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About Allform Sofa

Allform Sofa Review

Whether you live in a small apartment or a mansion, no living room is complete without a nice couch. You might be binging Netflix, “working” on your laptop, or just chatting, and the sofa is here for all of it. 

Cue Allform Sofa, a brand here to offer a variety of sofas and sectionals, all of which are modular in design and can fit into any space.

Allform is a regular hot topic in the media. The articles range from a list of best sofa brands to ones solely about how just so gosh-darned great they think Allform products are. 

Seen in the likes of Bob Vila, Insider, CNN, Forbes, NBC News, and Architectural Digest, the brand’s products received three awards in 2021 alone, so it’s safe to say they’ve built up some hype.

Their Instagram page even has close to 1.3k followers ready to see the latest in modular comfort. Their Facebook following isn’t too shabby either, coming in at over 2.8k.

With all of that in mind, our Allform Sofa review will hopefully help you make an informed decision on whether this brand is right for you and worth your money. We’ll cover hot products, customer testimonials, promotions, media attention, and more.

Overview of Allform Sofa

Allform Sofa Review

Allform is a part of the Helix Sleep company, a company known for their extremely comfortable mattresses. Now, if they’re able to bring mattress-quality comfort to the realm of sofas, we might just be a little bit excited. Just a bit, though. 

Helix Sleep is a privately owned e-commerce company that specializes in home goods brands. Founded in 2015 by Jerry Lin, Kristian von Rickenbach, and Adam Tishman, they are currently headquartered in New York.

The brand’s sofas are manufactured by hand and made to order in North Carolina by a multi-generational family business. 

Before getting into the nitty-gritty with products, allow our Allform Sofa review to shine some of the company’s highlights your way:


  • Offers a variety of bespoke, modular sofas
  • 100-day trial period & a lifetime frame warranty
  • Free delivery 
  • Sustainably manufactured & US-made
  • Financing options available through Klarna
  • Well-priced & toolless assembly
  • 100% recycled packaging

Allform Sofa Review

Allform has a selection of 25 modular sofas. Whether a sectional or a modular sofa, they’re all designed to be flexible enough to fit your space. 

We’re excited to show off six of the brand’s best-selling sofas, from their smallest to one of their modular sofas with the largest seating area. 

Allform 3-Seat Sofa Review

Allform 3-Seat Sofa Review
Allform 3-Seat Sofa

This Allform Sofa review is starting off strong with the Allform 3-Seat Sofa, an award-winning modular number. What awards, you ask? Check it out:

  1. Best Sofa in a Box from Good Housekeeping
  2. Best Modular Sofa from My Domain
  3. Best Small-Space Sofa from Refinery29

Although its size makes it useful in small spaces, this sofa has large seats, not wasting room on big arms. Like all of the best Allform Sofa modular sofas, it comes in your choice of seven fabric colors and two leather colors along with three types of leg finishes. 

It comes in at 90”L x 38”W x 34”H with 6” legs. This award-winning sofa retails for $2,369, but with the 20% off code, it can be yours for $1,895. Plus, you can customize it further by adding various pillows and blankets to the cart right from the product’s page.

Allform 3-Seat Sofa with Chaise Review

Allform 3-Seat Sofa with Chaise Review
Allform 3-Seat Sofa with Chaise

At 90 inches long, the three-seater model is long enough to lounge, but that means taking up all the seats (sharing is overrated anyway). If you’re a person who likes to share and laze about with your feet up, a chaise is an ideal solution. 

The Allform 3-Seat Sofa with Chaise is the award-winning sofa with two regular seats and one long one, forming an L shape. To fit the decor of any space, the options of colors include:

  • Light gray 
  • Sand
  • Dark Blue 
  • Charcoal 
  • Teal 
  • Amber 
  • Red 
  • Whiskey (leather)
  • Dark Smoke (leather)

Swatches of the colors are available upon request. The fabric is of heavy-duty performance to resist stains, scratches, and pilling, while the leather is top-grain protected. 

The dimensions are 117”L x 61”W (at chaises) x 34”H with 6” legs. With the 20% off coupon, this sofa’s price drops from $2,806 to $2,245.

Allform 4-Seat Sofa with Double Chaise Review

Allform 4-Seat Sofa with Double Chaise Review
Allform 4-Seat Sofa with Double Chaise

The Allform 4-Seat Sofa with Double Chaise is the choice inclusion by Bob Vila in their The Best Sofa Brands of 2021 article, but we don’t want to oversell it. Oh… did we already oversell it? 

Like every one of their quality sofas, this one comes with a wooden frame made from kiln-dried and laminate hardwoods, which come from vendors that are part of the Sustainable Forest Initiative. The frame is maple and poplar and comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

With two chaises on either side of two regular seats, this sofa forms a U shape that makes it easy to slip a coffee table into the space. Sized at 90”L x 61”W (at chaise) x 34”H, our Allform Sofa review is happ to report that this stunner retails for $6,431 but is available for $5,145 with the 20% off coupon.

Allform 5-Seat Corner Sectional Review

Allform 5-Seat Corner Sectional Review
Allform 5-Seat Corner Sectional

The definition of a sectional is that it isn’t modular, but it definitely is when we’re talking about Allform Sofa. Unless really large, they tend to be in an L, forming the ideal shape to fit a corner. 

The Allform 5-Seat Corner Sectional can be made into one of three L’s, depending on your preference. Since every one of the Allform sofas is modular and self-assembled, with no tools needed, you always have the option to change things up. Redesigning your room? No problems there.

This five-seater sofa is 124”L x 70”W x 34”H. It costs $4,306 before the 20% discount and $3,445 after it’s applied.

Allform 6-Seat Corner Sectional Review

Allform 6-Seat Corner Sectional Review
Allform 6-Seat Corner Sectional

This big boy needs a bit more space than its smaller sibling sofas, but the Allform 6-Seat Corner Sectional is absolutely ideal if you have the room for it. The only problem that this Allform Sofa review can foresee is the fights for the very comfy corner seat. 

All of the padding is made from 100% recycled materials and the interior is foam and fiber with anti-shift casements to keep cushions puffy and in a comfortable position.

We also found that the Allform 6-Seat Corner Sectional is ideal for a large family (don’t forget to count the pets) or people who like to entertain at home. The 6’ legs give these sofas a contemporary look and nowhere for dust bunnies, or anything else, to hide. It looks positively clean and stylish.

At the longest option for its design, this sofa comes in at 151”L x 70”W x 34”H. Get it for $5,181 regularly or $4,145 with the 20% off coupon.

Allform 8-Seat U Sectional Review

Allform 8-Seat U Sectional Review
Allform 8-Seat U Sectional

With eight seats, the Allform 8-Seat U Sectional is the largest of the sofas from Allform Sofas. It is perfect for a large space and, with its U shape, it nestles a coffee table well. It also gives you two comfy corner seats that might just satisfy the whole family.

As with all of the brand’s module design sofas, the Allform 8-Seat Sectional is easy to put together and has toolless assembly. No screwdrivers and no one-size-fits-nothing (or so it feels) Allen key. 

This product is 130”L x 97”W x 34”H and it usually costs $6,556 but with the 20% off coupon, it can be yours for $5,245.

Who is Allform Sofa For? 

Allform Sofa Review

Allform Sofa is for anyone looking for a good quality module sofa online and is okay with assembling it. Unlike IKEA, the assembly is toolless and simple, so there are no frustrations and no having to call a crew of friends to help. 

It also means that you can decide how to arrange the seats to accommodate your living space. The large seat size is great for all sizes and shapes of people.

Allform is also for people who care about sustainability, being environmentally friendly, and buying things that are made in the US. In terms of sustainability and eco-friendliness, the brand has many initiatives that help them make the least impact on the environment possible:

  1. Their hardwood is sustainably sourced through Sustainable Forest Initiative vendors
  2. Shipping packaging 100% recycled materials
  3. Use water-based glue
  4. 100% recycled padding
  5. 95% recycled metal
  6. CertiPUR-US certified foam

Allform Sofa Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Allform Sofa Review

No Allform sofa review would be complete without taking a look at tried-and-true customer experiences. We all know the brutal honesty that customers have, so it’s time to find out if the brand more than just talks the talk.

Starting off strong on the brand’s website, Allform has cultivated a very respectable rating of 4.5/5 stars based on over 450 reviews.

Couch enthusiasts had many good things to say about their Allform purchases but one of the most important is how pet durable they are. The fabric/leather that the brand uses is scratch, stain, and pill-resistant

One customer wrote, “Comfortable, well built sectional. The sectional is well built with just the right level of firmness to be durable and comfortable. The yellow is the loveliest color and the extra seating provided by the L-shape and sectional are fantastic and functional. Highly stylish yet durable couch with performance fabric that stands up to canine users.”

Another customer seems not to have known that swatches are sent free of charge (or perhaps was in a rush to get this sofa) and so was pleasantly surprised by the true color: 

“We love this sofa, very comfortable and very elegant – please note that the color is way way better than the pictures the company advertised not sure why but it is a great added advantage. Love them and enjoy them. They are not slippery as most leather, so that’s a great advantage.”

We love to see it. But how strong is their shipping game?

According to this customer, production and delivery can sometimes be very quick. What you get delivered is a luxurious product that practically puts itself together: 

“Great Couch. Super Fast Delivery. Love this couch. Firm, but still comfy, and the seats are deeper than we thought which is great! It looks nice and came impressively fast—within 2 weeks of the day we ordered it. Fabric (sand color) is high quality and assembly was quick and easy with myself and my husband.”

Ok, ok, one last testimonial from the brand’s website, we promise.

This happy woman explains how her Allform 4-Seat Sofa with Double Chaise is husband and wife approved: “Great sofa! Husband approves! Its so comfortable! It didn’t take much time at all for it to be “broken in.” This sofa meets my husband’s standards which are in his words, “I have to not want to get off of it for it to be a good sofa.” It also meets my standards which are minimalist and cozy.”

So, that’s all shaping up to be nice and dandy, but what does the rest of the internet have to say about the brand? Heading over to the Better Business Bureau (BBB), Allform’s rating is listed under that of Helix Sleep Inc., garnering an impressive score of A+ for being very proactive when dealing with unsatisfied buyers.

On the other hand, the BBB’s customer Allform sofa reviews paint a less impressive picture, giving the brand only 1.4/5 stars. Based on how many complaints were resolved by the brand, we hope that these reviews are outdated after dealing with Allform’s customer service.

It is worth noting that during the pandemic, production and delivery times can be affected by no fault of the retailer, so we must consider all of those factors. We can also keep in mind just how many buyers are satisfied with their Allform purchases. The brand’s hand-made sofas are built to last…and apparently to impress as well.

Is Allform Sofa Worth It?

Allform Sofa Review

This Allform Sofa review is not going to beat around the bush. Our final verdict on whether or not this brand is worth checking out is a solid yes!

These products have a lifetime warranty and are made with high-quality materials. The heavy-duty scratch, stain, and pill-resistant fabric, plus the extra-thick leather mean that your sofa should stay looking good for years to come without you lifting a finger from your relaxed lounging.

We also think it’s quite wonderful that you can change the size later by adding or removing the modular seats. Just order another seat modular and the necessary hardware comes with it. 

The patent-pending latching system makes assembling the sofas easy and doable without the use of tools. We also can’t forget about their sustainability and eco-friendliness initiatives as well as the large selection of colors for the fabric.

Allform Sofa Promotions & Discounts 

Allform Sofa Review

Good news! Our Allform Sofa review team found that the brand is currently hosting a 20% off website-wide sale for Presidents’ Day.

They also have free delivery options through FedEx Ground service, along with a host of discounts for members of the military, teachers, students, and first responders.

Where to Buy Allform Sofa

Allform Sofa Review

The only place to buy Allform Sofa is online at allform.com. The business was designed specifically as an e-commerce website. 


Allform Sofa Review

Who owns Allform Sofa?

The privately-owned company Helix Sleep owns Allform Sofa. Helix Sleep is owned by Jerry Lin, Kristian von Rickenbach, and Adam Tishman.

Does Allform Sofa ship internationally?

This Allform Sofa review regrets to inform you that the brand does not ship internationally. They do deliver in all 50 states in the US of A, though.

What is Allform Sofa’s Shipping Policy?

Shipping is free. Shipping is by FedEx Ground service and there is no expedited service available. Production and delivery take from 1-10 weeks depending on demand as everything is hand-manufactured. 

What is Allform Sofa’s Return Policy?

Allform has a 100 Day Relaxin’ Trial where you can return your sofa for a full refund within 100 days of delivery. The brand sends a partner company to pick it up, so there is no expense to you. 

To exchange your sofa, initiate a refund for the sofa you are returning and then order the new one. A refund can take 7-10 days to reflect back on your original payment method. 

How to Contact Allform Sofa

This Allform Sofa review found that their Online Email Form is the only way to contact the brand. You can find it on their website at allform.com.

Their customer service team is happy to respond to your emails between 10 am and 6 pm EST seven days a week.

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