Rug Pad USA Review

About Rug Pad USA

Rug Pad USA Review

We’ve all suffered a floor slide from time to time when the rug takes on a mind of its own. Conquer the material and slippery surface with the help of Rug Pad USA

Offering an extensive selection of rug pad shapes and sizes, these pads are all about traction, cushioning, and materials to make a good rug even better.

Not widely known to the social media world, this brand’s over 800 followers on Instagram understand what rug pads really bring to the table. 

Featured in The New York Times, Tech Gear Lab, and more, this company has been working to build up their name and business into a wider state of recognition.

Hoping to shine a light on an overlooked world, in this Rug Pad USA review we’ll be taking a look at the brand’s goals, products, ratings, and more to determine whether this is a business worth buying from.

Overview of Rug Pad USA

Rug Pad USA Review

Originally launched in 2012, this business came into the market with a mission of quality. Understanding not only the frustration but also the dangers that accompany slipping rugs, this company aimed to provide safe solutions to a constant issue.

Focusing on grip, cushion, and materials as their core components, this brand really put their energy into finding eco-friendly sources that would maintain traction without leaving behind odor or residue. 

Carefully crafted to offer a safe and steady grip no matter how heavy the foot traffic gets, these pads maintain their cushioning over years of heavy use.

Manufactured in the USA, this brand cuts out the middlemen to lower costs for customers. Providing custom cuts on all pieces, there’s something for every shape and size on the market

No more excuses – just safety and security in knowing that there’s something for everyone.

This brand has a lot going for them and we could keep going about their missions and goals. Instead, we’re going to throw out a few highlights that really stood out for us in our research:


  • Wide range of rug pads for support, traction, and comfort
  • Free shipping and free returns
  • Customizable shaping and dimensions
  • Reasonable costs
  • Durable and eco-friendly materials

Rug Pad USA Review

Before diving into facts surrounding the brand, we need to take a look at what they offer first. A lot of this brand’s selling point comes from customization with clients able to select the shape and dimensions to craft the perfect size to fit the rug in question. 

All prices, therefore, offer a starting point that’s dependent on the final dimensions in place. We’re showing off six best sellers and their starting costs to give a good sense of what all this brand actually offers.

Rug Pad USA Contour-Lock Review

Rug Pad USA Contour-Lock Review
Rug Pad USA Contour-Lock

We’re starting off this section of our Rug Pad USA review with a look at what we believe should be a standard in every home – the Contour-Lock.

With the perfect balance of plush and gripping, this pad seems to handle everything needed. Using recycled felt and natural rubber, this piece offers solid traction against the slippery hard floors of many main halls. 

Removing the typical clay filler found in rug pads, this piece can be applied and moved around with ease without leaving behind any marks, stains, or residue from adhesives. It’ll just be clean and simple – what more could we want?

Of course, we’re fans of a bit of bounce to our step when entering the home, so we love a decent thickness to our rugs. 

Bolstering the original rug with 1/8” felt padding, there’s just enough to comfort the step without overdoing it and causing a bulked and cushioned appearance. Reducing scratching, this moisture-resistant piece is the perfect addition to any foyer.

Boost up the backing of any rug for $42 (regularly $49).

Rug Pad USA Eco Plush ⅜ Review

Rug Pad USA Eco Plush ⅜ Review
Rug Pad USA Eco Plush ⅜

Sometimes we just want to come home and step onto a cloud (or maybe that’s just this Rug Pad USA review…). The Eco Plush makes that and more possible in a single purchase.

Some rug pads are invisible to the eye and to the touch. This isn’t one of them. This plush pad sits from ½” to ¼” depending on the preferred cushion thickness chosen by the customer. 

We’re fans of going big or going home, but select the size that works for you and feel comfortable when entering your home.

The beauty of this piece comes from its heat-pressed material. Using eco-friendly fibers to produce this stunningly soft pad, the plush texture lasts over ten years of solid use. 

Dense in the production, this pad also doubles in sound-proofing the space, helping dull the echoes of an empty hallway.

Get comfy when coming home with this piece for $29 (regularly $34).

Rug Pad USA Super Lock Natural Review

Rug Pad USA Super Lock Natural Review
Rug Pad USA Super Lock Natural

Have any rugs that seem to want to take a ride with every step on their surface? It may be time to leash them up with the aid of the Super Lock Natural.

Perfect for those slipping and sliding pieces that just can’t seem to sit still, the Super Lock Natural does just that – locks the rug to a specific spot using superior methods. 

Slightly cushioned with natural rubber to add a touch of comfort to the step, this minimal pad keeps things cool in the most humid of areas. 

Aerating the surface via a deliberate waffle pattern, the natural materials of this pad increase the flow of air to break down and prevent any odors or growth.

Tacking rugs to a certain spot, this piece is ideal for those sleek hardwood floors that seem to let socks and rugs soar down the hall. Just place the piece, press it down, and place the rug on top. 

No glues, tapes, or anything else – just a quick-clean surface that can be picked up and moved with ease, leaving no trace behind.

Rest the worst rugs on a steady surface for $29 (typically $33).

Rug Pad USA Nature’s Grip Review

Rug Pad USA Nature's Grip Review
Rug Pad USA Nature’s Grip

It’s safe to say that a product called Nature’s Grip would have decent traction to it, but that’s not all it offers up to customers in its natural approach to a household issue.

We’ve all struggled to stop the bunching and bolting of rugs (especially hallways runners that end up crawling down the aisle). 

This Nature’s Grip pad prevents standard movements using a natural rubber and plant jute to create a strong grip on the floor that holds things in place without leaving behind any residue when removed.

Created with eco-friendly materials, this sustainable option offers a chemical-free choice to those who need a bit more assistance with their rug but don’t want to support the harsh production methods of typical PVC pads. Lying flat on the ground without any cushion, this mildew-resistant material conquers any slips and odors with ease.

Starting prices for this natural piece sit around $31 (regularly $36).

Rug Pad USA Anchor Grip Review

Rug Pad USA Anchor Grip Review
Rug Pad USA Anchor Grip

Anchor down any higher-end rug with the ready assistance of the Anchor Grip. One of the highest traction pads available from this brand, this piece is all about security. 

Perfect for hardwood floors, the minimal appearance of this pad leaves all focus on the beauty and feel of the rug itself, only supporting it through resisting any bulging or running down the hall with its non-slip features.

Waterproof in its material, the combination soybean oil-based polymer blend of this design is all about breathability, airflow, and mildew resistance

Through its plant-based creation, this sustainable pad offers stability for over 10 years of constant use. No pain, no worry, no stress – just minimal appearance and solid traction.

Starting prices for this piece sit at $45 (regularly priced at $52).

Rug Pad USA RugPro Review

Rug Pad USA RugPro Review
Rug Pad USA RugPro

Stop favorite rugs from slipping and sliding down the hallway with the assistance of the RugPro.

Designed specifically to battle the sleek beauty of hardwood flooring, this piece is all about stability and substance. Crafted to subtly rest below any type of rug, this pad aims to limit the push of foot traffic and keep the floor piece steady at all times

Forget slipping down the hall during the rush of after-school hours – now the boots come off, the kids go running, and the rug remains a fixed point as it should be. Based on a rubber backing to retain a grip on the hard floor, this pad isn’t just a solid layer. 

Featuring pinholes to allow the covering rug to breathe without any risk of molding or mildew on wet days, this piece was designed to secure rugs, keep things clean, and do it all with an appearance invisible to the eye.

At the time of writing this Rug Pad USA review, things are all on sale – that means starting prices for this piece sit at $36 rather than its regular $42 price tag.

Who Is Rug Pad USA For? 

Rug Pad USA Review

We’ll admit, this brand isn’t for everyone. We don’t all have hardwood floors and slipping rugs haunting our homes. 

However, for those who face the issue on a daily basis, this business is a simple answer to a constant problem. Offering customizable sizing and thickness, customers can select their ideal plushness for rugs, keeping things steady in a single spot.

We know that not all rugs need a helping hand, however, there’s no shame in looking for that underlayer to maintain the desired image. Holding things in place in the right space, Rug Pad USA offers a simple solution to those in need.

Rug Pad USA Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Rug Pad USA Review

We wanted this Rug Pad USA review to be comprehensive, so we stepped outside personal opinion and bias to head into the world of public ratings. Our first glance at the brand’s own site speaks to good things with 4.9/5 stars based on over 7,260 ratings.

Customers don’t seem to focus much on the service aspect of this business, however, they’re quick to compliment the products themselves. 

Noting the perfect cuts, solid quality, and cushioned texture of the ordered pads, the Rug Pad USA reviews posted on this site all identify this brand as a solid choice.

We had a thin oriental rug with furniture on it in a high track area. It would always bunch up and drive me crazy. I decided to go for a little cushioning, but was worried it would look too thick compared to the rug. It turned out great! The carpet has secured itself to the pad and has not bunched up and I am amazed with how comfortable it feels now.

Often overlooked, rug pads seem to fade into the realm of the forgotten while cursing slippery and bunched-up rugs that never quite do as they’re expected. This business was built to not only provide a secure solution but also to build up the beauty of the original rug itself. 

Making steps cushioned, clean, and resistant to the standard odors and mildew that can occur over time, this brand makes it their goal to provide “the perfect sized rug pad, cut to order, and very sumptuous and cushy under foot.

The products really seem to be the focus of this brand (rather than service aspects), so we needed to take a closer look at what was being offered. 

On Amazon, we continued to be impressed with the 100% Felt – Protective Cushioning Rug Pad coming up as 4.5/5 stars based on over 17k ratings. Easily their most popular product on this platform, this rug pad provides “just the right amount of softness” for customers without a bulging and thick appearance.

Buyers seem incredibly pleased by the selection, with one Rug Pad USA review noting they “didn’t realize what a big difference it would make. [Their] inexpensive rug feels like a million bucks under my feet and looks terrific!” 

Going on to comment on the set-up, they also made mentioned that the “pad arrived both folded and rolled, but it flattened out easily. There was no strong odor.

Focusing predominantly on eco-friendly materials and substances, this business avoids harsh chemicals often used in PVC padding sold to secure and cushion rugs. 

Using a natural base reduces odors, keeping spaces free of adhesives, chemicals, and waste. It’s all-natural and recycled for a lasting lifespan.

Of course, this popular product isn’t the only one to make waves on the Amazon market. Other popular pieces featuring a Rug Pad USA review or two are the following:

  • Dual Surface – 8’x10′ – 1/4″ Thick – Felt + Rubber: 4.6/5 stars based on 5,925 ratings
  • 1/2″ Thickness, 8’x10′, Eco Plush Felt Rug Pads- Preserve Rug: 4.4/5 stars based on over 1,550 ratings
  • 1/4″ Thick, Felt and Rubber, 9’x12′, Superior Lock- Premium Non Slip Rug Padding for Hardwood Floors: 4.6/5 stars based on over 2,000 ratings
  • Basics – 12’x18′ – 1/3″ Thick – 100% Felt – Premium Comfort Rug Pad: 4.6/5 stars based on over 3,000 ratings

With ratings as high as these, it’s no wonder that the Better Business Bureau marked this company with an A+ rating for their service and quality. 

Check any other retailer and the numbers will look similar – even Wayfair gives these products 4.7/5 stars based on over 1,500 ratings.

Good thickness for my main living room area rug. I chose it specifically for the non slip bottom surface and it works great. The rug has not moved and it provides soft and supportive cushioning.”

Securing the location of any favored rug, these pads are meant to subtly enhance the beauty and feel of classic floor pieces, keeping all support behind the scenes and leaving center stage to the bold and bright designs. 

Rugs can look and feel great again, with thickness and sizing completely customizable to suit what’s needed.

Is Rug Pad USA Legit?

Rug Pad USA Review

From what we could see in doing our research for this Rug Pad USA review, there aren’t any real red flags for this brand. Not all customers have been satisfied, but that happens with every brand. 

The majority are quite pleased with their purchases and speak highly of the service and products received by the brand. Seems all green on this front.

Is Rug Pad USA Worth It?

Rug Pad USA Review

For the purpose of this Rug Pad USA review, we’re giving this brand two thumbs up. We love a company that doesn’t try to boost their products as being the center of attention but still delivers on quality and selection

The customizable sizing and personalized cuts really sell us on this one, but the biggest win comes from their materials. Using sustainable and recyclable goods, this brand manages to reduce their footprint while providing pieces built to last. 

Lengthening the lifespan of products reduces further waste and, through the eco-friendly materials in use, this company avoids harsh chemicals that damage the world and leave behind residue on floors. 

Keep things clean and comfortable with this brand for a decent price – we’re giving them the green light.

Rug Pad USA Promotions & Discounts 

Rug Pad USA Review

We went in search of savings and came out without any Rug Pad USA discount code to promote. However, we do have to note that at the time of writing this review, the brand is offering 15% off everything for the spring sale – no code needed.

Where to Buy Rug Pad USA

Rug Pad USA Review

In search of this brand from somewhere other than their home site at We’d recommend their own site as it holds the widest selection, but for those who are looking for alternate options, there are a few retailers that offer limited supplies:

  • Bed, Bath, & Beyond
  • Walmart
  • Amazon


Rug Pad USA Review

Who owns Rug Pad USA?

Rug Pad USA is owned and operated by the founder William McDonald.

Does Rug Pad USA ship internationally?

This brand delivers to the US and Canada. All products are manufactured in the US.

What is Rug Pad USA’s Shipping Policy?

Find a rug pad that might get the job done? We have some good news for those who do – shipping is free

Offering free Ground delivery on all orders within the contiguous US states with some additional fees to external locations. Expedited shipping is also available in the US and Canada for extra costs calculated based on location and weight.

Most orders average a delivery time of 2 to 6 business days, but estimates are based on processing time rather than order time. A shipping calculator exists on the website to allow customers a general ETA and cost for the order.

What is Rug Pad USA’s Return Policy?

We know that things don’t always work out as planned, so there’s no shame in taking advantage of the 60-day return policy in place. 

Customers are free to send all purchases back for no return shipping fee on all products, including custom cuts and pre-cut sizing. The only fees that may be applied regard locations outside of the 48 contiguous states which, for heavier objects, may require additional funds.

Making a return is actually quite simple. The whole process can be done by:

  1. Head over to the Return page
  2. Fill out a Return Request
  3. Customer service will reply with a return slip and further information on the return process
  4. Once returned, customers will receive an email with a timeline of when to expect the refund into the original account

This brand seems to keep things nice and easy for the customer, helping every step of the way. No stress, no mess, just free refunds.

How to Contact Rug Pad USA

Have some questions still lingering after completing this Rug Pad USA review? Hopefully, customer service can serve up some answers during the following time slots:

  • Mon – Thurs: 8:30 am – 6:00 pm EST
  • Fri: 8:30 am – 5:00 pm EST
  • Sat: 10:00 am – 3:00 pm EST

Between those hours, there are two easy ways to reach out to the brand:

  • Phone: +1 (800) 565-6011
  • Fill out their Online Contact Form

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