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Cutter and Buck Review

Going green on the golf course? Or just a fan of fun, simple, and functional fashions? Either way, Cutter and Buck is here to help with their lines of breathable, light, and well-designed attire for men and women.

We’ll be honest, this brand doesn’t have a huge online presence. We’re not quite sure why as their over 5k followers on Instagram seem to be quite loyal to the cause. Having been already mentioned in both the New York Times and Forbes, it really seems like it’s time for this brand to shine.

So, we’re turning the spotlight to give this business their 15 minutes of fame. This Cutter and Buck review will be all about prices, products, services, and more. We’ll help you determine whether this brand is worth the buy.

Overview of Cutter and Buck

Cutter and Buck Review

Dating back to 1989, Cutter and Buck have been a solid name in the sportswear industry since conception. This Seattle-born outdoor brand is all about facing off the elements to enjoy the beauty the outdoors offers. Covering a variety of styles from more casualwear to dressed attire, this brand wants to create the best for every occasion.

We’ll admit that there’s not a huge amount of info on their background, but right now this company is all about moving forward. Focusing heavily on sustainable production, their goal is to reach 90% sustainability in products by 2025

Already having eliminated their print catalogs in favor of a digital track, they’re well on their way to reducing their footprint and making way for a brighter future.

Sustainability isn’t the only thing this brand has going for them. We found a few other hidden gems to note along the way in this Cutter and Buck review:


Cutter and Buck Review
  • Offers a wide range of attire for men and women
  • Quality fabrics
  • Moisture-wicking materials
  • Big & Tall sizes
  • International distributors

We want to offer a well-rounded picture of this brand’s products and that means looking beyond the popular polo to the rest of their range. 

We’re focusing on Men’s and Women’s wear for this article, but be aware that there’s a world of sizes, shapes, and styles available from this brand. Don’t be afraid to branch out and discover.

Cutter and Buck Women Review

We’re giving the Cutter and Buck Women the first shot in this review. Selecting from some of the top sellers, we’ve put together a quick view of our favorite bestsellers offered up by this brand.

Cutter and Buck Shield Hooded Jacket Review

Whether an athlete, active soul, or a homebody, everyone needs a good weather-proof jacket for the worst of times. That’s why the Cutter and Buck Shield Hooded Jacket was brought to the public.

This sleek and simple style keeps all of the attention on its achievements. While the Admiral (dark blue), Black, and Soapstone (light gray-blue) colors definitely don’t put appearance to shame, this piece is clearly about more than just looks (though it’s good to know no one will look like a slouch with this one in place).  

The real winner here comes from the triple-layer barrier between the winds and the wearer. This jacket tucks away every seam and closure to hold back any attempts at the cold seeping through.

Zip up a wind-proof and water-proof jacket to deal with the worst and then, when the sun shines through, detach the hood to really embrace the day.

This joy of a jacket goes for $280.

Cutter and Buck Stretch Oxford Long Sleeve Dress Shirt Review

Has anyone ever said you look smart? They definitely will once the Stretch Oxford Long Sleeve Dress Shirt has been added to the wardrobe.

We have to hand it to Cutter and Buck shirts, they always get the job done in appearance and fit, and we’ll be honest, fit is a big one for this style. We said stretch and we meant it. 

This shirt is all about the cotton, polyester, and spandex blend that hugs curves and goes with the flow. Hanging low, this piece stuns as is (but we’re suckers for a good full or French tuck too).

There’s something to be said for a long sleeve button-down. We’re not sure if it’s the stiff cuffs, the wrinkle-free fabric, or maybe just the stunning shades of black, blue, and white available for this one. Versatility, thy name is dress shirt. 

Adding a bit of something extra to a standard style, this breathable shirt works in pretty much any environment, work or personal, to dress up a dressed-down day.

Keep it cute and comfortable with this one for $105.

Cutter and Buck Rosette Printed Skort Review 

We’ll keep this one short since we’re talking about the Rosette Printed Skort.

We all love a cute skirt on a hot day – there’s nothing quite like the breeze hitting your skin on those scorching sunny days. We also love the coverage of shorts, preventing that beautiful breeze from showing off a little too much. 

That’s why the skort comes in as the perfect answer to both.

Head out to the golf course, the beach, the mall, or pretty much anywhere while rocking the classic skort style. These shorts overlayed with a skirt not only come in a cool, moisture-wicking material, but their breathable fabric also appears in a fun design. 

Forget standard dark blue – the floral pattern outlined in light blues and golds shows off a fun side without getting too flashy.

Keep cool and dry in all places with this piece for $100.

Cutter and Buck Men Review

Men, time to step forward in this Cutter and Buck review. We’re turning to the guy’s side of the store, looking at some of the most popular pieces available for golfing, lounging, tanning, and living. No matter the activity, this brand has a style to suit.

Cutter and Buck Shield Hooded Jacket Review

If there’s anything about Cutter and Buck jackets we love, it’s their dedication to the buyer. That’s why the Shield Hooded Jacket offers ultimate protection from the worst of weather.

This jacket really covers all areas (both in functionality and literal coverage – it’s a long one). Taking advantage of its three-layered design, there’s no chance of wind or rain sneaking through the covered cracks of this one. 

Each seam is coated by a protective layer, and we’re talking zippers, pockets, snaps, and more. There’s no breaking through this bold design.

Waterproof with its polyester and spandex design, this sleek style also batters away harsh breezes, locking in warmth through the hood. Zip it off to avoid bulk on those sunny days, or just keep things attached and be prepared for that never-ending change of weather.

Stay covered from the cold for $280.

Cutter and Buck Division Stripe Polo Review

Cutter and Buck polos could really have their own review, but we’re going to be well-rounded in this article by only showcasing the Division Stripe Polo.

Easily one of their most popular categories, this company’s polos are all about a cool and comfortable experience. Well-known amongst golfers, these shirts keep air moving, letting the body breathe even after the worst workout. 

Built on a combination of spandex and polyester, these shirts were made to be moisture-wicking for a reason.

Whether conquering the golf courses or just out on a hot day, sweat doesn’t stand a chance of staining this stylish striped piece. Available in red, gray, and blue options set against calming white stripes, these pinstripes add just a bit of fun to a pretty standard style. 

Added bonus to this one – these shirts have UPF protection to add a layer of coverage from that shining sun.

Grab a new golf shirt (or just a casual shirt – they work for any time) for $95.

Cutter and Buck Greenwood Stretch Denim Review

Who doesn’t need a standard, stylish pair of jeans for every occasion? Start the exploration for the perfect design with the Greenwood Stretch Denim.

We deem the perfect pair of jeans to be ones that move with us rather than against us. We’re talking stretch, length, and style – it all needs to mesh. That’s why the 2% spandex in addition to the cotton build makes the difference in wear and fit.

Sitting comfortably at the mid-waist, these straight-leg jeans focus on drawing attention to slim legs and a lengthy height. Featuring five deep pockets, these jeans provide space to hold all necessities no matter where you are. 

Throw on the deep blue options for casual wear or dress things up a bit by going black.

Find a new favorite fit for $135.

Who Is Cutter and Buck For? 

Cutter and Buck Review

We know that this brand is big for golfers, but the truth is that Cutter and Buck work for a range of individuals. This clothing brand knows how to present the best in their pieces, working with quality fabric on weather-proof pieces that work in any location. 

Fighting off wind, rain, and even sweat, this brand knows what’s important in the mind of the customers.

While they don’t offer up any kids’ clothing, men and women have quite a range of products available to them in a number of sizes. Even those often a little too big for standard sizes find a home here with the Big & Tall section of the store.

Cutter and Buck Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Cutter and Buck Review

We want our Cutter and Buck review to be the best and that means we can’t depend solely on personal opinions. Research needs to step forward and that’s why we turned to the world of online ratings to learn the real facts about this brand. 

The first thing to note is that there aren’t actually that many reviews online.

We’ll say it was a bit of a hunt to track down ratings for this brand and their products. Even the site itself lacks customer reviews with most of their ratings actually coming from their shop on Amazon.

In fact, their most popular product from Amazon is the Cutter & Buck Men’s Big-Tall Cb Drytec Genre Polo Shirt with 4.5/5 stars based on over 490 ratings. That’s under the 500 mark for their top product listed.

Despite the numbers, customers seem to be in love with the brand and their products. This Cutter and Buck polo stands out to customers as it “breaths extremely well. The quality of the seams are great. The shirt is great quality” and many customers ultimately claim that this won’t be the only purchase made for this company’s products.

A really winning feature of their clothes (and especially the polos) comes from their fabric choice. 

Customers (and this Cutter and Buck review) are quick to note that “the shirt dries really quickly and stays comfortable the entire time. In other words, you won’t look like you just came from a wet t-shirt competition.” This makes a huge difference as many of these clothes are popular amongst the golfing crowd.

 Rain or shine, these shirts offer moisture-wicking properties that keep things dry and fresh after lengthy, sweaty wears.

As part of their “Big-Tall” collection, customers also note the sizing of the shirt. Individuals who typically struggle to find that right fit have noted that “this shirt is great. It fits well and is nice and long. Plenty of room for my shoulders. Shirt is good quality too. I’m buying another one.

We have to note that this is far from the only product listed with solid reviews. In fact, we’ve collected just a few other popular pieces from this brand that pop up on Amazon:

  • Cutter & Buck Men’s 35+UPF, Long Sleeve Advantage Polo Shirt: 4.5/5 stars based on 185 ratings
  • Cutter & Buck Men’s 35+UPF, Short Sleeve Cotton+ Advantage Polo Shirt: 4.3/5 stars based on over 120 ratings
  • Cutter & Buck Men’s Cb Drytec Northgate Polo Shirt: 4.3/5 stars based on over 235 ratings
  • Cutter & Buck Men’s Big-Tall Long Sleeve Epic Easy Care Nailshead Shirt: 4.3/5 stars based on over 150 ratings
  • Cutter & Buck Men’s Big & Tall Short-Sleeve Shirt: 4.3/5 stars based on over 150 ratings
  • Cutter & Buck Men’s CB Drytec Championship Polo: 4.2/5 stars based on over 135 ratings

Outside of their products, it’s a bit more difficult to nail down a soil Cutter and Buck review. That’s in part due to the target demographic, but also it seems due to marketing. Outreach isn’t quite as strong as some brands in the industry. 

Despite this, The Hacker’s Paradise came out with a lengthy article on this brand and their products.

This article (and the comments that followed) are all about form and function. It’s easy to say something looks good, but this article went out of the way to test products on their looks, feels, and additional functions.

“Cutter & Buck has a strong lineup and when you combine their quality, attention to detail, and style, you have a truly great line of apparel.

This article highlights just all this brand brings to the table. From their quality, breathable fabrics to their fantastic fits, this one stands out from other brands on the market for comfort alone.

While the prices are higher for their pieces, the quality works wonders in the long term, so customers find products to be more than worth the money spent. 

The fit makes a huge difference as noted commonly in the posts left for the Lakemont Half Zip Sweater from Nordstrom (which has 4.7/5 stars based on over 25 ratings).

These customers are all about the fit, especially for the Big & Tall category that’s often overlooked. Individuals who have previously struggled with finding that right fit now have a dependable place to look.

“This sweater was exactly what I was hoping to find for my son during the anniversary sale. Versatile and very high quality with soft, smooth knit. The inside of the collar has a contrasting color which adds a little extra style and looks great. I am very happy with the purchase.

While there aren’t thousands of ratings to this name, the existing Cutter and Buck review based seem quite impressed with the quality and style of pieces on the market.

Is Cutter and Buck Legit?

Cutter and Buck Review

As far as we can tell, this brand is legit. There are no concerning reviews or red flags popping up online to draw suspicion. In fact, their partnership with a number of top retailers only adds to their legitimacy.

The only concern we’d like to note in this Cutter and Buck review is their lack of coverage online, but lower numbers of public reviews don’t equal scams. We’re happy to say this one checks all the boxes on being the real deal.

Is Cutter and Buck Worth It?

Cutter and Buck Review

We’re calling this one a win. Though Cutter and Buck sits a bit more on the expensive side of things, the fact remains that their quality matches the cost. The unlimited styles for men and women in a range of attire only strengthen this argument.

We know that the customer reviews were low in numbers, but that didn’t distract from the general appreciation and admiration for the brand. Customers seem thrilled with the products they’ve received and we didn’t spot any poor ratings regarding services online. 

Cutter and Buck Promotions & Discounts 

Cutter and Buck Review

After searching far and wide for this Cutter and Buck review, we managed to find one current promotion: 30% off on the first purchase once registered for the newsletter.

Where to Buy Cutter and Buck

Cutter and Buck Review

Starting to search for the nearest location to shop? Our easy solution is to recommend the brand site at, but we understand that doesn’t work for everyone. That’s why we’ve located a few partner retailers to find these top quality pieces:

  • Nordstrom
  • Macy’s
  • Golf Galaxy
  • NYFIfth
  • Dick’s Sporting Goods
  • Amazon


Cutter and Buck Review

Who owns Cutter and Buck?

Cutter and Buck is owned and operated by the New Wave Group.

Where are Cutter and Buck clothes made?

Cutter and Buck clothes are currently manufactured in Asia. More specifically, all clothes are made in Hong Kong, China, and Thailand.

Does Cutter and Buck ship internationally?

While writing this Cutter and Buck review, we found that while the brand doesn’t ship internationally, options are available. Partner distributors exist worldwide with contacts available on the Cutter and Buck website to find out who to call for the nearest location to shop.

What is Cutter and Buck’s Shipping Policy?

Ready to ship it out? Find that perfect fit? Luckily, this brand has all kinds of options for shipping:

  • Standard
    • $6 on orders up to $25
    • $8 on orders up to $50
    • Free on orders over $50
  • 3rd Day Air
    • $15
  • 2nd Day Air
    • $19
  • Next Day Air
    • $30

Unfortunately, standard shipping times are determined by location. That means we can’t really provide a general idea of shipping speed for the standard costs, but know that an ETA will be calculated at checkout for a more accurate timeline.

What is Cutter and Buck’s Return Policy?

We all know that sometimes things don’t work out as planned. That’s why it’s important for us to note in this Cutter and Buck review that products (unused) can be returned within 30 days of purchase

As long as tags are attached and products remain unwashed, returns are good to go.

All returns are done in three easy steps:

  1. Fill out the included return form (don’t throw out all papers upon receiving the product)
  2. Package items
  3. Ship them off to:

Cutter & Buck Direct

Attn: Returns Department

4001 Oakesdale Ave SW

Renton, WA 98057

Rather than paying for personal shipping, each order comes with a pre-filled shipping label. This saves time and effort but does cost about $9, which will be taken from the refund.

Products beyond 30 days or worn can be returned, but it comes at a cost. We’re talking $5 per item before being credited at the current sales price. Still, it’s nice to know that some options are available beyond the typical limit.

How to Contact Cutter and Buck

Cutter and Buck Review

Have we left any lingering questions in this Cutter and Buck review? Luckily, this brand has three quick and easy ways to reach out:

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