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Fast Growing Trees Review

Who doesn’t want an idyllic outdoor paradise? We all dream of that quaint English garden, but it takes a lot more effort than we’d like to admit or commit to. 

That’s why Fast Growing Trees took the first step to ease up the process by offering a wide range of plants and trees delivered directly to any doorstep.

I’ll admit, not much coverage has been given to this brand. While they do have 38.8k followers on Instagram, their name doesn’t really appear anywhere else in the press or media. Despite that, this company seems to have made themselves known to the people.

I’m diving right in with this Fast Growing Trees review. Checking out missions, products, prices, services, and more, I’m here to determine whether this brand is worth buying.

Overview of Fast Growing Trees

Fast Growing Trees Review

I want to really plant some information here before diving into the details of this business, so I’m jumping in with their history and mission first. 

This brand was founded in 2003 with one goal: to get the world planting a wide selection of plants. Aiming to bring the world of gardening conveniently to people’s houses, this company made quality and convenience their core features.

Providing top-tier plants at a reasonable price, the brand wants customers to be satisfied and secure in knowing that the delivery process will provide healthy and happy plants. 

Ensuring a solid root system, a wide variety of plants, climate and landscaping info, and a final 30-Day Guarantee to ensure living and thriving plants, Fast Growing Trees really puts their best foot forward to get customers their dream gardens.

Of course, their dedication isn’t the only pro of this business. This brand has a lot of highlights going for them, but I’ll list just a few of my favorites:


  • An expansive selection of trees, plants, and supply products to complete that gorgeous garden
  • One-time replacement guarantee
  • Helpful hints on care, maintenance, soil, and more
  • Reasonable prices

Fast Growing Trees Review

There’s so much to this brand that it really took me some time in this Fast Growing Trees review to weed out what I wanted to include. 

Offering a glimpse at my favorite plants and fruits, these sunny and seasonal products are sure to grow affection in no time. All it takes is sunlight, water, and a lot of love.

Fast Growing Trees 5-in-1 Apple Tree Review

I know that choosing a single favorite can be the hardest choice when shopping for fruit trees. That’s why I’m suggesting going big with the 5-in-1 Apple Tree.

Delivering on flavor, this tree produces five types of apples to create the ultimate collection for apple fans. Splicing together the best of the best, gardeners can have easy access to the tart tastes of Granny Smith alongside the sweet sensations of a Honey Crisp.

Whether fans of snacking, cooking, or baking, one verdict of this Fast Growing Trees review is calling this one a winner. I’ll admit that this tree requires more effort in watering upon first planting, but that time and effort will be worth it when collecting five favorites all for one cost – free.

Currently, this tree is out of stock and prices are unavailable, but those interested in knowing more can register to be notified when it’s once again available.

Fast Growing Trees Bing Cherry Tree Review

Is there something quite so loved as plucking and eating fresh cherries? Sweet with a bit of a bite, the Bing Cherry Tree delivers on flavors and looks every year.

Forget going to the market for cherries when that craving hits – once this tree has been planted, you’ll only ever need to head out to the yard for a nice snack. Plump, juicy, and sweet, Bing Cherries tend to be one of the most popular kinds sold. 

Easy to harvest and freeze for later use, there’s no waste with this one, just good snacks.

As for the tree itself, this beauty stands tall almost immediately. Adapting to several soil types, it doesn’t take a lot to settle this tree in a new home. Producing cherries within the first year of planting, this enchanting tree does all the work while we receive all of the benefits.

Save on summer snacks while this plant is down to $90 from its regular $100.

Fast Growing Trees Snake Plant Review

Those new to the gardening world often struggle to find that perfect fit – that’s why I’m making the job easier by introducing the Snake Plant.

Whether new to gardening or an old pro, the Snake Plant is a great one to have in stock. Growing tall with lush leaves, these plants call out to the wild with their unique, sharp appearance. 

Reaching anywhere from 2 to 4 feet, these plants can move from a desktop to a standing plant in no time at all.

Available in a variety of sizes and species, there’s no such thing as an ordinary Snake Plant. However, whether going with a Black Gold, a Laurentii, or even a Zeylanica, the instructions remain the same – don’t worry. 

This is one plant that requires very little effort; in fact, it tends to thrive on being left to its own devices. Low light and little water have no effect as it flourishes in the toughest environment.

Start a new collection for $27 (regularly $30).

Fast Growing Trees Emerald Green Arborvitae Review

Anyone can fence off property with some wood or metal lacing, but I’d argue that the Emerald Green Arborvitae will always do the job best.

The name may not sound familiar, but these plants are actually some of the most popular to spot. Jetting up to the sky with their vibrant green peaks separating boundaries, these trees thrive in close quarters, making them perfect for hedges and property lines.

Packing in the branches for a clean, uniform appearance, the Arborvitae not only gain popularity for their help in increasing privacy but also for their care. 

I should really say minimal care as it doesn’t take a lot to get these trees going. Regular sunlight and weekly watering will keep this tree growing tall. 

After the first six months, it really doesn’t take much work at all as rainwater should do the job once roots have taken hold.

Throw up a sensible screen with this one. At the time of writing this Fast Growing Trees review, these hedges are on sale for $22 (regularly $30).

Fast Growing Trees Autumn Embers Encore Azalea Review

I’ll admit that this one isn’t exactly a tree, but that doesn’t make the Autumn Embers Encore Azaleas any less stunning.

Embrace the fiery shades of autumn on a larger scale. Those who adore the warming red, orange, and yellow tones of the season will adore this lovely red lining their garden. 

Plant them in groups or for a pop of color in an otherwise monotone garden, either way, this one will flourish.

Despite the name, this plant actually holds color and life throughout most of the year. Blooming steadily from spring through to autumn, there’s no leaving this one behind. 

Simple to care for, these beauties require little work to maintain but continue to provide favorable flowers as the weeks pass.

Get a garden party started for $45.

Fast Growing Trees Meyer Lemon Tree Review

Beckon to simpler times with the growth of the Meyer Lemon Tree. Fresh, fruity, and fabulous, I’m not shopping for lemons anywhere else.

There’s something so satisfying about plucking a lemon directly from a tree to cut up for cooking. The puckering taste of that citric fruit just calls out for summer treats and the flavor only gets better with the Meyer lemon’s cross between sour and sweet.

Sitting at a crossroads between lemons and oranges, these fruits are ripe for the picking to make the perfect pitcher of lemonade year-round. 

Growing steadily in both indoor and outdoor environments, there’s no reason why this one wouldn’t be throwing out some fruit within the first year. Once it’s settled in, it doesn’t take long for this plant to thrive.

Start planting while this tree is on for $90 rather than its regular $100.

Who Is Fast Growing Trees For? 

Fast Growing Trees Review

Anyone with a green thumb can appreciate a plant paradise like Fast Growing Trees. This brand is filled with plants, trees, bushes, supplies, and more – everything needed to get that gorgeous garden growing. 

From the newest of gardeners to the most advanced green thumbs in the industry, everyone can benefit from a place with easy shopping, shipping, and selection.

Fast Growing Trees Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Fast Growing Trees Review

A simple and satisfying gardening company sounds like a great idea, but sometimes things don’t match up to reality. That’s why I wanted this Fast Growing Trees review to get some verification on quality. The final tally shows some mixed results.

This brand is a bit of a mystery bag as there are thousands of positive ratings for the business, including an A+ Rating from the Better Business Bureau. 

However, it also has a number of customer accounts that aren’t quite as pleasant. I’ll start with the good and work my way from there.

The brand’s own site has Fast Growing Trees reviews to spare as products come in with dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of ratings for individual products. The Meyer Lemon Tree alone has 4.6/5 stars based on 1,105 ratings.

These products are not only praised for their quality condition, but customers are also quick to note the service accompanying them. 

One customer stated that their order “Shipped and arrived very quickly. Excellent condition! Already had buds which started opening only 3 days later. We haven’t even re-potted her yet.

Providing customers with slightly matured plants, these pieces are easy to plant and often take little time to settle into the new environment. 

I’ll admit that not all plants survive, but that’s the case with any gardening venture. It’s always a gamble on the world these plants are placed in.

I will say that – when properly cared for – plants can last for years, as proven by this Fast Growing Trees review: “This tree is a high quality product, and I know because I purchased mine back in 2015. It is a beautiful looking tree.

Aside from the Meyer Lemon Tree, there are a number of products, each serving up stunning fruits and flowers to fill a garden. Check out just a few of these popular products:

  • Autumn Embers™ Encore® Azalea: 4.8/5 stars based on 45 ratings
  • Emerald Green Arborvitae: 4.8/5 stars based on 420 ratings
  • Snake Plant: 4.9/5 stars based on over 40 ratings
  • Bing Cherry Tree: 4.7/5 stars based on 145 ratings
  • 5-in-1 Apple Tree: 4.6/5 stars based on over 75 ratings

Of course, I can’t just trust the brand site alone. We’ve all known businesses that have altered or censored the bad stuff. That’s why when looking elsewhere, I was pleased to spot SiteJabber showing up with 4.7/5 stars based on over 93k ratings. 

Probably the largest number of ratings I spotted for this company, so it’s safe to say I’d trust this one over most others. Generally, the bigger the number, the less bias from customers through the larger average.

There are a number of negative reviews on this platform too, but the majority of them come in at 4 or 5/5 stars with customers adoring their purchases and the service they encountered. 

Highlighting their 30-day guarantee, one Fast Growing Trees review made a point to note this brand’s “Super easy warranty. 30 day warranty claim. Only 5 of 30 trees didn’t take, but they were replaced hassle free!

Removing the stress surrounding that initial planting, Fast Growing Trees guarantees customers a replacement within 30 days should the tree or plant not adjust to the new environment as expected. 

While many of the negative reviews spotted online surround issues with shipping and receiving dead or unsuitable plants, many argue that the plants can be handled through the warranty to assure customers get what they pay for.

I also have to note that not all trees received are unsuitable. One customer made a point to comment that they “Received the three wisteria vines I ordered, and was more than impressed with the care that was taken in preparing and boxing up the vines for shipping.” 

This brand does their best with shipping and packaging, but not everything can be accounted for. Delivering any living entity has to allow for the possibility of something happening between shipment and arrival – that’s why the warranty exists.

For the most part, this business takes great care to package things for safe travels. 

In fact, most of the customer posts on Dave’s Garden (averaging 7/10 based on over 215 ratings) revolve around the packaging with customers impressed by seeing that “The soil was securely bagged and clean – no soil gnats. Leaves and stems are all perfect, full, and green. Not a single branch broken.”

There seems to be a lot of good and a little not-so-good when it comes to this brand. However, with the promise of stunning trees and plants delivered to our doors, I’m willing to take a chance.

Is Fast Growing Trees Legit?

Fast Growing Trees Review

There were a few red flags that popped up with this brand. Issues surrounding shipping and returns seem to be the main dilemma with customers receiving partial orders and dead plants. 

With that being said, the tens of thousands of reviews on SiteJabber seem to refute these claims, so I’m not quite sure what to believe here. All in all, I’m inclined to believe that this brand is legit.

Is Fast Growing Trees Worth It?

Fast Growing Trees Review

With all the research done for this Fast Growing Trees review, I’m giving this brand a cautious yes. I’m in love with the idea and the stock that this brand offers. 

Their packaging seems to be solid and secure to provide the best for the plants while in transit and their replacement guarantee is an excellent backup in case the worst happens during travel.

My caution comes with the negative ratings I’ve spotted. I understand that they’re not the majority, however, there are enough of the same complaints that a bit of caution should be exercised. 

I’d recommend starting with a smaller purchase to test things out before jumping to some of the larger items this brand offers.

Fast Growing Trees Promotions & Discounts 

Fast Growing Trees Review

At the time of writing this article, this brand is celebrating Spring. That means, while there’s no distinct Fast Growing Trees discount code in motion, there is a 10% deal on all products with the possibility of up to 50% off select items. Start stocking up for the season while this promotion is in play.

Where to Buy Fast Growing Trees

Fast Growing Trees Review

One message worth getting across in this Fast Growing Trees review is that there’s no alternative here – this brand is exclusive to their own site. That means all products should be purchased from for complete selection and service.


Fast Growing Trees Review

Who owns Fast Growing Trees?

Fast Growing Trees is currently owned by CEO Adam Smith.

What is the quickest tree to grow?

There’s really no one answer to this question. There are a variety of trees that grow at fairly quick speeds depending on the environment and care. That said, three trees that do usually fair well and grow fast are:

  1. Lombardy Poplar
  2. Tulip Poplar
  3. Weeping Willow

These trees tend to shoot up between 5 to 8 feet per year, making them some of the fastest growths.

Does Fast Growing Trees ship internationally?

Considering this brand is working with live plants, they try to keep things domestic. That means no international shipping, just contiguous states that have access to this brand’s products.

What is Fast Growing Trees’ Shipping Policy?

As with any business, it’s good to go in knowing what to expect with shipping. This brand makes it all the more important by shipping live plants that we expect to live and thrive. So, I’ve got all the basic shipping info available here:

  • All shipping is tracked
  • Delivery takes 1 to 5 days depending on the location
  • Some plants are cold sensitive and therefore only available for spring and summer shipping
  • Shipping fees average around $20
  • Currently, orders over $129 get free shipping

While I know that there’s no standard flat rate for shipping, from what I saw the cost sits around the $15 to $20 area, so expect to be paying around there until hitting the threshold for free shipping.

What is Fast Growing Trees’ Return Policy?

Returning any live thing can be a difficult process, especially as plants themselves are perishable. This makes the return and refund a bit difficult, but I’ll try to break it down.

  • All plants have a 30-day guarantee for a one-time replacement
  • Returns require a 25% restocking fee and must be returned within two weeks of receipt
  • One-year warranties can be purchased at check out for store credit and one-time replacements within the span of a year from purchase
  • All concerns and replacement requests require a photo of the plant before store credit can be issued
  • Garden supplies and hard goods are available for return

All returns can begin by contacting customer service with the intent for a return. Representatives will guide the buyer through the process of attaining that refund.

How to Contact Fast Growing Trees

Speaking of customer service, this Fast Growing Trees review would not be complete without the company’s contact info. This brand offers two ways to reach out:

  • Phone: 855-948-3459
  • Live Chat on their website

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