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Needle and Thread Review

Whether conquering a wedding march or looking to make a statement at an event, the perfect dress can take any moment from zero to one hundred in an instant. Why take any chances on a knock-off brand that offers looks but doesn’t assure quality? Go for Needle and Thread, a store that specializes in the beauty of making that moment memorable in every fashion.

This international name has seemingly taken over the world of gowns with more than 739k followers on Instagram behind them. Featured most recently in Love My Dress, Forbes, and Vanity Fair, Needle and Thread has gained and maintained traction since their 2013 debut.

Not swayed easily by sequins and sparkles, in this Needle and Thread review we will dig deep into the brand, products, prices, ratings, and more to determine whether this business is one to buy.

Overview of Needle and Thread

Needle and Thread Review

Despite launching in 2013, there’s actually not a lot of brand info on the site itself. Founder Hannah Coffin created the business after years of exploring her passion in sewing. Starting at the age of 11, Coffin went on to study Fashion and Textiles, working in the industry for ten years before broaching the idea of her own business.

Noticing a gap in the contemporary gown market, Coffin quickly took to action by bringing forth a brand that both worked in modern and timeless apparel. Focusing on stunning styles that would last, the business also became about providing pieces that were friendly on the budget as well as the eye.

All pieces are inspired by the simple beauty of vintage fashions. From English gardens to classic literature, the concept of modern takes on whimsical styles inspired the design work behind each piece. 

Timeless in all aspects, these dresses aim to not only exude beauty over the years, but they also hope to inspire a reduction of waste often seen through trendy attire. 

Working with sustainable materials and production, Needle and Thread hopes to make more than one difference in the world.

Bringing nothing but good energy to the party, for this Needle and Thread review we are happy to share some of the favorite highlights we stumbled upon during our research.


  • Offers a wide variety of dresses and gowns for women and children
  • International shipping available
  • Sustainability is at the forefront of production 
  • Great customer reviews
  • Personal, whimsical designs
  • Financing options available with Affirm

Needle and Thread Gowns Review

Heading into the products portion of this article, we wanted to really take note of the Needle and Thread Gowns available from this business. Evening attire will never flow quite so nicely when faced with these popular and persistent designs.

Needle and Thread Iris Grace Ankle Gown Review

Needle and Thread Iris Grace Ankle Gown Review
Needle and Thread Iris Grace Ankle Gown

Mother Nature has been found, and her name is now the Iris Grace Ankle Gown.

This piece simply exists to be the essence of spring. Delicate ruffles and layering surround the dress, making every movement flow in a stunning synchronous motion that goes unparalleled by others in the room. 

Ankle-length, this lace design works with light floral tulle to present light green, pink, and purple touches that only enhance the seasonal quality of the overall appearance.

Using Nylon and recycled Polyester, this sustainable style compliments the figure though a partially lined waist to draw attention to all of the best curves the body can offer. 

Slip in with ease, hiding the back-zipper in a concealed fabric to make it seem as though the dress was made just for you.

Take on the crown of seasonal queen for $730.

Needle and Thread Blossom Lace Ankle Gown Review

Needle and Thread Blossom Lace Ankle Gown Review
Needle and Thread Blossom Lace Ankle Gown

Strut in the room to make an entrance with the Blossom Lace Ankle Gown.

We’re big fans of red, so it makes sense that this piece would show up in our Needle and Thread review. Bold in color and design, this lace-covered style is all about fluidity and flow. Featuring endless layers of ruffling tulle, the real shining moment comes from the details.

Delicately embroidered across the length of the gown, clear sequins create a welcoming and jaw-dropping beauty that simply reflect the light around them. Sheer sleeves only add to the drama of this statement piece, beckoning all attention no matter where you go.

Grab ahold of those gazes with this dress for $730.

Needle and Thread Serefina Ditsy Gown Review

Needle and Thread Serefina Ditsy Gown Review
Needle and Thread Serefina Ditsy Gown

Looking traditional with a twist, the Serefina Ditsy Gown reminds us what it means to stand out.

Classic fans of floral will love the switch this dress brings to the standard style. Working in shades of contrasting black and white, the drama of this design alone is enough to make the purchase. Delicate black tulle coats the piece, decorated in white floral work to stand out against the underlayer of black polyester.

Shining a light on subtle ruffles and layering, the real attention here goes to color and contrast. The white flowers really glow against the darkness present along the length of the gown. 

Moving with ease to bring life to the floral décor, this design isn’t one to miss for those who are tired of pastel floral patterns popping up.

Dive into this dramatic look for $710.

Needle and Thread Lillian Rose Ankle Gown Review

Needle and Thread Lillian Rose Ankle Gown Review
Needle and Thread Lillian Rose Ankle Gown

A complete 180 from the last design, the Lillian Rose Ankle Gown keeps things light and sweet. Focusing again on a layered notion, the underlayer here showcases a light, pale pink to really make spring and summer vibes pop. 

Perfectly complementing the various shades of pink and green present in the floral pattern overlaying the polyester piece, all colors and contrasts were carefully planned here to create a soothing classic appearance.

Speaking of classics, Needle and Thread openly acknowledges that the inspiration for this one comes from the Victorian period itself. 

Delicate in its details, this dress flows with each step, melding the movement into almost an intricate dance that will never quite end. The slight lining on the bodice shows off that full figure without getting too close to those curves we all like to hide.

Grab this dress in pink, white, or black for $860.

Needle and Thread Florentina Ruffle Ankle Gown Review

Needle and Thread Florentina Ruffle Ankle Gown Review
Needle and Thread Florentina Ruffle Ankle Gown

The name really says it all for the Florentina Ruffle Ankle Gown.

Ruffles are the key here (in case you hadn’t noticed). Rather than going big with this standard technique, the beauty here derives from the minute waves of material bunched and braided throughout the gown.

Crafted in a cool champagne color, this dress uses ruffle trim to balance out the delicacies of the subtle floral pattern lining the piece. Light, delicate, and packed with the simplicity of an earlier time, this gown perfectly suits any summer evening event.

Ruffle up some attention with this grown for $820.

Needle and Thread Floret V-Neck Gown Review

Needle and Thread Floret V-Neck Gown Review
Needle and Thread Floret V-Neck Gown

Once again, the name really does beckon out an image of attire with this one. Ready for it? Floret V-Neck Gown.

Bringing the floral pattern in for one final time, this piece manages to keep things light and airy. Using ice blue (or pale pink depending on the selection) as the basis, the overlying material drapes on a cooling background that plays with the pale pinks, blues, and blacks of the embroidery above it.

Intricate in details and delicate in appearance, this whimsical piece invites a world of peace with every wear. Further showing off the feature through the v-neck and partially lined bodice, this dress was made to impress with just the right hint of figure and form.

Add this to the collection for $710.

Who Is Needle and Thread For? 

Needle and Thread Review

Shoulders back, stand tall, and glide into the room to let the various gazes wash over you. From evening attire to day dresses to minis and more, this brand really has the dress and skirt category on lock. 

Offering a myriad of options for women and children in a selection of sizing, this brand really wants to make every occasion special.

Whether shopping for a wedding dress (as bride or guest) or simply looking for something nice to add to the wardrobe, any occasion can be enhanced with the right outfit. 

Needle and Thread just wants to help customers find that dream dress to make fantasy into reality. Anyone searching for that kind of service will be more than pleased to make the acquaintance.

Needle and Thread Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Needle and Thread Review

We have to admit, in searching online for ratings to back up this Needle and Thread review, we had a bit of a tricky time finding larger numbers. 

We found a few locations with more customer interaction, however many sources we pulled were from a limited pool, so we want to clarify that all ratings mentioned may not accurately reflect the overall view surrounding this brand.

Starting with the biggest source of customer content online, we found that Feefo users seemingly love the brand, putting them at 4.2/5 stars based on 3,940 ratings. This pool of customers seemingly adores both brand and products, rating the products slightly higher at 4.3/5 stars.

Between service and final product, there’s no stopping customer adoration for this one. Simple ordering, responsive service, and easy returns in case of fitting issues, there’s no question as to why customers keep coming back. 

All employees are dedicated to helping customers find the best look and fit for whatever special day is set to take place:

The service is wonderful. First time shopping with them and loved their outfits. Ordered an outfit, it was a lovely fit but felt for my age a bit too strong. But the fit, ballerina, was perfect.

The beauty of these products seems to come from their quality. Stunning materials and delicate stitch work show off extraordinary craftsmanship with every seam. 

Plus, many of these dresses stand out in design while functioning for multiple occasions, meaning that money invested won’t go to waste after a single event.

One Needle and Thread review took note of this, commenting on the “amazing dress and fit perfectly! Good quality throughout and suitable for any formal occasion, as l brought for my son’s wedding in March. Delivered within the time stated so excellent job throughout.”

While Feefo may be this brand’s biggest fan, TrustPilot seems to have more mixed reviews, coming in with 2.3/5 stars based on over 20 ratings. Again, we have to emphasize that this rating was built on the comments of only 20 individuals.

There seems to be a mixed reaction to the brand on this rating platform. Some have struggled with customer service, shipping, and returns, while others have had nothing but pleasurable experiences. 

One customer even cited the fast service, noting “I ordered a dress and received it within 2 business days! I love it! It fit me perfectly and the package was very nice!”

Others have fully confronted the other reviews in their own post, stating, “Received my beautiful dress after 1 week of purchase. The dress is just as it was displayed in the company advertisement, material quality is great. Given the cost, I was happy on all aspects. I have seen some reviews which initially concerned me, but my personal experience was a good one.

We will say that these mixed ratings aren’t found everywhere. In fact, The Knot seems to be the most unified opinion with 5/5 stars based on 45 ratings. 

Customers here had great experiences with products and altering services. Offering reasonable costs for the work being done, it was no struggle for these customers to prepare for any big day.

The ladies made me feel like a rock star by altering my gown to perfection for me and also by being so dang nice while I was in there! Even did some last-minute touch ups while I had my gown on to ensure it was just right. Reasonable pricing and super cute shop.

While we do have to acknowledge some mixed ratings, it seems that the highest ratings also come from the highest number of reviews. We’re happy to fill in the blanks here and say the odds are in the brand’s favor.

Is Needle and Thread Worth It?

Needle and Thread Review

Those in need of gowns for any type of event will be thrilled with the options that this brand brings to the market. For this Needle and Thread review we are quite happy to suggest this business as being worth a buy.

From quality materials and stitching to reasonable costs and services, it seems that the majority of customers are more than satisfied with their experiences. We’re sorry to those who haven’t had quite as pleasant interactions, but from where we’re standing, this looks like one great option.

Needle and Thread Promotions & Discounts 

Needle and Thread Review

At the time of writing this Needle and Thread review, no promotions or discounts are running. In order to stay up to date on the latest deals, try subscribing to the newsletter for all new information and sales.

Where to Buy Needle and Thread

Needle and Thread Review

We want to be clear, the best place to buy from this brand is their own site at With that being said, for those who want other options, this brand also works with well-known retailers BHLDN and Harrods to provide a comprehensive selection of pieces from the company name.


Needle and Thread Review

Who owns Needle and Thread?

While writing this Needle and Thread review, we found out that Hannah Coffin owns and operates the business. Coffin founded the brand in 2013 after a discussion on the market gap with a few friends.

Where is Needle and Thread made?

All outfits are made with care in Delhi, India. This brand takes pride in their work environments and employee policies to ensure locations are safe, healthy, and provide a happy and stress-free space.

Does Needle and Thread ship internationally?

Absolutely, they do. This brand has a wide list of countries to select from for shipping.

What is Needle and Thread’s Shipping Policy?

We wanted to be as thorough as possible, which means including all shipping info possible in this Needle and Thread review. Rather than put it in bulky paragraphs, let’s get down to the basic facts:

  • Shipping is free on orders over $350
  • Standard shipping costs $10 for an ETA of 4 to 7 business days
  • Expedited shipping costs $15 for an ETA of 1 to 3 business days
  • All orders come with tracking numbers to locate the package
  • Deliveries must be signed for due to the nature of the items

That’s pretty much all there is to know about shipping from this brand. A few simple choices and some flat rates for consideration.

What is Needle and Thread’s Return Policy?

The company doesn’t shy away from the reality of returns. Wanting the best for customers, they allow returns within 30 days of ordering. All returns must be:

  • Unworn (or like new)
  • In original packaging
  • Tags attached
  • New condition (no scents or stains)

In order to receive that final payment. Upon the shipment arriving, returns will be carefully inspected before refunds are provided, so make sure they’re top quality before sending them out. Any items not accepted for return will be sent back to the recipient.

To complete a return, the $10 process only takes a few simple steps. We’ve outlined them below in this Needle and Thread review:

  1. Head over to the Return Center online with the order number and zip code of the delivery
  2. Select the items for return
  3. Fill in the details of the collection form
  4. Print off the return label
  5. Attach the new label, add the order number, and hand it over to the DHL driver once pick up gets arranged

All return orders come with tracking, so keep an eye out on the journey to know when to expect the appearance of the refund.

How to Contact Needle and Thread

Ready to reach out after reading this Needle and Thread review? Customer service can easily be contacted via two quick and simple methods:

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