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Minibar Delivery Review

You’ve been working hard. You’ve adopted the hustle-grind-around-the-clock mindset. You’re punching in a 60-hour workweek while balancing 20-hour side hustles. You are the alpha. 

For that, I salute you, and you should salute yourself with a drink. But how will you squeeze in the time to rush to the nearest liquor store when you’ve got grind on your mind all the time?

Let Minibar Delivery solve that dilemma for you. The drink delivery service can usher alcohol right to your door through their app. I won’t call it the UberEats of booze (heck, I won’t even call it the pizza delivery service of alcohol), but I’ll let your brain fill in the gaps.

They assembled an armada of 37k Instagram followers and startlingly positive reviews from customers. 

Speaking of gaps in the brain, you can fill in the curiosity gaps you have surrounding this brand – like what they sell, how they work, how much it costs, and if it’s worth it – by reading my Minibar Delivery review.

Overview of Minibar Delivery

Minibar Delivery Review

It’s vital to keep your body hydrated. This is doubly true if you’re pumping back pots of coffee on your way to fulfilling your vision board’s goals. 

Hey tiger, here’s an idea. Instead of drilling yourself full of caffeine, why not give your body the liquid it needs to survive? That way you can power through crunch time. 

Minibar Delivery can get those liquids in your hands in minutes. At least, that’s what they aim to do.

Lara Crystal and Lindsey Andrews founded the company in 2014 after a realization everyone can relate to – “I want a drink but don’t want to change out of my pajamas.”

They got their start in New York City by promoting a delivery service that could get bottles into customers’ hands in under an hour. Nowadays they’re active in more than 50 US cities.

Furthermore, they can ship products from independent vineyards and liquor stores across states. These are obviously subject to longer delivery times, but they mean you don’t have to cross state lines to get a hit of some Kentucky bourbon.

There’s plenty more to love about this brand, as I’ll cover in the highlights section of my Minibar Delivery review.


Minibar Delivery Review
  • Huge selection of alcohol, spirits, wines, beers, and more
  • Works directly with local liquor stores and vineyards
  • Can be faster than going to the store yourself
  • Ships to over 40 states
  • Delivers directly in more than 50 cities in the United States

It’d be a Herculean task to detail every wine, liquor, beer, and mixer that you can purchase through Minibar Delivery. It’s best that you discover those riches yourself. What’s also exciting is that they also sell snacks like ice cream, CBD treats, and candy.

Minibar Delivery App Review

Here’s the quick-and-dirty down low on how the Minibar Delivery app. You’re busy, so I’ll get straight to the point.

The app connects you to local liquor stores. It really is as simple as downloading the app, entering your payment information, selecting a drink, and waiting for your delivery to arrive.

What will you do in the hour or so it takes for your delivery to get into your hands? You could twiddle your thumbs, or you could continue reading this Minbar Delivery review.

Minibar Delivery Favorites Review

A stellar delivery service is all for naught if their products are subpar. Who cares if a company has free shipping, fast delivery, and helpful personnel if they leave turds on your doorstep? 

As great as a delivery service can be, it’s the products that matter at the end of the day. That’s why this section of my Minibar Delivery review will cover the best-selling drinks available through the brand’s app. 

Minibar Delivery Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label Review

Wine lovers should know the Minibar Delivery Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label. If you call yourself a wine-drinker then you already know of this drink’s esteemed quality. I don’t need to tell you more. Just know that a 750mL bottle costs $69 through Minibar Delivery.

For those unaware, allow my Minibar Delivery review to indulge you in the glory of this wine. It comes from the Champagne region of France and its yellow label is beloved by sommeliers everywhere. 

The Minibar Delivery Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label offers an unmatched blend of Chardonnay, Pinot Meunier, and Pinot Noir. These complex flavors and aroma will dance through our sensations and transport them to a ballroom extravaganza. 

Minibar Delivery Matua Sauvignon Blanc Review

This is a white wine for the Lisas and Karens in the mood for a fruity hit to take the edge off. Yes, even the Karens of the world need to relax sometimes.

The Minibar Delivery Matua Sauvignon Blanc hails from New Zealand and carries that country’s native fun-loving attitude. That’s apparent by this wine’s fruity aromas. 

Gooseberry, passion fruit, and lime all meld into this charismatic drink. It’s the type of white wine that’ll wink at you from across the bar, play with its hair while speaking with you, then pull you in by the tie for an intimate interaction. 

It’s not as if you’ll mind either – its breath will smell delightful and fruity. Find out for yourself for $15 for a 750mL bottle.

Minibar Delivery Bulleit Bourbon Review 

Bourbon, Kentucky, whiskey, rye, corn, yeast, limestone, mutton chops, stubble, sheathed pistols, tight denim. All, some, or none of the words I just used in my Minibar Delivery review apply to this drink, but the point is that this is a Bourbon with character.

The Minibar Delivery Bulleit Bourbon can greet your sensory receptors with notes of oak, maple, and nutmeg. That’s like having your tongue walk through a forest, but pleasantly. There is also a little bit of spiciness at the tail end of every sip. That should keep you on your toes.

This item hails from Kentucky and draws inspiration from Tom Bulleit’s 150-year-old whiskey. That’s a hefty lineage to carry but this bourbon is up for the task.

Minibar Delivery Hendrick’s Gin Review

Ah, Scotland. The land of men in kilts, men playing golf, and men making world-famous club anthems. You don’t have to be Calvin Harris to indulge in a bottle of Minibar Delivery Hendrick’s Gin, though.

This Scottish gin gloats its idiosyncratic flavor profile. It pairs cucumber and rose to deliver a drink that could have you sailing off to discover if the Loch Ness Monster exists or not. 

It’s a gin so unique that William Wallace died on the cross preserving the Scottish people’s freedom to drink it at their leisure. Or at least that’s what my Minibar Delivery review team learned in history class.

Embrace this gin with the leisure of a simple button push for $44. That’ll net you a 750mL bottle of Minibar Delivery Hendrick’s Gin.

Minibar Delivery Campari Aperitivo Review

If you’re like me, then this is the drink you’ve been waiting to read about. Finally, I get to cover an Italian liqueur.

The Minibar Delivery Campari Aperitivo is made with the same secret recipe kept in chains by the Campari family since 1860. If a recipe hasn’t been touched in over 150 years and is still a tight-lipped affair then you know it’s good.

But what else is there to say about this drink? How about its seductive red color that hints at its bitter taste. This bitterness is a great addition to many drinks to balance out the more aggressive or sweeter additives.

Don’t just take our word for it (although you should), get yourself a bottle of Minibar Delivery Campari Aperitivo for $33.

Who Is Minibar Delivery For? 

Minibar Delivery Review

Probably the best thing about Minibar Delivery is that its customer review section teaches you about products you wouldn’t otherwise consider. 

It can be a pain going into the liquor store because there are so many items you may not know about! Likely, the workers there aren’t sommeliers either.

That’s why I think this app has a wider reach than just people who are too busy to reach the liquor store. It’s a great outlet for people who want to learn about particular drinks from real people.

How Does Minibar Delivery Work? 

Minibar Delivery Review

This section of my Minibar Delivery review will tread deeper into the inner workings of the app. 

One of the best aspects is that you technically do not need a phone to use the brand’s services. You can order through their website, which functions mostly the same as their mobile app. 

The process for ordering a drink is as follows:

  1. Enter your address
  2. Discover which drinks and/or liquor stores are available in your area
  3. Select your product
  4. Select your delivery window (i.e. as soon as possible, for a future date, as a gift for a friend, etc.)
  5. Receive your booze with a smile on your face

Although the Minibar Delivery app is open 24/7 it still has to operate within the working hours of local liquor stores. That means that you might not be able to get alcohol at odd hours of the night or early in the morning, depending on the business hours of the stores in your area.

Minibar Delivery Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Minibar Delivery Review

There’s a reason websites like Rotten Tomatoes, IMDB, Letterboxd, and Good Reads exist – people care about what other people think. 

Humans have an innate desire to be informed. I know that you don’t have time in between your hustling and bustling schedule to crawl through every customer review. That’s why I did the work for you.

I looked through customer Minibar delivery reviews to provide you with an honest depiction of how the company operates.

First, let’s see how buyers rated Minibar Delivery’s best-selling drinks on the brand’s website:

  • Minibar Delivery Matua Sauvignon Blanc: 5/5 stars from more than 5 ratings
  • Minibar Delivery Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label: 4.9/5 stars from more than 125 ratings
  • Minibar Delivery Hendrick’s Gin: 4.9/5 stars from close to 20 ratings
  • Minibar Delivery Campari Aperitivo: 4.9/5 stars from nearly 10 ratings
  • Minibar Delivery Bulleit Bourbon: 4/5 stars from 1 rating

So, the drinks clearly quenched customers’ thirsts, but how did the app itself perform?

It seems to perform pretty well, based on the nearly 4,000 customer reviews on the Minibar Delivery website. Fans gave it an aggregate score of 4.5/5 stars.

Customers loved how Minibar Delivery quickly got products into their hands. This 5/5 stars review says as much: “Wow! You guys are fast! I just finished my order and got a text from my daughter asking if I sent her something! 20 minutes later, she had her gift! Thank you for your promptness and service!

People also appreciated the simplicity of the process. All customers had to do was choose their product, select their delivery time, and wait for their order. They loved how easy the whole ordeal was compared to going to a liquor store in person. 

This enthusiastic purchaser also loved how affordable Minibar Delivery was compared to other delivery apps: 

This company is great- I needed to send a gift quickly and they got it to the recipient in hours! I Was shocked as a competitor that charged more wanted 3 days to deliver- Glad I found them! will use again for sure- they source local liquor stores so service is very good!

Since Minibar Delivery is more than just a website, I also had to examine their reception on their mobile applications. 

Their app on the iOS store earned a 4.2/5 stars average score from 5 customer reviews, whereas their Android app had a more troubling 2.6/5 stars aggregate rating from nearly 450 customer insights.

Uh oh, let’s see what people said there. There were some customer complaints that were repeated in the negative reviews. 

Some fans were dismayed by unexpected hindrances like incorrect item price listings, unresponsive customer service, and exorbitant delivery times. That’s interesting because these complaints are far and few in other clusters of customer reviews. Perhaps these are all issues relegated to the Android App. At the very least, I can say that these are very much the minority when compared to the utter positive shone on the brand elsewhere.

I’ll wrap up this section of my Minibar Delivery review by adopting a positive mindset. Here’s what people loved about the brand:

  • Fast delivery times
  • Easy to navigate interface
  • Personable delivery service

Is Minibar Delivery Worth It?

Minibar Delivery Review

While it’s always fun to revisit old favorites or reliable drinks like Pilsners, half the fun of drinking is exploring new options. 

Minibar Delivery provides you the chance to try new drinks while also reading what customers have said about those drinks. Plus, the company works with local liquor stores, so you’ll be supporting smaller businesses by using the app.

For those reasons, this is an app worth having on your phone’s home screen.

Minibar Delivery Promotions & Discounts 

Minibar Delivery Review

One way you can earn yourself a Minibar Delivery discount is by enrolling in their email newsletter. Upon entering your email address the company will send you a coupon code for a $5 discount on your first order.

While writing this Minibar Delivery review, I discovered that another way to save money is by sharing the fun with a friend. You can get a $10 discount if you refer a friend and send them $10 in Minibar Delivery credit.

Where to Buy Minibar Delivery

Minibar Delivery Review

The Minibar Delivery app is available on the iOS App store, the Android app store, and through the brand’s website. 


Minibar Delivery Review

Who owns Minibar Delivery?

ReserveBar recently purchased Minibar Delivery in November 2021.

Does Minibar Delivery ship internationally?

I must sadly report in this Minibar Delivery review that the company does not ship internationally. They provide a full list of areas that they operate in on their website,

What is Minibar Delivery’s Shipping Policy?

Due to the company’s business model, they can’t provide estimated shipping times on all their products. That’s because they work with liquor stores and grapple with liquor laws in different states. 

The best way to discover how long it will take for Minibar Delivery to reach you is by entering your address into the app.

Minibar Delivery state that out-of-state orders from vineyards or liquor stores take around 3 to 7 business days to arrive.

What is Minibar Delivery’s Return Policy?

Minibar Delivery can’t offer refunds or returns on any opened product. Instead, they can provide you with an item of equal value within 72 hours so long as the original item is still unopened.

Besides that, the brand cannot refund or return any products. 

How to Contact Minibar Delivery

Minibar Delivery Review

The tail end of my Minibar Delivery review will cover the most important part of any relationship; communication. If you want to speak directly with Minibar Delivery then here are the best ways to reach them:

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