Gourmet Grocery Store Review

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Gourmet Grocery Store Review

How many times have you opened the fridge only to find the same trifecta of tomato sauce, cheap parmesan cheese, and questionable mushrooms staring back at you? It can be tedious to prepare the same boring foods and can lead to poor eating habits.

Who wants to eat when they’re eating the same old bad foods? Maybe it’s time for a change. Maybe it’s time for you to look into Gourmet Grocery Store. This American online shop supplies shoppers with exclusive food items like truffles, foie de gras, wagyu beef, and more.

The company currently has a small but loyal Instagram following of nearly 600 fans. Their Facebook page has racked up over 35k likes and their Pinterest account has over 1,800 followers.

But what do they have in store besides some of the most succulent foods and tantalizing recipe ideas? 

Read through my Gourmet Grocery Store review and find out. You’ll also learn about what customers like about the company, what prices you can expect when you shop with them, how you can save some money by buying their goods, and whether they’re worthy of your money.

So, put down the fork and let us handle all the work.

Overview of Gourmet Grocery Store

Gourmet Grocery Store Review

Eggs, bread, milk, and cereals are standard items you can find in any grocery store. They’re simple, reliable, and a little boring. You won’t find anything that ordinary at Gourmet Grocery Store

This online shopping service provides buyers with divine foods from all over the world. These items are often hard-to-find in most grocery stores with prices that are more affordable than other boutique alimentary locations.

Gourmet Grocery Store began just after the new millennium in 2001. They saw that food aficionados lacked a reliable resource through which they could acquire rare items. 

As their catalog is lined with perishable items like cheese, caviar, and meat, Gourmet Grocery Store goes the extra step to ensure that your delivery arrives as fresh as a newborn babe

They package and ice their deliveries to such a degree that they could write a dissertation about their process.

Now that you understand a bit more about the brand, let’s dig into what makes them special by pivoting to the highlights portion of this Gourmet Grocery Store review.


Gourmet Grocery Store Review
  • Distributes classy foods that are difficult to find in conventional grocery stores
  • International items available
  • Ships non-perishable items to countries across the world
  • Has a customer rewards program
  • Publishes recipes to inspire their shoppers
  • Items are frequently marked down in price

While writing this Gourmet Grocery Store review, I found a bevy of items offered through the company’s website. Some of them were separated based on their native country. Products included foods from Italy, France, Greece, and Spain.

The company distributes caviars from across the globe, cheeses, Japanese wagyu beef, desserts, truffles and mushrooms, condiments, mustards, jams, and pantry items.

Gourmet Grocery Store Review

A store is nothing without its products, and that’s especially true for grocery stores. That’s why I’ll be highlighting some of the best-selling products through the company in this segment of my Gourmet Grocery Store review.

Gourmet Grocery Store Passion Fruit Puree Review

There are two types of people in the world – people who are too busy with their life to chew their food, and people who take a more patient approach to life. 

The Gourmet Grocery Store Passion Fruit Puree is for the former though it’s sweet enough that even patient folk will enjoy it.

This puree is made from 100% pasteurized passion fruits with no added sugar or flavors. Passionfruit is delicious enough on its own and this item maximizes the fruit’s juicy mouthfeel.

A 2-pound container of Gourmet Grocery Store Passion Fruit Puree costs $34.

Gourmet Grocery Store American Osetra White Sturgeon Caviar Malossol Farm-Raised Review

Is there any easier way to up your culinary prestige than by sprinkling some caviar over your dish? Certainly not. 

The Gourmet Grocery Store American Osetra White Sturgeon Caviar Malossol Farm-Raised is the equivalent of ordering takeout from a 3-star Michelin restaurant, and I mean that as a compliment.

This product has a texture and flavor all to its own. Nothing melts in the mouth quite like caviar. This caviar comes from California where it’s sourced from the Acipenser transmontanus, which is a common breed of white sturgeon in the state. 

Elevate your dinner to regal levels with the Gourmet Grocery Store American Osetra White Sturgeon Caviar Malossol Farm-Raised for $83 per ounce.

Gourmet Grocery Store Creme Fraiche Review 

This thick tub of cream comes right from Vermont. The Gourmet Grocery Store Creme Fraiche is a whopping winner of fatty texture and subtle flavor. It’s made only from grade “A” culture cream.

Creme fraiche is a more robust cousin to sour cream and is best paired with salty foods. The fattiness improves how smoothly the sodium coats your tongue, providing a mouth-watering experience

Gourmet Grocery Store recommends pairing this product with caviar or smoked salmon—and those are phenomenal combinations. The Gourmet Grocery Store Creme Fraiche is available for $8 per 8oz package.

Gourmet Grocery Store Prosciutto Di Parma Sliced Review

Speaking of salty foods, there’s no Italian sliced meat delicacy that embodies the taste of sea salt like prosciutto. It is, in my honest opinion, the greatest of all sliced deli meats. 

The Gourmet Grocery Store Prosciutto Di Parma Sliced reaffirms that statement. It comes straight from the meat’s homeland, Italy, where it is aged for up to 10 months. That long aging process allows the meat to develop richer flavors.

This prosciutto is subtly sweet and powerfully salty, but that balance is pristine. It’s as good on its own as it is in a pear and arugula sandwich on brioche bread. 

Half a pound of Gourmet Grocery Store Prosciutto Di Parma Sliced usually costs $19, but it’s on sale now for $15.

Gourmet Grocery Store Brillat Savarin with Papaya Review

When I say France, what’s the first image that pops into your head? If it’s not cheese then you’re probably from Quebec. 

There’s a reason that French cheese is considered some of the best cheese in the world, and the Gourmet Grocery Store Brillat Savarin with Papaya shows us why. 

This French cheese is equally tangy and umami. That combination comes together in a cheese that’s difficult to put down without finishing the whole tub. 

This product is lined with papaya chunks to push it over the top. The fruit’s sweetness provides this cheese with a flavor profile as deep and complex as James Joyce’s Ulysses

A 7oz chilled package of Gourmet Grocery Store Brillat Savarin with Papaya would normally cost $20. However, it’s currently on sale for $16.

Gourmet Grocery Store French Almond Macaroons Review

When was the last time you ate a macaroon? It’s probably been a while, and I doubt you’ve eaten one that tasted like one of the Gourmet Grocery Store French Almond Macaroons

These bite-sized desserts are a French creation that combines almond flour, egg whites, and sugar. It sounds simple, but the treat is their cream or jam filling. They have a texture that’s like falling in love under the Eiffel tower except with fewer tourist traps.

These macaroons are available in six different flavors:

  1. Vanilla
  2. Coffee
  3. Chocolate
  4. Raspberry
  5. Pistachio
  6. Lemon

A box of six Gourmet Grocery Store French Almond Macaroons costs $10.

Who Is Gourmet Grocery Store For? 

Gourmet Grocery Store Review

Gourmet Grocery Store is for the foodie who wants a transformative eating experience. They’re for the people who turn their nose up at processed sliced cheese because they know there’s better cheese out there.

Granted, you don’t have to be a food critic to enjoy what this company can bring you. Our point is that their items are for people who appreciate trying new foods and learning about each item’s cultural and historical significance. 

Gourmet Grocery Store Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Gourmet Grocery Store Review

There are plenty of Gourmet Grocery Store reviews on the company’s website that talk about the individual items. However, I want to measure how much customers enjoy the business itself. 

With that in mind, I’ll be focusing on what buyers said about their experience shopping with the company rather than the scores of select products.

I turned to the Gourmet Grocery Stores Facebook page to see what people said over there. Nearly 70 customers gave the brand an average score of 3.9/5 stars.

Among the customer reviews were fans posting pictures of their exquisite-looking meals, all of which proudly feature Gourmet Grocery Store’s food.

The majority of customers recommend the company for their ability to deliver rare products in a timely manner. Here’s what one satisfied customer wrote about their time shopping with Gourmet Grocery Store. 

Excellent food to your liking, mmmmm delicious!!! Come and try. There are also very delicious snacks. Don’t wait any longer. We’ll be waiting for you at Gourmet Food Store. You’ll love it!

Another buyer echoed this statement and specifically highlighted the cheeses she could purchase through the brand. She said, “There is a wide variety of cheeses that you wouldn’t typically find at the supermarket.  This is my “go-to” when I’m having a Wine & Cheese Night.

The company frequently posts pictures of their newest items to their Facebook page and fans clamor about them in the comments. Many of their supporters go on about how they can’t wait to get their hands on the latest item available through Gourmet Grocery Store.

I also found customer reviews that complimented the recipes published on the brand’s website. 

They said that these reviews helped them use their purchases in dishes that elevated their standard cooking. Some customers reported cooking more than they ever had in their lives after beginning to shop with Gourmet Grocery Store.

A pleasant review on SiteJabber spoke to what separated this brand from other similar shops:

My friends that live in the U. S have been raving about this site. You can buy all your gourmet goodies from here – from truffles to cheese… and the ever so controversial foie gras. So I decided to try it out. I wanted to buy some cheese and some oils. I still love the site, it’s beautifully laid out, great descriptions for each product.

There were a few negative customer testimonials that mentioned a specific criticism. They were disappointed that the company sourced food from all over the United States, which led to inconsistent product quality. 

This comment was specifically regarding the meats that Gourmet Grocery Store distributed and not about all their products. But really, with the standards the brand sets, you’re getting gourmet either way.

I’ll conclude this customer feedback section of my Gourmet Grocery Store review by highlighting what customers frequently said they loved about the brand. 

They admired the company’s ability to store and deliver fancy food items and inspire them to cook ambitious dishes.

Is Gourmet Grocery Store Legit?

Gourmet Grocery Store Review

Based on the company’s principles and overall reputation with customers, I can say that they’re a safe business to buy from. However, I’d caution that you should only look into their non-perishable items if you live outside of the United States.

That’s because the company only ships their perishable goods to locations within the United States.

Is Gourmet Grocery Store Worth It?

Gourmet Grocery Store Review

Nobody wants to be in a rut, and one of the easiest ways to break out of that rut is by trying new foods. 

I believe that Gourmet Grocery Store is a valuable option worth exploring if you’re interested in trying new foods. 

While it’s true that you’ll be paying more for their items because they’re harder to come by and you’ll have to pay for shipping, I think that the price justifies the experience

Gourmet Grocery Store is worth it if you want to buy foods that you cannot find anywhere else.

Gourmet Grocery Store Promotions & Discounts 

Gourmet Grocery Store Review

At the time of this Gourmet Grocery Store review, I found that the simplest way to save money when shopping with this company is by signing up for their Gourmet Club. Enrolling in it will grant you a 10% discount and 50 rewards points right off the bat.

Club membership will also bring exclusive sales, new products, and recipes right to your email inbox.

The company also has a rewards program that gives back to returning customers. It’s totally free to join the program. Every purchase you make will garner Gourmet Grocery Store points that you can convert into discount cards.

200 points will earn you a $5 coupon. You earn one point for every dollar you spend and can earn more points by interacting with the company on social media.

They also have a section dedicated to discounted items on their website. These include some of the items I mentioned earlier in this Gourmet Grocery Store review.

Where to Buy Gourmet Grocery Store

Gourmet Grocery Store Review

Gourmet Grocery Store is an online retailer. Therefore, the only way to purchase their products is through their website,


Gourmet Grocery Store Review

Who owns Gourmet Grocery Store?

Despite my best effort for this Gourmet Grocery Store review, I was unable to find out who owns this company.

Does Gourmet Grocery Store ship internationally?

Gourmet Grocery Store technically ships internationally, albeit they only ship their non-perishable items to countries outside of the United States.

What is Gourmet Grocery Store’s Shipping Policy?

Most US orders are shipped overnight if they include a perishable food item. If they don’t then you can choose between overnight, ground, or 2nd-day shipping.

All orders that cost more than $85 are subject to lower shipping rates in comparison to orders under $85. For example, ground shipping costs $20 for orders under $85 while it only costs $12 for orders over $85.

What is Gourmet Grocery Store’s Return Policy?

I probably don’t have to spell this out to you, but Gourmet Grocery Store does not accept returns on perishable items. Who would want a piece of brie cheese to be sent back to them anyway?

With that being said, the company will accept returns on non-perishable items so long as you request a return less than 24 hours after you received your order. The item must be unopened and in its original packaging.

All returns are subject to either a $5 or a 20% restocking fee.

How to Contact Gourmet Grocery Store

Gourmet Grocery Store Review

The final piece of information I’ll share in my Gourmet Grocery Store review is the company’s contact information. It’s especially vital to know their info in case you need to modify an order or ask about a specific product.

These are all the ways you can contact Gourmet Grocery Store:

  • Call their toll-free number at 877-220-4181
  • Email their customer support line at [email protected]
  • Fill out a Contact Form on their Contact Us webpage

Their phone lines are open from 8:00 am to 7:00 pm ET from Monday to Friday.

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