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Simplicity Sofas Review

Sofas. The prerequisite of any comfortable living room. We sit on them, we lounge on them, heck, sometimes we practically live on them. Why not give something so important a personal touch? 

Make your seating area yours with Simplicity Sofas variety of designs. This brand personalizes each piece from full-size couches to narrow loveseats, allowing customers to work from a standard frame and fix up the details to suit their space.

As a smaller startup, this independent brand is still working to find their following, currently only listing 114 followers on Instagram. 

Despite the lower numbers on social media, they’ve built up a number of 5-star reviews from satisfied customers. It’s only a matter of time before the rest of the country finds out about these personalized sofas to make their own.

This Simplicity Sofas review will take a good look at the products, personalization process, customer testimonials, shipping services, and more to determine whether or not this brand can find a place in your home.

Overview of Simplicity Sofas

Simplicity Sofas Review

Founded in 2007 and working out of the Dimarmel factory in North Carolina, Simplicity Sofas built itself up through individualization and personal service. 

In fact, during the first three years in business, the factory’s own Sergio Diaz “personally built every piece of Simplicity Sofas furniture,” lending his attention and skills to make each piece perfect. We love to see it.

Crafting their products from solid oak, this company built their brand on customization, letting the customer create the couch they’ve been dreaming of to fit each space with ease. 

With options galore, from fabric to foot style to cushion style and cushion type, these sofas are individualized and can be the perfect personal expression on which to rest.

Before we really see all that the brand has to offer, this Simplicity Sofas review will highlight their overall pros and cons to see exactly what they’re all about:


  • Offers a wide range of customizable sofas featuring different lengths, styles, fabrics, and more
  • Multiple Simplicity Sofas reviews praise their customer service
  • Free delivery option
  • Unique sizing options
  • Monthly payment plans available with Affirm
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Few reviews found on standard rating sites
Simplicity Sofas Review

Before we really get into it, we do note that all products reviewed are based on the frame. 

Also, as a large part of this business comes down to customization, we can only comment on the barebones of each design. Prices may differ depending on the additional elements chosen by customers.

Simplicity Sofas Review

Liven up your living space with a Simplicity Sofa. We’ve picked some of the top-selling styles from this company to show off their range of sizes and frames.

Simplicity Sofas Lorelai Mid-Size Sofa Review

Starting off with a classic two-seat Lorelai Mid-Size Sofa, this smaller couch is made to cater to your deepest creative desires. It sits two with its flared armrests and sleek cut cushions. 

Mix it up with colors, cushion tensions, and fabrics, and this couch will maintain its stylish look no matter how customers change up the external details. 

The Simplicity Sofas narrow sofa makes it easy to guide it through narrow doorways, corners, and rooms and get it set up in the perfect place.

Add the Lorelai to your living room for a base price of $1,700. If you’re looking for an extra touch of personality, change up the look of this traditional two-seater with a Simplicity Sofas custom-made slipcover.

Simplicity Sofas Ashton Leather Apt Size Sofa Review

Create a cushy and comfy space with the Simplicity Sofas Ashton Leather Apt Size Sofa.

Designed with leather and faux leather in mind, this cozy 76” couch was crafted to fit the small spaces of apartment, RV, or boat living. 

Wide, cushioned armrests give this sofa its homey feel and take you back to those rolled couch arms that were the perfect headrests for naps as a kid. Toss on some throw pillows for an additional decorative element to really make it feel like home.

The Ashton Leather Apt Size Sofa is available for $3,500.

Think it’s a bit too big for your space? Look into the Simplicity Sofas custom loveseats to find a similar style in a slightly smaller size.

Simplicity Sofas Christy Sleeper Full Review

Be prepared for any surprise guests with the Christy Sleeper Full Size Sofa.

Perfect for any small space or lounge living (looking at RVs and boats with this one), the sleeper sits two people with ease. Straight arms perfectly frame what folds out to become the head of this full-sized bed, keeping any sleepers secure throughout the night. 

Set with a hybrid mattress combining foam and air designs, this piece quickly inflates to 10 inches of comfort for any good night’s sleep and easily folds back into a two-seater to save space during the day.

Built to last, this Sleeper is available for $3,400.

Simplicity Sofas Megan Full-Size Sofa Review 

Fit a full size into your space with the strikingly simple Megan Full-Size Sofa.

A standard three-seater with slightly rolled arms, numerous Simplicity Sofas reviews claim this piece is quick to assemble and sits perfectly in living spaces. 

Sitting at 80” long, this piece is designed to offer a full-length couch that can easily fit in smaller living spaces. Comfortable, clean, and casual, these couches suit any space with how easy they are to customize.

This three-seater is available for $1,800.

Simplicity Sofas Jenna Full-Size Sofa Review 

Round out your home’s look with the smoothed-out style of the Jenna Full-Size Sofa.

Comfortably sitting three (or four if everyone squished together – that’s up to you to decide), this full-size seat comes with narrowed pieces to help glide the set up through any door frame. 

You can alter the feet to match the room with choices in oak, mahogany, and various metals. Three cushion comfort levels are available to personalize the seat to whatever that prime level of comfort is for you.

This couch is available at the base price of $1,700.

Simplicity Sofas Brandon Full-Size Sofa Review

Rest easy with the simple and straight Brandon Full-Size Sofa from Simplicity Sofas.

Straight arms create a clean-cut look for this modern three-seat sofa. Perfectly deep (35”) for narrow and smaller spaces, this sofa allows for expansive seating in the tightest of spots. Whether sitting with friends or stretched out with feet propped up, this comfortable and customizable sofa is a great addition to any room.

This sofa can be set up for $1,700.

Simplicity Sofas Ashton Full-Size Sofa with Chaise Review

Kick those feet up and lounge after a hard day at work with the Ashton Full-Size Sofa with Chaise.

Part of the Ashton collection, this full-size couch retains the rolled armrests of the group but adds a rounded chaise to the third seat for stretching out without taking up the whole sofa. 

The other two seats sit comfortably at 35” deep, providing space for three or more depending on how the chaise is used. Add a skirt or slipcover for a flourish of design or keep it natural with just the couch and you.

This lovely lounger is available for $2,600.

Simplicity Sofas 8 Seat U Shaped Sectional with 2 Wedge Seats Review

Station seating around a central point with the 8 Seat U Shaped Section with 2 Wedge Seats Sofa (long title, but it’s more than worth it for the product).

This Simplicity Sofas wedge sectional includes 2 one-armed seats, 4 armless seats, and two wedges to fit in the corners and piece the whole thing together. Leaving enough room for the whole family to settle in, this sectional spans the room at 95” by 135” in width and length

Cuddle in for a movie with 8 individuals or let a few friends spread out across the cushions. Either way, you’ll be comfortably lounging with room to spare.

This 8-piece sectional is available for $8,600.

Who Is Simplicity Sofas For? 

Simplicity Sofas Review

To anyone frustrated by their furniture search, this business is one to look at. Their pieces are designed to fit through narrow doors and stairways to remove stress from any moving situation. Available in a variety of sizes, these products are crafted to fit small spaces with ease.

For anyone looking into buying sofas, sleepers, loveseats, and more, keep Simplicity Sofas in mind while shopping for a personal experience and a customized couch.

Comparison: Simplicity Sofas vs. Pottery Barn  

Simplicity Sofas Review

When it comes to designing that perfect seat, Simplicity Sofas isn’t the only brand on the market that allows for the customer’s personality to shine through. 

One popular furnishing brand on the market is Pottery Barn, known for their cheap prices and extensive inventory line. What are the major differences between this popular shop and our featured, smaller brand?

  • Material – When it comes to choices in material, Pottery Barn has the upper hand. Offering over 100 different fabric colors and patterns, this extensive range surpasses Simplicity Sofas’ 65+ options. 

Both brands offer fabrics, leathers, and faux leather options for a number of models making it easy to match any sofa to the room it’ll be placed in. 

We will say that Simplicity Sofas’ smaller company has led to them reaching out to customers to ask for pictures of the space to better match material and color swatches, which is a nice personal touch not seen from bigger brands.

  • Style – Both brands are consistent in their styles and models offered on market. From loveseats to sleepers, these companies cover a variety of options to fit every space.
  • Price We have to give this one to Simplicity Sofas as their products come in much cheaper than Pottery Barn. 

A simple three-seat sofa with Pottery Barn can be $500 more than selections at Simplicity Sofas. That said, Pottery Barn lengthens the monthly payment process to make those costs slightly less each month than competitors.

  • Reviews Simplicity Sofas reviews win this category with ease. While there are fewer reviews to pull from, customers are highly satisfied with their products. 

Pottery Barn has numerous complaints about their sofas, many of them claiming how uncomfortable the seating really is.

Overall, we tend to side with the little guys and support smaller businesses when it comes to these reviews. Bias aside, Simplicity Sofas’ smaller size allows for a more personalized experience at a lower cost. 

Simplicity Sofas Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Simplicity Sofas Review

In order for this to be a complete Simplicity Sofas review, we needed to bring you all the information out there, including verified purchase ratings. 

The quickest place to go for top reviews actually comes directly from the brand’s site. With that being said, this company doesn’t actually use a star rating system, instead relying solely on customer comments to bolster their business for future clients.

Some of the most popular comments left on this website revolve around the kind and quick service of the delivery and customer service teams. This brand seems to employ workers of a higher caliber that make every business interaction a more pleasurable experience:

What amazing customer service…thank you for the longer arm covers. My sofas are beautiful. Thank you both again for making this process so easy and pleasant. Anytime I or anyone else I know is looking for furniture I will send them your way.

Joining the praise of service is the adoration of customers for the quality designs and custom fittings for these pieces. The entire process is personalized with customers choosing each piece of the frame to order so the money spent is blind until the product is built. 

Despite this uncertainty regarding how the product will turn out, many customers find themselves surprised with just how well these sofas fit in the rooms they were crafted for.

One such customer commented on the process, stating “To be honest, I was hesitant to purchase something sight unseen but this is the best piece of furniture I have ever owned. I could not believe that it actually fit through the door. The fabric is beautiful.

This brand website isn’t the only place to find satisfied customers. Consumer Affairs’ listing of this company includes over 80 reviews left for this business. 

Overall, this business rates 4.8/5-stars based on these verified customer ratings with the vast majority of reviews sitting at 5-stars. 

The few lower ratings listed on this site found prompt replies from the company offering further contact to find a solution.

Many Simplicity Sofas reviews comment on the custom styles and how the narrowed seating allows for easier furnishing of typically tricky environments. 

Known to fit smoothly into RVs and basements as well as being comfortable to carry around difficult sets of stairs, many customers comment on how at ease they were during the process and how different the product has made their living space.

Simplicity Sofas makes furniture that will fit into an RV. The quality is excellent, and it looks like furniture you’re buying for your house. Simplicity also has excellent customer service.”

“they asked me to send pictures of what the inside of the RV looks like so they can get an idea of what kind of swatches to send me and when I had any kind of questions, they got back to me within an hour or two either through email or call. The cost is reasonable, and their warranty is great.

The only other rating site found online for this brand comes from Yelp, but their 4.4/5-star rating is made up of 17 Simplicity Sofas reviews, making the rating less reliable. 

With all that in mind, the reviews listed on this source (along with all the others) all come in strong with satisfied customers absolutely loving their purchases.

Is Simplicity Sofas Worth It?

Simplicity Sofas Review

This Simplicity Sofas review would definitely say this brand is worth it. While they’re not widely known, every customer’s testimonial reveals how happy they are with their products. 

Built with custom specifications, Simplicity Sofas personalized pieces are an easy purchase that will leave customers perfectly pleased. 

With the lifetime guarantee always at hand to fix any issues, you can rest with ease and collapse into a brand new couch that was designed to fit the space.

Simplicity Sofas Promotions & Discounts 

Simplicity Sofas Review

Simplicity Sofas isn’t known for their promotions, but they do offer payment plans to help customers easily finance the larger costs that tend to accompany furniture. 

Monthly financing plans are available for each product to help customers find a custom couch they can easily afford.

Where to Buy Simplicity Sofas

Simplicity Sofas Review

As this brand is entirely custom work based on their available frames, the only place to purchase Simplicity Sofas is from their website at simplicitysofas.com.


Simplicity Sofas Review

Where is Simplicity Sofas made? 

All Simplicity Sofas products are made in North Carolina.

What is Simplicity Sofas’ Shipping Policy?

Shipping out sofas tends to require more time and effort, so this brand has their system down pat. Two services are offered at checkout:

  • Threshold Delivery – Items are delivered to the door for no additional shipping cost
  • White Glove Delivery – Items are unpackaged and assembled by workers, removing all packaging from the home once the job is complete. This service costs a $300 fee with an additional $100 for sectional groups

Delivery times will be scheduled in advance with the homeowners, but we must warn you that the order-to-delivery process will take some time. 

As Simplicity Sofas small sofas are custom ordered, this brand takes up to 12 months for the production of each piece

Expect a delivery call about a year after completing the order online.

This order ETA is a new timeline due to Covid-19, and times may adjust according to protocols in North Carolina regarding production and manufacturing.

What is Simplicity Sofas’ Return Policy?

As each Simplicity Sofas couch frame is designed to customer specifications, returns and cancellations aren’t accepted by this company. With that in mind, this brand works to create a product that will last a lifetime and leave every individual satisfied with their purchase.

While comfort is a subjective concept, this brand promises strong builds with a lasting warranty. If at any time repairs or adjustments are needed, simply contact customer service and replacement parts will be crafted and shipped out to fix the issue at hand. 

This brand’s warranty is never-ending, meaning any Simplicity Sofas construction can be repaired no matter how long it’s been since the original purchase.

How to Contact Simplicity Sofas

For those with questions or comments they’d like answered, this Simplicity Sofas review has all the contact information needed to get that response. Here are four simple ways to get in touch with this brand:

  1. Fill out the Contact Form on their website
  2. Phone: 800-8132889
  3. Email: [email protected]

Mail: 414 Grayson St., High Point, NC 27260

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