals, the brand is all about unique designs, like Carousel Cat, a colorful, leaping cat on a leather cord. 

Carousel Cat isn’t the brand’s only character though. If you love whimsical jewelry, you’ll love Kirks Folly. In addition to these delightful characters, you’ll also find a range of classic jewelry in the collection with gorgeous, modern touches like the Baguette Hoop Earrings. 

Full of color, Kirks Folly doesn’t shy away from easy to fasten clasps, so you’ll enjoy the ease that magnetic closures bring to many of its designs. Prices start at $21 for single baguette earrings and range up to $141 for a stone-encrusted salamander cuff. 


  • Whimsical & modern designs
  • Collection of 110+ pieces
  • Very affordable
  • Gold & silvertone jewelry

15. Black Hills

Top Jewelry Brands

The delicate nature of the garden blends seamlessly with shiny 10 & 12k gold within Black Hills collection. Opulent and eye-catching the line includes mostly necklaces, earrings, and rings, but you’ll look through a few ankle and wrist bracelets too.

Black Hills plays with light and darkness in its collection. Black onyx, crystal cubic zirconia, and mystic fire topaz add a fairytale-like touch to its pale gold designs wrapped with leaves and petals in soft pink and green. Delight in detailed pieces from $64-$899 within the line.


  • 10 & 12k gold
  • Real gemstones
  • Soft colors
  • Nature-forward designs
  • 80+ pieces

How to Shop For The Top Jewelry Brands

Top Jewelry Brands

If your response to discovering the 15 top jewelry brands is, “I don’t know what to pick,” then we have a few tips for you. Even if you don’t know what piece of jewelry you’re looking for, considering these four key elements will help you zero in on the perfect brand. Once you know who to shop with, that’s where the real fun starts.


Just like variations in the jewelry itself, many jewelry brands have a unique store to tell. If you vibe with one along with its styles, it’s an easy way to find your new favorite brand. 

Delicate gemstone rings and a sustainable mission? Sterling silver pendants hand-crafted by a skilled artisan? We all have different details that sound good to us. Identify what you like in jewelry and find a brand that does it.


Love chunky jewelry? How about gemstones? If you have a particular style you love, finding the right brand may be as easy as looking at a picture. Jewelry brands each tend to have their own kind of style, and it either fits your taste or not. 


Plan on shopping for someone other than yourself? Choosing a brand with more than one option (ie. one solid gold men’s chain) may be a good idea. That way, you can browse through a few styles and pick a piece that’s more “them.” 

Even if you are shopping for yourself, if you love all kinds of jewelry (necklaces, rings, bracelets, etc.), it’d be smart to opt for a brand that makes all of them. That way, once you settle on your favorite brand, you’ll find everything you’re looking for in one place.


Price is usually what makes someone choose one jewelry brand over another. And thankfully, many of the names on this list of top jewelry brands offer a wide range of qualities and styles that come with varying prices. 

Love the look of a diamond tennis bracelet? Some brands offer styles upwards of $10,000 as well as those as low as $100. We’ve included price ranges in this list to help you narrow down your options and find one that fits your budget.

Final Thoughts

Top Jewelry Brands

Jewelry is all about a feeling. We wear it because it makes us feel good. The top jewelry brands are all about expressing your unique style — whatever that means to you.

We hope you’re leaving with a few new names to remember for your next occasion — or maybe even a cart full of your favorite designs.

How We Chose the Best QVC Jewelry Brands 

Before choosing any brand, we scour the web and all the biggest e-tailers to ensure we know all the available options on the market. We look at customer reviews, star ratings, brand ethos, processes, materials, accessibility, and so much more. We weigh the pros and cons, so you don’t have to, helping you make informed shopping decisions.

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