Discount Contact Lenses Review

About Discount Contact Lenses

Discount Contact Lenses Review

Discount Contact Lenses offers a huge catalog of contact lenses for adults and children. They promise no hidden fees, a comprehensive 365-day return policy on your order, and source from trustworthy brands to choose from. 

With 11K Facebook followers and thousands of 5-star reviews, Discount Contact Lenses is a reliable place to order your prescription contact lenses. Plus, it’s an affordable option. 

This Discount Contact Lenses review will go over the brand’s online ordering process, their policies around shipping, the details of their best-selling products, customer reactions, and much more, so that you can make an informed purchasing decision.

Overview of Discount Contact Lenses

Discount Contact Lenses Review

Founded in 1996, Discount Contact Lenses is a mainstay brand that has reached hundreds of thousands of customers in the US and overseas. 

In a refreshing break from the usual coastal, cosmopolitan headquarters that so many brands go for, Discount Contact Lenses works from Columbus, Ohio. This is a major part of their business structure, because it is, in their words, “ideal for rapid distribution throughout the country.”

Kudos to Discount Contact Lenses for choosing a location not based on climate or the nightclub scene, but where their customers will be served most efficiently—not to mention have better housing prices for their employees.

Another important fact this Discount Contact Lenses review found is that the brand has a sister website (owned, quite obviously, as part of the same brand) called Discount Glasses. As a counterpart, it sells sunglasses, frames, prescription glasses, and more.

But what do their customers actually think, and what are the defining features of their products? Those are the details that, at the end of the day, truly matter. This Discount Contact lenses review provides you with that information in the next sections. First, here’s some pros and cons. 


  • Affordable contact lenses are sourced from the manufacturers
  • You can use FSA and HSA accounts to pay for a prescription purchase
  • Price matching against other legitimate online retailers
  • Free online vision test to assess your needs
  • Lens Subscription service saves you 20% on each order
  • Using the free mobile phone app give you 20% off each order
  • Discount Contact Lenses discount eyeglasses offered through sister brand 
  • Reliable 365-day return policy
  • Free return shipping on any order in the US
  • Ships to 90+ countries


  • Expired prescriptions are not accepted
  • Custom-made contact lenses cannot be returned
  • Select products are not available for international orders

Discount Contact Lenses Review

Discount Contact Lenses has a seriously large catalog with some of the best brands in the optical industry—plus, they get their supplies directly from manufacturers, skipping several steps that add extra costs for you, the consumer. 

Still, customers have found the best offerings and turned them into best-sellers. In this section, we go over the pricing, materials, and other fine details of four best-sellers.

Discount Contact Lenses ACUVUE OASYS with Transitions Review

The main feature of the ACUVUE OASYS with Transitions is its ability to react quickly to different light sources and intensities. The color contrast is exceptional, as well as the contacts’ ability to ease the intensity of harsh blue light. 

Manufactured by Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, the ACUVUE OASYS with Transitions are available in 3-month, 6-month, and 12-month supplies. Specifically, the 3-month version has one box of 6 lenses (per eye), while the others have two and four packs respectively. 

One box of the ACUVUE OASYS with Transitions comes to $37. Of course, as with all Discount Contact Lenses, you can choose to purchase them with a subscription.

Discount Contact Lenses ACUVUE OASYS 2-Week 12pk Review

Another Johnson & Johnson product, the ACUVUE OASYS 2-Week 12pk is made with an exclusively-developed manufacturing formula that makes them silky soft and easy on your eyes, while also including UV-blocking technology. They are an ideal option for customers who want to forget they are wearing contacts and highly value comfort.

Each box of the ACUVUE OASYS 2-Week 12pk comes with 12 lenses. You can buy them as a 6-month supply of one box per eye, or as a 12-month supply of two boxes per eye (based on the manufacturer’s bi-weekly replacement schedule). 

One box of 12 lenses costs $62.

Discount Contact Lenses Biofinity Review

Made by CooperVision, Biofinity contact lenses are made from a natural material that holds moisture over a long period of time. Their design is also airy, which brings in more oxygen for your eyes. This way they stay moisturized, clear, and without irritation.

Biofinity contact lenses accomplish this with patented technology that also makes the lens itself more supple and smooth. You can buy one box (6 lenses) for $39 or opt for 6-month and 12-month supplies.

Discount Contact Lenses ACUVUE OASYS for ASTIGMATISM Review

The ACUVUE OASYS for ASTIGMTISM were made to be stable and secure on your eye—and, true to the OASYS branding, they also have the comfort and breathability required for every day, all-day use. Additionally, the lenses help protect your eyes from UVA and UVB light.

You can buy ACUVUE OASYS for ASTIGMTISM in a 3-month, 6-month, and 12-month supply. Each box contains 6 lenses and costs $36.

Discount Blue Light Contacts Review

Discount Contact Lenses eye contacts are often used for their coloring feature alone. But, even if you only want an eye color change, you still require prescriptions (for safety and fitting purposes). Coming up, we’ll dive into an in-depth examination of one of the brand’s best-selling blue light contact products.

Discount Contact Lenses FRESHLOOK DIMENSIONS Review

Manufactured by Alcon, FRESHLOOK DIMENSIONS contact lenses are designed to boost and subtly change the color of blue or other light-colored eyes. The three color enhancement options are Caribbean Aqua, Pacific Blue, and Sea Green. No matter which one you choose, the contact lenses make your eyes pop with vibrant, multi-layer color.

These Discount Contact Lenses blue light contacts still require a prescription. They are available to buy in 3-month, 6-month, and 12-month supply options. Use them to accentuate your natural appearance on a daily basis—or even to surprise people at a special event. Each box costs $82

Discount Contact Lenses Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Discount Contact Lenses Review

As a brand, Discount Contact Lenses enjoys thousands of positive reviews and a 4.7/5 average rating on their products. Their loyal customers talk about the efficient shipping, and how easy the contact lenses are to order with a prescription.

One verified customer from the brand’s website purchased the Freshlook Dimensions contact lenses and wrote, “It’s risky when ordering contacts from an online service but this place is wonderful! My lenses are always in stock, the price is reasonable and service is fantastic. Keep up the good work!”

Trustpilot, a website notorious for hosting critical reviews, gives the brand a 3.6/5 star overall rating. Long-time subscribers of Discount Contact Lenses talk about the great savings that come with ordering from the brand, compared to getting lenses from their eye doctor. 

Another point was how well the brand works with your optometrist to acquire a prescription as fast as possible. Finally, it has helped people avoid social contact during the pandemic.

One Discount Contact Lenses reviewer on Trustpilot says, “I have been ordering lenses from here for the last 2 years without any issues… 30-40% cheaper than getting lenses through my eye doctor… My wife also ordered from here and she doesn’t notice any difference.”

Last, we went to the Community section of the Discount Contact Lenses Facebook page where customers talked about great customer service and easy ordering.

Is Discount Contact Lenses Worth It?

Discount Contact Lenses Review

The products offered by Discount Contact Lenses are worth it for anyone seeking a source for regular and reliable contacts. Customers with this need use the brand for their range of options, quick delivery, and easy returns.

It’s also essential that Discount Contact Lenses carry products from major brands that are familiar to customers, including Acuvue, Proclear, Biofinity, Pure Vision, and so many more.

Another important detail to consider is the brand’s worldwide shipping capability and upfront, no nonsense delivery rates. Their return policy has the same quality: it’s perfectly clear that you can get a full refund, plus a prepaid return shipping label, up to 365 days after your order. 

On top of all that, Discount Contact Lenses has a free mobile app and Lens Subscription program that both save you on your orders.

Discount Contact Lenses Promotions & Discounts

Discount Contact Lenses Review

As a new customer, you can use Discount Contact Lenses promo code HFBGQQ9P for 20% off your first order. Discount Contact Lenses coupon codes are, unfortunately, harder to come by—there are none at this time.

Discount Contact Lenses also gives a great discount to their long-term and loyal subscribers. By signing up for the brand’s Lens Subscription program, members get 20% off each recurring order, plus free shipping. And, the company will not charge you until your order ships.

You are in control of the subscription process from beginning to end. When you sign up, you choose how often you want to receive your automatic Discount Contact Lenses shipment (every three months, for example). 

After that, you can easily visit your account on the website and change the frequency of deliveries, which products are delivered and how many, or cancel your subscription altogether.

The last significant discount you need to know about comes with the Discount Contact Lenses mobile app. You can get it for free on Android and iOS. Using it to place orders saves you 20% and gives you free shipping. Simple and sweet.

Where to Buy Discount Contact Lenses

Discount Contact Lenses Review

This Discount Contact Lenses review found that you can only make purchases with this brand through their online website,


Discount Contact Lenses Review

What is Discount Contact Lenses’ Shipping Policy?

In the US, Discount Contact Lenses provides free shipping when your total goes over $99. Otherwise, orders cost a flat rate of $6

But whether or not you get it for free, contact lenses and any accessories ordered will take around 6 business days to arrive. It’s important to note that issues with prescription verification could delay the process.

US customers can also benefit from expedited delivery, costing $9 and arriving as quickly as 3 business days after your order. Overnight shipping is the fastest option, giving you an expected arrival time of 1 business day (prescription verification allowing) for $20.

Canadian customers only have one shipping option and rate: a standard delivery time of anywhere between 1 and 2 weeks, for both Discount Contact Lenses accessories and contact lenses. There are no expedited, overnight, or extra delivery options.

Countries outside North America must pay a bit more in shipping and wait a bit longer, too. Although Discount Contact Lenses cannot make a firm delivery time promise due to the possibility of customs delays, they tell us to expect a wait time of 2 to 3 weeks. The cost is a flat $20 for every order.

What is Discount Contact Lenses’ Return Policy?

Discount Contact Lenses has an impressive return policy within the online optical industry. Anything you order comes with a ‘no questions asked’ 365-day return window. If you break your item, simply don’t like it or need it anymore—no problem. 

You can send it back, and Discount Contact Lenses even pays for the shipping charges—if you are in the US. Follow the steps below to make your return as seamless as possible.

1. Prepare the order number of the item you wish to return, along with your personal information, and a reason 

2. Reach out to the Discount Contact Lenses customer service and give them the information you prepared

3. Someone from their team will get in touch through email and provide a prepaid shipping label for you to use with your return—but if that doesn’t work, you can also request the label to be sent by physical mail

4. Find your Return Merchandise Authorization number on the label (it must have one)

5. Pack your items for return, affix the label, and mail it

6. Discount Contact Lenses will take about 5 days to process the return and send you the refund—or store credit, if you prefer

The final thing to note is that made-to-order and specialty contacts can only be returned if they were damaged or somehow defective when they arrived.

How to Contact Discount Contact Lenses

Discount Contact Lenses is available to answer your questions through three main channels: 

  • Phone: 1-800-822-9864
    • International phone line: 614-921-9894
    • Fax: 877-291-8154
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Mailing address
Customer Service Dept.
4265 Diplomacy Dr.
Columbus, OH 43228-3834

The company’s customer service team can provide information during the following hours: 

  • Monday to Friday, 8 AM–8 PM EST
  • Saturday, 9 AM–5:30 PM
  • Sunday, 12 PM–7 PM 

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