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Dog is Human Review

Healthy eating matters to everyone, whether human or animal. Why serve our favorite furry friends anything less than the best when we could be supplementing their diet with health and wellness from Dog is Human

Offering pet owners the chance to introduce human-grade ingredients into soft chews, these multivitamins keep dogs running strong with energy to spare in their old age.

Dog is Human is a newer brand but we know it is based in NYC and founded by Uchicago alumni. They also have a science team that consists of doctors, animal scientists and veterinarians which can be found on their website.

Stepping into the unknown, our Dog is Human review will take a deeper dive into this brand’s product, pricing, ratings, and more to determine whether this is one to find for a furry family friend.

Overview of Dog is Human

Dog is Human Review

Dog is Human was founded by dog loving UChicago Graduates Tim Chen and Kathan Mally in conjunction with their scientific board. Their product is human-grade and made in Vermont

Built around the values of compassion, emotion, and empathy, this business is all about understanding the thoughts and feelings behind each bark to appreciate the health and wellness of our favorite pets.

Aiming for a solution to assist dogs in living their best lives, this brand is all about raising health standards for pets. Working with human-grade ingredients, Dog is Human multivitamins invite human science and health into the world of man’s best friend. 

Designed by professionals, these tested multivitamins can deliver happiness and health so furry friends can keep running, barking, and driving us up the wall with their never-ending energy.

Health and wellness are only two of the sellers for this brand. Our Dog is Human review stumbled across just a few other highlights we want to drop in before getting detailed.


  • Human-grade ingredient multivitamins for dogs
  • Designed by animal nutritionists, vets, and researchers
  • Soft chew
  • Free shipping

Dog is Human Dog Supplements Review

We’d love to say that this Dog is Human review is choosing to showcase our favorite product, but the fact is, this brand really only has one. So, we’re going to take a deep dive into this company’s core product and consider exactly what makes it so loved by customers.

Dog is Human DM-01™ Daily Multivitamin Review

Everyone wants their pets to be as happy and healthy as possible – we tend to do anything for our four-legged friends. Why not start their lives with a boost from DM-01 Daily Multivitamins?

Carefully crafted, this formula does its best to push all things good in single soft chews to make the process easier. 

Designed by professionals (we’re taking vets, nutritionists, researchers, and more), these soft chews combine 12 human-grade ingredients that have been proven to assist dogs in gaining the nutrients needed to stay strong and happy throughout the day.

Each bottle contains 60 soft chews to be served every morning to start the day right. Serve up one, two, or three chews depending on your pup’s weight category and wait for the benefits to start rolling in. 

Each chew includes five essential health benefits, assisting in coat, heart health, joints, digestion, and immunity. Less itching, more mobility, and quick recovery time after meals all come from a simple soft chew.

Give it a try with a single purchase for $42 or subscribe and save by paying only $35 per bottle every 3 weeks, month, or two months.  

Who Is Dog is Human For? 

Dog is Human Review

Designed for pet owners who adore their lovely companions, Dog is Human vitamins are around to promote health and wellness for pups. 

Recommended for dogs over 6 months old, these soft chews work well with any weight, recommending the number of tablets based on the size of the dog receiving them. 

Any dog owner can benefit from this brand – once the pup is 6 months old, Dog is Human is ready to help.

Dog is Human Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Dog is Human Review

Our Dog is Human review team wanted to offer a bigger picture outside of our own opinion and that meant turning to customers for a wider glance. 

While there aren’t a lot of reviews found online, this is quite common for a new brand entering the market. However, in a little over a month they have already managed to accumulate 125 reviews which is quite the feat.

The brand itself hosts a Dog is Human review section for their product, boasting 4.88/5 stars.

While the numbers may not be high, the customers loyal to this brand absolutely adore what it brings to their pets’ lives. Pet owners are quick to note that their “bulldog literally clawed at the box when it arrived on my doorstep. he can’t get enough of these supps.

Due to the human-grade ingredients in the formula for each soft chew, these multivitamins steal the show when dealing with dogs with allergies

One Dog is Human review noted that their “Doggo has a palm oil allergy so I was super excited to see that DiH only uses 12 non GMO ingredients. It’s really tough to find chews suitable for his allergies and so far these have been amazing and he has had zero side effects.

Putting their full energy into online marketing through Instagram, this business currently focuses attention on mastering customer service

With their product already developed and in place, it’s no wonder their representatives have stepped up to the plate to support their inventive approach to pet health.

This brand is everywhere on Insta and I finally caved and bought the multi for my pup. My baby is 7 months old and customer service did a great job of answering all of my questions as I am a super overprotective dog mom :).

Outside of the Dog is Human review section on the brand site, we only really managed to find one other source that took time to consider the product and customer ratings. Thing Testing joins the crowd with 5/5 stars based on over 5 ratings – not the highest in the game, but still something.

My corgi and I are OBSESSED with this multivitamin. She’s usually very picky with her food, but she loves the taste. So far, it has helped her a lot with hip and joint support and relieved her allergies, and I’ve only been giving this to her for a couple of weeks. Would recommend it to anyone, 10/10!

The limited reviews on this platform seem to adore the quality of ingredients that this product works with. 

Using human-grade ingredients to identify multivitamins that assist in delivering multiple benefits to pet health, there are endless rewards to adding these soft chews into the daily routine.

With customers believing in this “Super top notch product made entirely out of human grade ingredients,” it’s easy to see why this brand has built up the loyalty they have already. 

Supporting preventative health measures for the health of loved ones, these soft chews are simple to add to every day and their benefits never seem to stop.

My Dog is Human Review

Hi, I’m Paige and I’m a product tester at Honest Brand Reviews.

Dog is Human Review 1
Paige, Product Tester

My first impression? Such cute packaging. I think Dog is Health supplements are a great way to make sure my dog is getting the nutrition he needs.

He’s a picky eater but he thinks his vitamins are treats now. It’s a big win for me since I don’t have to stress about buying expensive dog food to give him a full range of vitamins, and he gets a yummy treat for being such a good boy!

Dog is Human Review

He’ll definitely be getting his one-a-day from here on out.

Is Dog is Human Legit?

Dog is Human Review

As far as this Dog is Human review can tell, this one is legitimate. While we did not find a lot of information about the brand this isn’t uncommon for new companies. With that being said, we did not find any red flags.

Is Dog is Human Worth It?

Dog is Human Review

We’d argue that the health of loved ones is always worth investing in. Choosing to support pet health with preventative measures and daily vitamins takes moments each day but has lasting effects on our animals. 

Working with top-quality ingredients to provide five essential benefits to pet health, these vitamins are a sure-fire way to help support the health and life quality of our furry friends. Taking little time with lasting effects, we’d highly recommend this one to pet owners.

Dog is Human Promotions & Discounts 

Dog is Human Review

We currently have an exclusive code for our readers. You can use the code HONEST to get 15% OFF your purchase.

Where to Buy Dog is Human

Dog is Human Review

Currently, the only place to purchase these multivitamins is from directly.


Who owns Dog is Human?

The brand is owned by Kathan Mally and Tim Chen.

Does Dog is Human ship internationally?

Currently, this business only ships domestically within the US.

What is Dog is Human’s Shipping Policy?

This brand keeps shipping nice and simple. All products have the following:

  • Domestic shipping
  • Free shipping
  • ETA based on location

That’s all there is to it. Orders should ship within a day of being placed.

What is Dog is Human’s Return Policy?

Sometimes things don’t work out as planned and that’s completely fine. That’s why Dog is Human offers a return policy of 90-days to all customers.

Should individuals not be satisfied, they simply:

  1. Email customer service
  2. Include your name, the reason for return, and the proof of purchase
  3. Wait two weeks for the refund to appear

Offering refunds without returns, this brand sticks with a 90-day policy to give dogs time to adjust to the new supplements

This brand also offers up exchanges for damaged or defective products, also requiring an email and photographic evidence before asking products to be sent to:

Dog is Human, ℅ ShipCube, ℅ IKM,
Roosevelt Industrial Park,
11200 Roosevelt Blvd, Philadelphia,
PA 19116, United States.

How to Contact Dog is Human

Need to reach out after this Dog is Human review without additional questions? There are two easy methods to get in touch:

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