Shapermint vs Spanx Review

Shapermint vs Spanx: Brand Showdown

Shapermint vs Spanx Review

Whether you’re pear-shaped or rectangular, every kind of body deserves to be celebrated. In other words, work with what you’ve got. And, nothing defines the figure more than shapewear.

Girls (and guys), we understand that not every brand can deliver the classic hourglass silhouette, but we do know of some brands that knock it out of the park. Introducing: Shapermint and Spanx.

Chances are that you’re quite familiar with Spanx. Brought to you by your mother’s underwear collection (no shade to mama readers, by the way), this shapewear brand specializes in selling slim-fit panties, swimwear, bras, and leggings.

Garnering a massive following of 554k on Instagram, Spanx is considered an ‘intimate classic’—as mentioned by several media outlets, including Forbes, The New York Times, and The Today Show.

On the other side of the ring, we have Shapermint. Considered another undergarment boutique, this online store also produces swimwear, undies, and figure-hugging leggings. It specializes in an inclusive size range and celebrates bodies of all sizes in its product pictures.

Shapermint’s body-inclusive attitude has earned it a 312k following on Instagram. The brand has also appeared in numerous online magazines, such as Forbes, Glossy, and The Washington Post.

The purpose of this Shapermint vs Spanx review is to see which brand comes out on top. We’ll provide an in-depth analysis of their products, customer ratings, promotions, and more to see what company deserves your hard-earned cash.

Overview of Shapermint and Spanx

Shapermint vs Spanx Review

Women, I’m pretty sure you’re all too familiar with the pants and undergarment fiasco. To give readers a quick rundown: the wrong type of undies can look bunchy under a pair of trousers or leggings.

Founder Sara Blakely was all too familiar with this scenario, as she found herself at a stand-still when dressing up for a party. In an effort to achieve that desired curvy shape, she snipped the foot portion off from her pantyhose. Unbeknownst to Blakely, this would be the start of her billion-dollar company, Spanx.

Founded in 1998, this Georgian-based brand is popular for its collection of shapewear. From leggings to panties, Spanx states that they are all about empowering women:

In addition to keeping butts covered from Savannah to Singapore, SPANX also shapes the world by focusing on our mission: To help women feel great about themselves and their potential.

On the topic of girl power, Shapermint believes in the same company mission. Founder Massimiliano Tirocchi felt that shapewear had the ability to uplift a woman’s confidence, which is why it focuses on being body inclusive. Established in 2017, this Californian-based boutique now serves over 1.5 million customers over the world.

Shapermint also has a side blog, which is dedicated to publishing articles about undergarments, sizing info, and clothing tips. It includes posts such as “Self-Care Tips for Moms” and “How to Layer Neutral Basics.

In an inspiring quote left by the brand, Shapermint is intended to help women feel their best: “At Shapermint, we’re in the business of confidence. We want to see confident, empowered women live life to the fullest and celebrate their curves.

Shapermint Truekind® Daily Comfort Wireless Shaper Bra vs Spanx Bra-llelujah!® Lightly Lined Full Coverage Bra

Shapermint vs Spanx Review
Shapermint Truekind® Daily Comfort Wireless Shaper Bra

You’ve got wires, uneven cup-age, and those horrible, shoulder-digging straps. The traditional brassiere needs a modern revamp. Thankfully, we don’t need to wait for the future.

The Shapermint Truekind® Daily Comfort Wireless Shaper Bra offers a more comfortable and relaxed silhouette that promises ample support. It’s offered in three essential colors, including white, beige, and black.

Made out of soft nylon-elastane and an adjustable hook and eye closure, this $30 (from $45) bra is practically annoyance-free.

The Spanx Bra-llelujah!® Lightly Lined Full Coverage Bra is also designed to be worn daily. Made to be supportive and comfortable, this design features a front clasp closure for easy access.

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This bra also promises no bumps or lumps when layered with a shirt. Modestly cut and offered in five different colors, you may forget to take off this $68 Spanx brasserie at the end of the day.

Winner: In our opinion, Shapermint’s Truekind® Daily Comfort Wireless Shaper Bra leads by a landslide. This is partially due to its wireless design, which can prevent that restrained and poking sensation during the course of the day.

Shapermint Empetua® All Day Everyday High Waisted Shaper Shorts vs Spanx Higher Power Short

Shapermint vs Spanx Review
Spanx Higher Power Short

Looking to attain that Instagram-famous bod? Shapermint’s Empetua® All Day Everyday High Waisted Shaper Shorts can help you achieve that Kardashian-ready hourglass shape.

Meant to rest above your belly button, this flattering short works to sculpt the hips, thighs, and waist. It’s designed with a high-compression level, meaning it does the most in hiding that post-brunch food baby. This soft and smooth number costs $24, from $55, and is available in five colors.

To be completely honest with you, I’d totally wear Spanx’s High Power Short out in public. Designed to provide a flattering curvy shape, why hide your assets in a flowing skirt or dress?

This pair of shorts ensures no muffin tops or sagging while moving about. And don’t worry—there’s no need to do the ‘skinny jeans’ shimmy when it comes to bathroom breaks, as this set comes with a double-gusset. Available in four different hues, these Spanx shorts retail for $38.

Winner: In short, Spanx takes the lead. It’s hard to top the convenience of an added gusset. We also need to talk about its muffin top coverage, which can prove super useful during buffet dates.

Shapermint Empetua® High Waisted Shaping Leggings vs Spanx High-Waisted Seamless Legging

Shapermint vs Spanx Review
Shapermint Empetua® High Waisted Shaping Leggings

If you’re anything like me, you sleep, work out, and exist in leggings. For those who hate the stiff feeling of jeans and trousers, we suggest that you give the Shapermint slim-fits a try.

Constructed to hug your figure, this flattering set can help wearers look taller and more proportional. They’re made out of moisture-wicking fabric, which is great for exercise or hot and humid days. Intended to be smooth and wrinkle-free, the $83 Empetua® High Waisted Shaping Leggings are on sale for $33.

Move over sweatpants. Spanx’s High-Waisted Seamless Legging is considered the sexier version than a pair of slacks. Made with the trademarked “Slim is Built in” hip band, this comfy set hugs your tummy rather than constricting it.

Seamless and sculpt-astical in nature, these Spanx are actually a favorite among pregnant women. Constructed out of soft, matte yarn, opt for the cozy option for $78.

Winner: Congrats, Shapermint. You now have a total of two points on the board. It all came down to its moisture-wicking ability and the promise of remaining wrinkle-free. As a result, the Empetua leggings are considered more versatile compared to the Spanx version.

Shapermint vs Spanx: Quality

Shapermint vs Spanx Review

Quality usually depends on the material used. With just a simple touch, it’s quite easy to know what garment feels cheap and what feels long-lasting. Within this section, this Shapermint vs Spanx review will compare these two brands to see which one is best. This includes looking at the fabrics they use and other additional features they add to make their product more unique.

A majority of Shapermint pieces use nylon and spandex as their main fabric composition. While it’s known to be quite unbreathable, this brand manages to integrate moisture-wicking technology in some of its garments.

Some of Shapermint’s t-shirts and tanks are made out of polyamide and elastane, which again, aren’t very friendly towards sweat and humidity. With that being said, these materials are great for shaping and sculpting the body. Shapermint also offers different types of compression levels for their undergarments, varying from high to low.

Spanx is quite similar to Shapermint, as they both use nylon and spandex as their core fabrics. Compared to its rival brand, this company utilizes matte yarn twill knit technology in some of its leggings and shorts. This type of material helps to keep things flexible, breathable, and comfortable.

Spanx’s bottoms also provide a no-slip design, which can help prevent those cheeky butt-crack peeks. Like Shapermint, Spanx offers compression levels for its underwear.

Winner: Spanx earns the winning point in terms of quality. Aside from the traditional nylon and spandex duo, this brand manages to kick it up a notch by including features like no-slip technology and twill-knit material. Because of these reasons, this Shapermint vs Spanx review is inclined to give this company another point.

Shapermint vs Spanx: Customer Ratings

Shapermint vs Spanx Review

Unless you’ve got millions of dollars to spend, it’s best to look at a few customer ratings online to make a more informed purchase. To help readers come to that crucial decision, this Shapermint vs Spanx review has combed through the inter-webs to see what buyers are saying about these two brands.

To kick things off, This Shapermint vs Spanx review will include a few ratings from Shapermint’s best selling products down below:

  • Shapermint Truekind® Daily Comfort Wireless Shaper Bra: 5,453 reviews with a 4.5/5-star rating
  • Shapermint Empetua® All Day Everyday High Waisted Shaper Shorts: 10,786 reviews with a 4.5/5-star rating
  • Shapermint Empetua® High Waisted Shaping Leggings: 2,118 reviews with a 4.5/5-star rating

We’ve also uncovered thousands of positive reviews on other websites. For instance, Trustpilot holds over 14,585 testimonials with a ranking of 4.6/5 stars. Sitejabber showcases just half of its amount, as it displays a count of 7,045 comments with a grade of 4.6/5 stars.

When it comes to Spanx, the company website doesn’t hold any customer testimonials. Surprisingly enough, this brand pales in comparison in terms of online comments. For instance, Sitejabber only has 40 reviews with a poor score of 1.7/5 stars.

On the flip side, its Amazon page showcases thousands of encouraging ratings. This includes:

  • Spanx Shapewear for Women Tummy Control High-Waisted Shorts: 8,318 reviews with a 4/5-star rating
  • Spanx Higher Power Panties: 6,070 reviews with a 4/5-star rating
  • Spanx Leggings for Women Look At Me Now: 1,649 reviews with a 4/5-star rating

In terms of in-depth user experiences, this Shapermint vs Spanx review has compiled a list of common customer feedback for each brand:


  • A majority of customers found the leggings, shorts, and bras to be comfortable, supportive, flexible, and flattering on their bodies
  • Most of the garments are offered at an affordable price
  • Several positive experiences with the customer service team
  • A few reports on fitting issues and unfulfilled orders on the Better Business Bureau


  • Several customers praised the shorts and leggings for being flattering, well-made, and of high-quality
  • Details such as double gussets and boning were considered convenient and a favorite among customers
  • Proved to do a good job in hiding muffin tops and excess bulge
  • Reported issues with customer service and delivery
  • Some buyers noted that the garments are too expensive

Winner: Sorry Spanx, better luck next time. We’ve uncovered more positive reviews for Shapermint compared to its rival brand. Due to the low amount of reported issues and concerns, this company seems to rank higher in terms of affordability and quality of customer service.

Shapermint vs Spanx: Promotions & Discounts

Shapermint vs Spanx Review

Everybody loves a good deal. This Shapermint vs Spanx review has compiled a list of promotions, sales, discounts, and other company perks that customers can use to save money. At the end of this segment, we’ll be crowning the winning champ.


  • From time to time, this brand hosts sales. Currently, it has a Black Friday Clearance section on its website, in which select items are 70% off
  • If customers sign up for the newsletter, they automatically get 10% off
  • In terms of the company’s refer-a-friend program, members can receive a $20 coupon for every successful referral
  • Buyers can get 15% off their order if they input the promo code: 15OFFNOW at checkout


  • This brand has a sale outlet, in which customers can find select items at a discounted price
  • Buyers can text SPANX to 76057 to receive 10% off their next orders
  • When it comes to the referral program, members can receive a $20 discount by using their affiliate link

Winner: it should come as no surprise that Shapermint wins this category. This brand offers more in terms of sales and promotions. Regardless, it shouldn’t take away from the fact that Spanx may offer more deals in the future.

Shapermint vs Spanx: Shipping & Returns

Shapermint vs Spanx Review

Before you pull out your wallet, this Shapermint vs Spanx review wants to take a look at both of their shipping policies. Sometimes the dealbreaker lies in the cost and location availability. To keep things easy to read, we’ve compiled a list of notable details down below.


  • Offers US and international shipping
  • Orders that total over $60 are eligible for free delivery. Anything under this amount is charged a flat standard fee of $7
  • Provides a tracking number that customers can use
  • A few reported issues with delayed deliveries and missing orders


  • Offers free shipping on all US orders
  • Doesn’t offer international shipping
  • Offers a tracking number that customers can use
  • A few unsavory customer experiences in delayed orders

Winner: It seems that Shapermint is now in the lead. While Spanx does offer free shipping, it doesn’t serve customers outside of the United States.

Shapermint vs Spanx: Price & Value

Shapermint vs Spanx Review

Thousands of customer reviews found Shapermint to be the more affordable option when it comes to undergarments. For instance, Spanx leggings cost upwards of about $70, while its competing brand only sells them for around $30 to $40.

Bear in mind that these are discounted prices. On top of that, we’ve uncovered more positive experiences in terms of fit and shape when it comes to Shapermint clothing.

While Spanx knocks it out of the park when it comes to quality, it seems that its garments are lacking in comfort. That is not to say that its pieces are not made well, but it pales in comparison to the thousands of Shapermint reviews we’ve found so far.

Winner: Surprise, surprise: it’s Shapermint. For the reasons we’ve mentioned so far, this brand offers a solid bargain for its high-quality pieces. This is all due to the amount of customer praise that this Shapermint vs Spanx review has dug up on the internet.

We Choose: Shapermint

Shapermint vs Spanx Review

As you already may have guessed, Shapermint is our crowning victor in terms of high-quality underwear and clothing. This brand leads in terms of fit, comfort, amount of offered promotions, and the number of customer reviews. In our opinion, the company’s affordability coupled with its decent material is what puts them over the top.

While Spanx delivers a punch in quality, Shapermint manages to offer the basic necessities at a reasonable price. It just goes to show you that sometimes fancy details don’t make a product more valuable, as simplicity can do the job just fine.

While I’m sure that its competing brand is inclusive to all body shapes, I got a better feel of ‘female empowerment’ towards Shapermint, which is partially due to several plus-sized girls in the product pics.

Overall, if you’re looking for an undergarment brand that doesn’t sacrifice on cost or quality, this Shapermint vs Spanx review recommends that you give this company a try.

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