Lethato Shoes Review

About Lethato Shoes 

Lethato Shoes Review

Lethato is an online brand that specializes in selling handcrafted patina leather shoes for men. Known as a luxury footwear company, they offer a variety of high-quality, Italian leather oxfords, boots, and loafers. Lethato offers its services globally, including those in the US, Europe, and the Middle East. 

If you’re in the market for a pair of premium dress shoes, this brand may be for you. Keep reading, as this Lethato shoes review will take an in-depth look at the brand, its products, customer ratings, promotions, and more, to help you decide if they are worth adding to your wardrobe.

Overview of Lethato 

Lethato Shoes Review

Lethato, was co-founded by Vidhi Bansal in 2016. With their main facilities located in New Delhi, India, the brand creates several types of Lethato handmade leather shoes for men including wingtip dress shoes, chukka boots, kilties shoes, and more. 

All of their footwear is made out of Italian and Argentinian calf leather and is finished with Argentinian leather and rubber soles. Operated solely as an e-commerce brand, Lethato shoes can also be bought from Amazon and Touch of Modern. 

“Every single one of our masterpieces is crafted and painted by the hands of experienced shoe artists. Passionate towards designing fine quality stylish handmade shoes, we consistently strive to fulfill the needs of metropolitan men,” via a statement made by the Lethato company. 

Lethato Shoes Review

Before we get into this Lethato handmade leather shoes review, let’s go over some initial pros and cons of the brand.


  • A variety of high-quality, Lethato handmade dress shoes that are all hand-painted. This includes Lethato blue dress shoes and Lethato wine red shoes. 
  • They offer an additional resource on their website on tips on how to take care of their shoes
  • Offers a large range of sizes including US men’s 8 to 15 
  • Provides free express shipping to over 200 countries 


  • Small window to return items (15 days to return your order)

Shoes have the power to make or break an outfit. No matter the kind of footwear you gravitate to- whether it’s sneakers or fancy dress shoes, it’s best to get a pair that is made of high-quality material. It helps you look stylish, put together, and more confident in the long run. With that being said, there is a large assortment of Lethato handmade men’s dress shoes to choose from. 

From Lethato tan dress shoes to Lethato wingtip brogue boots, there’s ought to be something to tickle your fancy. This Lethato handmade leather shoes review will provide a selection of their most popular footwear for you to try on. 

Lethato Wholecut Oxford Dress Shoes For Men Review

Oxfords can be considered the pinnacle of classy dress shoes for men. Its simplistic but polished look can help you look more refined and professional looking. While the brand does offer oxfords in cap toe, brogue, and wingtip styles, this Lethato handmade leather shoes review will only go over the bestsellers in their Lethato wholecut shoe collection. 

Lethato Wholecut Oxford Dress Shoes – Navy Review 

The traditional corporate look for men usually entails shades of office beiges, blacks, and whites. If you’re itching for a pop color to wear during your meetings and interviews, you might want to switch out your traditional loafers with the Wholecut Oxfords Dress Shoes – Navy. This one-of-a-kind model features a brushed-on blue design that’s handpainted in a dual-tone Patina finish

Made out of hand-built Argentinian leather, these Lethato men’s blue dress shoes showcase an ombre fade with ocean hues that gradually gets darker down the sole. The Wholecut Oxfords Dress Shoes – Navy are also fully leather lined with full-grain leather uppers and features black stitched construction for added comfort and durability.

As minute details, the metal aglet shoelace tips are brushed in a gold finish to make the Wholecut Oxfords Dress Shoes – Navy look expensive. Be the talk of the office with this snazzy pair of Lethato navy oxford shoes for $160

Lethato Wholecut Oxford Dress Shoes – Black Review

Black shoes go with every outfit. Since they are usually considered the go-to shoe before you take off for work, it’s important to get a pair that’ll last you a long time. The Wholecut Oxford Dress Shoes – Black showcases a sleek charcoal hue that’s made out of genuine calf leather. Crafted with premium Argentinian leather, it also has a rubber patch on the sole for added grip.

The Wholecut Oxford Dress Shoes – Black also features a polished red sole for some added contrast. This footwear is not only fashionable but functional well as it is black stitched for flexibility, comfort, and durability. Additionally, the Lethato wholecut oxford black shoes have built-in soft leather cushioning to help you move around the office without the worry of foot pain. Finished with metal aglet shoelace tips, these $140 Lethato handcrafted shoes will help elevate your style from 7 to 10. 

Lethato Wholecut Oxford Dress Shoes – Tan Review 

The Wholecut Oxford Dress Shoes – Tan has a slight Texan vibe due to its tan brown color with added dark coffee shading around the edges for that rustic look. This design is entirely hand-painted using a dual-tone effect on Argentinian leather. Fully leather lined, these dress shoes are made using black stitch construction to ensure things are flexible and comfortable. 

These Wholecut Oxford Dress Shoes – Tan can be dressed down wearing a simple pair of regular wash jeans and a button-down. If you’re attending a fancy party, you might want to opt for a pair of black cigarette pants, a white collared shirt, and a blazer instead. No matter the event, you’ll look stylish regardless with these oxfords for $140

Lethato Wholecut Oxford Dress Shoes – Wine Red Review 

Red is one of those colors that the eye naturally gravitates to. There’s a reason why TV advertisements usually use this color in their marketing campaigns. With that being said, you can be the center of attention and receive more compliments with the Wholecut Oxford Dress Shoes – Wine Red. This design features a striking cabernet sauvignon hue that’s hand-painted onto its Argenentian leather exterior.

Other features include full-grain leather uppers, leather insoles, rubber patches for grip, black stitch construction, and metal aglet shoelace tips. Viewed as the finishing touch to any groomsmen look, this Lethato handmade leather shoes review envisions a wedding reception color palette of brick reds, blacks, creamy whites, and caramel browns for these Lethato wine color dress shoes to truly blend in. These Wholecut Oxford Dress Shoes – Wine Red will cost you $140

Lethato Handcrafted Leather Shoes Review

When you think of fancy dress shoes for men, you usually envision the same traditional design you’ve seen in most common department stores, However, Lethato has a variety of handcrafted leather shoes that display intricate stitching, patterns, and other added details. Their collection offers unique variations of oxfords, boots, sneakers, loafers, and monkstraps. 

Ranging from Lethato red and white dress shoes, Lethato blue wingtip shoes, to Lethato goodyear welt dress shoes, this Lethato handmade leather shoes review will only go over a few of their fan favorites within this category. 

Lethato Wingtip Brogue Kiltie Monk Strap Shoes – Brown Review

The Wingtip Brogue Kiltie Monk Strap Shoes – Brown have a slight 60s feel to them due to its unique line of patterned circles around the exterior and the fringe located on the top of the shoe. Featuring a rich espresso brown shade, these Lethato monkstrap loafers have an added golden buckle to make the overall design look more luxurious.

These Argentinian leather shoes come with a TPR patch on the sole to ensure you don’t slip or trip while you walk. Crafted with black stitch construction, you can walk miles in these Lethato tan wingtips as they are very comfortable. This Lethato handmade leather shoes review imagines that Benny Watts or Townes from The Queen’s Gambit would’ve totally rocked these 60s inspired shoes. For those who love that classic vintage feel, the Wingtip Brogue Kiltie Monk Strap Shoes – Brown can be all yours for $150

Lethato Wingtip Brogue Oxford – Tan Suede Review 

Is anyone getting 70s vibes from the Wingtip Brogue Oxford – Tan Suede shoes? While it doesn’t feature that classic platform sole that’s made to dance at disco parties, it does feature that quintessential oxford look that most men rocked during that period. Coming in a milk chocolate suede, its wingtip is dipped in a smooth dark chestnut hue. All over, there are swirling circle designs that are decorated throughout its full-grain leather uppers. 

Crafted with hand-built Argentinian leather, these Lethato suede brogue oxfords come in a wide-width sole and a rubber patch on the bottom for extra grip. For styling tips, these $160 Wingtip Brogue Oxford – Tan Suede shoes would look great with a pair of tailored white pants, a black and white houndstooth sweater vest, and a black turtleneck for a 70s inspired look. 

Lethato Penny Slip On Loafers – Tan Review 

For those who are looking for a more simplistic design, the Penny Slip On Loafers – Tan showcases a traditional and subdued model that’s perfect for any occasion. Created in a double-tone patina finish with hand-painted, full-grain leather uppers, these shoes feature a gorgeous wine barrel brown hue. 

With its heel measuring 1 inch, these loafers are very comfortable to wear due to their black stitch construction and cushioned insole. Seen as the ideal shoe to wear at a party, the office, a casual date, or even grocery shopping, the Penny Slip On Loafers – Tan can be your everyday shoe for $140

Lethato Captoe Oxford Classic Dress Shoes – Red Review 

Hand-painted with a hard brush bristle texture for that faded, washed-out look, the Captoe Oxford Classic Dress Shoes – Red comes in a rich burgundy shade. With its toe polished in all-black leather as a contrasting detail, these ultra-modern oxfords embody an autumn forest aesthetic due to their wood-like hues. With that in mind, it would be the ideal shoe to wear to go to a high-profile glamping party. 

Hand-painted with a dual-tone effect onto its full-grain leather uppers, these shoes are also made to be flexible and comfortable. It’s tied off with complimentary black shoelaces with metal aglets as a finishing touch. If you’re looking for a lumberjack, nature-esque inspired dress shoe, the Captoe Oxford Classic Dress Shoes – Red definitely fits the profile for $140

Lethato Tassel Loafers – Wine Red Review

In the Rococo period, shoes for both men and women often showcased intricate patterns and designs that were made out of high-quality material. It was often the norm to have an embellishment as a centerpiece for the shoe, whether it was a buckle, frills, or a gemstone. The Tassel Loafers – Wine Red features that same kind of aesthetic but is designed to be more twenty-first-century appropriate. With its central detail of a minute tassel on the front, it’s quite emblematic of that period.

Hand-painted in a deep merlot color, these Lethato wine red loafers are completely handmade using black stitch construction for comfort and durability. The heel measures approximately 1 inch and is padded using soft leather cushioned insoles. For a look that definitely belongs in a royal castle, the Tassel Loafers – Wine Red are priced at $180

Lethato Handmade Leather Shoes Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Lethato Handmade Leather Shoes Review

On their website, there are only one or two reviews posted for some of the products. Most of them are generally positive, with a general 5/5 star rating. For instance, the Wholecut Oxford Dress Shoes – Navy has one customer testimony stating that they liked the shoes and that they were comfortable to wear.

There are more substantial reviews on their Amazon page. For the Wingtip Brogue Oxford – Tan Suede shoes, there are over 451 global ratings with an average of 4.3/5 stars. Customers have noted that they look to be of high quality and are beautiful in design. Most people have commented that shipping and delivery were quick as well. 

“The quality of leather, stitching and craftsmanship is a pastime. The shoe is very comfortable and adds sophistication on the laces that happen to be weighted at the ends. I personally wore these to an event and they really made a statement. I was asked numerous times who made the shoe and where I purchased them,” one reviewer wrote on their website. 

Is Lethato Handmade Leather Shoes Worth It?

Lethato Handmade Leather Shoes Review

This Lethato handmade leather shoes review recommends that you check this brand out. They offer a wide assortment of men’s dress shoes that all feature unique colors and designs. Most traditional oxfords and loafers usually showcase the same repeated style, but Lethato offers its customers original variations that set them apart from competing shoe brands

Their footwear seems to be of high quality, as most models are built using the Lethato goodyear welted dress shoe construction, and use premium Argentinian leather. Lethato also provides instructions and advice on how to care for their leather shoes, which is always helpful. 

If you are generally curious about this footwear brand, there’s no harm in checking out what Lethato has to offer. 

Lethato Handmade Leather Shoes Promotions & Discounts 

Lethato Handmade Leather Shoes Review

This Lethato handmade leather shoes review hasn’t come across any coupons, sales, promotions, or discounts on their website as of lately. However, you can find out about any updates by visiting their social media pages on Facebook and Instagram. 

Where to Buy Lethato Handmade Leather Shoes

Lethato Handmade Leather Shoes Review

Customers can buy shoes, such as Lethato lace-up boots with zipper and Lethato Chelsea boots, by visiting You can also find them at select retailers such as:

  • Lethato shoes Amazon 
  • Touch of Modern


Lethato Handmade Leather Shoes Review

Where are the Lethato shoes made?

This Lethato handmade leather shoes review found out that their footwear is made in New Delhi, India. 

What is Lethato’s Shipping Policy?

This Lethato handmade leather shoes review found out that all of their shoes are made to order. It takes 3 weeks to handcraft orders. On some occasions, they ship immediately depending on the inventory availability in stocks.

They offer free express shipping to over 200 countries using FedEx and DHL. These couriers typically deliver within 2 to 6 business working days in the USA, Canada, Europe, and all the major cities of the Middle and the Far East. 

Customers can contact their customer service team to find out the status of their order. 

What is Lethato’s Return Policy?

Customers have 15 days to return their order for a full refund. Items must be unused and in new condition to be eligible to return. Shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer. To initiate the return process, buyers can contact their customer service team. 

How to Contact Lethato Handmade Leather Shoes

For inquiries that are not related to this Lethato handmade leather shoes review, you can contact the company through:

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone number: +91-88260-71122 (Monday to Saturday from 9 am to 6 pm GMT)
  • Filling out their contact form online 

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