8 Other Reasons Review

About 8 Other Reasons

8 Other Reasons Review

Thinking of checking out a new style? Want to expand a look into something edgy and glamorous? Thankfully, 8 Other Reasons is stocked to the brim with stunning pieces of jewelry that add to every fashion.

If the name doesn’t immediately sound familiar, check out some of their featured articles in Huffpost, Refinery29, Glamour, People, Vogue, Forbes, or any of the other sources that have covered them. 

This popular brand has been rocked by more than their 87.8k followers on Instagram and they’re a favorite of many celebs like Bella Hadid, Katy Perry, Jessica Alba, and Emma Roberts. But that’s just barely scratching the surface of everyone who loves this style.

This 8 Other Reasons review will find out just why these pieces are so beloved. Diving into ratings, products, prices, and more, we’re here to determine whether this brand is worth buying.

Overview of 8 Other Reasons

8 Other Reasons Review

Working with a Boho flair, 8 Other Reasons launched in 2010 to develop pieces that scream intense fashion. Picture this – night at the club, the music is loud, the lights are low, and you’re rocking the 8 Other Reasons Sophia Richie Halter Top that makes everyone go wild. 

These pieces are an event in and of themselves, so why not add to the party by really looking the part?

Not only is appearance and quality key to this company, but prices are right alongside those values. This brand wants to keep things affordable so anyone can rock this trendy style. Inspiring women everywhere, this company is all about showing one’s true self in whatever style suits them.

Living off the motto “magic in the mundane, beauty in bravery, and the essence of expression in art,” this LA-based business is all about maintaining the hopes and dreams of not only founder Charles Lichaa, but of each customer (whether return or new) as well. 

Bringing individuality to the party, Lichaa’s company is all about making the trends rather than matching them – forget fads and make your own fashion.

It’s easy to see that this brand has a lot of good to it, but what are the specific pros to take into account before buying? Check it out: 


  • Offers an extensive line of jewelry and accessories with trendy pieces being added constantly
  • Affordable prices
  • Afterpay and Klarna payments available
  • Lightweight and comfortable to wear
  • International shipping 
  • Quick and responsive customer service

Sounds good so far, right? Just wait until you see the products section of this 8 Other Reasons review. 

8 Other Reasons Review

There are so many incredible pieces available from this site, so we’ve chosen across categories to pick the best of the best. Showcasing best sellers from jewelry and accessories, we’re giving readers a taste of what this brand has to offer.

8 Other Reasons Mini Crossbody Bag 8or X Jill Jacobs By Tde Review

We’re kicking off the products with a collaboration – the 8 Other Reasons Mini Crossbody Bag 8or X Jill Jacobs by Tde. Lengthy name, but well worth such a title.

Strike a pose with the stunning style of this crossbody bag. Rocking either Grey or Bone shades of this bag, the texture is what really makes this one shine. The scaly sleek appearance of the faux crocodile leather glistens in the light and truly stands out as the bag that people want to buy.

Grab this crossbody collab for a cool $209.

8 Other Reasons 8ORPF105 Belt Review

Looking to add a bit of bling to the belt? Forget the tight leather that straps you in and check out the 8 Other Reasons 8ORPF105 Belt.

We need to start this off with the (somewhat obvious) statement that this belt isn’t bought to hold up any pants. Instead, this is all about style and grace. A lengthy chain clasps around the waist, pendant hanging down as the central feature.

Available in gold and silver, this piece easily clasps together, similar to a necklace, with a standard lobster clasp. Just loop it through the belt and drag the pendant to the perfect place for that shining accent piece.

This beauty of a belt is available for $34. Oh, and did we mention that it’s rhodium-plated?

8 Other Reasons Coyote Set Ring Review

Who said you need to stick to one tone when it comes to jewelry? Combining two popular tones in this piece, the 8 Other Reasons Coyote Set Ring is a subtle addition that makes all the difference.

This set (as the name would suggest) actually combines two different rings. Containing both a thick gold and a thin silver piece, these rings sit side by side, or wherever the wearer wants, to really show off the beauty and complementary style of contrasting colors. 

No worries about fading or green skin either – these pieces are made from 14k gold and plated with rhodium for solid and durable rings meant to shine.

Show off some new bling for $35.

8 Other Reasons Sophia Richie Reversible Bucket Hat Review

This brand really embraces the notion of two-for-one with the 8 Other Reasons Sophia Richie Reversible Bucket Hat.

First thing’s first, this bucket hat brim flip is everything and the brand clearly thought it through by adding a wire brim to hold shape however the wearer wants it. Flip the brim to reveal a stunning purple pattern or leave it down for the standard khaki color. 

Want to wear it down with the color showing? Just flip it inside out for that reversible wear.

This fun and fitting piece is available for $139, but remember, you’re basically getting two hats in one for this price. 

8 Other Reasons Keep Wish Earrings Review

Star light, star bright, these stunning stars will be the first stars you see every night once the 8 Other Reasons Keep Wish Earrings have been added to the collection.

Loop these onto the ears and keep the starry night sky shining all day. These gold-plated stars and hoops even shimmer in the light due to the rhinestone accents placed throughout them. No need to wish for comfort as these earrings hang lightly from the easy hinged posts that close them.

Add a wish to every night for $17.

8 Other Reasons 8ORPF130 Necklace Review

Show off a new style with the ever-inclusive 8 Other Reasons 8ORPF130 Necklace.

This stunning favorite from their jewelry line combines multiple fashions into one simple piece. Sitting comfortably at choker length, the ball chain and Cuban chains that combine into this single aesthetic provide a fun flair that outdoes others on the market. Held up securely with a lobster clasp, this necklace is sure to hold steady, no matter where the night takes you.

Gold and enamel plated, this piece actually comes with options. Select from Toast, Fawn, Chocolate, and Black for the ball chain design to contrast the light silvery tones of the rhodium on the other half of the piece. Simple and stunning, this $58 necklace is one to watch out for.

8 Other Reasons Sophia Richie Halter Top Review

Make the night yours with the popular pattern of the 8 Other Reasons Sophia Richie Halter Top.

For those who love the popping purple pattern of the bucket hat, this top is one to buy. Matching that same pattern, this halter top is perfect for looking cool in the warmest of weather. 

Featuring an open-back style, this $99 shimmering top will capture the light and attention in any room.

Who Is 8 Other Reasons For? 

8 Other Reasons Review

To those looking for a new and exciting fashion, 8 Other Reasons is ready for you. Featuring the latest products and designs, this female-forward business tends towards teens and young adults with their trendy new fashions in both jewelry and accessories.

8 Other Reasons Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

8 Other Reasons Review

This is an honest 8 Other Reasons review, so we need to put it out there. It was not easy to find ratings for this company and their products.

Even their own site has a limited number of customer comments to pull from. With that being said, we searched the web and found Nordstrom to be flooded with posts from those who absolutely loved this company and their pieces. 

While not in the thousands, there are still dozens of ratings for a number of pieces to help check out just how well these products hold up in reality.

At first glance, it seems that the biggest draw for customers to this business is their style. The aesthetic of the pieces listed by this brand is easily what draws customers. Take a look at the Joppie Earring that is currently sitting at 4.3/5 stars based on over 100 ratings.

One five-star 8 Other Reasons review stated, “Worn them a few times already and they fit basically any outfit. Super cute!

Others had to comment on how they “love these earrings. They are the perfect weight – won’t weigh your ear down. Definitely a statement earring. Perfect accessory to dress up a plain outfit.

Look and feel are big sellers for the brand, with customers admiring the variety and elegance that these popular pieces embody. The Joppie Earrings aren’t alone in their high ratings. Other well-rated 8 Other Reasons products on Nordstrom are as follows:

  • Curved Dangle Earring: 4.4/5 stars based on over 55 ratings
  • Cosmic Belt: 3.9/5 stars based on over 25 ratings
  • Sterling Chain Necklace: 4.4/5 stars based on 30 ratings
  • Sasha Hoops: 4/5 stars based on 30 ratings
  • Omen Ear Cuff: 3.8/5 stars based on over 50 ratings
  • Filter Insert Mask: 4.2/5 stars based on over 50 ratings
  • 3 Pack Face Mask Set: 3.9/5 stars based on over 160 ratings

Outside of Nordstrom, it’s a bigger struggle to find ratings and reviews. With that being said, Redditors are notorious for reviewing pretty much all products. This goes for 8 Other Reasons as well.

Many Reddit reviews for this brand actually come from Mystery Box purchases. Despite not knowing what they’ll be receiving, those who have found 8 Other Reasons products in their mystery purchases have been incredibly satisfied with the inclusions.

One 8 Other Reasons review on Reddit claimed the pieces were “nice quality and really pretty” going on to discuss how the mask chains specifically were “functional and feel SUPER high quality.

Quality, look, and feel don’t seem to disappoint with this business, so customers can be assured in their purchases. Aside from products, service seems to be a key element often overlooked in this company’s reviews.

One 8 Other Reasons review on Facebook made a point to call out the service by stating, “Just wanted to post a review about how awesome this company’s customer service is. I had a necklace arrive damaged, another one was sent immediately before I even sent the damaged one back. Other than that, all the jewelry I ordered is BEAUTIFUL and I cannot wait to start wearing the pieces!

This brand’s representatives seem to be quick to solve any concerns or answer any questions. Despite the lack of reviews posted regarding their service, the company seems to impress their loyal customers enough to keep them coming back. 

Is 8 Other Reasons Worth It?

8 Other Reasons Review

The final thoughts section of this 8 Other Reasons review (or of any review really) tends to be the most important. It’s difficult to fully judge with the limited ratings found online from verified customers, but we’re pretty confident in saying that this brand is a worthy buy.

Making up for the low customer ratings, this business has been heavily reviewed by several media sources and seems to be a favorite for quite a list of celebrities. 

Aside from their reputation, this company is known for its trendy aesthetic that lends itself in look and feel to complete each outfit pieces are paired with. With fast service, great products, and solid pricing, this brand seems to be one to support.

8 Other Reasons Promotions & Discounts 

8 Other Reasons Review

At the time of writing this 8 Other Reasons review, the brand isn’t running any promotions. They do run seasonal and holiday discounts, so check back throughout the year.

Or, just sign up for the newsletter to receive info on the latest deals and to get a further 10% off on the next purchase made.

Where to Buy 8 Other Reasons 

8 Other Reasons Review

We’ll be honest, the place to purchase should always be from the original source. That means going to for all shopping needs. Should customers be unable to order to their location, check out some of these other retail sites that offer their products:

  • Nordstrom
  • Zappos
  • Amazon


8 Other Reasons Review

Does 8 Other Reasons ship internationally?

Yes, they do! Take a look at checkout to determine whether your country is listed in the locations they deliver to.

Who owns 8 Other Reasons?

8 Other Reasons is an international jewelry company owned by Charles Lichaa. Lichaa is an Australian designer who moved to the US prior to launching the label.

What is 8 Other Reasons’s Shipping Policy?

Find something in this 8 Other Reasons review worth picking up? Make it a simple process by putting in an order.

Delivery times vary depending on location, but this company ships both domestically and internationally. International locations will alter times and prices for delivery as cost is determined by order weight and destination.

US locations can rest easy as things are straightforward. Standard shipping is free (that’s right – free) for all orders. Delivery times are typically within 5 to 7 business days, but give a bit of leeway due to COVID-19.

All orders can be done via credit cards (Visa and Mastercard only please), or one of the many offered payment systems in place. From Klarna to Apple Pay to Google Pay and more, this company has options on how to space out those bigger purchases.

What is 8 Other Reasons’s Return Policy?

Find that a piece purchased after this 8 Other Reasons review didn’t turn out as planned? Not the look that had been hoped for? This company has a quick turnaround time, so all returns must be made within 48 hours of receipt.

Customers have a total of two days to decide whether a piece is truly worth it. If the answer is no, then products being returned must:

  • Be unworn and unused
  • Return with security tags attached
  • Be undamaged

If the piece fits those requirements, send an email over to [email protected] within the very limited timespan to get things going. Once an email has been sent, there are just a few notes to keep in mind:

  1. Pack the item(s) in original packaging addressed to: 850 S Broadway, Suite 300, Los Angeles, CA 90014
  2. Items must be returned within 30 days
  3. Return shipping must be paid for by customers

Other than that, it’s simple and straightforward. Send it out (preferably with tracking) and wait for it to be received. Once it’s been accepted, the refund will be made within 2 weeks.

In terms of damaged goods, anything that arrived defective can be immediately returned for an exchange or refund. If products are damaged within 30 days of arrival, customers can also request a refund for those products. Anything after the 30-day mark is no longer covered.

How to Contact 8 Other Reasons

For those looking to reach out, the easiest way to hear back from this brand is through their online contact form. Send in a quick message and someone will be in touch as soon as possible.

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