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BCBG Review

Bon chic, bon genre.

That’s the name of this brand. BCBG is named after this French phrase, which means, “Good style, good attitude.”

Whether you’re shopping for a wedding, bachelorette party, graduation, bat mitzvah, or just a stroll in the park, BCBG has a collection of stylish, good-attitude dresses for the occasion.

Welcome to our BCBG review — but first, an introduction to the brand: American, women’s clothing, especially dresses, styles inspired by European culture, high-end fashion with high-end prices. That about sums it up simply.

BCBG is a worldwide brand. They are featured in major publications like Vogue, Forbes, The New York Times, and Wall Street Journal. On social media platforms, they have around 2.1k followers combined.

This BCBG review will cover: highlights, background info, best-selling dresses and accessories, shipping and returns, and customer reviews, so you get the full picture of BCBG. 

Overview of BCBG

BCBG Review

BCBG was born in 1989 in Los Angeles, but their founder, Max Azria, was born in Tunisia, 1949. The full OG brand name reflects the man who created it: BCBGMAXAZRIA.

After living in France and eventually moving to the states in the ‘80s, Azria opened his own retail clothing store named Jess. Soon after, his most successful venture began: BCBG, a new chic brand of women’s clothing that would compete with the more expensive, inaccessible brands.

BCBG is still a high-end brand, but their prices aren’t bonkers. Also, their style is uniquely inspired by Azria’s European sophistication. Culturally classic European styles meet trendy American styles in the BCBG inventory.

The result is a more reasonably priced high-end brand that stays on trend with the modern-day while giving women authentic looks to rock. Their brand mission is to give you a creative outlet to express yourself with, specifically your cultured elegance, modernity, and classiness.

Their products, you may ask, include a diverse selection of dresses, everyday casual clothes, apparel for girls and toddlers, and purses, shoes, and other accessories.

BCBG manufactures most of their products in China. Headquarters to this iconic brand are located in Vernon, California.

For a general picture of the consumer highlights of this BCBG review, here is an efficient summary, on the house:


  • Offers a wide variety of high-end dresses, casual apparel, clothes for girls and women
  • Iconic, established brand in the fashion industry
  • Worldwide shipping
  • Positive customer reviews of products and customer service
  • Rewards loyalty program
  • Frequent promotions and discounts
  • Financing options available through Afterpay
BCBG Review

And now let’s do a best-sellers BCBG review! This will hopefully give you a good idea of what the essence of this brand is.

BCBG Dresses Review

Jumping right into it, BCBG dresses are the brand’s main entrée. We couldn’t possibly show you all the different genres of dresses they make because there are simply too many. But these best-sellers are, well, best-selling, so it’s worthwhile to take a look.

BCBG Tapenade Logan Satin Evening Gown Review

The Tapenade Logan Satin Evening Gown is maxi-length and comes in a stunning amber. The long, loose-hanging skirt is paired with a self-tie waistband, adjustable for your utmost comfort.

The bishop long sleeves give an antiquated look that becomes more modern with the dress neckline, a loose V. As the name suggests, this dress is a fancy evening gown, but the tapenade color gives it extra flair and fun.

Made of 100% polyester, the Tapenade Logan Satin Evening Gown is silky smooth and machine-washable. This dress can be yours for a cool $398.

BCBG Ayla One Shoulder Evening Gown Review

The Ayla One Shoulder Evening Gown is an artful yet classy dress. Available in either red or black, the dress hangs off one shoulder in a way that just drips Red Carpet. The sweetheart neckline is followed by a slightly fitted waistline and maxi-length skirt.

The skirt looks very plain at first if you don’t catch it at the right angle. One of the legs has a high slit in the front, making room to show off the shoes you decide to wear.

Zip it up in the back and when you need to, dry clean it. This piece is imported 100% polyester and will treat you just as well as you treat it. Grab the stunning Ayla One Shoulder Evening Gown for $338.

BCBG Purses Review

If you’re buying a dress, you might also be tempted by BCBG purses, of which there are a wonderful variety to choose from. Check out these two customer favorites to see if they tickle your fancy.

BCBG Cindy Shoulder Bag Review

Hello, gorgeous. The Cindy Shoulder Bag is a convenient carry-around purse for everyday use. You can keep the straps hanging a long 17” from your shoulder, or you can adjust to the double strap length of 9”. 

This bag looks and/or is leather. To elaborate on that: when you get it in Black, it comes in a snake-patterned, embossed faux leather made of polyurethane. When you buy the purse in the Burnt Cognac, orangey-brown color, it’s made of real, and real smooth, Nappa leather.

Extra bonuses include the two credit card slots and back slit pocket, giving you more functionality.

For $178, you can buy the Cindy Shoulder Bag in either black faux leather or luxurious cognac Nappa leather.

BCBG Christy Ruffle Clutch Review

And now for something that looks like it has the same carry capacity as Mary Poppins’ bag. The Christy Ruffle Clutch is a shiny black or white leather purse with a unique look and wide bunched-up ruffles around the opening.

Though it’s a clutch, Christy still has an oval-link chain attached, which you can also detach. Inside, you’ll find one main pocket, one phone-sized pocket, and places to put credit cards and IDs.

Made of 100% leather, this clutch costs a cool $178

BCBG Shoes Review

When dresses and purses aren’t enough, where do you look to? Down at your feet, of course. With all the different occasions and levels of fanciness this brand tailors to, BCBG shoes are worth a look at. 

Speaking of which, our BCBG review found these two shoes to be stunners — what do you think?

BCBG Toni Studded Dress Boot Review

The Toni Studded Dress Boot is a BCBG one-of-a-kind design. These are black, tall stiletto boots studded with shiny silver embellishments on the sides.

The thin heels are 3.75” of pure struttable height. On top of that, the boot shaft is 9.6” high. Add these to the pointed toe and black-with-studs look and you’ve got yourself a sophisticated, dangerous boot. 

The leather surrounding the exterior of the Toni Studded Dress Boot is designed to be slightly relaxed and wrinkled. This is the kind of extra detail that you might miss at first glance but appreciate the effectiveness later.

In all its uniqueness, the Toni Studded Dress Boot is a $498 boot and you better believe they were made for walking. 

BCBG Danni Mule Stiletto Sandal Review

The Danni Mule Stiletto Sandal is a casual high heel. With 4” of extra height added to your walk, this sandal is clearly meant for non-beach settings. You can wear them to the beach, but maybe take them off before aerating the sand with the heels.

These sandals come in either classy Black or shiny bright Red. Both versions are easy slip-ons with a braided weave pattern, something incredibly nice to look at.  The pointed toe is an unconventional choice for a sandal, but it works well on the Danni Mule Stiletto Sandal.

These stunners are made of leather, so you can spot-clean the sandals carefully when they need some refreshing. They are imported and $219, after all.

Who Is BCBG For?

BCBG Review

BCBG makes clothes for women and girls (even toddlers). They are most known for their wide selection of dresses to cover every casual-to-fancy occasion. But they also sell all the usual categories of apparel and accessories.

With worldwide shipping, BCBG has ensured that their clothes are available to people around the globe. Geography won’t stop you from getting that dress you want.

BCBG Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

BCBG Review

This BCBG review simply wouldn’t be complete without them: customers. Let’s take a look at some reviews from across the World Wide Web to see how the brand’s products hold up in real life.

Unfortunately, the brand site is not home to many customer reviews. None of the best-sellers in our product review had ratings. Alas, we will venture to external sources: Influenster, Amazon, Sitejabber, and Bloomingdale’s to get the inside scoop.

Let’s get down to business: on Influenster, customers rave about the one of a kind,” “timeless” designs. According to fans, BCBG is high fashion mixed with high quality. They have managed to perfect their unique style and consistently serve fresh looks that are trendy but not totally basic.

Many customers recommend the brand because of how well-made the products are. Despite the higher-end price, BCBG has earned their class rank because the clothes live up to the hype:

May be a bit a expensive for many people, but their clothing’s quality is truly worth it! Buying here is an investment, everything will last many years and you will never seem out of trend! This store is one of my go-to’s where looking for something elegant and outstanding

And looks aside, customers appreciated how practical and, you know, functional the products are. For example, the purses are “sturdy” and roomy, and the clothes are comfortable for a range of body types.

People attest you’re likely to find something to suit your authentic style because of the wide selection. The versatility of this brand is to be marveled at because it’s a store you can shop from for quite the spectrum of occasions — “from items that can be casual to dressed up.

Everyone interprets fashion differently. Hey, that’s the fun of it. But this is one customer’s interpretation of the real true BCBG style:

The styles are very chic, Mediterranean inspired. Classic pieces with a modern twist…Classic enough that you can wear as long as you want. 

On Amazon, BCBG reviews are focussed more on the practicality of the products, less so on the style. 

The Tara Cascade Ruffle Dress has a solid 4/5 stars. In the 10 testimonials, the consensus seems to be that the design is effective, well-made, and “super comfy.”

A few customers did offer a piece of advice to size down because the dress is a little too long and flowy, but overall, they recommend ordering the BCBG dress:

I ended up giving it to my daughter who also loved the dress and re-ordered an extra small – fits great! Received many compliments on this dress, but I am 5’5″ and it was longer on me than it appears on the model.

Reviews left on Sitejabber contain a promising number of 4 and 5-star reviews. Quite a few argued the brand is misunderstood: actually, it’s not expensive, but reasonably priced according to the quality. These folks seem to take the “How long will it last?” approach.

Plus, customers are satisfied with customer service and appreciate the size inclusivity. This BCBG review, and others like it, mention that it’s not just a good size range, but actually flattering sizes for big, small, curvy, and petite bodies:

They never send me the wrong item, shipping is fast and good, customer service is good- the designs are fantastic I love them all … BCBG fits so well for real bodies with curves.

Lastly, a few reviews on Bloomingdale’s are informative. The best-selling Tulle Corset Essential Gown had 32 customer ratings, coming out to 4.6/5 stars. Most reviews were 5 stars. Mostly because of how uniquely elegant this flowy, fun, yet dark dress is.

Customers promise it’s not one of those dresses that are so transparent you can see everything underneath — “the tulle is thick enough that you don’t look or feel exposed. 

The unique BCBG touch of this dress makes the price tag worth it for most. They say the dress is beautiful while also being comfortable to walk around, breathe, and exist in. It’s flattering for a range of sizes, and you can dress it up, down, and sideways. “Compliments galore.”

All in all? Customers are pretty pleased with BCBG, consistently rating it highly on Influenster, Sitejabber, and retailers like Amazon and Bloomingdale’s.

Whether you’re shopping for a fresh BCBG sandal to strut the summer streets in or your own wedding dress, customers promise high-end products and service.

Is BCBG Worth It?

BCBG Review

To wrap up our BCBG review, what’s our final verdict? Yes, they’re worth it. If you have the money to spend on pretty, high-end dresses, purses, and shoes, go for it with BCBG.

This brand is still on the pricey side, of course, but it doesn’t compare to some insane designer prices. BCBG generally keeps prices comparable to the quality, so you’re getting your money’s worth.

Many customers stay loyal to BCBG because the products end up lasting years, justifying the price tag. If you’re the type of person who sees new clothes as an investment, this label is for you.

BCBG has consistently positive reviews. Customers love the authentic style this brand has captured, a distinct blend of European culture and modern American trends. And with a wide selection of items to choose from, there is versatility and exciting possibilities.

BCBG Promotions & Discounts 

BCBG Review

Our BCBG review discovered a couple of ways you might snag a deal:

  • Sign up for the newsletter for a 15% off discount
  • Cash in on holiday deals and other promos year-round

Where to Buy BCBG

BCBG Review

You can buy yourself some BCBG boots or any other goodies they sell at the following locations:

  • Bloomingdale’s
  • Amazon
  • Nordstrom Rack
  • Macy’s

… And many other online and in-store department stores!


BCBG Review

Who owns BCBG?

BCBG is owned by their parent company Marquee Brands, headquartered in New York, New York.

Does BCBG ship internationally?

Yes, BCBG ships internationally. You can enjoy your fav styles wherever you are.

What is BCBG’s Shipping Policy?

BCBG ships in the US and internationally. For orders over $250, Economy shipping is free. Otherwise, here are the shipping fees and times for the states:

  • Economy (4–6 business days) – $10
  • Premium (2 business days) – $30
  • Express (1 business day) – $35

Any American orders sent outside of the contiguous states will take longer to arrive.

What is BCBG’s Return Policy?

Our BCBG review found the return policy is a simple 30 days to give it back. You’ll get a refund to your original payment method, including everything minus the shipping fees.

Returns have to be unworn, unused, in their original packaging, and must not be a sale item to qualify.

How to Contact BCBG

If you want to get in touch with BCBG directly, you can contact the brand through the following methods:

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