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About Poly and Bark

Poly and Bark Review

If you surf the web, you just might’ve heard of this brand before. Calling themselves the makers of “The Internet’s favorite sofas” and built around the principles of creating your own comfortable escape, Poly and Bark works to provide quality furniture at affordable prices to US customers. 

Composed of simple furniture styles that will complement any room, this brand cuts out the middleman to save you time and money on your purchases.

Design is key with this company, and their 190k Instagram followers flock to see the latest in interior design to inspire styles in a variety of homes.

Are the savings and rave ratings too good to be true? This Poly and Bark review will guide you through the brand’s products, customer testimonials, materials, costs, and more to help you decide if they’re worth it.

Overview of Poly and Bark

Poly and Bark Review

Not much is known about the origins of this company. Their “About Us” section promises “incredible design, impeccable quality, and durability that lasts.” 

No information is available on the founders, but we do know that the current CEO is Dov Coleman and the brand is based in Los Angeles, CA according to Linkedin.

This company’s big focus is the pricing options available for their furniture, making it easier to finance larger items for your home. Products are promised to be made with love, care, and creativity from this US company, though manufacturing actually takes place in Asian factories.

Before we dive in, check out a few highlights worth noting:


  • Poly and Bark furniture ranges from bedroom comfort to dining room designs. The inventory is expansive and keeps growing
  • Affordable prices
  • Payment plans available via Bread, Four, and Splitit
  • Pieces are inspired by Scandinavian minimalist styles
  • Free base shipping
  • Four delivery services available
  • Free first return of an item
  • Quick and friendly customer service

No Poly and Bark review would be worth a read without covering some of the products that make the company what it is. 

We’ve covered our pros and cons, so it’s time for products and prices to come into consideration. Each product typically comes in multiple color options, especially the leathers! So, be sure to check out what’s available online.

Poly and Bark Chairs Review

Whether you’re looking to lounge, eat, or just relax, chairs are a necessity when it comes to furniture. Poly and Bark chairs mimic a simple style, letting them add to the ambiance without demanding all attention. 

Check out some of our favorites in this section to show off the true range of the brand.

Poly and Bark Weave Chair Review 

Bring a Scandinavian simplicity to your own home with the Weave Chairs. Also known as the Poly and Bark wishbone chairs, these soft white pieces twist together in a curved organic fashion to make a comfortable and stylish addition to your sitting room.

Secure your favorite seat with the woven rope cushion that’s set at just the right tension. Not too stiff, but you certainly won’t be slouching when it comes to this accent piece. Grab some Scandinavian luxury for $179.

Looking for something more metallic and standout? Check out the Poly and Bark Trattoria Side Chair.

Poly and Bark Marais Dining Chair Review

Who says dining rooms have to be formal? Keep things casual with the Poly and Bark Marais Dining Chair. The webbed backing of these dramatic black pieces adds a fun modern style to the room with ease.

Formed to be ergonomically correct, these organically shaped chairs will open up the room. Forget traditionally styled chairs, these are designed to look great and help your back and posture while doing so. 

Sold in a set of 4 pieces, these chairs are made from polypropylene and molded to fit you just right. Leave behind any Poly and Bark counter stools and settle in with the supportive backing you desire during meal times.

This set is available for $199.

If you’re looking to spice up your meals with more fun furniture, check out the Poly and Bark dining tables available to complete the space.

Poly and Bark Essex Lounge Chair Review

One look at the Essex Lounge Chair and you can tell this piece of furniture means comfort business. All upholstering details are done in prime Italian leather, ensuring the chair feels as smooth and classy and it looks to your guests.

Comfort isn’t the only focus of this chair as the wooden frame locks all pieces into place to promise a long-lasting piece for years to come. Cushions consist of a duck feather down filling to make each seat as soft as can be.

Grab this striking piece for $1,195. More on the business end of the things, exude “directorial” with the Poly and Bark Eames Chair as an excellent side chair to go with this featured product.

Poly and Bark Napa Lounge Chair Review

When we picture the ideal comfort of a reading chair, the Napa Lounge Chair immediately comes to mind. Made from soft Italian leather with two bolsters lining the seat, you’ll quickly settle into this seat to break out your favorite book.

Webbing supports through the back and seat portion keep you secure as you lounge on the down feather cushions of this comforting piece. 

Kiln-dried wood beams offer a durable build that helps keep this piece from any warping or damage. If you’re not sure what color would work best, order leather swatches prior to purchase to help determine what look would work for your space.

This stunning chair goes for $1,195.

Add a Poly and Bark Tripod Floor Lamp to your purchase to finish off a cozy reading nook.

Poly and Bark Sofas Review

The focal point of any sitting or living room, sofas hold a place in everyone’s heart. We all yearn for the comforting cozy cushions that call out to us for a lounge in the evening. These highly rated sofas may be just what you need to collapse into after work.

Poly and Bark Napa Sofa Review

Easily the most popular item listed in this Poly and Bark review, the Napa Sofa is well-loved by customers from all across the US. Designed with a weathered look, this sofa will perfectly blend into any study or living room to add a subtle vintage style to your décor.

This jewel of the Poly and Bark leather sofas runs 88.5” long with a seating width of 24” so you can really sink back into it. With its two included bolsters, this wooden marvel offers comfort, class, and an element of aged luxury to whatever room you want.

Add this trendy piece to your home for $1,799.

Poly and Bark Napa Velvet Sofa Review 

Tired of the leather aesthetic being so popular these days? Why not switch to a Poly and Bark velvet sofa? Or more specifically, the Napa Velvet Sofa. Available in three color options, this soft and comforting couch is more than able to warm up any room you put it in.

Made with walnut framing to keep you sturdy and secure, this piece matches the style of the Leather Napa but offers a more regal finish of velvet. 

Soft to the touch, easy to maintain, and filled with the same down feathers as its twin, this $1,299 piece offers an easy assembly for a focal piece to any room.

Poly and Bark Argan Leather Sofa Review

Casual comfort takes the reins with the Poly and Bark Argan Leather Sofa. Forget looking classy and focus on being cool and relaxed, lounging on the down feather clouds of this couch.

Upholstered with smooth Italian leather, this couch rests on a sturdy wooden frame that will hold its shape and your shape as you stretch out to watch a movie, read a book, or take a nice afternoon nap.

Add this sofa to your den for $1,799.

Poly and Bark Side Tables Review

Far too often the underdog when it comes to the priority list for furniture, Poly and Bark’s side tables will make you remember just what all these pieces bring to a room. 

Stylish, simple, and sturdy enough to hold whatever you’re tossing on top (we all have that pile), these bestsellers are ones to consider adding to any room.

Poly and Bark Marble Daisy Side Table Review

What’s more modern than marble? Especially the Marble Daisy Side Table from Poly and Bark. Standing with its simple and stunning design, this piece will add a bit of class to any room by appearance alone.

The white aluminum base holds your table upright and keeps the sturdy, scratch-proof top from toppling down. Built on a pedestal base, this side table will hold all you can pile on it and perfectly accompany whatever chair or couch you pair it next to.

This table is available for $199.

Poly and Bark Tunis Side Table Review

We’re ending the product portion of this Poly and Bark review with a more rustic base. Check out the simple Tunis Side Table for a truly unique style. Available in Antique Bronze and Matte Nickel, this table is designed to be a fun side piece to any room.

Built like a barrel, this iron side table is made in India to be sturdy and casually stylish. Decorated with perforations in the iron, each table is different due to the handcrafted pieces. 

This table arrives fully assembled, so all you have to do is place it where it’s meant to go. Bring a bit of global design to your home in a $154 sturdy piece that won’t fail.

Who Is Poly and Bark For? 

Poly and Bark Review

This Poly and Bark review believes the brand can work for anyone. If you’re looking to furnish your place for an affordable price, this company is one to consider. Their designs are simply styled and will complement your décor without taking over the whole room.

Financing options make this brand one to bookmark as you’re able to break down bigger items for manageable costs. If you’re in need of tables, stools, or even looking into one of the Poly and Bark floor lamps, they’ve got a variety to choose from for low costs.

Comparison: Poly and Bark vs. Article

Poly and Bark Review

Buying furniture can always be a frustrating experience. Comparing prices, comfort, sizing, products, it all gets to be a bit much. 

Poly and Bark come at a more affordable price than most, but they’re far from the only budget furniture company. Alongside this brand is a company called Article, on a mission to create fashionable furniture for reasonable prices.

If you glance through these websites, you’ll actually find a lot of the same products available. What makes them different then?

  • Inventory – Article offers a wider stock, so you’ll have more products and styles to choose from. This brand also offers categories for outdoor, storage, and bundles
  • Return – Poly & Bark has an amazing 100 day trial period
  • Price – Both brands offer competitive prices for each category
  • Material – Both companies use the same fabrics, wood, and semi-aniline leathers for their couches. Some variety is found in wood types used, however not enough for a noticeable difference
  • Comfort – Both brands have many claiming supreme comfort

Both brands come out fairly equal. Many of their pieces claim the same styles, designs, and materials.

Make sure you check out all options before buying to find the right fit for you. Don’t always settle for what’s the cheapest. Take your time when buying big.

Poly and Bark Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Poly and Bark Review

Poly and Bark reviews come in waves for their pricing and product options. Yelp rates the company 4.4/5 stars based on over 100 customer reviews. 

While some lower ratings drag this score down, the majority of verified customers are pleased with the service and products they were given.

One customer on Yelp stated, “I can’t speak highly enough for the quality, affordability, and customer service from Poly & Bark. Every order and every time I have purchased from them has been seamless…  everything I have ordered from them has held up over time.”

Numerous customers on Yelp have commented on how Poly and Bark has become their go-to for new furniture purchases, largely due to pricing and services. 

Costing less than their competitors, this company also offers financing options to cut the cost of larger items and make payments reasonable and effortless, as well as including a good return policy:

They have a generous return policy which we did not need to utilize. If you’re spending a few thousand dollars on furniture, it’s a good idea to understand their policies. We had very good customer service throughout, including delivery updates, always very courteous.

The Poly and Bark reviews section on their website rates the company at 5/5 stars based on almost 4,500 ratings. This website has an extensive number of positive ratings and comments from verified customers. Most comments on the brand website sound a little like this: 

Obsessed with this couch. I was a little hesitant to order this new model because of the lack of reviews but so glad I pulled the trigger. Great quality, super comfy, arrived on time and customer service was solid. First purchase from Poly & Bark but it won’t be my last.

Reviews for this company on Amazon are also quite favorable. Their Napa 88.5” Sofa was rated as 4.7/5 stars by over 430 customers.

One happy buyer stated “We love this couch. It is comfortable, and big. The pillows are soft and help for back support. The leather is high quality and it goes so well with our house. The delivery was about 3 hours later than planned, but other than that there were no complaints!

Other Poly and Bark items also do quite well on Amazon:

  • Cafton Crossback Chair: 4.4/5 stars based on 150 ratings
  • Luca Leather Modern Bench Seat: 4.7/5 stars based on 438 ratings
  • Paxton 24” Counter Stool Set of 3: 4.8/5 stars based on 357 ratings

All in all, most of the reviews are glowing, and rightfully so.

Is Poly and Bark Worth It?

Poly and Bark Review

Based on all the Poly and Bark reviews, prices, and products, we’d give this brand a hearty yes

The prices are great in comparison to other name brands, so you’ll always be saving even if you aren’t working with a promotion price. The majority of customer testimonials also are strong, especially on Amazon and Yelp.

The wide product range offers a number of fun and fashionable pieces (our favorite is the Poly and Bark wishbone chair! with good shipping and return options available. Overall, customers seem satisfied with their purchases.

Our recommendation is to spend big money on big items. Don’t buy your cozy couches or sofas for cheap, and instead invest in a well-known company whose pieces are tried and true. 

When it comes to Poly and Bark, counter stools, chairs, lamps – those are your prime purchases for this brand.

Save your money on the smaller items to help you afford the bigger pieces. Seems like a good compromise to us!

Poly and Bark Promotions & Discounts 

Poly and Bark Review

Checking out their website doesn’t immediately provide the Poly and Bark coupon codes we all hope for. 

Luckily, you can sign up for their newsletter and receive information about new products and promotions with plenty of time in advance to properly budget for buying the pieces you desire.

Whether you’re looking to add a Poly and Bark office chair to your study, or you want more of a lounge chair for the living room, the newsletter will provide the promo codes you need to save money and live comfortably.

Where to Buy Poly and Bark

Poly and Bark Review

If you’ve found a perfect piece but can’t get delivery through polyandbark.com, we found some retail partners you can check out for more shipping options:

  • Amazon
  • Home Depot
  • Bed, Bath, & Beyond
  • Target
  • Walmart


Poly and Bark Review

Where is Poly and Bark made? 

Poly and Bark products are manufactured in India, Vietnam, Malaysia, Turkey, Indonesia, China, and Taiwan. The company operates solely within the continental US.

What is Poly and Bark’s Shipping Policy?

You’ve found your furniture, made room for it in the perfect spot, so how do you actually go about getting it? Poly and Bark offers both parcel and truck delivery, depending on the size of the item you purchase. For truck delivery you have four options to choose from at checkout:

  • Front Door Delivery, free – furniture left at the front door
  • Enhanced Delivery, $99 – furniture delivered to any room inside your home
  • Premium Delivery, $149 – delivery inside plus set up
  • White Glove Delivery, $249 – delivery inside, set up, and packaging removal

Shipping is free for standard/ground delivery for parcels, so take what you can to save the money. Once packages have shipped, you’ll be sent a tracking number for your parcel deliveries. 

Truck deliveries will call to contact you about delivery times so you’ll be home to receive your new furniture.  

One thing to note, Poly and Bark only ship within the continental US. Sorry, Hawaii and Alaska.

What is Poly and Bark’s Return Policy?

Need to return your Poly and Bark organic armchair? That’s fine because Poly and Bark have you covered with their return policy. You have 100 days from the delivery date to decide whether or not the item works for your space.

Just remember to keep your packaging to return it all in its original state – that means everything from bubble wrap and foam bits to the box it arrived in! 

If you’ve already tossed the packaging from its original shipment, you’ll have 30% of your refund taken off for repackaging fees.

This company offers one free return on an item, meaning you can return the first order for free, but if you order the same item again then that return won’t be free. 

This only works on the same items. You’re free to return a sofa, a chair, and a table all for a full refund so long as it’s the first return on those items.

For claims of damage or defect, you have 48 hours to report anything wrong with the purchase. Make sure you really check out your item upon arrival to get those issues reported.

Ready to make your return? It’s a simple process that only takes a few steps!

1.    Email customer service at [email protected] to begin the request

2.    They’ll send you a code to authorize the return, followed by details on the process

3.    Smaller items will be given a free shipping label to send back through FedEx or other carriers

4.    For larger items, trucks will be arranged. You’ll be called about pick-up times and dates

How to Contact Poly and Bark

Everyone appreciates the ability to reach out when they have questions, concerns, or comments regarding their purchase. This Poly and Bark review found that the brand offers multiple ways to get in touch with a representative.

So lean back in your Poly and Bark Inverness Ergonomic Office Chair and contact them in any of the following ways:

  • Phone
    • 1-855-310-1450
    • Monday – Friday: 6:00 am – 5:00 pm PST
  • Online chat
    • Monday – Friday: 6:00 am – 5:00 pm PST
  • Email

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