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Vapor Review

Looking for a vape but don’t know where to begin? Vapor has your back, as long as you are above the legal age.

This brand aims to provide you with the best vape. Though the company offers an extensive range of products, you won’t be left to choose on your own. With its buying guides and live chat services, Vapor helps you find a solid fit for your lifestyle.

Though you have to be over 21 to view some of its social media profiles, it currently has 30.9k followers on Instagram and 28k likes on Facebook—Vapor is definitely a known brand.

Thinking about checking out this brand for your next recreational purchase? This Vapor review will take you through all you need to know about the company, including its products and customer testimonials, so you can decide if it’s worth the buy.

Overview of Vapor

Vapor Review

Jeff Sherman was passionate about vaporizers, which is why he founded VapeWorld in 2005 with the goal of matching people with their perfect match. Now titled Vapor Nation, this company now offers an extensive range of products, including pipes and rigs, rolling papers, storage containers, cleaning supplies, grinders, CBD, and all the equipment you need for DIY edibles.

If you are overwhelmed by all its options, Vapor has a blog where you can read all about the products and variations. Or, you can chat with one of its experts on live chat.

For example, if you’re confused about the difference between a portable vaporizer and a vape pen, Vapor offers an in-depth article that explains the different heating systems and features. It is really clear that the brand wants to help you make the best decision possible.

Plus, you can shop from multiple different brands on its site, like Pax, Storz and Bickel, and Kandypens, just to name a few. You’ll also find frequent sales and bargains—which is helpful because some products can be quite costly.

With warehouses in South Florida, Central California, Kentucky, and Canada, Vapor can ship from a variety of places to a variety of locations. You should receive your product from whichever shipment facility is closest to you with the available inventory.

Before we get down and dirty in looking at the brand’s products and customer comments, this Vapor review will take a look at the general pros and cons of the company.


  • Offers hundreds of different products, such as pipes and rigs, rolling papers, and CBD
  • The company promises to price match, providing you with the most affordable options
  • Free bonus gifts are included with different purchases
  • Informative blog and experts to help customers find the right product
  • Discreet billing notice as “Warehouse Goods Inc.”
  • You can place your order over the phone by calling the customer service team
  • International shipping is available


  • Coupons are ineligible on several product lines, such as Pax Labs and Firefly
  • Product bundles and already discounted items are not eligible for additional discounts
  • An adult signature is required for orders greater than $200 but some locations have an “indirect signature” option

Though the company offers a wide variety of products from different brands, this Vapor review will focus on some top-selling vaporizers. The collection includes devices to heat up your dry herbs, concentrates, and liquids—some in a matter of seconds.

Vapor Review

Vapor Review

There are two main types of vaporizers: desktop and portable. While desktop vapes are more powerful, they are mainly for you to use from the comfort of your home. Some are battery-powered, like the Vapor Crafty+.

Portable vapes are more common because you can take them anywhere. But there are also large options, like the Vapor Ghost MV1. Generally, though, they are small and discreet—they often look like a pen or stylus.

Dry herb vaporization is very popular for both desktop and portable use, but most companies focus on portable vapes since there is a wider market. Vapor shows off that market with its huge range of products, including both desktop and portable.

Vapes can heat up in three different ways: conduction, convection, and induction. They all have their own merits so it depends on what you are looking for from your vape. Do you want your herbs to come into direct contact with the heat source? Then conduction heating is for you, although it is less common nowadays.

If you don’t want your herbs to touch the heat source, convection heating is for you. By passing heated air over the herb, the air would extract the active ingredients and give you the best flavor.

Induction heating is another popular option. Instead of heating with air, induction heating uses an electrically conducting object. It will heat up quickly too.

The vape you want will also depend on the material you choose. Depending on if you use dry herbs, concentrates, or juice/e-liquid, you might want different vapes. The Vapor concentrate vaporizer, for example, would be best for concentrates. On the other hand, the Vapor Yocan Evolve D is best for dry herbs.

To provide an overview of some of the different options available, this Vapor review will take a closer look at a few customer favorites.

Vapor iMini 3 Vaporizer Review

The sleek black iMini 3 Vaporizer is small but mighty, perfect for e-liquids. Made by HoneyStick, this product is compatible with 12 mm cartridges. It features a magnetic cartridge connector, 510 thread, variable voltage battery, and a preheat function.

You will find everything you need in each box. This includes:

  • 1 vaporizer
  • 1 micro-USB charger
  • 1 510-threaded 12 mm cartridge
  • 1 magnetic cartridge connector
  • User manual

This Vapor vaporizer pen costs $22, but you can choose additional warranties for either $22 for two years or $24 for three years, both provided by Mulberry.

Vapor Boundless Tera Vaporizer Review

The Vapor Boundless Tera Vaporizer is meant for dry herbs. It is Boundless’s newest portable device. With 100% convection heating and precision temperature, it would be optimal for heating your dry herbs without touching them as the air flows through the isolated airpath.

That’s not all the isolated airpath is good for. The borosilicate glass mouthpiece would keep the flavor untainted, bringing you exactly what you wished for. There is also a water pipe adapter and removable 18650 batteries, but you can also charge the vape with a micro-USB.

The trade-off for a high-quality product is a higher price, but one that Vapor thinks is worth it for the dry herb connoisseur. The Vapor Boundless Tera Vaporizer is $200. You might also want to purchase a warranty to protect your vape; you can choose either two years for $25 or three years for $30.

Vapor Yocan Magneto 2020 Edition Review

If you like to use concentrates, the Yocan Magneto 2020 Edition is a solid option. As one of the more stylish options, this product comes in six different colors, such as pink, gold, or silver. It’s also very small, in a USB-like shape.

Each Magneto 2020 has a magnetic connection, a concentrate tool, ceramic coil, and a mini silicone concentrate storage jar. You won’t have to worry about messy leaks or poor-quality Vapor, either.

Add this Vapor concentrate vaporizer to your cart for $60. Don’t forget to check out the brand’s collection of Vapor vibes papers while you’re at it.

Vapor Pax Era Pro Vaporizer Review 

If you’re one for the classics, you might want the Vapor Pax Era Pro Vaporizer. As one of the most popular products, this vape balances price and quality. Pax is known for its vapes and this model has more draw-predictability, control, PodID compatibility, and a longer battery life than others on the market.

Like the previous product, this item also comes in a variety of colors, such as sapphire and jade. The design is simple but elegant: a sleek rectangle with four points indicating the brand.

The innovative PAXSmart pods also remember your preferred temperature and dose for smooth draws each time. In each box, you will find your vape, a battery, and a charger, all for $70.

Vapor Pax 3 Vaporizer – Complete Kit Review 

Unlike many other products, you can use the Vapor Pax 3 Complete Kit for loose leaves and extracts. It is also far more powerful than the Pax 2 with double the oven power and a short, 15-second heat-up time. Don’t worry, you don’t even need to bother counting because the LED will tell you when it’s ready.

The longer battery life, dynamic heating mods, and stylish design truly make the Pax 3 Vaporizer Complete Kit a formidable product. But, one of the best parts is the customizability for you to make this truly your vape. With a mobile app, half-pack oven lid, and wax concentrate insert, this vape lets you shape your vaping sessions to your heart’s desire.

In November, the Apple store removed all vaporizer-related apps. It’s too late to download from there, but it is available on the Google play store. For iPhone users, there is now a web-based app you can use.

The premium Vapor Pax 3 Complete Kit costs $250, so add it to your collection while you wait for the Vapor Pax 4 to drop. You can also purchase a warranty to protect your vape. For two years, the warranty by Mulberry is $25 and for three years it is $36.

Vapor Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer Review 

The Vapor Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer is a powerhouse desktop unit. Made by Storz and Bickel, this product can be used for dry herbs, concentrates, or e-liquids.

This product has a hybrid inhalation system, digital display, 100-watt heater, and a dual-use vaporizer to heat up ten times faster than other desktops. Using pure convection heating, this device won’t touch your materials at all to deliver the best flavor.

The Vapor Volcano Hybrid can also be used for the balloon method with the built-in air pump while also serving those who like a whip-style vapor. There is a 360 whip attachment to bring the flavor to you straight from the heating chamber.

This item is also compatible with an app. You can control it using the Storz and Bickel Hybrid app connected through Bluetooth. There is also a browser-based app, so you should definitely be able to access these features.

The Hybrid Volcano does not come cheap. It is currently available for $560, from $700. You can protect it with a two-year warranty for $50 or a three-year plan for $72.

Who Is Vapor For?

Vapor Review

You must be above the legal age for the purchase of vapor items to buy anything. This depends on your location, but Vapor will verify your age as it is a federal and state legal requirement for the purchase of tobacco and vape products, even online. Vapor’s products need to be used responsibly.

Vapor uses BlueCheck to verify your age. It is an age and identification verification company from Texas, using the information you enter at checkout to automatically verify the customer.

You might need to submit the last four digits of your SSN and provide a photo ID, which can definitely be a hassle but it is absolutely necessary. If you have any issues with verifying your age, you should contact BlueCheck’s support, not Vapor’s support.

Comparison: Vapor vs. Breazy

Vapor Review

How does this brand compare to others? This Vapor review looked at one of its main competitors, Breazy, to compare the two. Both are online platforms, selling vape products for cheaper than other outlets.

Just like Vapor, Breazy also has a wide range of products, including big brands too. Breazy also ensures that the liquid bottles from its products are child-resistant and donates 1% of their proceeds to The Right to Be Smoke-Free Coalition.

On the other hand, Breazy seems to be more about starter kits and more affordable

vapes. It doesn’t seem to have as many higher-end premium products as Vapor carries. If you are just venturing into vaping, Breazy might have more products for you. But if you know what you want, Vapor is probably where you can better find what you are looking for.

Check out our full Breazy Vape review to learn more about this great brand.

Vapor Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Vapor Review

Though the brand offers a wide variety of products and brands that look to be high-quality, this Vapor review wanted to see what customers were really saying. Overall, we found a positive response. Some shoppers are initially skeptical about its legitimacy, but they learn that the company really does serve high-quality brands for lower prices.

With 5,407 reviews on Trustpilot and an average rating of 3.9/5 stars, most customers cite an enjoyable customer experience. For example, one shopper noted great customer service—the brand honored a better price after he already paid:

Great experience. Not only did I get a great discount and fast shipping, but when they had a better discount available a few days after receiving my order, refunded the discount after reaching out to them. Really appreciate this level of customer service.

Another user agreed. Even though the shipping company was responsible for shipping errors, the vape brand made it right: “Usps made several shipping mistakes and rectified each one! Excellent customer service!

Vapor is rated quite highly as 75% of the reviews are five stars, but this might not be a well-rounded picture of the brand. For example, one customer left a critical review yet there were still five stars:

I have asked for a RA to return an item that isn’t working and nobody has gotten back to me in 10 days! So far, I am not happy at all with this company and have let all my friends know NOT to do business with you.

Several other customers revealed frustrations with shipping too. Since these concerns were, well, concerning, this Vapor review took a look at the Better Business Bureau (BBB) profile for the brand.

On the BBB, Vapor has an average B- rating. Many of the customer complaints (there have been seven in the last three years) are about the refund policy. Shipping and processing might be delayed because of the pandemic, but there could be more transparency.

Finally, we looked at Here, the brand has a solid 4.35/5 star average from 11.5k ratings. With mostly positive comments, the perception of the brand mirrors what we found on Trustpilot. Vapor reviews on this site note great prices, fast deliveries, and a user-friendly and helpful website.

Though we found some negative comments about shipping, the positive ones far outweigh them. Overall, Vapor reviews report a helpful, punctual, and affordable company.

Is Vapor Worth It?

Vapor Review

Based on thousands of customer testimonials, Vapor provides a wide range of products. If you feel uncomfortable or unable to buy the vape products in person, this Vape review does find the brand to give you the options you’d like.

The brand seems passionate about matching customers with exactly what they want. It offers heavily researched articles and reviews on the products and brands it sells. Plus, its team is always willing to chat to help you find what you need.

Though we did come across some complaints about shipping, this Vapor review thinks these issues are due to the pandemic because they appeared to multiply in quantity after March 2020. Prior to this time, such comments were much rarer.

Ultimately, we think Vapor is a solid one-stop-shop for your vaporizer needs. With such a wide range of products, as well as the name brands offered at lower prices, you should be able to find something within your desired price range.

Vapor Promotions & Discounts

Vapor Review

Right now, the brand has a couple of different promotions and discounts. Here’s an overview:

  • 4th of July sale: take $40 off any order over $200 with the coupon code JULY40
  • Free shipping on orders above $49

Where to Buy Vapor

Vapor Review

Since this company stocks up on other brands, offering them to you for a much more affordable price, you should shop at for access to the whole collection. Or, if you are placing your order over the phone, you can call their customer service team and pay for your purchase using credit, debit, or gift cards.


Vapor Review

Where Is Vapor Located?

Vapor has warehouses all over the United States and in Canada, so you should receive your shipment from whichever is closest to you with the merchandise you need.

What Is Vapor’s Shipping Policy?

Since Vapor values your privacy, it will ship your order in an inconspicuous plain package. There won’t be any logo or product indication, so just be careful not to get it mixed up with any other parcels. You should be able to tell your package from the return label which would have the brand’s shipping address or “Warehouse Goods Inc.”

For international orders, Vapor will provide a commercial invoice because that is needed for customs. You would find information about the Tax ID, item, item weight, item value, and the country of origin listed on the outer packaging.

Vapor’s warehouse is closed on weekends, but it promises same-day processing and shipping if you place your order between Monday to Friday before 2:00 pm EST. For orders to Canada, you need to purchase before 1:00 pm EST. Don’t worry, even if you miss the window, your order will ship the next business day.

Unfortunately, there is no fixed rate for international shipping as the costs would depend on the country, customs fees, and taxes. Also, Pennsylvania’s Tobacco Tax is in effect, so there is a 40% tax on all products.

What is Vapor’s Return Policy?

While you can return your item, the company warns that you need to carefully research beforehand. If you want to return or exchange anything, the item must be in brand new condition. Additional rules include:

  • The item must be shipped back to Vapor within 30 days of the delivery date
  • All glass damage needs to be reported within 48 hours of the delivery
  • Your return needs a Return Authorization (RA) number from Vapor, so you need to call them or email beforehand

You will need to pay for the return shipping fees, including non-reimbursement of expedited shipping services. Also, there might be a 20%-40% processing fee if you opened or broke the seals on the items.

If your item is not returned in full, there will be additional processing fees of up to 10%. This Vapor review also found that the company reserves the right to deny any returns or exchanges too.

For international orders, returns and exchanges are trickier. Vapor might give you a return or a refund, but this depends on each case, especially because you would need to pay all the shipping fees again.

How to Contact Vapor

If you have any questions after reading this Vapor review, you can contact the brand via:

Phone lines and live chat are available Monday through Friday between 10:00 am to 8:00 pm EST or Saturday from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm EST.

Check out reviews on Eight Vape and VaporFi for more options on vaping devices, liquids, and accessories.

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