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Kokoon Review

We all know (and sometimes hate) that one person who can fall asleep whenever and wherever. Unfortunately, it’s not that simple for all of us. That’s why Kokoon has entered the market. 

Providing noise-blocking headphones that connect to soothing sounds, these products monitor sleep to work with users towards a healthier and well-rested tomorrow.

This brand made their name known before even putting their first product out. Getting their launch on Kickstarter with over 8,000 supporting their endeavor, this company came into the market with a comfortable audience already in place. 

With over 11.2k followers on Instagram, this name is better known through their features in GQ, Vogue, Wall Street Journal, The Independent, and more.

We’ll admit, the idea of headphones that aren’t a pain to sleep with is pretty compelling. 

Despite our interest, we’re keeping this one honest. That means this Kokoon review will examine products, ratings, services, history, and more to determine whether this new idea is worth investing in.

Overview of Kokoon

Kokoon Review

Despite only getting their start in 2015, Kokoon has a pretty decent history in terms of how they got to where they are today. Born from a personal need for better sleep, co-founder Tim Antos deliberated on the idea of counter noise as a way to soothe the body

After consulting clinics and medical professionals, the notion of audio was backed – he just needed to figure out how to bring it into play.

With only a basic design in mind, Tim and friend Richard Hall launched a Kickstarter with a goal of $100k to really explore their dream concept. 

They received a bit more than expected, finding support from over 8,000 individuals that came together to provide around $2 million

Now with the money (and a bit of added pressure) to really explore their options, they went to work by first hiring six more members to round out their team and complement their engineering selves.

Aiming to provide headphones that would not only soothe in sleep but also comfortably fit most of the population, the team struggled to find that perfect balance of form and function

Despite the obstacles in their way, the team threw together several prototypes before finally resting upon their current design made to mold to the user.

Since the initial start and success of the Kokoon headphones, the brand has continued forward, always looking to the next idea. Their recent launch of the Nightbuds saw not only a new style of wearable tech but also an expansion of ideas. 

Introducing more effective sleep monitoring, automatic audio fading, and endless libraries of music, podcasts, meditations, and soundscapes, these products and the connected MyKokoon app have only pushed forward to conquer those restless nights.

The founders’ dedication to their business and designs is only one of the values and benefits they bring to the table. This Kokoon review stumbled upon quite a few highlights for this one that we simply had to share.


Kokoon Review
  • Comfortable headphones to cancel out noise
  • Mold to the ears and body for a relaxing sleep
  • Free shipping
  • International shipping available
  • The MyKokoon app comes with an extensive library of music, meditations, and podcasts
  • Sleep monitoring service

We want to do an extensive Kokoon review to really show off the business. 

Luckily, they really only have two products (plus the app) to their name right now, so we were able to focus more on what each piece brings to the market, where their similarities and differences lie, and most importantly, how they work.

Kokoon Headphones Review

Block the distractions of the outside world with the Kokoon Headphones.

We know that noise-canceling headphones aren’t exactly a new concept, but ones designed around a sleep-filled night definitely delve into new depths. We have to acknowledge that these aren’t entirely noise canceling. 

Instead, they merely soften the outside noises and replace those sensations with favored playlists, guided soundscapes, or peaceful white noise. Anything to block the stresses of reality.

Cautiously styled to cradle the ear for that perfect comfort, these headphones take care not to overwhelm the senses. By that we mean the headphones mold to the ear, covered in a natural (and washable) fabric that allows airflow in all positions.

 Slip these on before bed, let the noise flow in, and in the morning, check out the app for its detailed monitoring of the night’s sleep routine to work on improving rest.

Eliminate the chatter and rest peacefully with these headphones for the sale price of $280, regularly $350.

Kokoon Nightbuds Review

Not a fan of headphones covering the ears? That’s no issue with the Kokoon Nightbuds now on the scene.

Newer to their product line, these Bluetooth earbuds are all about capturing comfort at all times. Attached to one another via a comfortable wire that rests at the base of the head, the Nightbuds are all about slim appearance and feel, leaving no discomfort or pain whether sleeping on your back or side.

Not only does this one work alongside the app for playlists, guided meditations, and white noise, but it really keeps the sleeping state in mind. Monitoring your sleep routine, the MyKokoon app suggests tips and tricks for more successful sleep. 

Plus, we have to take note of the auto audio fade that slowly lowers music volumes once the user has entered a deep sleeping cycle to prevent damage to the ears.

Small, but mighty, these earbuds are all about saving sleep and money. At the time of writing this Kokoon review, the Nightbuds are on for $225 (regularly $250). Customers can also subscribe for $200/year to continually renew the MyKokoon access for a lower cost.

Who Is Kokoon For? 

Kokoon Review

These products are definitely geared towards crowds who struggle to sleep without assistance

Those who find difficulty in resting from night to morning, who struggle with noise or overstimulation, or even those who just need a bit of noise to actually rest will discover a world of difference with these products

Designed to contour to the head and ears, both the headphones and the earbuds rest flat, allowing for freedom from typical side-sleeping discomfort.

We do want to highlight that these products are great for those who just need an escape. Whether for sleeping, relaxing, a morning wake-up call, or just a bright spot in the day, the services via the app are endless. 

There’s a routine and vibe for every mood and time of day, so we’re happy to recommend this one to more than just the sleepers.

Kokoon Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Kokoon Review

We’ll be the first to admit that it’s a bit difficult to find large numbers of online ratings for this one. In fact, most Kokoon headphones reviews are found through independent sources like blogs. 

Ultimately, we pulled primarily from those sources as their reviews were far more detailed than the few ratings found on Amazon. It’s easier to understand a rating when there are waves of reasons behind the star count.

We’re starting off on the lower end with The Verge’s 6.5/10-star rating. This Kokoon review really went back and forth on whether this was one to buy. 

They weren’t big fans of the warmth the headphones emitted after several hours of constant use or the subscription fees to access the app.

With that being said, they had to acknowledge the pros – the biggest one being comfort. 

These headphones were designed for optimum comfort. That means the pads mold to the shape of the ear, still allowing reasonable airflow to avoid stale air and sweat. Instead, they offer cushions of comfort that can be easily cleaned at any time (which we love to see).

As for the Nightbuds, these earpieces are all about a natural and slim fit. Coming with several size options, it’s easy to find the right shape to fall into place and remain snug in the ears throughout the twists and turns of sleep.

The Nightbuds surprised me on the comfort front. The buds themselves are thin at 5.4mm and fit snugly in your ear. It also comes with a variety of ear tip sizes, and I didn’t have trouble finding a size that fit me best.

These benefits aren’t only found in a single Kokoon review. The notions of a comfortable fit follow through the various reports posted online. In fact, Pocket Lint raises the bar by giving this brand 4.5/5 stars for their innovative approach to the world of sleep.  

We found these in-ear headphones to be marvelously comfortable, well thought out, and capable of delivering both wonderful sleep and super relaxation sessions.

The real winner here is the approach to sleeping. Blocking out the distractions of the world, both the Nightbuds and the headphones pair with the app for a customized soundscape. 

Working with Spotify, Apple Music, and more to allow for personalized playlists, these products also offer up their own expansive library of sounds to sleep and unwind to. 

From endless genres of music and podcasts to guided experiences, there’s something for everyone to really relax to. 

This source really said it best when they claimed that “the Kokoon Nightbuds are a great option if you have trouble sleeping or simply want a better, deeper sleep.

We understand that not everyone will be comfortable with the idea of wearing technology to bed – especially things that cover the ears. Headphones and earbuds aren’t exactly known for being comfortable during the night when twisting from side to back. 

However, that’s why this brand is making their name known; these products were designed for comfort from all angles.

We have to acknowledge that alongside comfort, wearing these products overnight has additional benefits. 

T3 made special note of that in their 4/5-star review when they highlighted that “it does take time to get used to wearing earphones when asleep though but it’s worth sticking with. The MyKokoon app learns alongside you, suggesting what works best for improving your sleep pattern.

So, let’s check the boxes here. We’re looking at supreme comfort, expansive libraries, a sleep tracker, noise cancelation, and more all from one business. There’s not much to complain about there.

Is Kokoon Worth It?

Kokoon Review

Our Kokoon review team is giving the brand two thumbs up. It’s an innovative concept that they seem to have conquered with nothing but grace. 

While they could’ve easily capped it by making headphones that were comfortable to wear throughout the night, they didn’t let that stop their creativity as they designed the app, soundscapes, streaming partnerships, and sleep monitoring.

We understand that these are on the higher end of the price range, but considering those costs include membership for the MyKokoon app for limitless content and services, we’re arguing that this one is worth it.

Kokoon Promotions & Discounts 

Kokoon Review

The only discounts available at the time of writing this Kokoon review are their selection of products on sale.

Where to Buy Kokoon

Kokoon Review

Things looking interesting enough to provoke an order or two? Those who are interested in the possibility of peaceful sleep can check out both options (including subscriptions for the app) at

Outside of their home base, there are two other sources that people have found orders from:

  • Kickstarter
  • Amazon

Really, we’re saying that the official site is the best source for these products. The prices are the best, the source is legitimate, and it’s all in one secure purchase.


Kokoon Review

Who owns Kokoon?

Kokoon founders Tim Antos and Richard Hall currently own the brand. They brought it to life via Kickstarter in 2015.

Does Kokoon ship internationally?

This Kokoon review put in the time and research to check out shipping details. It turns out that while this brand does offer international shipping, locations are limited to about 40 countries.

What is Kokoon’s Shipping Policy?

Shipping can always be a danger and deadly to deal with. We’ll admit, this Kokoon review had some trouble tracking down information as it wasn’t all readily available. 

In fact, while it didn’t seem like they were hiding information, they didn’t really seem to freely offer it. Luckily, we didn’t let that stop us and we managed to track down the necessary details.

First, we want to talk about shipping costs. These can add up quickly for some businesses, so it’s always important to know what you’re getting into ahead of time. 

That’s why we’re happy to inform readers that Kokoon provides free shipping on all deliveries. Not too bad for a tech company, right?

As for shipping speed, we have to let readers know that while a range for ETA is in place, there’s no 100% guarantee on the delivery date due to Covid

That said, we didn’t spot many complaints surrounding shipping speed online, so it’s safe to say they tend to follow through on delivery promises.

There’s only one shipping speed available for customers in all locations. Select countries have Next Day Shipping options available to them, but that isn’t guaranteed in all areas. 

For the rest of the world, packages tend to take an average of three days for arrival, but the brand itself provides a two-to-four-day range. Either way, it’s a nice and short wait for that delivery date.

What is Kokoon’s Return Policy?

Sometimes we aren’t satisfied with a purchase. There’s no shame in knowing that something didn’t quite work out as planned – that’s why return policies exist. 

We’re happy to say that despite being newer to the game, Kokoon plans ahead by giving customers $30 days from delivery to make a return for a full refund.

Returns themselves aren’t done through the standard return portal practice. Instead, the process looks like this:

  1. Contact the company directly through their help desk at
  2. Submit a support ticket under the Return option
  3. Detail why the reason for return is being requested alongside order details like the order number and address
  4. Upon receiving a response, customers will be provided a return address to send packages to
  5. Repackage the items, ship them off, and wait for that money to make its way back to the original account

There are a few things we need to note here for returns. When repackaging, it’s incredibly important to ensure all pieces are included in the box that was delivered upon arrival. 

We’re specifically nodding to the headphones with this one as they not only come with the wearable piece, but the delivery also includes:

  • Carrying Case
  • Green Kokoon box
  • Eye mask
  • Micro-USB Charging Cable
  • Audio Cable
  • Manual
  • Safety Instructions
  • Welcome Card

Basically, don’t throw anything out when receiving the package as it will all be required for returns in the worst-case scenario.

We also want to point out that should anything happen to products, all Kokoon technology has a 1-year warranty from the date of purchase. Should something not work quite right, reach out to customer service with the warranty in hand before slapping that return label on.

How to Contact Kokoon

Kokoon Review

We understand that we don’t have all of the answers (who does these days?), so we want to provide links to all the answers one could ever need. 

Unfortunately, our Kokoon review team didn’t find many direct links to customer service, but we did manage to pull out these two contact methods to take advantage of:

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