Tumi vs Rimowa Review

About Tumi

Tumi vs Rimowa Review

Fashion and practicality are two sides of the same coin, and nobody knows this better than Tumi. Founded by Charlie Clifford in 1975, this luxury brand is considered a love letter of his formative years volunteering in the Peace Corps. 

From South America to Europe, Tumi ensures that each design can last through the turbulence of travel. You can thank features such as the Wheel-A-Way and the patented snap hook for keeping your valuables in place. 

They’re definitely not an underground brand. Since 2007, Tumi has opened over 50 stores worldwide, including Moscow, Osaka, and Milan. 

Today, this New Jersey-based company boasts over 315k followers on Instagram, which includes a few a-listers such as Giancarlo Stanton and Jonathan Taylor. It also doesn’t hurt to mention that they’re featured in several media outlets, including Travel + Leisure, Business Wire, and InStyle. 

About Rimowa 

Tumi vs Rimowa Review

Like Tumi, Rimowa is considered a pioneer of luxury luggage. Established in 1898, this family-owned brand began as a humble mom-and-pop boutique in Kaffeemanufaktur, Cologne. 

Their first designs were composed of hard-wearing wood, but thankfully—they’ve managed to graduate onto more durable materials such as waterproof polycarbonate and grooved aluminum in the later years. 

Today, the brand is now owned by parent company, LVMH. Rimowa is definitely for the elite, as they’re commonly featured in ‘high couture’ magazines such as Hypebeast, Luxury Daily, and Highsnobiety. Their popularity also extends to social media, as they showcase over 593k followers on Instagram. 

Even if you didn’t book a first-class ticket, you still deserve that ‘Frank Sinatra’ treatment regardless. Whether it’s New York or a bar in far Bombay, the right type of travel accessories can help you feel like a seasoned jetsetter—cocktails, full-reclining seats, and all. So here’s the million-dollar question—should you opt for Rimowa or Tumi? 

To help you make that critical decision, this Tumi vs Rimowa review will provide a side-by-side comparison of these two luxury brands. We’ll touch on some important points concerning quality, value, and customer feedback. 

What to Consider

Tumi vs Rimowa Review

Product Range 

So, are you packing for a weekend getaway, or is it a day-long business trip? The amount you carry with you is indicative of the luggage you’ll need.

Some prefer the compact tote for short getaways, while others opt for large-sized carry-ons for extended vacations. Thankfully, both Tumi and Rimowa offer a wide selection of travel bags for customers to choose from. 

Target Audience 

Luggage can be practical and fashionable. Some brands like to cater to one benefit while others try to marry the two in a cohesive design. 

In our case, Tumi and Rimowa are luxury travel brands—which sets them on the functional yet stylish side of the spectrum. They’re expensive, but you can take care knowing that they’re more versatile than designer companies like Gucci and Louis Vuitton. 

Design and Durability 

It’s definitely a flex to own a $3,000 Louis Vuitton suitcase, but have you accounted for the wear-and-tear of travel? In case you haven’t noticed, airline employees aren’t particularly ‘gentle’ in transporting luggage. 

As a result, it’s common to expect some scratches, dents, or smudges at baggage claim—which is why it’s important to find a suitcase that’s durable and sturdy. 

Some materials you should look out for are aluminum and polycarbonate. Totes should be made out of canvas, nylon, or leather, as thinner alternatives like cotton or linen or prone to tearing. 


In the era of going green, it’s increasingly important for brands to implement some sustainable initiatives. This may include using recycled materials or switching over to biodegradable packaging. It’s usually a good sign if the company in question provides a sustainability report that customers can read. 


An ideal brand should be affordable and available location-wise. While Tumi and Rimowa are available in several stores, we understand that they’re not the cheapest companies to support. But, you should consider how long their luggage holds over time. If anything, they’re definitely worth the investment. 

Tumi International Expandable 4 Wheeled Carry-On vs Rimowa Original Cabin Review

Don’t get me wrong; travel is definitely Instagrammable. But in reality, it’s a game of strategy. If you’re not completely skilled in masterful Tetris-ing, don’t blame it on yourself. There’s a good chance that you’ve settled on the wrong type of luggage, and we’re here to recommend a few alternatives. 

The Tumi International Expandable 4 Wheeled Carry-On and the Rimowa Original Cabin are considered the cream of the crop when it comes to practical luggage. Durable and compact in design, these two suitcases will bear the grunt of traveling wear-and tear. 

Can’t decide on a design? This Tumi vs Rimowa review will compare these two carry-ons in a neat, side-by-side list. 

Tumi International Expandable 4 Wheeled Carry-On Review
Tumi International Expandable 4 Wheeled Carry-On

Tumi International Expandable 4 Wheeled Carry-On:

  • Made out of FXT ballistic nylon 
  • Features a retractable top and side handles 
  • Built with 3 pockets and a split case zip entry for the main compartment 
  • Set with a 3-stage telescoping handle 
  • Comes with a built-in USB port for charging 
  • Secured with a TSA approved lock
  • Transported by 4 dual spinner wheels
  • Protected with bumper rails and impact-resistant side panels 
  • Comes with a luggage tag, monogram patch, handle wrap, and zipper pull ties 
  • Offered in black and brown 
  • Costs $738 (offers Paypal as an alternative payment option) 
Rimowa Original Cabin Review
Rimowa Original Cabin

Rimowa Original Cabin:

  • Made out of grooved aluminum 
  • Reinforced with TSA approved lock
  • Organized with a height-adjustable flex-divider 
  • Set with a Multiwheel System for easy maneuvering 
  • Built with a telescopic handle 
  • Available in 4 different colors and 9 alternative sizes 
  • Costs $1,150 (offers Klarna as an alternative payment option) 

Based on the number of features that it has, the International Expandable 4 Wheeled Carry-On is definitely for experienced travelers. It’s not the most aesthetically-pleased design out of the bunch, but it’s certainly more practical in terms of construction. 

This Tumi luggage case offers a decent amount of pockets, and it comes with a nifty USB port. How can you argue against that?

The Original Cabin is more Instagrammable due to its stylish grooved design. It’s still practical, but this suitcase seems more for people who aren’t practically concerned about organization. In conclusion, the Rimowa version is stylish, chic, and relatively functional as a carry-on. 

Tumi Ruma Crossbody vs Rimowa Aluminum Sling Crutch Review

The Jacquemus mini bag will always be in our hearts, but it’s best to leave it for red carpet events only. If you’re jet-setting to a distant location, we recommend opting for the Tumi Ruma Crossbody and the Rimowa Aluminum Sling Crutch instead. We can say for sure that both carry-ons offer more than 3 inches of space. 

Designed to be your airplane buddy for the ride over, the Tumi and Rimowa bags are big enough to hold your phone, wallet, and keys. Don’t forget to pack some snacks with you, unless you’re fine with eating peanuts. 

Need a side-by-side view of the two? No worries; this Tumi vs Rimowa review has you covered. 

Tumi Ruma Crossbody Review
Tumi Ruma Crossbody

Tumi Ruma Crossbody

  • Made out of nylon 
  • Features a double-zip entry, a front U-zip pocket, and a back compartment
  • Reinforced with an adjustable crossbody strap 
  • Set with a monogram leather dangler and a key ring 
  • Comes with a Tumi tracer to help customers find their lost luggage 
  • Available in 3 colors and hardware finishes 
  • Costs $145 (offers Paypal as an alternative payment option)
Rimowa Aluminum Sling Crutch Review
Rimowa Aluminum Sling Crutch

Rimowa Aluminum Sling Crutch

  • Made out of grooved aluminum and lined with full-grain leather 
  • Features an open compartment with gussets and credit card slots
  • Built with a webbed strap 
  • Reinforced with a secure mechanic lock 
  • Available in silver and black 
  • Costs $1,170 (offers Afterpay as an alternative payment option) 

The Tumi Ruma Crossbody is big enough to hold a notebook, water bottle, and a tablet. It’s an excellent option for those who carry more than three necessities, as this bag offers a generous amount of room without looking too bulky. In addition, we highly recommend this satchel for people who frequently lose their things since it comes with a nifty Tumi Tracer. 

The Rimowa Sling Crutch offers a slight athleisure vibe due to its hard shell exterior and streamlined silhouette. It’s not as spacious as the Ruma Crossbody, but it definitely takes the cake in terms of design. Ultimately, this is the kind of bag you want to post on your Instagram feed. 

Tumi Hanging Travel Kit vs Rimowa Packing Bag Review

Considered an add-on to your suitcase, the Tumi Hanging Travel Kit and the Rimowa Packing Bag help keep things organized and neat during the flight over. Both satchels are designed to hold towels, shoes, toiletries, and other travel necessities in place. Basically, you don’t have to worry about toothpaste stains on your t-shirts when it’s time to unpack. 

So, what’s the difference between the two? We’re so glad you asked. This Tumi vs Rimowa review will showcase some nifty features offered for both bags. 

Tumi Hanging Travel Kit Review
Tumi Hanging Travel Kit

Tumi Hanging Travel Kit

  • Made out of ballistic nylon 
  • Secured with a U-zip entry 
  • Built with two side zip pockets 
  • Reinforced with a grab handle and a speed clip
  • Lined with anti-microbial material 
  • Set with a Tumi Tracer 
  • Available in black 
  • Costs $175 (offers Paypal as an alternative payment option) 
Rimowa Packing Bag Review
Rimowa Packing Bag

Rimowa Packing Bag

  • Made out of water-resistant recycled nylon 
  • Comes with a zipper opening and an inside pocket 
  • Features a top handle for carrying 
  • Ideal for laundry and shoes 
  • Offered in black 
  • Costs $150 (offers Afterpay as an alternative payment option) 

The Hanging Travel Kit is ideal for storing toiletries, while the Packing Bag can act as a great storage unit for shoes and laundry. If anything, we recommend getting both, as the Rimowa and Tumi versions serve different purposes. 

It’s worth noting that the Packing Bag is built with water-resistant technology, which can prove useful in protecting valuables. The Hanging Travel Kit can also act as a safeguard since it comes with Tumi Tracer in case you forget to repack it. 

Tumi vs Rimowa: Quality

Tumi vs Rimowa Review

Let’s get one thing straight. Opting for the cheapest luggage case isn’t the most cost-effective decision. If it’s made poorly, chances are that it’ll end up in the trash can in record time. 

With that in mind, it’s important to find a suitcase or carry-on that can last for years on end. An ideal design should be durable and highly versatile. Aesthetics are crucial too, but it’s usually the ‘cherry on top’ in terms of necessities. 

If you’re new to the luggage game, this Tumi vs Rimowa review will feature some materials commonly used by these two luxury brands. 

From the products we’ve featured so far, you’ve probably guessed that ballistic nylon is Tumi’s signature material. It’s a super durable fabric that features a unique weave and a sturdy coating. Strong and abrasion-resistant, this patented blend will definitely last through customs to the conveyor belt. 

In terms of other materials, Tumi uses full-grain leather and anti-microbial fabric for its lining. Compared to cotton, it’s ultra-sturdy to help store your belongings. All prototypes undergo rigorous testing to ensure durability. This includes trials like cleaning ability, salt sprays, dimensional stability, and the drop test. 

Quality is also indicative of company innovation. More specifically, Tumi luggage is known to have multiple pockets, compartments, and security locks. The Tumi Tracer is something that differentiates them from the competition, as it allows customers to find their lost luggage. 

Like Tumi, Rimowa takes great pride in the quality of their luggage. They use grooved aluminum and high-tech polycarbonate for the outer shell of their products. 

Lightweight, waterproof, and adaptable in extreme temperatures, Rimowa carry-ons are definitely made to last. If you aren’t fully convinced of their staying power, this brand is certified with two seals of approval by the Tüv Rheinland organization. 

Whether it’s the Cabin Carry-On or the Aluminum Sling Crutch, all Rimowa bags come with several integrated features. This usually includes webbed travel straps, a smooth multi-wheel system, and TSA-approved locks. It’s nothing too revolutionary in terms of luxury luggage, but you can take care knowing that all products are designed with the basic essentials. 

At the end of the day, I think we can all agree that Tumi and Rimowa are respected luggage brands. You definitely get a bang out of your buck, as all suitcases and bags are designed to last for several vacations. 

Tumi vs Rimowa: Price & Value

Tumi vs Rimowa Review

As you’ve probably already noticed, Rimowa is the most expensive out of the two. The Cabin Carry-On retails for a hefty $1,150 compared to Tumi’s Expandable 4-Wheel

To the brand’s credit, the Packing Bag is more affordable than the Hanging Travel Kit, but only by a few dollars. So, is it really worth spending a few hundred on Rimowa when you can get it cheaper at Tumi? Let’s break down the positives first. 

Rimowa is expensive, but it’s a price worth paying for. It’s a luxury brand that marries fashion and function together. Compared to Tumi, they aren’t as practical or versatile as a luggage company, but they’re functional nonetheless. They’re definitely Instagrammable, as every design is constructed to be aesthetically pleasing. 

This Tumi vs Rimowa review encountered dozens of positive testimonials for this online company. According to several happy customers, it seems that this luxury brand scores full points in quality, versatility, and design. In addition, users were quick to commend the company’s repair service, which proved to be a helpful asset for many experienced travelers. 

“Ultra-lightweight, durable, and available in glossy, eye-catching colors, the suitcase features plenty of packing space while making it much easier to meet strict airline weight limits,” according to an article posted by Insider magazine. 

“I had a very positive experience at the Miami store,” one customer wrote on Trustpilot. “The broken lock on the case was repaired within 10 minutes and at no cost. The item was still within the warranty period. The easy, no quibbles experience you would expect from Rimowa.” 

Tumi wins points for practicality. It’s not as refined in design as Rimowa, but the brand makes up for it in terms of functionality, integrated features, and security. Most importantly, they’re affordable. You don’t have to spend over $1,000 for a luggage case, and it still comes with the same amount of versatility that travelers will love. 

Tumi is undoubtedly a fan favorite. Take it from two happy customers, who rate their luggage with two thumbs-up:

“This is the best for quick business travel. The suit holder is impressive and it comes with an amazing design that actually will allow you to forgo ironing when you reach the hotel. The small and compact size allows you to feel at ease when the lady at the plane states that they are running out of overhead space,” one Amazon user wrote for the Alpha International Zippered Expandable Carry-On.

“Tumi may have designed it as a roll-a-board add-on for business travelers — the handle passthrough lets you slide the backpack right on top — but since it’s so durable, I often end up filling it to the gills and bringing it on trips solo,” via a statement made by The Points Guy. 

Tumi and Rimowa definitely pass the quality and value test. Honestly, it really depends on your allotted budget and what you look for in quality luggage. Do you prefer simplistic designs, or are you a super organized traveler? Ultimately, the answer you have will be indicative of the brand you choose. 

Tumi vs Rimowa: What Do Customers Think?  

Tumi vs Rimowa Review

I’ll be honest. I’d rather opt for a Tumi or Rimowa bag over a Louis Vuitton any day. While it’s fun to flex at the airport, I don’t want to cry at baggage claim when I spot my LV decorated with scratches and tears. And, according to several customers online, it seems I’m not the only one who feels that way. 

For an in-depth look at customer feedback, this Tumi vs Rimowa review will showcase the ratings for the products we’ve featured so far. This includes testimonials found on the company’s website and on external sources. 


  • The International Expandable 4 Wheeled Carry-On: 41 reviews with 4.6/5 stars 
  • The Ruma Crossbody: 189 reviews with 4.8/5 stars 
  • The Hanging Travel Kit: 37 reviews with 4.6/5 stars 
  • Trustpilot: 31 reviews with 2.6/5 stars 
  • Clever Journey: 88/100 points 
  • Amazon for the Alpha International Zippered Expandable Carry-On: 54 reviews with 2.9/5 stars 

Common customer feedback:

  • Versatile, practical, and durable for long-term flights 
  • Made out of exceptional materials 
  • Great for carrying lots of necessities 
  • Seemed to last a decent amount of time 
  • Some customers weren’t pleased with the price 
  • Issues concerning customer service 


  • Trustpilot: 126 reviews with 4/5 stars 
  • Yelp for the brand’s Beverly Hills location: 39 reviews with 3.5/5 stars 
  • Yelp for the brand’s New York location: 20 reviews with 3.5/5 stars 
  • Google: 45 reviews with 4.6/5 stars 

Common customer reviews: 

  • Positive customer service experiences 
  • Its repair service is rated two thumbs up 
  • Durable and beautifully designed 
  • Versatile and functional for traveling 
  • Some customers found them too expensive 

It’s not uncommon for a brand to have customer service issues, but it’s something worth considering when choosing a company. 

While Tumi is still considered the more affordable option of the two, we did find some customers who weren’t especially happy with their prices. This also applies to Rimowa, with the addition of a few complaints related to luggage dents and scratches. 

Ultimately, you can take care knowing that Tumi and Rimowa are trustworthy retailers to support, as they’re both commendable in terms of quality and practicality. 

Tumi vs Rimowa: Promotions & Discounts

Tumi vs Rimowa Review

Luggage is expensive. Naturally, it’s a good idea to be on the lookout for any promotions and discounts to help save money. Unfortunately, it seems that Rimowa offers flat pricing for their products, as we didn’t find any sales or coupon codes provided on their website. But that shouldn’t discourage you from keeping tabs on their social media feeds for any future updates. 

Tumi is no different, other than they provide a sale outlet for discounted items. It doesn’t seem that they’re particularly avid in offering promotions either, but again, it doesn’t hurt to gloss over their Facebook and Instagram feeds once in a while. 

Well, this section was a dud—but don’t let it deflate your decision-making process. This Tumi vs Rimowa review will outline some important points concerning shipping and return policies in the following segment. 

Tumi vs Rimowa: Shipping & Returns 

Tumi vs Rimowa Review

So, have you settled on a brand yet? If not, the deal-breaker usually lies in the shipping and return policy. As a general heads up, this Tumi vs Rimowa review will touch on some crucial information concerning delivery costs, available locations, and customer feedback. 


  • Free standard shipping on all orders 
  • Provides other delivery options such as 2nd Day Shipping and Priority 
  • Offers international shipping 
  • Issues a tracking number alongside a confirmation email 
  • Has a ‘pick-up-item’ service for U.S based customers 
  • 30-day return window for unused products with a prepaid shipping label
  • Offers a 2 to 5 year warranty on select items 
  • No glaring reports about delayed deliveries or unfulfilled orders 


  • Complimentary delivery for orders $300 or more 
  • Offers international shipping 
  • Provides other delivery options such as Express 
  • Customers can use the tracking number to monitor their orders 
  • Offers a 5-year warranty on their products 
  • 30-day return window for unused products with a prepaid shipping label 
  • Limited edition items can be returned within a 14-day window 
  • Reports of fast shipping 

Despite the absence of promotions and discounts offered for both brands, it seems they make up for it by providing free shipping. Their policies are quite agreeable, and thankfully there are no concerning reports about delayed deliveries for Rimowa and Tumi. It’s a good thing that they’re available internationally. In our book, both brands score full points in accessibility. 

Who Will You Shop With?

Tumi vs Rimowa Review

As far as luxury brands go, I think it’s safe to say that Tumi and Rimowa outrank designer brands like Gucci and Bottega Veneta any day of the week. 

Don’t get me wrong; haute couture has its place when it comes to travel, but they’re not the best when it comes to practicality. These two luxury retailers know how to blend fashion and functionality in a cohesive design, as aforementioned in the products we’ve featured so far. 

But, with all this hype, it may be difficult to settle on a final brand. In that case, this Tumi vs Rimowa review will provide a brief side-by-side summary to end things once and for all. 

Tumi is affordable, multi-functional, and smart when it comes to design. They aren’t as aesthetically pleasing compared to Rimowa, but the brand makes up for it in terms of quality. They’re suited for practical-minded travelers who aren’t especially concerned about looking good at the airport. 

Rimowa, as you’ve already guessed, is for the Instagram crowd. It’s the luxe purchase that influencers love to sport on social media. They’re relatively practical, but compared to Tumi, they seem to fall short in terms of integrated features and durability. 

Whatever the decision might be, you can take care knowing that Rimowa and Tumi can help you feel like a first-class jetsetter!

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