Cariuma Vs Allbirds Review

Cariuma vs Allbirds: Brand Showdown

Calling all shoe enthusiasts, we’re about to host a footwear showdown. More specifically, we’ll be looking at two popular sneakerhead brands: Cariuma and Allbirds

Both known to run with the eco-friendly and sustainable theme, these companies produce high-quality kicks for men and women. Before we get into this Cariuma vs. Allbirds shoes review, let’s introduce our two contestants:

Boasting an impressive 154K following on Instagram, Cariuma specializes in making comfortable shoes that leave behind a small carbon footprint.

Cariuma Vs Allbirds Review

Showcasing a wide selection of stylish sneakers for the modern consumer, the brand ensures that its manufacturing process abides by environmentally friendly measures. 

Their kicks are seen in media publications such as Vogue, Forbes, Los Angeles Times, and Hypebeast. 

On the other side of the ring, we’ve got Allbirds gearing up for the fight. Showcasing a cult following of 439K on Instagram, this B-corp brand is known for its intensive eco-conscious efforts from sourcing to packaging. 

Producing sneaker designs for all genders, their footwear has been endorsed by celebrities such as Sophie Turner and Cindy Crawford. They have also been featured in online magazines like Glossy and the New York Post. 

Cariuma Vs Allbirds Review

So, who will be crowned the winning champion? Stay tuned as this Cariuma vs. Allbirds shoes review will take a closer look at their products, customer ratings, promotions, and more to help you make that final decision. 

Overview of Cariuma and Allbirds 

Cariuma was founded in Brazil by business partners David Python and Fernando Porto. Since 2018, it has filled a noticeable gap within the shoe industry.

After realizing that many luxury footwear companies provide stiff shoes made under questionable working conditions, the duo decided to kickstart their own to provide consumers with a better option. Cariuma was created to be an opposing force against fast fashion

A statement made by Cariuma:

“Our sneakers are good-looking, crazy comfy and consciously made. We knew we wanted to make future classics with an increased lifespan that evolve with you and your sense of style.” 

Cariuma Vs Allbirds Review

The creation of Allbirds started off as a simple question: Why was something as sustainable as merino wool virtually absent in the footwear industry? A native of New Zealand, founder Tim Brown decided to answer the query himself by creating his own shoe brand. 

After years of researching and experimenting, he formulated a revolutionary type of fabric that he believed would change the sneaker game. Established in 2014 in San Francisco, Allbirds took off flying with help of Brown’s business partner, Joey Zwillinger. 

“The footwear industry often overlooks Mother Nature’s materials in favor of cheaper, synthetic alternatives. We think it’s time to change that,” via 

Cariuma Vs Allbirds Review

Cariuma Black Contrast/Ivory Catiba Pro vs Allbirds Men’s Wool Runners  

Designed in a chic skater-boy style, Cariuma’s Black Contrast/Ivory Catiba Pro sneakers are the perfect addition to any streetwear look. Engineered to be durable and flexible, these kicks are built with board feel and traction to avoid any accidental slips. 

Made out of premium suede, cotton canvas, and laces made out of recycled plastics, these runners are sustainably made. It’s offered in other color combinations like white and pink. The  Black Contrast/Ivory Catiba Pro pair costs $89 at checkout.  

Made from soft merino wool, the Men’s Wool Runners from Allbirds features a soft, moisture-wicking design built to be sweat-resistant and comfortable.

The innovative SweetFoam midsole is created using Brazillian sugarcane, which is made with the world’s first carbon-negative green EVA. 

Entirely carbon neutral, these sneakers are both great for the feet and the environment. Available in classic shades of gray and an array of different colors, these runners will add a pop of color to your overall outfit. The Men’s Wool Runners ring in at $95

Winner: Allbirds 

The Men’s Wool Runners offer more customizability for wearers in terms of color.

You also can’t breeze past the fact that their midsoles are made out of sugarcane—which is virtually unheard of within the footwear industry.

It was marked as one of TIME’s Best Inventions of 2018. These sneakers are built to last long city walks, nature hikes, and even the skate park. 

Cariuma Grey Suede OCA Low vs Allbirds Women’s Wool Runners

Perfect for those ankle-cut leggings or jeans, the Grey Suede OCA sneakers by Cariuma are made out of super breathable material.

Compacted with the brand’s signature memory foam and leather insoles, these kicks are meant for those hour-long boardwalks or spontaneous runs. 

Embodying a chic Californian beach style, it features embossed metal aglets, laces, and a subtle branding detail on the tongue. Considered the perfect hybrid of utility meets fashion, customers can also get this in other colors such as pink or black. Lace up for $98

If you’re in the market for go-to yoga shoes, workout sneakers, or everyday city kicks, the Allbirds Women’s Wool Runners are made to be comfortable, durable, and fashionable.

Made out of ZQ merino wool, these trainers feature an insole made out of castor bean oil, which is known to emit less carbon than petroleum-based foam.

You don’t have to worry about those unwanted odors either, as this model reduces foul smells. Plus, they last many washes. The Women’s Wool Runners are flexible with wearers’ movements, and customers attest that they fit true to size. 

They’re available in either classic or fun limited edition colors such as orange, light grey, cream, and blueberry for $95

Winner: Cariuma 

There’s something so elegant and streamlined with the Grey Suede OCA sneakers by Cariuma. It is the overall design—in terms of style and dependability—that puts these sneakers right over the edge compared to the Women’s Wool Runners by Allbirds. 

Cariuma Rose Knit IBI vs Allbirds Women’s Tree Skippers  

Made out of self-regenerating bamboo and recycled plastics, Cariuma’s Rose Knit IBI sneakers can easily be your coolest pair of shoes.

For those not in with the lingo, IBI means that the product in question is of high-performance quality, low impact, and ultra-lightweight. 

With its insole made out of cork and organic mamona oil, these kicks are both eco-friendly and adaptable. They’re ideal for running errands around town, or worn on a cute outdoors hiking date.

Available in other bright colors such as yellow, red, or blue, the Rose Knit IBI sneakers are best worn with a casual pair of leggings or straight jeans. To show off your personal style, pre-order these for $98.

Sometimes you need a pair of kicks that can easily slide on without the hassle of buckles and straps. This is where Women’s Tree Skippers by Allbirds comes in.

Made to be silky smooth in feel, these boat shoes are made using responsibly sourced eucalyptus tree fiber. It’s also pleasantly cool to the touch—so you don’t have to worry about future feet sweats. 

Built with proprietary foam with an s-curve tread for the sole, the Women’s Tree Skippers make you feel light on your toes.

Offered in a range of classic hues and limited edition shades, these shoes can be those go-to sneakers for taking the dog out for a quick walk. They cost a cool $95

Winner: Allbirds 

This was a close call. As both designs feature unique materials that are eco-conscious and sustainably sourced, this Cariuma vs. Allbirds shoes review decided to focus on the aspect of convenience.

The Allbirds version is far easier to slip on, versus tying and re-tying the laces on the Cariuma option when you’re late to work. 

Cariuma vs Allbirds: Quality

As previously mentioned in this Cariuma vs. Allbirds review, Allbirds uses a special blend of New Zealand merino wool for their shoes.

The fibers are 20% the diameter of human hair, which basically means that it’s combed to be superfine, breathable, and temperature-regulating

With the additional key advantages of moisture-wicking and non-irritation, it’s the ideal material to use for shoes to ensure maximum comfort. Their in-house process also uses 60% less energy than other fabrics used in typical synthetic footwear. 

Plus, they use other materials for their laces and soles, which include recycled bottles, castor bean oil, recycled cardboard, and even Brazillian sugar cane.

If that sounds too flimsy and low quality to you, then you’re in for a surprise. Allbirds’ resources are carefully manufactured to create a cushion-like effect for wearability; make foot odor a non-issue, and meant to conform to your dynamic movements. 

Cariuma Vs Allbirds Review

Cariuma focuses on the marriage between wearability and style. Inspired by old vintage classics, their shoes have a slightly modern spin when it comes to materials.

Cotton canvas, organic mamona oil, bamboo, sugarcane, and corkboard are commonly used in the brand’s collection of footwear.

Not only are their sneakers good for the environment, but they provide needed arch support and comfort with their super-soft memory foam. 

Cariuma’s shoes are also built with a protective toe cap and a fully-stitched outsole made out of 100% natural rubber. All of these elements help to increase the sneaker’s lifespan so you don’t have to keep buying a new pair every year. 

Cariuma Vs Allbirds Review

Winner: Cariuma 

In this Cariuma vs. Allbirds shoes review, we decided that It all boiled down to transparency. While both brands included a unique blend of sustainable materials, Cariuma was able to provide customers with more details in terms of sourcing and quality check. 

Cariuma vs Allbirds: Customer Ratings 

Everybody flocks to online comments before making that crucial purchase. In terms of ratings, we’ve found out that blogsite

Pack Hacker ranks Caruima with 7.9/10 stars. On their official website, most of their bestselling shoes showcase a score of 4.5/5 stars

When it comes to Allbirds, the brand earns a mediocre rank of 3.4/5 stars. However, reviewers on Influenster bump up their shoes to 4.5/5

This Cariuma vs. Allbirds shoes review will provide a list of pros and cons for both of these heavy-weight shoe brands for readers to follow.

Below, you will find a summarized record of the most common complaints and positive experiences found on their websites, media outlets, reviewer pages, and independent blogs:



  • A selection of fashionable shoes made eco-consciously
  • Comfortable when walking and true to size 
  • Their nod to sustainability is a big win for customers 
  • Reasonably priced 


  • Their shoes are comfortable to wear 
  • They offer stylish designs 
  • Feels warm and insulated to wear during the cold season 
  • Allbirds footwear is machine washable 
  • Their eco-friendly and sustainable approach is a plus for a majority of customers 
Cariuma Vs Allbirds Review



  • Issues with their customer service team 
  • Not meant for high-intensity workouts
  • Wear out in a short amount of time 


  • Reported issues with sizing, some customers found their shoes too small, too big, or too narrow
  • Their wool runners stretch over time with threads coming loose 
  • Expensive prices 
  • Others stated that they formed blisters and bruises after wearing their sneakers 
Cariuma Vs Allbirds Review

Winner: Allbirds 

A majority of customers agreed that Allbirds sneakers held up better in harsher environments, such as snow, hike trails, and water.

Its universal design and build made it easier to wear for everyday use, compared to their competitor brand. Cariuma’s shoes seem to be designated for casual streetwear use only

Cariuma vs Allbirds: Promotions and Discounts

This Cariuma vs. Allbirds shoes review hasn’t come across any promotions, deals, or coupons on the Allbirds website, and they don’t intend to make any in the future.

Why is this? It’s because they want to maintain their methods at a sustainable level by cutting out the middleman. 

Cariuma Vs Allbirds Review

Cariuma, on the other hand, has a Referral Program. Customers can give $30 to their friends to receive the same amount of money in return. By doing this, they also help plant 30 trees in the Brazillian Rainforest. 

Cariuma Vs Allbirds Review

Winner: Cariuma 

For obvious reasons, customers can get a little bonus while conserving the environment when taking part in Cariuma’s Referral Program. It’s practically a win-win situation compared to Allbirds’ stance on promotions. 

Cariuma vs Allbirds: Shipping and Returns 

Once you’ve decided to commit to a certain pair of shoes, it’s time to see how shipping works. This Cariuma vs. Allbirds shoes review will provide readers what they need to look out for in terms of price, delivery, and shipping locations for two of these brands.

We’ll also look for any complaints or positive experiences with their returns and shipping policies:



  • Shipping is free on orders $50 or more
  • Anything below the $50 amount is charged $5 
  • They offer 2 other delivery methods such as 2-day shipping and 1-day shipping at set rates
  • They provide international shipping at select countries 
  • Offers tracking number for customers to use 
  • Limited negative reviews in terms of shipping and returns 
Cariuma Vs Allbirds Review



  • Free shipping on all orders 
  • Offers express delivery at $5 
  • Duties and taxes payable upon checkout (no extra fees upon delivery) 
  • Customers can track their packages via a confirmation email 
  • Provides international shipping at select countries 
  • A few positive reviews on how fast their shipping service is 
Cariuma Vs Allbirds Review



  • Offers a 30-day trial period which includes full refunds
  • Free returns for in-store and online purchases  
  • Sock bundles and other accessories are final sale
  • Mixed reviews on their return policy 
Cariuma Vs Allbirds Review



  • Provides a 60-day window to return items 
  • Complimentary returns 
  • All accessories including shoelaces and insoles are finals sale 
  • Mixed reviews on their return policy 
Cariuma Vs Allbirds Review

Winner: Cariuma 

You can’t beat free shipping on all orders and an extended return policy.  Cariuma makes it painless for customers when it comes to the checkout process. In comparison, Allbirds has customers pay a little bit more if their orders don’t reach a certain amount. 

Cariuma vs Allbirds: Price and Value

Cariuma Vs Allbirds Review

The two brands are so close in terms of price, but they have their differences. We’ll outline how much their sneakers cost in this Cariuma vs. Allbirds shoes review: 

Cariuma’s Black Contrast/Ivory Catiba Pro sneakers: $89

Allbirds’ Men’s Wool Runners: $95 

Cariuma’s Grey Suede OCA Low sneakers: $98

Allbirds’ Women’s Wool Runners: $95

Cariuma’s Rose Knit IBI sneakers: $98

Allbirds Women’s Tree Skippers: $95

Cariuma Vs Allbirds Review

Winner: Allbirds 

Most people agreed that both Cariuma and Allbirds shoes were reasonably priced in terms of design, durability, and quality. That being said, there are more customers who were pleased with how long their Allbirds sneakers held up during extended use of wear.

While the two brands use a common list of materials, a good amount of users stated that Cariuma’s runners quickly wore out within a few months

We Choose: Allbirds 

Cariuma Vs Allbirds Review

Even though it came to a 50/50 split, we decided that Allbirds should be crowned the overall winner. Like all brands, it should come down to overall performance reflected against the cost.

Their shoes are built to last, as they are designed for outdoor use ranging from dirt hikes to casual downtown walks. 

This Cariuma vs. Allbirds shoes review found out that a sizable amount of buyers who wore Cariuma sneakers stated that they were definitely not meant for exercise and harsh environments.

While they do exceed in categories such as promotions, shipping, and quality—all of this pales in comparison to actual customer reviews who’ve put their shoes to the test.

All in all, both of these brands provide fashionable, comfortable footwear. It also doesn’t hurt that people are loving their eco-centric approaches. This Cariuma vs. Allbirds shoes review gives a round of applause to the main victor. 

Make sure to check out our full reviews for Cariuma and Allbirds for a more in-depth commentary. 

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