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eos Review

As the second-largest retailer of lip balm globally, you have likely seen people using the eos spherical-shaped ball-of-fun lip protection.

If you get close enough, you can’t miss the alluring scents. This innovative company also makes shaving creams and lotions.

With 1.7 million followers on Instagram and more than 6 million on Facebook, their popularity is not in dispute. They are regularly covered in the press worldwide, including the likes of USA Today, NBC News, Elle, Teen Vogue, and W Magazine.

In this eos review, I’ll take a deep dive into this effective and all-natural brand so that you can make an informed decision before you buy. I’ll do this by looking at their products, promotions, customer testimonials, and more.

Overview Of eos

eos Review

I have no idea what prompted Jonathan Teller and Sanjiv Mehra to discover that women use 90% of the lip balm globally but that knowledge is the seed that started the company. 

With women being the largest consumer, it was surprising that no lip balm maker was catering to them. Teller and Mehra came up with a concept that launched eos in 2009.

By packaging a hypoallergenic, dermatologist-tested, and gluten-free lip balm in a round container, they attracted interest immediately. 

The organic, cruelty-free, non-toxic ingredients give great moisturizing coverage without harming you or the earth. Eventually, eos created a line of lotions and of shaving creams as well.

To market their original sphere lip balm they contacted influencers and gained a few celebrity endorsements like Miley Cyrus, Kim Kardashian, and Britney Spears. 

By 2015, they were the second-largest lip balm supplier in the world. Headquartered in New York, their products are now available in retail outlets in more than 80 countries worldwide.

Before I check out their fun products in this eos review, let’s take a look at what makes them unique.


eos Review
  • All-natural products that work
  • No parabens, phthalates, or gluten
  • Fun, recyclable packaging
  • Tested by dermatologist
  • Terrific smelling

eos Lip Balm Review

Eos stands for the Evolution of Smooth and they couldn’t be more aptly named.

From the round shape to the long-lasting hydrating formula, everything about them is smooth and fun. In this section of my eos review, I’ll take a look at a couple of the best-selling eos lip balms. 

eos Lip Balm Sweet Mint Review

This eos Lip Balm is made with all-natural ingredients and wild-grown, sustainably-sourced shea butter

Add some natural flavoring and you get a hard-working, hydrating lip balm that you may have trouble not licking. Fortunately, it is non-toxic and all-natural so, although I wouldn’t suggest it, if you do, there are no worries.

The eos Lip Balm Sweet Mint is one of the most popular flavors of their spherical lip savers. With fresh real mint, it smells and tastes great, gives a slight cooling sensation, and heals damaged lips. 

The spheres are recyclable and have flat spots on both sides for an easy hold as well as a flat spot on the bottom so they don’t roll away.

Bring your lips back to mint condition for $4 per 0.25-ounce sphere.

eos Lip Balm 4 Pack Stick Review

When you want a variety of flavors of this natural formulation that is paraben, phthalates, and gluten-free, the eos Lip Balm 4 Pack Stick is perfect. 

Although the spherical shape is fun, it is a bit bulky to carry more than one. In stick form, they are more portable. Each comes in a recyclable twist-up lipstick container in fun colors that reflect the flavors inside. Here are the available colors:

  1. Light green for sweet mint
  2. Dark pink for strawberry sorbet
  3. Off-white/light yellow for the vanilla bean
  4. Orange/pumpkin for the tropical mango 

While your moods might change your preferred flavor throughout your day, the superior protection remains the same with this four-pack (0.14 ounces each) for $11.

eos Shaving Cream Review

The eos shaving cream line has a choice of four scented formulations (flavors may not be the right word here). They also offer choices for extra sensitive and extra dry skin. My eos review will shine the spotlight on their best-selling product in this category

eos Shaving Cream Vanilla Bliss Review 

According to the brand, you can say bye-bye to irritation, break-outs, nicks, cuts, and razor burn with eos Shaving Cream Vanilla Bliss

With extra shea butter for effective 24-hour moisturizing power, this non-foaming, thick cream can be used for wet or dry shaving. The vanilla bean, sweet cream, and brown sugar give it a delicious and relaxing scent.

This extra creamy shaving lotion is, of course, made with only natural ingredients

The recyclable pump has a round bottle shape and a curved divot to perfectly fit your thumb. This lessens your chances of dropping the bottle in the shower and having to retrieve it at the drain, where it inevitably rolls.

You can get into this shaving bliss for $5 for a 7-ounce bottle. 

eos Lotion Review

The eos lotions for moisturizing your body also come in four different scents.

While I’d love to explore all of them, this portion of my eos review will check out the brand’s absolute best-seller in this category so you can get the general gist of what their lotions have to offer.

eos Vanilla Cashmere Body Lotion Review 

Again, vanilla takes the cake. The eos Vanilla Cashmere Body Lotion is the most popular scent of eos body lotions. It contains seven nourishing oils and butters, including shea oil for quick absorption and immediate protection as well as shea butter for long-lasting coverage. 

All the eos lotion ingredients are all-natural, non-toxic, and sustainably sourced. The recyclable, pump-action, oval-shaped bottle contains 16 ounces of silky, hydrating goodness. 

This product also has a thumb divot to help you to keep a hold on it. You can get unlock the best in your skin for $10.

Who Is eos For? 

eos Review

Quite simply, based on everything I found out for this eos review, I think that this brand is for any person looking for superior moisturizing without any parabens, synthetic chemicals, phthalates, or glutens. 

The use of only all-natural and sustainable ingredients is important to many these days as we all take note of our impact on Mother Earth.

Although eos products cater to women, men can enjoy the superior benefits as well, if they don’t mind smelling of vanilla or fruit (which, let’s face it, is much nicer than motor oil generic male fragrance #36).

eos Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

eos Review

On to the fun part where we find out what the customer eos reviews have to tell us about the brand.

As a top-selling lip balm producer globally, they have 4.1/5 stars over almost 150,000 reviews on Influenster. I chose to start off strong with this customer testimonial:

“I love eos lip balm… I started to use it cause my friends recommend me eos a lot. I don’t regret trying this eos lip balm… The ingredients are all natural, it doesn’t have alcohol. They keep my lips hydrated and the smell of the lip balm is so addictive. I feel like it really helps. I love and recommend EOS lip balms.” 

When I checked the eos reviews over on BeautyReviews in New Zealand, I saw that 317 customers ranked the brand 4/5 stars on average. Not too shabby at all.

This customer mentions the great packaging and scents in their very long (I actually had to turn it into a highlight reel) review but is most impressed with how it works:

“Now, their claims! My verdict? Evolution of Smooth is such an apt name! It really does make your lips super smooth and you don’t need to constantly reapply like with other lip balms… I have seriously seen the difference it makes. I don’t wake up with yuck lips anymore.”

Sounds like these are superior lip balms so let’s see what people have to say about the shaving creams. 

Of the Vanilla Bliss Shave Cream on Amazon, this 5/5 star review says:

“Love this product! I’ve been using this product for years & it never fails! I tend to have very sensitive skin & this is the only product [that] doesn’t make me break out & leaves your skin very smooth.”

They found that the regular eos shaving cream is good enough but those with extra sensitivity may also want to try the eos Sensitive Shaving Cream, which rates 4.6/5 stars from almost 25K reviews. 

The following reviewer humorously titled their review: “The BEST, serious. Hoard it. Wait don’t, save me some.” They do go on to elaborate, of course:

“I have super sensitive skin and this is by far the best shave cream I’ve used. Seriously, I’ve tried all sorts of stuff… Maybe there is something better but I haven’t seen it. And for 5 bucks, cruelty free and, sensitive skin friendly…can’t be beat!

Finally, let’s take a look at what the eos reviews say about their Vanilla Cashmere Body Lotion

This customer on the brand’s website sums up all the things that are great about the lotion, without even mentioning the natural and sustainable ingredients. Perhaps all they care about was how well it works:

“I really love the smell of this product. It has a very pretty smell. I also think the lotion does a great job of moisturizing my skin! The lotion isn’t too thick which I also really like, it didn’t make my skin feel greasy once I put it on! I like this product a lot.”

Although this lotion contains oils, they are quickly absorbed into the skin so as to leave a silky smooth feel, not a greasy mess. 

Before I wrap up this section, let’s take a peek at the ratings for the products that I covered:

  • eos Lip Balm Sweet Mint – 122 reviews – 4.7/5 stars
  • eos Lip Balm 4 Pack Stick – 14 reviews – 4.6/5 stars
  • eos Vanilla Bliss Shave Cream – 516 reviews – 4.8/5 stars
  • eos Vanilla Cashmere Body Lotion – 536 reviews – 4.6/5 stars

With all of that in mind, I think it’s safe to say that eos produces quality products that are loved by their adoring customers.

Is eos Legit?

eos Review

A few years ago, eos was sued by a few people stating that the lip balm caused them rashing and blistering. They were settled out of court and the company added a warning to their label. 

It seems a tiny minority of people may react to even natural oils. Their lip balms are deemed safe and no more has been heard about it since the settlement case in 2018.

Any and every skincare product, even if hypoallergenic, will cause a few people to react negatively, hence the warning labels. 

While researching for this eos review, I found nothing of concern about this company otherwise and many find that these are the only products that work with their sensitive skin.

There was nothing of note on the Trustpilot or the Better Business Bureau websites.

Is eos Worth It?

eos Review

Is eos worth it? Yes, absolutely and totally. They offer products with exceptional hydrating properties that last all day. 

The price is only slightly higher than regular name brands and less than most luxury brands.

Their lip balms are not expensive when you keep in mind that the sphere contains close to double the amount of balm as the usual sticks.

On top of these products working well, they smell great, are made from all-natural ingredients, and contain no parabens, phthalates, or gluten whatsoever. eos products are a win-win for you and the environment.

eos Promotions & Discounts 

eos Review

While I didn’t come across any eos promo codes, I did find a few ways that you can save money by going through the eos website. 

They offer bundles for a less expensive price than individual products. The brand also has seasonal promotions so be sure to stay on the lookout for those.

A program that they offer for the free shipping of their recyclable packaging earns you 100 TerraCycle points to put towards gifts or cash for your favorite charity.

Where To Buy eos

eos Review

The best place to get eos is through their website at where you can get the first glimpse at their new products, save by bundling, and get the full selection of all their products.

Otherwise, you can find them in retail outlets throughout the country.


eos Review

Who owns eos?

Co-founders Jonathan Teller and Sanjiv Mehra still own and run the company.

Does eos ship internationally?

No, eos does not ship internationally but are available in retail stores in many countries globally.

What is eos’ Shipping Policy?

eos ships to the 48 attached states. The rate is based on weight and is calculated at check-out. 

Standard shipping is through USPS first class mail or for faster service they offer UPS 2-Day air service.

They take about 1-3 business days to process your order. Standard shipping is around 3-5 business days.

What is eos’ Return Policy?

If you need to return something to eos, email them at [email protected] with your order number and which product you would like to return.

A customer service representative will get back to you to arrange it.

How To Contact eos

eos Review

If you have any questions that I didn’t answer in this eos review, you can reach out to the brand through the following methods of contact:

Their customer service hours are Monday to Friday 9 am to 5 pm EST.

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