Shapermint vs Honeylove Review

Shapermint vs Honeylove: Brand Showdown

Shapermint vs Honeylove Review

We’ve all got one body—which means we should show it love and strut our stuff. Not all of us were born with the coveted hourglass shape, but if I’ve learned anything about beauty, it’s that working with what we do have goes a long way.

The same way a few well-placed highlights totally brighten up your face, shapewear helps define your curves and assets. No matter what size you are, I think it’s a wardrobe must-have.

The right type of undergarment can spell hours of confidence by smoothing out muffin tops, contouring hips, and giving the girls a lift. Enter players, Shapermint and Honeylove. Both considered shapewear brands, these female-led companies ensure that their pieces are meant to flatter every dress size and shape.

When it comes to specifics, Shapermint is led with a body inclusive attitude. Serving over 1.5 million customers globally, this undergarment label carries a wide variety of slim-fit leggings, tops, and bras. Garnering a following of over 365k on Instagram, this brand is frequently mentioned in several media outlets, including Forbes, The Washington Post, and Stylecaster.

On the other side of the pond, we have Honeylove. Designed to empower women through sculptwear, this clothing brand offers a wide array of sizes suited for every body shape. With a following of over 123k on Instagram, this brand is seriously loved by customers. How do I know? Features in several media outlets such as Forbes and The New York Times said so.

So strap yourselves in, as in this Shapermint vs Honeylove review, I’ll find out which brand gets the highest score in terms of quality, value, and other company perks. By the end, you’ll know which one is a better fit for you.

Overview of Shapermint and Honeylove

Shapermint vs Honeylove Review

Shapermint is for women by women. Led by founder Massimiliano Tirrocchi, this Californian-based brand is passionate about instilling confidence through its shapewear line. By operating solely online, customers can save themselves the stress of trying on piece after piece. I much prefer trying on clothing at home anyway, so I’m all for this.

Since its debut in 2017, Shapermint has expanded its operations to include a television program, a group of company ambassadors, and a side blog. And, in an inspiring quote left by the brand, it is committed to sharing the word of positivity when it comes to body inclusivity:

Our products are thoughtfully selected for your already-perfect body to provide on-demand-confidence…all on your terms. So you can spend more time savoring your life and less time stressing over how your clothes fit.

Honeylove started out as one woman’s solution to everyday confidence. Working as a vocalist for some big-name EDM acts, Betsie Larkin used shapewear to help her feel confident on stage. But not every piece performed as well as it should—some garments had no fit or structure whatsoever. Unimpressed with the options she had at the time, Larkin decided to create her own brand.

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Established in 2018, Honeylove made its home in Los Angeles, California. With a mission to be inclusive and sustainable, this apparel label does its best in marketing to all body types. It also supports a few good causes, including the Dress for Success initiative.

Honeylove’s core mission is to empower all women, no matter their dress size. “We encourage women to shape their own destiny and break free from societal expectations. We want you to be loud, proud, and confident in expressing yourself.

Shapermint Truekind® Daily Comfort Wireless Shaper Bra vs Honeylove Silhouette Bra

Let’s be honest here, folks. Frills and lace are usually signs of discomfort. I think they’re cute and all, but they don’t hug your girls as much as the product picture suggests.

For those looking for an everyday piece that promises support, the Shapermint Truekind® Daily Comfort Wireless Shaper Bra offers a relaxed fit. Wireless and promising a bulge-free wear, this undergarment can serve as a godsend for those couch potato days, but I also think it’s just a solid everyday bra.

Made out of soft nylon elastane, this set comes with a hook and eye enclosure at the back. Offered in colors nude, black, and white, the $45 Truekind® Daily Comfort Wireless Shaper Bra is currently on sale for only $30.

Honeylove’s Silhouette Bra is far from basic. Meant to provide full coverage and support, this brassiere comes with no pokey underwires or shoulder-digging straps. Sounds like heaven to me. Some thoughtful details, such as a bonded bust band, are included to provide maximum comfort. It also comes with adjustable ties for a closer fit.

Sewn with a fabric blend of nylon and spandex, don’t be surprised if you end up reaching for this piece time after time. Available in five different colors, the Silhouette Bra costs a cool $82.

Winner: Honeylove takes the point for this round. If I’m being completely honest here, this was a close call. Both bras offered a similar degree of comfort. While it’s more expensive than what Shapermint offers, I can’t gloss over Honeylove’s bonded bust band feature.

Shapermint Empetua® All Day Every Day Tank Cami vs Honeylove LiftWear Cami

Not keen on single layers? Next up in this Shapermint vs Honeylove review, I’ll take a look at each brand’s best-selling tank.

The Shapermint Empetua® All Day Every Day Tank Cami provides a decent amount of coverage around the bust and stomach. Designed to be smooth and slim-fitting, this design can help hide food babies and muffin tops. It also comes with no wires or excess fabric, which keeps things comfy and bump-free under blouses or dresses.

If you hate the ‘digging’ notion of other shoulderless tops, I suggest giving this piece some careful consideration. Dyed in colors white, nude, and black, the $40 Empetua® All Day Every Day Tank Cami is at a bargain for $24.

The Honeylove LiftWear Cami is designed to smoothen out any bumps or lumps under tight-fitting tops. Built with bonded support and thin adjustable straps, this layering piece is made to flatter your body shape.

I think the best thing about this number is that it comes with no underwires, which can prevent harsh bruises or scratches from forming.

Best worn under turtlenecks or body-con dresses, the LiftWear Cami from Honeylove costs $107. As a side note, it’s offered in colors blue, nude, burgundy, green, and more.

Winner: Sorry Shapermint, but Honeylove takes the lead again for me here. While both pieces offer a bump-free silhouette, the LiftWear Cami manages to take it up a notch by the inclusion of bonded support. Not only are you ‘sucked in,’ but your girls are given an ample lift.

Shapermint Empetua® Shaper Shorts vs Honeylove SuperPower Short

I’ve learned that photos on social are never what they appear to be. It turns out that the Instagram bod is not that difficult to achieve— that is if you have the Shapermint Empetua® Shaper Shorts at your side.

Made to lift those cheeks and define that waistline, this undergarment necessity pushes lumps and bumps into the right places.

I was wowed by this piece’s 360 sculpting material, which is a blend of nylon and spandex. Offered at a high compression level, there’s no need to suck in when it comes to photoshoots or first dates.

Finished off with a non-slip strip to ensure no sagging, cartwheel away with the Empetua® Shaper Shorts for $24. It’s worth noting that its original price was $55.

I bet that Honeylove’s SuperPower Short is Kim Kardashian’s best-kept secret. Made out of a sheer, stretchy material, this undergarment provides a bit of breathability during hot afternoons.

It comes in a series of panels, which is important for compressing the waist, butt, and hips. As an added feature, this piece also has a detachable gusset, which makes it useful during bathroom breaks.

Available in colors sand, mocha, vamp, and runaway, the SuperPower Short by Honeylove is priced at $113.

Winner: When it comes to price and value, Shapermint earns its first point. I liked the Empetua® Shaper Shorts because they provided comfort and structure in a relatively simple format. It also seems to me that this piece can be worn without the need for a coverup.

Shapermint vs Honeylove: Quality

Shapermint vs Honeylove Review

Shapewear is no joke. More often than not it’s quite expensive, which means that quality is a must. I certainly don’t want my shapewear ripping on me during a hot date, so it pays to ensure what you’re buying is well-made.

To help you make a clear distinction on which company provides the best materials and features, in this part of my Shapermint vs Honeylove review, I’ll comb through a list of similarities and differences between these two brands. Let’s dive in.

Shapermint utilizes nylon and spandex as its core fabrics. That should come as no surprise, as most shapewear brands use this type of material within their garments.

To help differentiate itself from the competition, this company includes innovative features such as no-slip straps and vitamin-e infused yarns into its camis and tanks. Shapermint also offers differing degrees of compression levels within their ‘tummy tuckers.’

Honeylove also uses nylon and spandex as its two primary materials. On top of that, it includes compression levels and ‘sculpt-tech’ functionality within its garments.

Compared to Shapermint, this brand is more open when it comes to sustainability, stating that it does the best it can to minimize waste. In terms of product effectiveness, each product goes through 1-2 years of testing before it’s sold on the website. That kind of blew me away.

Winner: Honeylove wins this round. Compared to Shapermint, this brand is more transparent when it comes to sourcing and sustainability. I also found it comforting to know that its garments are rigorously tested for quality.

Shapermint vs Honeylove: Customer Ratings

Shapermint vs Honeylove Review

I’ve found that customer ratings are usually a tie-breaker when it comes to crowning the winning brand. To help you ponder on your purchase, this part of my Shapermint vs Honeylove review will be dedicated to feedback.

To give you a full view of how customers feel about each company, I scoured the internet to see what buyers are saying. To start things off, let’s go over a few rankings of some of their bestselling pieces.


  • Truekind® Daily Comfort Wireless Shaper Bra: 5,529 reviews with a 4.5/5 star rating
  • Empetua® All Day Every Day Tank Cami: 496 reviews with a 4.5/5 star rating
  • Shapermint Empetua® Shaper Shorts: 10,979 reviews with a 4.5/5 star rating


  • Honeylove Silhouette Bra: 47 reviews with a 4.5/5 star rating
  • Honeylove LiftWear Cami: 212 reviews with a 4.7/5 star rating
  • Honeylove SuperPower Short: 1,328 reviews with a 5/5 star rating

When it comes to outside testimonials, Shapermint seems to be a fan favorite across several reviewer sites. For instance, Trustpilot holds over 16K comments with a general score of 4.3/5 stars. Sitejabber follows behind with a count of 7,156 votes and a rating of 4.4/5 stars.

On the other hand, Honeylove showcases a small number of reviews compared to Shapermint. Its Trustpilot page only holds 93 comments with a score of 4/5 stars. In addition, the Better Business Bureau showcases a total of 67 testimonials with a 4.9/5-star rating. The BBB also awarded them an A+ score.

To keep things simple to read in this Shapermint vs Honeylove review, I’ve summarized a list of common customer feedback from the testimonials I’ve gathered: 


  • Scores mad points in comfort, versatility, and support. Others found its shapewear to be flattering on their bodies
  • Most buyers agreed with the prices
  • Encouraging reviews about customer service in terms of fit and finding the right products
  • Some dismal reports on ordering problems, refunds, and delayed shipments


  • Great in sculpting the perfect fit. A majority of customers agreed that its shapewear provided support and comfort
  • Some buyers found the shapewear to be surprisingly breathable in case of hot days
  • Positive experiences with the customer service team and delivery methods
  • A few noted issues in discomfort and noise when worn

Winner: Shapermint takes the cake on customer reviews. Compared to Honeylove, it has more positive reviews in terms of fit, functionality, and comfort.

Shapermint vs Honeylove: Promotions & Discounts

Shapermint vs Honeylove Review

Everybody loves a good bargain. I know I do. Down below in this Shapermint vs Honeylove review, I’ve found a few ways to help you save a bit of money. Which brand will win in terms of customer perks and promotions? Let’s find out.


  • Offers a Black Friday promotion, in which some shapewear sets and garments are 70% off
  • By inputting promo code: 15OFFNOW, customers can save 15% off their final order
  • For every successful referral, buyers will be rewarded with a $20 coupon for sharing their affiliate link
  • If you sign up for their newsletter, you automatically get 10% off


  • All single-item purchases come with a 20% off coupon, which can be used for the rest of your order
  • If you’re a frontline worker, the brand will reward you with 20% off your final purchase
  • In terms of its refer-a-friend program, customers will get $20 off for every successful referral

Winner: It seems that customers save more when it comes to Shapermint. I can’t deny the temptation of a sale outlet, which is a feature that Honeylove doesn’t offer.

Shapermint vs Honeylove: Shipping & Returns

Shapermint vs Honeylove Review

Before you hit checkout, I’ve learned it’s best to gloss over the shipping policy of every brand you shop at. That way you can avoid curveballs in terms of costly delivery rates or unavailable locations.

Moving forward with this Shapermint vs Honeylove review, I’ll take a look at their terms and conditions in detail to see what they offer.


  • Offers free shipping on orders $60 or more. Anything under this amount is charged a flat fee of $7
  • Provides domestic and international delivery in select locations
  • Issues a tracking number that customers can use (as given in a confirmation email)
  • Has a 60-day Confident-Fit Guarantee for their products (with free shipping)
  • Limited issues on shipping when it comes to customer reviews


  • Provides free shipping on orders $75 or more
  • It also offers international delivery in select countries such as Canada and Australia
  • Has a tracking number that customers can use
  • Offers a 30-day return window with free shipping
  • A few reported concerns about delayed deliveries

Winner: Compared to Honeylove, Shapermint provides a more affordable option when it comes to shipping costs. If it wasn’t for this one asset, I think it would be a tie, as both brands offer relatively similar policies.

Shapermint vs Honeylove: Price & Value

Shapermint vs Honeylove Review

It’s time for the final round. In this last segment of my Shapermint vs Honeylove review, I’ll look into what brand triumphs in price and value.

As I mentioned before, Shapermint hosts sales from time to time. As a result, most of its pieces are usually offered at a discounted price.

From the product reviews I’ve provided so far in this Shapermint vs Honeylove review, it seems that a majority of Shapermint garments fall within the $30 to $50 mark. Considering the fabric it uses, customers can get a solid bargain for a well-made piece. Not only are they purchasing a standard nylon and spandex suit, but it comes with nifty assets like non-slip technology and compression panels.

Honeylove is definitely on the expensive side when it comes to shapewear. After combing through its website, I found out that some of its pieces range from the $70 to $80 mark. With that being said, I think the quality is still there.

Its pieces include a variety of innovative features such as bonded support and detachable gussets. On top of that, a majority of customers were happy with the way their garments performed.

Winner: Sometimes quality lies in simplicity, which is what I think Shapermint is all about. Considering its low prices, customers can get a steal for an uncomplicated garment that does the trick.

We Choose: Shapermint

Shapermint vs Honeylove Review

After tallying up the scores, I think that Shapermint is the brand to opt for. From its promotions to thousands of positive customer reviews, this undergarment label excels in the balance of cost versus quality. Naturally, a good company will issue a high-quality product at a reasonable price.

It’s considered bad taste if the label in question is too cheap or too expensive, as it can indicate a wallowing bank account or an easily damaged item. Shapermint manages to hit that sweet spot, as it hones in on simplicity rather than taking on several upgrades. After all, shapewear needs to do one thing only: shape the body.

My final thoughts in this Shapermint vs Honeylove review: Overall, if you’re looking for an undergarment brand that offers a fair scale of value and cost, this recommends that you give this company a try.

To learn more about Shapermint checkout our full Shapermint Review.

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