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EWin gaming chair Review

We need to discuss a crucial issue present in today’s society – posture. We’re all creatures of habit, so between desk living at work and gaming at home, there’s little time spent outside of desk chairs. 

EWin gaming chair saw the solution through simple products: ergonomically correct chairs and desks. From comfortable (and supportive) chairs to desks designed for daily work, this brand is all about encouraging gameplay without sacrificing health.

While not one of the bigger names in the world of gaming furniture (a niche market we adore), this brand has still managed to make a name that garners the attention of 18.2k followers on Instagram. 

They’ve also been noted by PC Gamer, Droid Life, Games Radar, and more not only for feature articles but also gaming chair awards.

Gamers and office workers deserve the best support throughout their struggles in the office, at home, or on-screen. That’s why this EWin gaming chair review will break down the business, their history, products, prices, savings, services, and more to determine whether this is one brand to buy.

Overview of EWin Gaming Chair

EWin gaming chair Review

We’ll throw it out there – EWinRacing has been on the market longer than expected. The company first popped up in 2001, focusing their attention on car seats for those luxury models we’ve all dreamt of. 

Spending ten years in the field to work out proper ergonomics for car seats and office furniture, this brand’s engineers managed to isolate key features to build a better back after long hours spent seated.

After years in business and becoming well-established in their industry, the founder, Yiwen Zhang, decided to turn to gaming chairs after his own frustration with the ergonomic gap in the market. 

Designing a chair that offered not only style but also comfort and preferred posture, Zhang joined the market in 2015 under the name EWin Racing.

Since entering the gaming industry, EWin gaming chairs have worked to be the best. Tackling not only aesthetics but also functionality, this business conquered the standard weight limit of 300lbs and expanded to a general 400lbs, with some models even holding up to 550lbs.

It’s clear that this company is all about breaking boundaries, but that’s not the only thing they’ve got going for them.


  • Wide variety of gaming chairs and desks
  • Free shipping
  • International shipping
  • Hold up to 550lbs
  • Payment plans available with Klarna

We know that this brand is all about their ergonomic products, so our EWin gaming chair review would be remiss to exclude any sections. Instead, we want to do a quick highlight of some of their top chairs and desks that not only help the body but also help the soul. They’re that cool and that comfortable.  

EWin Gaming Chair Review

Starting strong with the EWinRacing Gaming Chairs, we’re offering up a glimpse of the best and the brightest. We’re not just talking about the standard styles, but new angles, weight limits, and designs that will make any gaming room or office complete.

EWin Gaming Chair Knight Series Ergonomic Gaming Chair Review

Become the ultimate gamer with the Knight Series Ergonomic Gaming Chair.

We’re not throwing shade at other chairs or gamers (nothing but respect here), but is there something so completely gamer as an EWin gaming chair racing chair with the PlayStation buttons beaming from the back support? If that’s not a power move, we don’t know what is. 

Available in bright lettering against a stark black leather with white or yellow highlights, this whole chair just screams power and position.

Rest with ease in knowing that this chair holds up to 400lbs total – more than enough to support a quick nap. Lounge back for comfort, drop the height, and activate stealth mode as you roll around as quietly as a ninja. 

There’s a lot of fun that can happen with these chairs and proper gaming support is only the beginning.

At the time of writing this EWin gaming chair review, this chair is down from $335 to $229 and is a great choice if you are looking for an office gaming chair.

EWin Gaming Chair Champion Series Pink Bunny Ergonomic Gaming Chair Review

Who says gaming chairs have to be dark and imposing? The Champion Series Pink Bunny Ergonomic Gaming Chair exists to prove all stubborn gamers wrong about their expectations.

Stealing the show, this adorable pink and white chair is the character we’ve all waited for. With sparkling anime eyes, pointed ears, and a fluffy tail, this bunny brightens every room it sits in. 

As a bonus, the neck pillow looks like a little bow while the back pillow sits like a bit of a belly. Really, both just make the whole thing cuter.

Aside from its looks, this one doesn’t disappoint in function. With a full 155-degree lean, the smooth wheels of this product roll it along to lounge in any location. Why not relocate to find a footrest before kicking back for a nap? 

Adjust every angle from back to arms to height and rotation. Everything can be altered to personal preference – there’s nothing better than that.

Brighten things up with the best bunny for $339 (regularly $479).

EWin Gaming Chair Calling Series Ergonomic Gaming Chair Review 

We’ll be honest, our immediate thought with the Calling Series Ergonomic Gaming Chair is Transformers. Specifically, Bumblebee. But that’s just our default thought when we see something cool in blacks and yellows.

This one is all about being sleek and stealthy. Sitting confidently on soft-glide wheels, this is all about a quiet operation that’s also easy on the floors. Your realtor will thank us. 

But that’s not the only element we’re in love with – other than the smooth leather seating over supportive high-density foam, the real star of this show comes from the locking mechanism.

This EWinRacing Gaming Chair is all about customization. Working with a 155-degree range for the seating angle, users can lean and lock their chair after finding that perfect angle. 

Adjust the seat and armrest heights to match the vibe and sit (or lounge) comfortably in that perfect position.

Nab this one while it’s on sale for 25% off – from $359 down all the way to $269.

EWin Gaming Chair Flash XL Size Series Ergonomic Gaming Chair Review

Cure those common aches and pains with a proper seat in the Flash XL Size Series Ergonomic Gaming Chair.

The EWin gaming chair Racing Chair is known for one thing – comfort. The secret behind the soft cushioning? High-density foam

Cushioned with this heavy interior, the seat and additional pillows actually keep the body in the correct posture, not succumbing to slouching in the slightest all the while supporting up to 550lbs.

Covered in sleek black leather, three accent options are available: red, gray, and electric blue. Find the right fit for the space and take joy in owning a piece that moves with you in every way. 

We’re talking more than wheels – this one does full tilt, going back to 155 degrees and remaining steady in its motions, even allowing a comprehensive range of motion for the armrests. Game for hours, tilt back, take that power nap, and dive back into that boss battle.

At the time of writing this EWin gaming chair review, this chair is on sale for $469 rather than its regular price of $499.

EWin Gaming Chair Gaming Desk Review

We understand that not every gamer is at their desk all day, but for those who do live that desk life, we’ve found some best-sellers to bling up the room. 

We’re not being metaphorical there either. These vibrant and multi-featured surfaces are a sight for sore eyes to those stuck sitting behind a desk all day.

EWin Gaming Chair 2.0 Edition RGB Gaming Desk Review

Celebrate a love of gaming in style with the 2.0 Edition RGB Gaming Desk.

We have to admit, this one really flashes its appearance to steal the spotlight. And we do mean literal light. The EWin gaming chair RGB Desk highlights its form through the use of an RGB strip across the side of the desk, but also down the legs. 

Think that’s cool? This lighting can be synced to music via USB to change color, speed, or pace to align with the beat of the music. It’s basically a personal rave.

Other than its solid aluminum and carbon fiber build, this desk is all about the flash and features. Including a wireless charger, a game controller rack, and cable management grommets, it seems like the benefits never really end. 

Just settle into one of those stunning gaming chairs, adjust the table height, tilt it down by 5 degrees for that optimum angle, and play the hours away. No regrets.

Light up the space for $449 (regularly $499).

EWin Gaming Chair Pneumatic Sit-Stand And Tiltable Gaming Desk Review

Living in the work-from-home era, one thing has become clear to us all – sometimes we need to take a stand. Or just a stretch. Anything other than sitting for endless hours. That’s why the Pneumatic Sit-Stand and Tiltable Gaming Desk makes us so happy.

Whether working all day and gaming all night or just gaming 24/7, this EWin gaming chair Gaming Desk comes in clutch. The features really come out in the name, but we’re going over every detail anyway, starting with the adjustable frame

With the simple push of a button, this desk can grow beyond all expectations – or just to 44 inches, which is still pretty good.

Tilt the desktop up to 180 degrees for ease of access when writing, drawing, painting, or watching a screen. Featuring smooth wheels for simple motion, this desk allows work on the go, anywhere and everywhere in the space. 

Add in the curved frame with direct ergonomic support for the wrist and forearm and we’re sold.

Start standing tall with this one for $299 (regularly $399).

Who Is EWin Gaming Chair For? 

EWin gaming chair Review

We know that they’re known as gaming or racing chairs, but the reality is anyone can benefit from this brand. The push towards working from home has only shone a spotlight on the endless hours spent sitting without any real motion. That’s not great for the body.

The best way to confront the problem is by admitting it’s an issue in the first place. The next step is finding a solution that will support the body as needed. 

Whether shopping for a desk or chair (or both), these products are made to keep your body in the best position that will help your health in the long run. There’s no hard cap on avoiding future back pain.

EWin Gaming Chair Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

EWin gaming chair Review

This EWin gaming chair review searched high and low for the best overall picture of this brand and below we will dive into the details. 

We started with an old standby – TrustPilot. This rating platform currently sits the brand at 3.4/5 stars based on over 155 ratings, with almost 70% of listed ratings sitting at 5-stars

Customers seem to claim quality, support, and comfort from the products this brand supplies. One EWin gaming chair review stated, “My job makes me sit at my desk for 6+ hours, and this chair is super comfortable, the back pillow keeps me from slouching too much and the arm rests are nice with the adjustable height. Also, the fact it reclines back is super nice when I wanna relax!

Not only is comfort key to this brand, but their customer service (though somewhat controversial) seems to be well-loved too. With accounts of responsive workers, quick service, and easy repairs, this one seems to be a home run.

I bought a chair two years back. It still holds perfectly, nothing wrong with it. The only thing that is wearing off after many hours of gaming is the arm rest pads. I contacted them a few weeks back to see if I could buy the parts and they sent them for free, no questions asked.

EWin gaming chair doesn’t leave all ratings up to external sources – they’re quick to post their own top ratings from around the world. While they don’t have individual product ratings, the EWin gaming chair review page alone holds great insight into just what makes this brand’s stock so top tier.

“The E-WIN Hero gaming and office chair provides all the support your back and behind will ever need. Whether you spend eight hours a day gaming or eight hours a day working, you need a good place to sit, the E-Win is it.”

Customers gush not only over the styles available but also the sizes. This business is big into finding that perfect fit and for some, that extends beyond the standard angle and weight limits known across the industry. 

EWin gaming chair wants to provide safe, stable, and comfortable seats and desks for workers to enjoy no matter how long they’ll be seated.  

One site-wide EWin gaming chair review noted, “overall, this ergonomic gaming chair is a great buy. It’s comfortable, sturdy, and easy to assemble. Everything is adjustable for even greater comfort. The quality of the materials also makes the price an even better value.”

This company name has appeared across a number of furniture, gaming, and office blogs, highlighting the benefits that these products provide. 

We understand they’re not perfect, but like Office Chair Picks states, “they’re really good for your posture, and are fully adjustable, meaning that you can basically get them to suit your exact needs and requirements.

Who wouldn’t love a brand that promotes health, posture, and highlights customization as an integral part of their design?

As this section’s parting gift, check out the ratings for the products covered in our review:

  • Knight Series Ergonomic Gaming Chair: 5/5 stars from 12 ratings
  • Champion Series Pink Bunny Ergonomic Gaming Chair: 5/5 stars from 5 ratings
  • Calling Series Ergonomic Gaming Chair: 4.8/5 stars from 69 ratings
  • Flash XL Size Series Ergonomic Gaming Chair: 4.9/5 stars from 36 ratings
  • 2.0 Edition RGB Gaming Desk: 5/5 stars from 10 ratings
  • Pneumatic Sit-Stand and Tiltable Gaming Desk: 5/5 stars from 1 rating

Is EWin Gaming Chair Legit?

EWin gaming chair Review

The brand itself is completely legitimate. Their products seem to deliver on comfort, support, and style.

Is EWin Gaming Chair Worth It?

EWin gaming chair Review

Our EWin gaming chair review team is apt to go for a yes on this one. We’re recommending this brand not only due to their reported quality and ergonomic designs but also for their constant sales prices that keep things reasonable for the buyer. 

Gaming chairs and desks definitely aren’t cheap, but they do benefit the body in ways more standard office chairs seem to lack.

The majority of ratings found online seem to suggest that these products are well worth the risk. We’re saying give it a go for steady support alone.

EWin Gaming Chair Promotions & Discounts 

EWin gaming chair Review

At the time of writing this EWin gaming chair review, we’re happy to report a few ongoing promotions:

  • Exclusive discount for HBR readers use code “honestbrand” to get 20% off your purchase.
  • Free express shipping

This brand seems to constantly offer up sales prices, so for those who miss these current discounts, don’t be too disappointed – there will be another chance.

Where to Buy EWin Gaming Chair

EWin gaming chair Review

This brand is all about the best, and that’s why they offer up their items not only on their brand site at but also through select retail partners:

  • Best Buy
  • Esports Furniture
  • Walmart
  • Amazon


EWin gaming chair Review

Who owns EWin?

EWin gaming chair Racing is owned and operated by founder Yiwen Zhang. Zhang created the company in 2015 after years of working in the car seat and office furniture industries.

Does EWin Gaming Chair Ship Internationally?

We’re happy to report that this brand proudly ships internationally.

What is EWin’s Shipping Policy?

Ready to make an order? Rather than lay it all out in dense paragraphs, we’ve assembled all info we could find for quick and easy reading:

  • Free Ground Shipping
  • Standard 2 to 5 business days
  • Express shipping is available with prices dependent on location
  • Currently (at the time of writing this EWin gaming chair review) Express Shipping is free
  • All products do ship with tracking numbers online

That’s really all there is to it. All summed up in a nice little bow for your perusal.

What is EWin’s Return Policy?

No one wants to plan for the worst-case scenario, but it’s best to go in aware of what’s available. For returns, that means customers have 14-days from delivery to send an item back. 

All returned products must appear in the same condition, original packaging in order to receive a full refund.

Here’s how to get the job done:

  1. Contact EWin gaming chair via the online contact form about intent to return
  2. Attach the invoice as proof of purchase and detail the reasons for return
  3. Customer service will get in touch with the return address and any further instructions

All customers who return products for reasons other than faulty construction will have to pay shipping costs themselves. There will be an inspection process upon receiving the return. If the product is deemed in good condition, a refund will appear in the original account.

How to Contact EWin

Ready to reach out with clarifying questions or comments? This business goes online from Monday to Friday between 9 am and 6 pm EST

Anytime in those hours, feel free to reach out via any of their three methods:

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