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About Secretlab

Secretlab Chairs Review

Game big or go home–Secretlab came into the world to bring better support for those chained to their desk whether for work or the personal pleasure of gaming. 

With an inventory of over 110 gaming chairs and additional desk equipment, this brand is dedicated to keeping their customers comfortable no matter how much time they spend sitting each day.

Mentioned by Forbes, The New York Times, PC Gaming, Wired, Business Insider, and many others, this company has quickly gained momentum since its 2014 launch. Their over 360k followers on Instagram show off just how popular this brand is to their loyal customers.

This Secretlab chair review will discuss the background, products, prices, customer testimonials, and other details of this brand to help you determine whether or not these chairs are fit for your space.

Overview of Secretlab

Secretlab Chairs Review

Ian Ang and Alaric Choo started up Secretlab in 2014 as a result of their own mission to find gaming chairs that would balance stunning forms with satisfying functions. 

Bringing aesthetics into play, the duo focused on material and appearance once testing for weight and support was underway from their headquarters in Singapore. 

Combining years of lab testing for the best support with dozens of designs, the team came up with their current bestselling line that makes its home in gamer offices everywhere.

Since their launch, Secretlab has partnered with a number of brands, franchises, and gaming companies to offer customized designs for their chairs that market towards their partner businesses. 

Whether you’re looking to rest in a Secretlab gaming chair with PlayStation patterning or World of Warcraft style, this brand offers the chance to show off some simple favorites and stay supported and comfortable while doing so.

Coming into the market less than 10 years ago, this business is fairly new. So, what are some benefits and issues to consider before buying? Let’s take a look at a few important points:


  • An extensive line of gaming chairs to choose from, with over 100 models and designs in addition to other office and gaming equipment
  • Lumbar and neck support in all chairs
  • Customization options for each model
  • Optional 5-year warranty
  • Thousands of positive ratings
  • International shipping available
  • Range of prices to match any customer budget
  • Financing options available with Paybright
Secretlab Chairs Review

It’s time to move this Secretlab chairs review to the products. Chairs come in a variety of sizes from small to X-large, with weight and height limits changing for each size. 

When it comes to buying, customers are able to fill in weight or height to receive the best recommendations for a supportive chair that will fit their size.

Secretlab Chairs Review

As their most popular product that the brand was built on, this Secretlab chairs review will focus on the gaming chairs crafted for maximum support

This brand does offer desk and office support products as well, so be sure to check out their website to see all they have. We’ve listed the most popular models for your viewing pleasure to show off just how beautifully crafted this brand can be with their chairs.

Secretlab Titan 2020 Series Review

When it comes to creating a custom look, the Secretlab Titan has every buyer covered. What originally appears as a standard black leather desk chair takes a new form with a few quick clicks online.

Choosing from leather, fabric, and NAPA leather, each customer gets to style their chair to their individual preference. 

Once the material is chosen, move on to the design with Secretlab Signatures, Esports Editions, and Special Edition designs pulled from several popular franchises. If the fit of the chair works, customize the design to give each office space a different look.

With a memory foam head cushion and a 5-year warranty, this chair sits anyone comfortably for extended amounts of time. Prices range depending on upholstery and design chosen by the individual. 

The typical range for these chairs is between $500 – $1,000, but at the time of writing this Secretlab chairs review, this model is on sale for prices ranging between $375 – $700.

Secretlab Titan XL 2020 Series Review 

Built with a bigger base for a solid gamer, the Secretlab Titan XL offers a secure seat that will keep the game going all night long.

Crafted for those 5’11 to 6’10 tall, this chair was designed to hold 220–390lbs. Despite being created with fewer customization options than the standard size, this chair still comes in leather and SoftWeave fabric options with two to three colors per material. 

This Secretlab Titan chair incorporates the best elements of the smaller size while providing an extra layer of support through its solid design.

Cost depends on material and designs chosen, but this chair does come at fairly good price points with most costs between $500 – $580 regularly and coming down to $450 – $475 while on sale.

Secretlab Titan Evo 2022 Series Review

Coming in hot from their newest line, the Secretlab Titan Evo adds fun new design elements to customize any office. 

Check through their new partner-oriented designs to show off that love of Batman or Game of Thrones. With over 27 designs in special edition and esports alone, this chair goes all out to ensure personal preference really pops.

Available in small, regular, and x-large sizes, these chairs cover a range from 4’11 to 6’9 in terms of height and comfort. 

Each size comes in the option of Hybrid Leatherette, SoftWeave Plus Fabric, or NAPA Leather, allowing each customer to choose the material that works best for them. 

Should anyone want more standard choices, Secretlab offers their signature styles in 5 different colors to keep chairs looking professional and pleasing.

Prices range from $450 – $900 with this one, depending entirely on material. Leather comes out more costly than the other options, but if that’s the preference then don’t let cost hold you back and enjoy that sleek and comfy chair.

Secretlab Omega 2020 Series Review 

Lean back and take a load off in the Secretlab Omega 2020 Series Chairs. Designed for maximum comfort, this chair offers additional attachable supportive elements to keep posture prime no matter how long the game goes.

Despite being one of the cheaper chairs in this Secretlab chairs review, the Omega offers a myriad of helpful features to keep any gamer comfy and secure at all times. 

Leaning back to a 160-degree angle, this chair also comes with a memory foam head pillow and lumbar pillow to keep any back and neck resting comfortably no matter what angle the chair rests at. 

Over 30 different design options exist for this seat in Leather, SoftWeave Fabric, and NAPA Leather to customize the appearance and feel for that perfect chair.

Sale prices for this chair range from $330 – $650 while original prices stand at $440 – $950.

Secretlab Softweave Plus Fabric Review 

In a strange twist, leather actually doesn’t come out as most expensive with this brand. In fact, for an additional cost, the Secretlab SoftWeave Plus Fabric can be added to any chair. But what makes fabric so much more expensive than leather?

SoftWeave Fabric has been lab-tested for prime texture. Crafted from 3D knit, these plus seats are incredibly soft to the touch as well as stronger than ever due to the interwoven design. 

Another plus to this material comes from the lightweight feel and aeration present in the fabric, making this seat breathable at all times.

SoftWeave Plus Fabric comes in a number of styles and designs to customize any chair it’s added to. Noted in Forbes for its stunningly smooth feel, this fabric is one to grab for a cool and comfortable seat.

This material can be added to any chair for $30 more than the leather seating options.

Who Is Secretlab For? 

Secretlab Chairs Review

To anyone looking for a comfortable gaming experience, or just a supportive seat for any daytime desk work, a Secretlab chair is the one to buy. 

This brand was carefully crafted by engineers and specialists to determine healthy and effective designs that will hold higher weights and heights with ease.

Though they may be marketed towards gamers, these chairs work for anyone seated for long periods of time to keep backs and necks fully supported at all times. 

They may look intense to those new to gaming chairs, but their function and sleek appearances are more than worth it when it comes to finding the support needed for those long days at the desk.

Comparison: Secretlab vs. Razer 

Secretlab Chairs Review

The gaming market is filled with companies determined to provide the best seats for the best players. Joining Secretlab in this top tier is Razer, a company founded in 2005 to cover the world of gaming. 

Sitting comfortably amongst the best gaming companies, Razer offers an expansive inventory covering PCs, Consoles, Mobile, Lifestyle, and more, going beyond simple seating and offering the whole gaming package.

Chairs are the newest addition to Razer’s collection, now offering their Iskur chair in four different models. Despite being newer to the market, how do they measure up to Secretlab’s own Titan?

  • Materials – Iskur chairs come in either leather or fabric options when it comes to materials. While not NAPA leather or SoftWeave Plus, the materials can be seen as similar with differences appearing in design. 

Razer’s limited four chair line only offers grays and blacks for purchase whereas Secretlab has over 100 different models and styles for customization prior to purchase.

  • Pricing – Pricing actually runs fairly similar to Secretlab with most chairs around the $500 – $600 range. That said, depending on the chair and styles chosen through Secretlab, the cost could be much lower or much higher than that. It all comes down to that personalization element.
  • Size – The Iskur does well to seat a range of height and weight in their standard model, but Titan chairs have a broader build to comfortably sit a wider audience. While this may not matter to everyone, the versatility offered through this seating does extend to more customers than a slimmer base.
  • Specs – When it comes to the lean, Secretlab maxes out at 165-degrees. That’s 15-degrees more than Razer’s own lean in their chairs. That said, Secretlab does weigh almost 30lbs more than the Razer due to the broader pieces and more extensive lean.

When it comes to gaming comfortably, both brands can get the job done. Secretlab takes the lead in almost every category by focusing on the fit and catering to a wider market. Their customization options alone give this brand the title of best gaming chair.

Secretlab Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Secretlab Chairs Review

The best way to learn about this product is to turn to all of the Secretlab chairs reviews written by verified customers. Are they actually as comfortable as they seem? Is the cost worth it for the visually pleasing display of the smooth leather or fabric?

The best place to find a verified Secretlab chairs review is actually the brand’s own website. 

With over 26k reviews to date, this company sits at a very respectable 4.9/5-stars on their website. The great part about Secretlab’s review section is that they break it down by product, so customer comments are organized together with ease for any potential buyers.

Part of the beauty of the purchase comes from the unboxing process, which many state as incredibly satisfying with this brand. One buyer commented on their newfound love for the Secretlabs’s ideal gaming chairs:

Perfect from receiving the box to unboxing was very impressed with the quality of the chair. Few weeks in and I am still very impressed and pleased with the comfort and quality of the chair. I don’t think there is anything better. Completed my setup perfectly.

The lumbar and neck support offered by these chairs makes them number one to their customers. Hours spent at a desk are no longer painful but pass with ease.

One such 5-star reviewer gushed about how quickly the hours pass in their new chair:

The most comfortable chair I’ve ever sat on! I work from home and game so I sit at my desk for 12 hours or more daily and with this chair. I have a chronic disease which makes prolonged sitting very painful. BUT NOT ANYMORE! 11/10 would recommend.

Aside from the 4.9/5-star Titan Evo 2022, other top products are blessed with fantastic ratings from quite a few happy customers:

  • Secretlab Magnus Metal Desk, 4.9/5-stars based on 186 ratings
  • Secretlab Omega 2020 Series, 4.9/5-stars based on over 26k ratings
  • Secretlab Titan 2020 Series, 4.9/5-stars based on over 26k ratings
  • Secretlab Titan XL 2020 Series, 4.9/5-stars based on over 26k ratings

Aside from the brand website, TrustPilot ratings also come in strong with 3.7/5-stars based on over 1,100 reviews. Out of these comments, over 55% are listed as 5-star, making the majority of reviews excellent.

While there are a number of complaints listed on TrustPilot regarding the stiff nature of the seating and customer service’s slow response time, every negative review is replied to by a Secretlab representative offering a solution to the issue at hand. 

Rounding out the customer review section is a great score of 4.5/5 stars for the Secretlab Titan (2020 Series) by the fine folks over at PCMag. While they go in-depth about product specifications, one sentence says it best: “A Comfortable, Long-Lasting Gaming Chair.”

Is Secretlab Worth It?

Secretlab Chairs Review

After considering the ratings and the amount of press coverage for the business, this Secretlab chairs review can safely recommend this brand as one to buy. 

Built with support in mind, these chairs are made to keep your body comfortable while ergonomically correct. Any desk or gaming marathons are easily sustained through this seating.

With all of that in mind, these chairs are made to last and are an easy addition to any office to make a difference in daily posture.

Secretlab Promotions & Discounts 

Secretlab Chairs Review

Secretlab offers a variety of promotions throughout the year. 

Playing off of holidays such as Labor Day, Black Friday, Boxing Day, Christmas, and more, this brand markets great deals to save money on those bigger purchases.

This December you can get up to $130 OFF Secretlab chairs. This deal ends on Christmas day so make sure to shop early.

Where To Buy Secretlab

Secretlab Chairs Review

When it comes to purchasing, there aren’t too many retailers partnered with this brand. Secretlab chairs can easily be found on secretlab.co for the best prices, but they’re also offered on Amazon. 

Currently, those are the only two locations available, but keep an eye out as this company expands for more options.


Secretlab Chairs Review

Where is Secretlab made? 

All products from this brand are manufactured in Singapore, though a new factory was recently opened in China to expand production.

What is Secretlab’s Shipping Policy?

Important as ever in this Secretlab chairs review is the information on how to get one. Shipping costs can sneak up on anyone, so it’s best to have the information laid out ahead of time.

We’ll ease your mind right away and say shipping typically costs around $30. This cost is dependent on location so it’s subject to change but will be fully calculated by check out so no customer will be surprised by additional costs.

All products are shipped from Utah and Tennessee, so shipping times may differ depending on the location the purchased product ships from. Shipping is available for the 48 contiguous states in the US and deliveries are usually made within 3 to 5 business days.

Tracking numbers are issued upon delivery, so any purchase can be monitored as it moves to the delivery location. Keep an eye out and prepare to lug in that box and get building.

If customers outside of the US wish to order something from this brand, international orders are available for locations in Europe, Asia, Africa, and North America. 

Be sure to check the regions list to check if the desired shipping location is included and, if not, fill out an international order form to get the purchase shipped outside of Secretlab’s included regions. 

Additional duties and fees may apply for any purchases shipped to locations not included in the region list.

What is Secretlab’s Return Policy?

For those who have never given gaming chairs a try, Secretlab offers a 49-day return policy so customers can give the new style a shot without fear of losing their money on the purchase. 

The return limit starts from the date of delivery, so piece together the chair and be sure to give it a try right away to ensure the deadline won’t be missed if it doesn’t meet all expectations.

For those unimpressed by their new purchase, returns are a few simple steps to achieve a full refund:

1.    Disassemble the chair entirely and repackage in original boxes

2.    Go online to secretlab.co and find the Support Form to fill out

3.    Add the order number and product details before sending the form to customer service

4.    A return address and further instructions will be sent to the customer

5.    Ship it off to the return address and a refund will be paid within 14 business days

All return costs must be paid by the customer and any damage to goods or packaging may result in a reduction to the refund. Keep the product clean and in good condition for the first month and a half to ensure a full refund should anything happen.

Additionally, a 5-year warranty is available for products, so be sure to check out the warranty on any purchase and the option to extend for maximum coverage. 

How to Contact Secretlab

Have any questions after reading through this Secretlab chairs review? Reach out to customer service and a representative will swiftly answer any questions or concerns. 

Contact Forms are available online to help narrow down the inquiry and provide a faster response based on any customer needs.

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