Monos vs Away Review

Monos vs Away

Let’s honestly ask ourselves, when was the last time the family luggage was updated? Most households are sporting the cheaper deals that were purchased last minute before a big trip. We’ll say it now – those aren’t sustainable.

Rather than focusing on the price and deals, how about turning to the features that one single piece of luggage can provide. From sustainably sourced materials to better packing methodology and locks, luggage companies have done a wide-span update regarding the format of standard luggage. 

While there are a variety of companies to choose from, this Monos vs Away review will focus on two of 2021’s top contenders when it comes to travel bags.

We may not all be able to take the trips we’d hoped for quite yet, but there’s nothing like preparing for the next vacation to remove stress when it’s time to go!

About Monos

Monos vs Away Review

Focusing on simplicity first, Monos is a brand that wants their pieces to last the fads and trends that accompany travel. Putting their work into the build and a timeless design, Monos is able to keep their prices lower than the competition, making them an affordable option from durable materials. 

While limited in their actual stock, this business has a central style that’s used for each category of bag, focusing on the lightweight and hard-shell possibilities that each case offers customers. In addition to their bags, this brand’s “profound appreciation of the beauty in fleeting moments,” has now extended to include stock in accessories and clothing.

About Away 

Monos vs Away Review

Born from the mindset of social awareness, Away was founded to leave a positive impact on the world around them. Partnering with a variety of social causes dealing with hunger, shelter, sexuality, and more, this brand heavily contributes to creating a better society for all. 

As for their products, they don’t skip any steps in ensuring a durable line of luggage and accessories with options in hard and soft-shell baggage. Focused on sustainable sourcing and affordable costs, this brand begs to be the top choice for a safe and smart way to see the world.

What to Consider

Monos vs Away Review

Before jumping straight from this Monos vs Away review into a purchase, it’s important to stop and check out the full picture. While both brands boast simplicity and manageable costs, there’s more to baggage than just those two elements. So, what should be in mind when heading to the check-out and how do the different brands compare for each factor? 

Product Range

When it comes to Monos, their product line is really only a range of 20 different products. Within this selection, categories are broken down between clothing, accessories, check-in, and carry-on luggage.

Away has expanded beyond their initial launch of just luggage, but still focuses solely on the travel industry. That means a collection of almost 20 travel bags and a further inventory of over 20 accessories for comfortable and casual travel times.

Target Audience

We have to say that both of these brands are really geared towards the same market – travelers looking to save money without sacrificing the quality of luggage or travel accessories.

Materials and Durability

When it comes to Monos, durability is key to their design, offering only hard-shell selections of polycarbonate. In addition to this strong material, this brand reworked the typical grip and angle for luggage handles to provide a smooth hold while moving through the streets.
Away comes to the market with a durable design that offers a few more details in their outer shell than the simplistic pieces of Monos. Away’s options of soft and hard shell both are made to withstand standard pressures and hits of travel, keeping all items inside secure throughout the worst turbulence.


Both of these brands are dedicated to producing top-quality products that will last the tests of time and travel to avoid more waste production. In addition to that, both Monos and Away work with recyclable materials to reduce manufacturing impact when it comes to sourcing fabrics and plastics.


Prices for both brands are reasonable as they reduce costs by removing the middleman from the process. With that in mind, Away products are only found via the brand website,, while Monos can be found both on and through Nordstrom.

These brands actually stack up with quite a few similarities when it comes to the key aspects to keep in mind while shopping. It can be tricky to decide between brands that offer similar features and price points, so let’s turn this Monos vs Away review into more specific products to see how things level up when it comes to the details.

Monos Carry-On vs Away The Carry-On Review

Starting off with a glimpse at the Monos Carry-On, this polycarbonate hard shell case comes in 8 colors and 2 limited pattern options. Featuring 360-degree wheels to make any on-the-move travel as easy as possible, the real star of the show with this brand and product comes from the handle.

The Monos handle sits at four different height settings to provide a comfortable range of options should the family want to loan it out to others who may be more vertically challenged than those of average height.

In addition to these settings, this brand’s big winner is the ergonomic gripping and button location. Rather than joining the crowd by placing the adjustment button on top, Monos switched things up by adding the feature to the bottom of the handle for an easy adjustment at any time.

With its vegan-leather details and anti-microbial interior, this case is all about comfort, easy access, and comfortable movements through the airport. As for price, this piece typically sits in the $280 range but is currently available for $225.

When it comes to The Carry-On by Away, this 8-color option case is all about extravagance in a simple casing. We’ll explain, no worries.

This case does feature a similar polycarbonate hard shell with an inner separation system for laundry, as well as the (somewhat standard these days) TSA-approved lock for an included level of security. 

Their leather detailing (with a leather luggage tag – fancy) contrasts the neutral colors of this case to make its simple design shine.

So, what’s the star of the show here? An included USB charger that allows travelers to charge on the go. We’ve all been that person worried about a dying phone that has the tickets, hotel info, and pretty much everything else required for the trip. 

Away soothes your traveling fears with this TSA-approved device that offers an extra boost at any time of day. Add in the layer of compression technology to keep bags fitting more and looking like less – we’re sold on this $225 to $245 price product.

Both of these bags offer a spacy option when it comes to carry-ons, but this Monos vs Away review is going to have to go with Away’s option solely for that battery power. We all love a backup and what’s better than having it built-in? 

Monos Metro Backpack vs Away The Backpack Review

Alongside every great suitcase, there’s a backpack getting lugged along for the ride. When it comes to travel bags, the more compartments, the better, so we had to turn this Monos vs Away review into the travel bags to see what all these brands brought to the table.

Beginning with the Monos Metro Backpack, this slick water-repellent bag knows what it’s doing with both form and function. When it comes to appearance, this simple and modern style keeps things simple when it comes to details and provides a minimalistic fashion available in both nylon and vegan leather options.

Checking out the details of that hidden inside, this bag really offers everything we could need. A clamshell opening allows easy access to all compartments with a separate space dedicated to laptops up to 15 inches in length. 

Featuring waterproof, zippered, and lined compartments for clothing, shoes, or whatever else is needed, this backpack also ensures privacy with its hidden pocket for passports, cash, or anything else that means the most.

Perfectly fitting over the handle of any Monos luggage, this backpack was made to ride the suitcase, easing the back from any pain and stressful weight while traveling. Keep things rolling and just slide it on for a secure hold and an easy move.

Turning to another simple yet stunning design, The Zip Backpack by Away knows exactly how to work minimalism to max potential. This one is all about the layers, hiding section after section away inside that clamshell opening. Waterproof nylon protects all internal items from water damage (including the laptop in its own hidden zipper portion of the bag).

When it comes to the exquisitely designed segments of this knapsack, zipper, slip, and mesh pockets line the inside to keep things organized and secure while traveling. From bulky water bottles to keys and wallets, everything has its place when it comes to these sectioned slots. 

Speaking of everything being in its place, let’s go back to that laptop pocket because it’s much more than a simple slot. This hidden compartment sits flat to the mesh-lined (and breathable) back of the bag to keep it as close as possible. 

The zippered compartment includes a magnetized closure to keep things secure. Oh, and there’s a tablet slot in there too. Everything is all in one place.

When it comes to price, both of these products sit comfortably at $195, so that doesn’t really affect the outcome regarding which one to shop for. We’re more inclined to go with Monos for their options in nylon and vegan leather, but ultimately these products both match up pretty well even when it comes to travel bags. 

Monos Metro Duffel vs Away The Everywhere Bag Review

That perfect weekend-away duffle needs its place in every home closet for last-minute trips or souvenirs. What better way to celebrate spontaneity than a possible shopping trip to find that perfect fit?

The Monos Metro Duffle completes their Metro collection, focusing on sleek appearances with a timeless quality. Forget the latest trends, these nylon or vegan leather options are here to make an impact in every day and age. Modern, minimalist, and maximizing your storage potential, this duffle knows how to hold the essentials in a secure fashion.

The one cool feature about the Metro collection we forgot to mention above (sorry) is that these bags come with a Metro Classic Kit that can be snapped to any Monos Metro bags for additional storage. Perfect for toiletries, tickets, or even a book to read when bored, these small spaces attach with ease and can transfer between products with no issue. 

That’s not enough, you say? Add in the felt-lined laptop pocket, trolley sleeve, and scratch-resistant coating, and this thing will never die. Perfect for throwing over the shoulder or tossing on the luggage for a lighter ride, this bag is a great addition to any trip for $205.

Away joins the ranks of duffles with The Everywhere Bag. As the name suggests, this bag is really made to be on the move no matter where the trip takes you. Available in two nylon options and one leather style, this bag’s more limited selection of colors keeps the focus on features rather than its minimal and universal appearance. 

The pockets are everything to this product with its internal compartment featuring six sectioned slots. Featuring not only a padded laptop pocket, but a hidden compartment for quick phone access, this bag seems to have thought of all the needs and necessities that accompany every trip. 

Water-resistant with a further zippered waterproof pocket for your umbrella, this bag will easily sit on any luggage and stay secured through its trolley sleeve for safe holding. Pop it on top of any luggage for a safe ride for only $165.

When it comes to these two options, we love the color options that Monos offers, but ultimately have to go with Away for their versatile pockets and help with planning ahead. It’s also the cheaper option and this Monos vs Away review is a big fan of top quality for reduced pricing. 

Monos vs Away: Quality

Monos vs Away Review

Every bag needs a quality check before making its way to the check-out line. We will say that neither of these options will disappoint when it comes to testing their quality. With raving reviews and shared sourcing of German and Japanese materials for their polycarbonate casings, these brands run pretty parallel. 

Monos is quite transparent when it comes to materials, durability, and design. This brand’s big move was reworking the handle and upgrading the standard zinc tubing to high-grade aluminum for a stronger hold on the angles and movement. In addition to moving the button for a more natural grip and function, they’ve made it clear that their handles are the pride and joy of this company. 

As for the rest of the case, their polycarbonate shells promise no damage to the inside and their wheels come from a Japanese manufacturer known for silence in their movement. 

Completing the upgrade of their quality cases is the inner lining which not only is soft and waterproof but also contains anti-microbial properties to keep things clean and hygienic after hours of travel. 

As for Away, this brand is all about top quality for lower costs. Using many of the same techniques as Monos, these heavy nylon and polycarbonate shells keep things contained and provide solid bounce-back against anything that may come into contact with the casing. 

This brand doesn’t really have any fancy adaptations, sticking with simple, quality materials. They’re known for withstanding pressure, constant use, and though their liners aren’t anti-microbial, they are incredibly soft and helpful for laundry separation.

When it comes down to it, we have to go with Monos for this one as they offer more independent twists on the standard suitcase. With that being said, Away is known for top quality so they’re definitely not lacking in the strength and survival time departments. 

Monos vs Away: Price & Value

Monos vs Away Review

Considering both of these brands are all about affordability, this Monos vs Away review had to look into price and value for both to see how they really stack up. Since they both use similar materials and designs (we love to see simplistic brands that feature a timeless minimalistic look), it’s not too surprising to see that prices are actually in a similar range. 

We will say that these brands seem to play back and forth. While some products (such as the duffle bag and carry-on) are cheaper with Away, other products like their Medium Checked Luggage shows slightly higher prices for Away than Monos’. 

Rather than just lay it out as “this one is better than this one,” we’ll throw out some quick comparison prices to give readers a brief glimpse as to what we’re looking at:

  • Carry-On
    • Monos – $225 (regular $280)
    • Away – $225
  • Medium Checked Luggage
    • Monos – $290 (regular $363)
    • Away – $395
  • Large Checked Luggage
    • Monos – $320 (regular $400)
    • Away – $425
  • Duffle Bag
    • Monos – $205
    • Away – $165

What we have to note here is that at the time of writing this Monos vs Away review, there are more deals popping up for Monos that are reducing the prices to equal or less value than their Away counterparts. We do need to remember that these prices aren’t that low all of the time, but it’s nice to see just how far down they drop.

As both brands are fairly on par with value, durability, quality, and design, it’s hard to know who to side with when it comes to costs. Even the prices for larger items sit at only a $20 to $40 gap. 

It’s a difference of course, but we have to keep in mind that each larger Away case that costs more also comes with a USB portable charger for added value.

We’re calling it even for this one. There are benefits to both and prices and value really are on par. 

Monos vs Away: What Do Customers Think?  

Monos vs Away Review

Forget taking our word for it – we’re just as interested as you in learning what these brands have to offer. So, to further our research, we’ve turned to the internet rating systems available to determine just how these businesses hold up.

We’ll start off with Monos and we have to say, it’s already looking good. Their own website boasts 4.9/5 stars based on almost 3,000 customer ratings. 

We will say that this brand doesn’t have a lot of star ratings to their name, but the coverage by Business Insider, Rolling Stone, Expert World Traveler, and more all speak to the popularity of these products.

Customers are in love with the solid build and quality of these pieces, especially when it comes to their detailed designs with zippers, pockets, and more. 

Speaking of pockets, the number of slots and spaces incorporated in these pieces is a major highlight for users as they provide easy packaging for any last-minute trip. 

Don’t take our word for it though – check out a few of these top reviews:

  • Sturdy and reliable, chic look, significantly more packable space in the Pro Plus, a smart front pocket that doesn’t protrude when packed on both options.
  • I can’t believe how many zippered compartments there are for various things. Everything is high quality.
  • Feels very premium, with lots of minor touches that make the design feel very intentional, and lots of attention to detail throughout. 

Turning towards Away, this brand has garnered a lot of attention via social media with the millennial crowd. 

Covered by The New York Times, Insider, Business Insider, CNN, and more, this brand doesn’t have an overall rating for the site, but their most popular pieces rate at 4.9/5 stars based on over 3,200 ratings (for the Carry-On) and 4.9/5 stars based on over 1,260 ratings (for The Medium). 

TrustPilot sits a bit lower at 3.7/5 stars based on over 530 ratings, but the numbers have spoken when it comes to the high star count for individual pieces.

In terms of what customers love, the answer is easy – quality. From the handle to the wheels to the solid shell, this bag is all about solid construction and quality use. In addition, the storage space, lining, and numerous pockets have made this brand a name known to travelers.  

  • Solid, well constructed and high quality and a classy feel I have when using. From the interior organizational elements helping make packing simple to the outer components that make the difference during use.
  • It fits so much more than I thought it was going to and it’s just so damn cute! I got compliments on it everywhere, which made me feel awesome!
  • I fit so much in it, packing it like they showed how. The rollers are amazing, the quality fantastic! Love the battery availability!! Love my bag and cannot wait to get the whole set.

We will say that both of these brands have some stellar reviews. It’s hard to select just one brand based on equal customer ratings. Away does seem to have more ratings to their name, but the brand has been around since 2015 while Monos only came to the market in 2019. 

Monos vs Away: Promotions & Discounts

Monos vs Away Review

As mentioned earlier, at the time of writing this Monos vs Away review, Monos is offering a number of discounts on their products for presale and limited orders. 

That doesn’t mean that Away doesn’t offer similar deals throughout the year as they’re known to sport holiday and seasonal sales, but at the current moment Monos is pulling ahead for their discounts and holiday deals. 

Monos vs Away: Shipping & Returns 

Monos vs Away Review

Alright, no one wants to make a purchase without the final dirty details – shipping and returns. So let’s break down what these brands are offering up.

When it comes to shipping with Monos, this brand can be summed up in a few quick points:

  • Products ship to the US and Canada
  • Delivery takes between 7 to 9 days
  • All ground shipping is free (expedited costs are dependent on location)

That’s pretty much all it comes down to for shipping info. As for returns, each product purchased has a 100-day return policy to receive a full refund. All customers need to do is send a quick email to customer service to initiate a return. 

One thing to note here – all returned products must be unused to be accepted for a refund. Any sign of the slightest use and it’s ineligible. 

As for Away, this business has a bit more going for their shipping policy due to being on the market those additional four years. When it comes to orders and delivery:

  • Products ship in Canada, the US, and Europe
  • Free ground shipping on all orders to Canada and the US
  • There are two levels of expedited shipping with flat rate costs dependent on the product 
    • Expedited Bags – $35
    • Second Level Bags – $50
    • Expedited Accessories – $15
    • Second Level Accessories – $20
  • Ground shipping will arrive within 1 to 5 days

Alongside their shipping features, Away also steps it up with returns. Starting the process with the Online Contact Form in a few simple clicks, each purchase has a 100-day trial. The trick here is that any product can be returned. This brand wants customers to go out, travel, and really try the product before deciding if it’s worth it. 

Based on the return policy alone, this Monos vs Away review would have to go with Away on this one. Removing that additional limitation on what can be returned for a full refund, we have to appreciate the encouragement to try out luggage. Add in the international shipping and expedited options and there’s no going back.

Who Will You Shop With?

Monos vs Away Review

When it comes down to that final buy, it’s always a difficult choice to make. We’d love to say that it comes down to cost, features, or quality, but the fact is these brands are pretty on par for many of their key elements. Honestly, you can’t go wrong with either of these stellar choices.

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