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Best of Signs Review

The best sign is nigh – in fact, it’s so close that it’ll be delivered in a week when ordering with Best of Signs

This brand is all about state of the art custom print solutions for signs, flags, banners, canopies, and more,  producing quality products for every marketing and branding need . Promising top-tier material, printing, and installation options, this business is all about putting the power of customization in the hands of all its customers.

We’ll be honest, this one doesn’t have a huge online following. In addition to not really being featured in the press, they only have about 1,710 followers on Instagram to their name. 

That said, their lack of press coverage and social presence hasn’t stopped them from reaching success: their positive customer interactions and ratings number in the thousands.

This Best of Signs review will go beyond a superficial glance at the available press. We’re diving into products, prices, sales, support, and more to determine whether this is a high quality custom brand to buy from.

Overview of Best of Signs

Best of Signs Review

Founded by Nishant Shah in 2012, this brand was born with a dream to help customers and marketers build their names with ease. 

Offering quick ship and print time, lower prices, and a user-friendly interface, Best of Signs was created with the customer in mind throughout each step of the process.

Working with a wide range  of free templates, Best of Signs keeps things as customizable as possible, enabling clients  to input any information or design specifications they require with ease.

Providing upgrades on pretty much every design, their quality products are all about stunning styles, bold colors, clear graphics, and, above all else, weatherproofing.

Keeping customer satisfaction at the core of their business, attention is divided equally between producing products of the highest quality and providing world class customer service. Hoping that a single order will gain a lifetime customer, this business works heavily through word of mouth in its efforts to become the first-choice supplier for all.

Of course, customer service isn’t the only benefit to this business. Check out these quick highlights:


  • Offers an incredibly wide variety of signs, flags, canopies, banners, and more
  • Fully customizable products
  • Option to upload your own graphics files
  • Responsive customer service
  • Excellent customer ratings

Best of Signs Review

There’s a lot of ground to cover when reviewing a business with a broad range of products like Best of Signs. That’s why we’re going with a bit of everything. Featuring six of their most popular products, we’re here to give a taste of what items and prices look like on a daily basis.

Best of Signs Custom Banners Review

Have something big to say? Why not really show off those ideas with a Best of Signs Custom Banner?

Available in ten pre-selected sizes or completely custom dimensions to fit your needs. These banners are here to steal – and direct – the show, garnering attention through the silky vinyl material’s display of vibrant and bold colors. 

Professional grade in quality, this banner is all about being the best – how else is it supposed to live up to the brand name?

Aside from quality appearance, the actual material of the banner is where Best of Signs’ premium quality begins. Weather-proof with quick and easy installation options that withstand the harshest of weather, this banner isn’t blowing away any time soon. 

Printed with eco-solvent inks, this business keeps things environmentally friendly while also reducing the risk of fading or running after endless hours of rain or sun. Basically, it’s ready to counter anything that comes its way.

Prices for banners depend on the size, but at the time of writing this Best of Signs review, the products are on sale at a very competitive discount. We’re talking down to $66 from $265 for a 6′ by 10’ banner.

Best of Signs Rectangle Flags Review

Here’s how to aim for quantity and quality all in one: Best of Signs Rectangle Flags.

We’ve all seen them planted in lawns, promoting the great product, service or candidate. Why not take your own marketing and branding to the next level by adding these well-known products to your own arsenal?

With four sizes to choose from in addition to personalized size options, these small and vibrant flags are ready to fly and attract attention while waving in the wind.

Incredibly easy to install, they’re also  highly portable, making them easy to grab and go for set up or to change locations. There are no  worries about dragging around heavy equipment. Simply take them and start planting them  whatever location suits them best. 

Despite their smaller stature, these sturdy signs hold up well in windy & inclement weather, countering everything storms have to throw at them.

Prices depend on size for this one, but now is the time to buy big as spring sales have the 8’ by 5’ size down to $65 from $260.

Best of Signs Custom Canopy 10×10 Review 

Whether you’re preparing for an outdoor festival or event to promote business or in need of a personal canopy tent, the Best of Signs Custom Canopy 10×10 suits just about every occasion.

 This canopy is prime placement for marketing, branding and advertising. Add a logo to the top panel(s), banner trim, or back wall – there’s plenty of room for text, sales copy and more

Be ready to think big with your designs to impress attendees and fellow vendors alike. Add images and graphics in your brand’s colors to the two short side walls  and everyone will be drawn to your bold and beautiful designs.

We’re big fans of the contained environment the canopies deliver. Rather than appearing as a tented area, the side walls create a sense of openness and space while working in combination with the back wall to not only provide an element of protection from the weather but also centralize the area into one cohesive environment. 

Sturdy and easy to set up, these canopy tents are portable as well with a wheeled travel bag for easy transport from event to event.

Attract buyers and event visitors with this one for $150 (regularly $600).

Best of Signs Perforated Window One Way Vision Signs Review

Ever wonder how businesses put giant one-way window signs to work for them? We certainly did until we learned more about the Best of Signs Perforated Window One Way Vision Signs.

 This sign is all about one-way marketing. Show off your latest promotion to foot or drive-by traffic without sacrificing your view from the inside. 

The perforations allow the light of day to pass through while simultaneously  showing off a new deal with simple peel and stick placement.

Despite the perforation, the vision, quality, and colors remain strong. UV-resistant printing eliminates worries about fading,  and the weather and scratch-proof material will last much longer than your latest promotion. 

Just select from one of five sizes or send in personal dimensions and all that’s left is to peel, stick, and watch as your decal brings in business.

We’re suckers for great deals, so this Best of Signs review is happy to report that right now the 36” by 24” decal is down to $30 (regularly $120).

Best of Signs Acrylic Signs Review

Sometimes we just like to add a bit of flair to personal spaces. That’s why we had to highlight the Best of Signs Acrylic Signs.

We know that this is great for businesses too, but let’s be honest, how many times do we really get to promote this company for personal use rather than professional? With that in mind, we’re taking the opportunity to do so right now. 

These signs are all about options. In addition to the selection of standard vs custom ’ sizing, the real choice for this one comes with its background, where customers can select from reflective to opaque to frosted and more.

Whether promoting a business logo at the office or simply showcasing a design that needs a special place in the home, these signs offer stunning colors and clear designs

Ideal for both outdoor and indoor use, you can select from a variety of pre-made templates or submit your own personal design and sit back with pleasure at seeing your vision come to life.

Grab a seat and get to work designing while you can still get this product for $36 rather than the regular price of $145.

Best of Signs Custom Canopy Tents Review

Get to work prepping for the summer with a Best of Signs Custom Canopy Tent.

Perfect for the festival market, these canopies are all about light coverage and open space. Featuring a single back wall, this tent leaves three sides open to the public  to allow easier access while giving you limitless inventory placement options. 

Showcase colors, logo, and text on the canopy top, trim, and back wall for prime marketing, branding and advertising opportunities that draw in crowds. Crafted with durable and weather-proof fabric, it doesn’t take much effort to wipe this one down when it comes to any spills, dirt, or possible stains. 

Just give it a quick clean, a simple disassemble process, and bundle things up to move on to the next market. 

Grab the 10’ by 10’ size for $150 (regularly $600).

Who Is Best of Signs For? 

Best of Signs Review

Born for the world of business, Best of Signs was really created for small-business marketing. Those who need quick and cost-effective methods to promote companies, discounts, deals, and more delivered fast can rely on this business to be a simple solution.

We do have to note that this brand does offer up some selections for personal use as well. Anyone can benefit from a personal print or acrylic sign in their own space – especially if the printed design has personal significance.

So, don’t let the notion of this brand being catered towards businesses limit the possibilities. Anyone who needs a quick, inexpensive print alternative  can take advantage.

Best of Signs Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Best of Signs Review

Rather than take only our word for it, we decided to look online at the world of Best of Signs reviews on various platforms. 

We have to admit, we didn’t expect much considering how little publicity this brand has, but we were pleasantly surprised to find thousands of positive ratings.

Taking a look at the brand’s own site, customers seem thrilled with each product and the ordering process. 

Due to customization being key to many of their pieces, the user experience and site interface feature heavily in the comments regarding Best of Signs. Quality also appears often in the ratings left behind by verified buyers.

One example of a popularly loved product is their Custom Banners, with 4.5/5 stars based on over 3,800 ratings. These banners are a general format with over 10 sizes and completely customizable appearances

Clearly, that system works well for buyers as one Best of Signs review stated, “they were very nice to work with and the banner looks amazing!!!! The quality is beautiful and looks cool on my wall.

Offering reasonable prices (especially as this brand usually runs crazy-good sales), knowing that quality isn’t compromised as a result, is a big win for the business. Of course, these banners aren’t the only quality piece offered. 

Check out these other top-sellers:

  • Rectangle Flags: 4.4/5 stars based on over 1,445 ratings
  • Acrylic Signs: 4.5/5 stars based on over 1,595 ratings
  • Perforated Window Signs: 4.4/5 stars based on over 1,595 ratings
  • Custom Canopy: 4/5 stars based on over 785 ratings

Outside of the official brand site, this business still comes across as well-loved with quality materials. In fact, SiteJabber lists them at 4.7/5 stars based on over 3,965 ratings. 

These customers all rave about the site and its interface making the process of ordering incredibly simple.

“The best interface and design tool for the custom vinyl license plate stickers. I want you to know that I’ve tried several (3 or 4) other places so far, and the level of entry (learning curve) is way high at those other places. I was able to upload, resize, and preview in <2 minutes with your site. It was amazing!

Many appear to come recommended by others and they seem to agree that the business more than satisfies their needs. 

Easy to navigate, order, and supplied with constant support throughout the process, the only thing that makes this business better is their competitive pricing. One Best of Signs review noted the business offered a “User friendly website, quick and responsive chat.

Considering their level of customer support and product quality, it’s no wonder the company has landed themselves an A- rating through the Better Business Bureau. 

Minimal complaints and top-quality work seem to be a constant with this name. Of course, that’s no surprise to TrustPilot with their 4.5/5 stars.

Considered a wonderful brand to work with, customers seemingly had very few complaints regarding quality. In fact, one Best of Signs review stated, “Easy to use and affordable. Outstanding customer service response was greatly appreciated.” 

Providing steps along the way to guide buyers (without being overwhelming), this brand understands how to balance support versus suffocation.

Honestly, we think this Google Review (4.3/5 stars based on 1,825 ratings) sums up the brand best by saying, “So impressed with the quality, vivid colors, & vinyl material used for an unbelievable price. Top rate! Wow, great experience!

Offering quality, colors, easy interface, constant support, and more, it seems safe for this Best of Signs review to say that this brand has things figured out.

Is Best of Signs Legit?

Best of Signs Review

As far as this Best of Signs review can tell, this brand is legit. We were unable to find any red flags, so no worries when putting in an order.

Is Best of Signs Worth It?

Best of Signs Review

We’re giving this brand a definite yes. Those in need of any marketing, branding or advertising materials can happily depend on Best of Signs to come through with the flags, signs, banners, stickers and more needed to really boost business. 

With excellent ratings on products, prices, and service, it’s hard to find fault with this brand.

Best of Signs Promotions & Discounts 

Best of Signs Review

At the time of writing this review, there are endless deals in sight. Aside from the Spring Sale that has prices over 50% off on most products, here are a few other available discounts:

  • Register for the newsletter for 20% off
  • 20% off your first order with Best of Signs coupon code NEWORDER

Where to Buy Best of Signs

Best of Signs Review

The best place to buy Best of Signs is from the brand site itself. Actually, it’s the only place. This business is all about a personal process, so head over to to get started.


Who owns Best of Signs?

This brand is owned and operated by Nishant Shah.

Does Best of Signs ship internationally?

This company does not ship internationally.

What is Best of Signs’ Shipping Policy?

Best of Signs wants to make the process as simple as can be and that means delivering all the relevant info in a quick and concise manner. Here’s a nice rundown:

  • Costs are dependent on order size with a flat rate of $5 for parcels under $99
  • Any shipments over $99 get free shipping
  • International shipping is available
  • Standard shipping takes three to nine business days

That’s really all there is to it for Best of Signs shipping. They tend to keep things nice and easy.

What is Best of Signs’ Return Policy?

Sometimes things don’t quite work out as planned. That’s when we take a look at the return policy to get that money back. When it comes to Best of Signs, all returns have to be reported in 48 hours.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Head online to “My Account” to start a ticket
  2. Attach a picture of the product and reason for return
  3. Submit the return request
  4. If approved, customer service will be in touch within a day to resolve the issue with a refund or store credit

Customers usually receive their refunds within 48 hours of the ticket being approved. Any longer than five days and we recommend reaching out to customer service.

How to Contact Best of Signs

Find something of interest in this Best of Signs review? You can easily reach out for clarification with the company. They’ve got a long list of ways to get in touch:

  • Phone: (800) 971-2669
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Online Contact Form
  • Online Messaging Service
  • Address: 595 Old Norcross Road, Suite G, Lawrenceville GA 30046

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